In 6x16 Coda, the scene where Sammy and Spencer play the piano together warms my heart. His teacher has even said that Sammy couldn’t even return his mothers hugs and here he willingly touched Reid’s hand to get him to play.

This entire scene just means a lot to me.

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I know you've done some college stuff already, but I can't get enough of it. It's probably my favorite. Would you mind doing some more? I will be happy with however long a post you give me >w<

Hehehe, here comes more iwaoi college headcanons because the world needs so much more of it!  (੭ु´ ᐜ `)੭ु⁾⁾

IwaOi college headcanon 2.0 (1.0 is here)

Aka the episode where their teammates finally learn they are boyfriends.

(Different universities but in the same city.)

  • Oikawa always jokes about going to Iwaizumi’s classes with Iwa so they can act on the scenes in romance drama and make out in the back of the classroom. 
  • Of course Iwaizumi rejects him.
  • Turns out the first time Oikawa goes to Iwaizumi’s class is when Iwa gets terribly sick and Oikawa goes to Iwa’s class to take notes for him because it’s one of Iwa’s major classes and the exam is approaching. 
  • They get a quiz that day and Oikawa answers for Iwa but doesn’t write Iwa’s name (“Because that’d be cheating!”). He unconsciously write in Iwa’s handwriting (he’s learned how to do it since he was little) and gets a pretty decent grade (since they talk about their classes a lot at home). 
  • (Iwaizumi’s a bit bitter about it though.)
  • During their first practice match between their schools, they pretend not knowing each other and outright flirt with each other whenever they happen to be across the net. 
  • Iwa’s friends are confused because “You like guys? What about your girlfriend?
  • Oikawa friends are worried because “Did you have a fight with your Iwa-chan? You shouldn’t try to make him jealous by flirting with other guy.“ 
  • Oikawa’s team wins at last and, instead of high five his teammates, he runs to Iwaizumi and jumps him (which Iwa catches him with ease) right in the middle of the court in front of everyone. 
  • They finally announce they are boyfriends after Oikawa gets his victory kiss.
Why saving the children for Nami was so important to Sanji

So, this will be a big post, and I still need to learn how to make undercut posts, so be warned. ^^

I always thought there was something more in that scene between Sanji and Nami in Punk Hazard, where he decides to help her save the children. Now I can see it:

Years ago, while Sanji was still a child:

Without knowing it, Nami made him remember what he suffered from his own father with such precision, like she was there. I have no doubts that Oda had already planned Sanji’s past at that point in Punk Hazard, so the fact he chose Nami to say those words to Sanji just makes me really happy, because the cook knows that she will never be like his father, and that’s one more reason to love her:

Oda’s talent is simply amazing, right?

But hey, this was not only important to Sanji. How many times did Oda remind us of Nami wanting to save the children to the point she would refuse to leave the island?

That’s why this overlooked scene is so underrated, look who brings the G-5 marines to help:

A little bit of context: a disaster is about to happen, because Mocha ate all the candy to prevent the other children to consume it. Sanji not only brings the reinforcement, but he also commands the operation:

And he keeps pushing them forward when they are about to falter:

In the end, the children are all safe and we can thank the Strawhats, all of them. But I have no doubts that this event was special to Sanji and Nami. The kindness of Nami’s heart moved Sanji in a very intimate way and, in return, he granted and secured her earnest wish to save the children.

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alternatively, emrey


  • when I started shipping it if I did:

i shippED IT INSTANTLY… the pilot was so gay??? like, the way emmas boyfriend was trying to kiss her and she was staring at audrey the whole time and then she got up and excused herself to literally run over to audrey?? um, bit gay, emma. and the fucking pool scene. why do my main pairings all have gay pool scenes. the fuckin “yeah but then you got pretty…… um i didnt mean that like i like you or anything– i’m not a lesbian” then emma saying oh no its cool id totally hook up with a girl fdhoiuhgfjkdh how fuckign gay was that pilot i’m screeching

  • my thoughts:

i love them. they’re so dumb and perfect for each other

  • What makes me happy about them:

everything!! always!! comes back to them!! mtv scream is literally ABOUT emrey…. i’m telling u…… i’m tellin u its all about audreys Gay Everlasting Love for emma i am. telling you. also, that gay ass finale. they went on a movie date. and also theyre always like staring at each other/holding hands/touching each other. it’s v gay

  • What makes me sad about them:

ummm audrey being in love w emma for years while emma goes through trash boyfriend after trash boyfriend… also the amount of Shit they went through 

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

idk i can’t say i’ve read a lot of fanfic tbh!! apart from hannah’s. hannah’s emrey fics are great. & also briana’s fic. tthumbs up. nothing about those annoy me

  • things I look for in fanfic:

gay SHIT !!! audrey suffering gayly is good too. gay ass pining

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

maybe brooke with audrey but like. idk i just want audrey and emma to be together and in love just let me have this

  • My happily ever after for them:

umm. just being ALIVE?? survivng?? not running away from murderers all the time??? being able to be like an ordinary couple yknwo??? lots of dates, all the time, please…. audrey visits emma @ work a lot… she continues on w a part time job at a different coffee shop…. she always gets distracted and they talk over the counter and emma always signs her coffee w hearts. alSO Please imagine them moving in together and getting a puppy, immediately. thanks .

