A Delena July - Day 29 - Favourite Happy Moment

I got everything I wanted Stefan. I got to be in love. I had the summer of my dreams. 

The beginning of Season 5 was the happiest we saw pretty much anyone on the show. They’d just had the summer of their dreams and promised each other forever, and almost all their scenes were filled with smiles and laughter. For the first time since Damon and Stefan had entered Mystic Falls, everyone was completely free to live their lives without any problems; and it pretty much gives you a glimpse of how Damon and Elena would have been if they were able to have the human life they wanted at the end of Season 6. 

And it just makes me so happy watching Elena be happy, because theres always been something holding her back from it. In Seasons 1 and 2 it was her parents death and her survivors guilt, in Season 3 it was saving Stefan and her conflicting feelings; in Season 4 it was becoming a vampire and having to deal with people’s unwillingness to accept who she is - but now, she finally has nothing standing in her way and she won’t let anyones words stop her from being who she wants to be and with who she wants to be. She spent so long rejecting her feelings for Damon because everyone around her kept judging her for it and screaming ‘epic love’ in her face whenever she even considered opening up about how she felt. But she finally has confidence in who it is she wants to be - and that confidence is what made her a stronger person than “the scared little girl who couldn’t admit what she wants”

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Have you seen ant-man more specifically the end credits scene? You reblogging all the things to do with Seb is going to kill me. How excited are you for Civil war? Sorry for the question spam. Nice writings and amazing blog. Love it!

Don’t worry my love question spams are always welcome. :) 1. No I have not see Ant Man, but I have seen the post credit scene that was leaked. All I can say is. “MY BABY!” I just want to spoil Bucky with love and cuddles even more. 2. I am super fucking excited for Civil War! Can hardly wait. And yes I know I post lots of Seb things. He is my go to person who always makes me happy even just seeing pictures/gifs or just hearing his voice. He calms me. Which is why I have a supply of pictures of him on my phone and my family judges me. Also I’m so glad you love my blog. I do my best. Stay awesome my friend!

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Do you remember sitcom AU and how pure it was because I do and I miss it

low key i think about it every single day. the multi camera corny cinematography. mrs hudson making outrageous sex jokes at them. john and sherlock married from like day 1 and moriarty creating elaborate crimes to split them up that always end up backfiring and bringing them closer together. sherlock holding up a severed foot at a crime scene and saying “the game is a FOOT” to loud canned laughter while john groans and hides his face in his hands in the background and goes “sherlock! TIMING!” and most importantly me happy and fulfilled and not graying because of them. a great universe we could have lived in if cbs had somehow scored benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman for a sherlock holmes sitcom. alas. we live in hell.

everyone’s hcs of claudia/stiles/sheriff family have always been happy and melancholy but i love that it wasn’t like that? i love that she dealt with the harsher and more brutal parts of her illness, i love that stiles’ feelings about her and about that time make so much more sense now like that scene about his dad getting drunk and yelling at him as his worst fear and his guilty feelings over his mom dying because she literally thought he was killing her ha ha ha bye !

i love seeing behind the scenes stuff from taylor’s videos because she always looks so excited about the music videos and it just makes me so happy



Ahhhh, the anthem of Malcolm—beautiful. Best scene possibly ever. Always makes me laugh and happy. Also, very cathartic. Peter is so great here

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*silently picks in* ok... So I'll probably stick w/ Ur blog, bc I honestly thought I was the only user in tumblr who doesn't want to drag BN (I'm not even his fan) and still failing to understand why Mino's lyrics was controversial... So yeah, don't mind me. *glad I'm not alone*

You know.. I think people are ofended by everything and everyone lately.
Mabye Kpop fans used to be always like that, I don’t know. Mabye what was underground should stay underground so we don’t need to hear so much bitching… I don’t know!
I am happy for KHH scene to growing and getting more attention but on the other hand we must also accept there are people who don’t like this and that.. but to make everything CONTROVERSIAL and shit is just too much for me.
(It’s mostly Kpop fans who do this? IDK?)

