the foxes in pastel » andrew and aaron minyard

the strangled noise aaron made was his best attempt at andrew’s name. it was barely intelligible but it was enough.

andrew, who’d barely acknowledged aaron’s existence in the entire time neil had known them, looked immediately to his brother. andrew snaked a hand out from under the sheet and curled his fingers in a demand. aaron clambered onto the bed and reached for andrew.

“andrew,” aaron said, desperate and frightened. he held onto andrew like he thought andrew would disappear if he let go.


susan/frieda + strength

this scene just breaks my heart?? the way i see this, bum finally gets to experience what it’s like when someone is on his side, when someone “defends” him (i use quotation marks because technically i believe sangwoo did it because he was challenged by yoonjae and damn, sangwoo’s ego is not having any of that). bum probably feels like sangwoo protected him from getting teased and that must feel pretty damn nice for someone who is used to being looked down upon and has been left alone in situations where they are definitely in the need of outside help. he has never left from a situation as a winner.

i’m sad because he feels happy over such a small thing like basic human decency. and i’m afraid it’s going to make him cling to sangwoo even more.


Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is one of the best written characters and is a saint.  She is a wonderful mother.  You see that her son has a password for his fort.  She remembered the password and respected his rules, and he trusts her with the password.

You see the pride she has in providing things her kids love despite her low income.  “what kind of a mother can’t afford markers?”  You can tell it’s a struggle and that she wants the best for her kids.  Will is missing a red crayon and not only is she is taking an interest in his art, she cant stand to see him limited.

I love she knew where Jonathan wanted to go to college since he was 6.  My mom cant tell you things like that.

She’s over worked and underpaid but she takes the time to pay attention to her kids.

These scenes just break my heart and anchor her and us as the audience in her search for her missing son.


High King Peter, the Magnificent

This scene breaks my heart every time I watch Prince Caspian. Peter is so desperate to get back to Narnia, so desperate to be of use again to his kingdom. And he finally makes it back, just to have to try and prove that he is, in fact, a worthy king. But it doesn’t go according to plan - at all. His soldiers followed him into this battle, every single one of them trusted him with their lives and now he is forced to watch as they die, forced to leave them behind and save his own life. And he is horrified. He may blame Caspian as well later on, mostly in anger, but in this moment he blames only himself.

And remember, this boy is about 18 years old (at most). He is just a boy.

this scene breaks my heart. christine, after all, did unmask him so perhaps she wanted to see what was underneath. she just couldn’t handle it. erik, scared and hesitant, decided to bring the hand that was covering his face down to see if she could ever accept him. if she could maybe get used to his deformities, and if fear can actually turn to love. but she turns around, quite immediately and completely disgusted. so erik covers his face once again, his heart breaking, embarrassed that he even tried.