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

audrey being the little spoon is good ….. >:)

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

i don’t know actually…..?? maybe just like cuddling and chatting n shit . watching movies. theyd probs enjoy like going walks/hiking too. picnics by the riverside. idk.

not to be dramatic but it’s always such little things that make me so happy ??? like magnus having his goatee in season two or that claw ring or the fact that he’ll have a scene with a vampire or that they’re going to have more pretty outside scenes or the possibility of simon chilling in magnus loft or KNOWING that there will be happy alec or like …. little stuff like that ??? whenever we get little glimpses of things i’m always overcome with such joy and i can’t explain it

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Please do barisi for the ship breakdown. We all know you want to


also, I got like four other asks to do this. so.

How did they meet?

work, duh

Who developed romantic feelings first?

Sonny (but I like to believe that Rafael always had a physical interest in Sonny if ya know what I mean *wink* *wink*)

Who is their biggest shipper?

ME! jk, OLIVIA BENSON THAT’S WHO. Liv would be so fricking happy for Rafael cause they’re totally besties (even if the show is being stupid and making them fight for literally no goddamn reason). She would be so glad that he finally found someone who makes him so happy and does for him what Sonny does.

When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstance?

Sonny definitely, totally drove Rafael home after the Bar Scene of Death™ in the season finale, ending in them kissing in his car because Sonny just couldn’t stand to not have Rafael know his feelings any longer, especially with the thought of the death threats at the back of his mind.

Who confessed their feelings first?

Sonny, as stated in the above answer. Though, Rafael would obviously reciprocate (he just wasn’t as brave as Sonny when it came to making the first move).

What was their first official date?

Sonny invites Rafael over to his apartment and cooks a nice, home-cooked Italian dinner for him. Afterwards, they sit on his couch, put on a movie, and cuddle and kiss and maybe make-out a little.

How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

For both Sonny and Rafael, I feel like it’d depend on the person. I would imagine that they really, really, really value the free-time that they have together since they don’t get a lot with their work schedules, and wouldn’t necessarily jump on sharing that time with other people unless it was someone super close to them, like Liv or Amanda.

What do they do in their downtime?

OKAY, so I have the BIGGEST headcanon that Sonny and Rafi recommend each other books, and then have the deepest, longest, more in-depth discussions about them once they’ve both read them because they love hearing each other’s thoughts on the various themes or symbolism throughout the novels that they read (because they are both huge nerds, okay, it’s canon at this point).

What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

Sonny’s parents just absolutely adored Rafael! They would be so happy to finally meet the “smart, handsome, lawyer” that their son had been gushing over for months now. Sonny’s sisters would love Rafael as well, and would share all of Sonny’s most embarrassing stories from when he was a child with him. All in all, Sonny’s entire family would be absolutely ecstatic to see Sonny so happy and in love.

Lucia, on the other hand, is a different story. I definitely think that it would take her awhile to warm-up to Sonny, but after seeing how happy he makes her son, she would grow to love and adore him as well.

What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

Rafael snaps at Sonny over something stupid and work-related when he’s stressed; Sonny’s feelings get hurt, because he is a puppy, but he’s comfortable enough with Rafi to let him know that what he said wasn’t cool, and they talk and work it out, and Rafael apologizes.

Which one is more easily made jealous?

OH BOY FOR SURE RAFAEL. Let’s face it here people, Sonny Carisi is a fine-looking young man, which means getting hit on. A LOT. But it’s okay, because Rafi just gives him hickies in retaliation so that people know he’s taken when they go out. 

What is their favorite thing to get to eat?

Any kind of takeout, they basically live off of the stuff (much to Sonny’s dismay) because of their work hours.

Who’s the cuddly one? What’s their favorite cuddling position?

I say BOTH. Sonny is the first to initiate cuddling, but Rafael for sure absolutely loves it (especially because it’s his Sonny that he’s cuddling). Rafael loves to wrap his arms around Sonny when they’re sitting on the couch and pull him closer until he’s resting against his chest, nestled in between his legs.

Are they hand holders?

SONNY CARISI ABSOLUTELY IS. And lets be real here, Rafael totally loves holding Sonny’s hand, even though he’d never admit it. Sonny can see right through him though, after the time that Rafael latched onto his hand while they were walking through Central Park one day.

How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?

I would say, maybe a month? They would definitely have strong feelings for each other from the get-go, but Rafael wanted to make sure that what they were doing was absolutely serious before taking that step. It happens during a quiet night at Rafael’s apartment, while they’re watching a movie. Rafael realizes how strong his feelings for Sonny are, how happy he is when they spend time together, how happy Sonny just makes him in general, how is stomach flip-flops every time that Sonny smiles and at him. Rafael kisses him, wants his feelings to get through to Sonny somehow since his words are failing him, and one thing leads to another.