Bruh if you can’t stand slaying lyrics, you just don’t listen (or don’t search for the lyrics if these are in Korean and you can’t Korean…) - that’s what I think.
To tell artist he shouldn’t say this or that.. are we even in 21st century or did I miss anything??
Where the fuck is some RESPECT for artists? Art is about expressing, about doing things in your way. If it’s horror or grunge? And what?? There are some people outta here who loves it (me me me !!). No respect for women? Please :D just because someone is refering to the fangirls being all wet (which is fuckin true) he is misogynist and terrible person with no respect? Please…

I rly don’t know what happened with this playground.

Sorry I am posting this on public, if you don’t like pls lemme know I will delete.
Thank you for the message!!!

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Tiny Underrated Little Steven Universe Scene

I’m bringing it back to season 1, but in Joking Victim, Steven is working at the counter when Mr. Smiley comes in and he starts singing the donuts song. Mr. Smiley’s like “Hey!” They have a little mini duet and dance together. Mr. Smiley is really happy someone knows his song and Steven is being a cinnamon roll as always and I just really loved this scene. These are the things that make me fall in love with Steven Universe. 

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! I don’t even know how to respond to these milestones anymore because it still blows my mind that so many people are following me. Like me? Really? 

So uh, thank you to everyone who has chosen to follow me it really does mean a lot! This whole crazy journey on tumblr has been so much fun and you guys always put the biggest smiles on my face. You guys post amazing content with your fanart and fanfics and scene analysis and gif sets and jokes and just..ugh you are all fantastic individuals! You make me feel so welcome and proud to be a part of this fandom and I’m always so happy to make you guys happy :) 

Keep being you! Thanks again! More fun content of different kinds to come soon! :DDD

You couldn’t make me more happy since I love Ivy so much I can barely restrict myself to only 5 random facts about her! :D Thank you thank you thank you caterpillarsims!

1. Ivy was raised by her father, and has always been in a very macho environment. She never had any girl friends, and was always around boys. All muscles and no brains, all of them.

2. I never noticed it until now, but she loves baths! Just from the top of my head, I can see at least 4 scenes in which she’s having a bath.

3. She’s uncomfortable around children, she’s not very maternal. Nathaniel was the one on diaper duty (imagine letting a mafia leader deal with baby poop?). Now that her daughter is a teenager, I believe she’ll have a much better relationship with her. They are very similar.

4. She’s never had any complex about her body, like her small breasts for instance. All in all, she’s very much aware of her sexual power over men. She’s had a lot of one night stands.

5. She has difficulty expressing, or even admitting her emotions. She sees it as being vulnerable and weak (hello commitment issues). She generally deals very badly with helplessness and dependency (coming from the fact that she’s been dependent on the man who killed her father).

I’ll send my requests very soon. :)

Just saw a “Hunchback of Notre Dame” gifset and I remember there has only ever been one scene in that movie that freaked me out as kid so much that I always left the room when it came one

The part of the festival always got to me. There is Quasimodo, for once in his life feeling happy and elated over the fact that he may finally be accepted among society. Until all those dreams and hopes are shattered with a tomato to the face

And I found it so horrific how they tied him down and attacked him - all the while laughing like it’s the biggest gig of the day…..

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As someone who identifies rather strongly as an asexual, I appreciate the way you handled the sex scene in your fic. There's nothing wrong with smut and it doesn't ruin fanfiction for me, but I'm much more comfortable with fics without it. So thanks.

I feel the same way! It never really ruins the fic for me, I just always find myself skipping it anyway. It doesn’t serve a real purpose in LMaL, either. I find it makes me more comfortable too, so I’m happy to hear it made you feel that way as well<3

World's Shortest List of Favorite Movies

Stand By Me (I’ve watched it a gazillion times it’s one of my favorites)

Love, Actually (makes me feel all warm and cozy. Mushy and lovey dovey and idc)

The Princess and The Frog (mainly for the music and bc it’s set in my home state. It’s always fun seeing your own culture reflected back through the big screen. I always feel happy when I watch it)

The Pact (this is an indie horror flick. Very low budget and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Kinda slow in the beginning but I regularly get flashbacks to a scene that STILL creeps me out)

chiiguiro 💕

I was tagged by the lovely cindrerella to list 15 things that make me happy. Thank you so much for tagging me! 

15 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. The sound of rain pouring against the roof. It’s music to my ears.

2. The Kingdom Dance scene from Tangled. <3 Everything about it is so magical and beautiful.

3. My dog, Fluffy, coming into my room every morning and always being there when I wake up.

4. At one of my local comic book stores, one of the guys who works there has nicknamed me the “Scarlet girl” because he knows how much I love Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. :)

5. People standing up for other people and what they believe in.

6. Disneyland and everything about it. Every time I’ve been there I felt like I was living a dream come true. It really is the Happiest Place on Earth. :) 

7. Chris Evans’ laugh… he just loses himself every time he cracks up and it’s hilarious. I just love it.

8. Looking up at the stars and getting lost in their beauty. I do that quite often.

9. Studying different languages. I recently started doing it and I’m having such a fun time with it.

10. Watching movies that have Aaron Taylor-Johnson in it. Ever since I saw him in Age of Ultron I have quickly grown to love his acting and every movie I’ve seen him in I’ve really enjoyed.

11. Wearing sweatpants. I haven’t gotten to do it much now that it’s the summertime, but as soon as it gets cold outside, I will be wearing them whenever I can! 

12. The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes.

13. Having my grandma’s friend help me with my writing. She’s an author herself and always has the best advice.

14. Remembering how happy I felt after seeing the new version of Cinderella for the first time.  It was such an incredible feeling, and I’ll never forget it. <3

15. Hayley Atwell’s positivity and never ending goofiness. She is a true national treasure.

I tag: slp1025 iamthenewdream markruffleo cripple-who-is-whole -theredrogue- astropunkz ifyougotlove cocoa-bean-corphish kieramelkisses i-hate-boy-bands and anyone else who wants to do this! :)

TVD 3x20 Rewatch

This is that episode that is a challenge to not cry. I swear I only shed one tear and it was absolutely because there was a fan pointed at my face not because I actually felt emotions.


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You dance.

Why doesn’t someone just come by and kick the salt? That would make things much easier wouldn’t it?

Here it is. The only scene in which steroline actually communicates all season. PAY ATTENTION.

Their only scene all season… And they’re talking about fucking Elena. God damn it. I’m so glad I’m almost done with this season.

He always brings up what they did in the twenties… It makes me very happy.

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Same, Elena, same.

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Love The Hard Way - #18 - eunhae fest eunhaebonfirefest - Asianfanfics
Title: Love the Hard Way Name: [Redacted] Tumblr and/or AFF username: [Redacted] Prompt #: Prompt 10 Theme: romance between men around 30, comedy with a pinch of iness and cuteness Place: modern b | Tags: eunhae fest eunhaebonfirefest

Title: Love the Hard Way

Name: [Redacted]

Tumblr and/or AFF username: [Redacted]

Prompt #: Prompt 10

Theme: romance between men around 30, comedy with a pinch of sexiness and cuteness

Place: modern big city

Object/word prompts: dragonfly, teddy bear, kid, skinny jeans, riding crop

Action: nothing specified, surprise me ;)

Specific kinks: frottage (if there is smut)

Things not to be added: mpreg, heavy angst

Preferences/other notes: it’s up to you how you want to use that prompt or how you will understand sexiness and other tips. No need to include smuts, but a good bed scene is always welcome.

Prompt given by: [Anonymous]

Word Count: 6,203

Rating: PG13

Author’s/Artist’s Notes: Happy Eunhae Day!

Summary: It was true that hindsight could make a wise man of even the lowliest of fools, for with his own two eyes, he could not see what beauty stood before him, until it was too late.