Who tops?

They switch.

What’s the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into?

Sonny spills coffee on Rafael’s favorite tie (idk I’m sorry I don’t think about them fighting okay)

Who does the shopping and the cooking?

They go shopping together, because Rafael would feel like a jerk if he made Sonny do it all by himself. But, Sonny does the majority of the cooking because he loves pampering Rafael and making him a home-cooked meal, especially after a tough day in court.

Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?

We all that know Rafael most certainly has a color-coordinated/pattern-coordinated organized closet, so. 

Who proposes?

Rafael, on the steps of the courthouse, in front of the entire squad, because he wants everyone to see how proud he is to be with Sonny.

Do they have joined Bachelor parties or separate?

Separate, so that Sonny could invite as many family members/Fordham buddies that he wanted, and Rafael could have the quiet, dignified party that he’d want (hah).

Who is the best man/maid of honor? Any other groomsmen/bridesmaids?

Bella is Sonny’s maid of honor, and Olivia is Rafael’s. Eddie would be in Rafael’s wedding party, while the rest of Sonny’s sisters and Amanda would be in his.

Big ceremony or small?

Medium-ish, since Sonny would obviously want to invite his entire family, which is a lot of Carisi’s. Other than family, they only invite a few close friends and their colleagues.

Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?

Yes, somewhere in Europe like Italy or France. It would be a long honeymoon, too.

Do they have children? How many?


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Yo! So I'm a girl. Used model but decided to give it up because the diets were to strict. I'm from England, but in the underground scene as an artist (singer, I play bass, and traditional visual artist) and I'm with a guy but he isn't very trusting of me contacting other male artists frequently and the fact that he's doubting me is kinda a red flag. Should I dump this guy or am I exaggerating his possessive behaviour?

Ruben replies: I have a girlfriend and I will always support her 100 % in everything she does. Trusting is the number one key to a good and healthy relationship (i believe), and if your “significant other” doesn’t trust/support you in what makes you happy, what kind of significant other is that? I wouldn’t stay in a relationship where there are constantly trusting issues:)

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Bless James Corden for all of the wonderful moments he gave us with carpool karaoke, dodgeball, tattoo roulette, etc. Watching those videos always makes me happy, but I'm still waiting on the deleted scenes from carpool karaoke.


this bout is about to be v senti and I would post this on my real insta but y'all would judge so whatever—
beautiful @selenagomez….I don’t even think you realize the effect you have had on so many people’s lives. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember, since yours days on wizards and with the scene… I saw you in concert when I was only 14 and I saw you again when I was 19. I will always remember how happy I was to be there, singing your songs bc they are so beautiful and you put so much heart and soul in them. people will say you aren’t the best but your character is what rises above it all- being so nice and friendly to all of your fans and friends alike. it makes me sad to hear that you are struggling but happy to know you are taking the break you need to get better. your true fans will always be there for you, please remember that. stick with your friends like Taylor and your family to support you…. I will pray for u to get better everyday bc I know that you are strong and get through this. I love you girl, thanks for always being my inspiration ❤️💖

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Honestly Daddy IS so hot and I have no idea how they did it omg. I really appreciate the person who decided he should always have his shirt open part of the way. That kind of made up for the lack of scenes he had in the movie. Also I'm sorry if I like awkwardly spam you with messages about Daddy or if it comes off as creepy because my friends would kinkshame me to hell and back if they found out about this, but I just can't help referring to J as Daddy because he deserves the title.


honestly fuck the haters that kink shame. I’ve had a crush on Jared Leto for as long as I can remember

always feel free to spam me it makes me such a happy lil pudding

I actually cosplayed as Harley last year in my towns comic con and got on the news😂

PLL 7X08

im always left more angry than happy. 

ONLY HAPPY THING IS fucking haleb, hallelujah, like we have risen so much that it makes me happy 

now my list of why im angry: 

-nicole is so invalid 

-paige is annoying 

-hanna is gone fucking wild, like is what are you doing? 


-idk but noel is annoying me too 

-emily is just like omfg paige, plz no 

-this storyline needs fucking help because i feel like ive missed scenes 

-spencer probs knows she is adopted

-aria is just like eh


[ENG TRAN] #Doctors Last Making Film cr.stroppyse (4/5) [메이킹] 뜨거웠던 여름의 끝자락에서 보내드리는 ‘닥터스’의 마지막 메이킹 Even during moments of rest, dripping honey JIHYE COUPLE) (Always bright and overflowing with energy HONG SEO WOO~) Sung Kyung: You want me to dance by myself? Everyone, thank you for loving Doctors. (Let’s be happy! Our SEO WOO has now said goodbye to tears!) (MOOD MAKER on the shooting set. Acknowledge! k k k k)
Staff: Let’s go. (JH and HJ kiss scene in the apartment.) #닥터스 #Doctors #유혜정 #YooHyeJung #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パクシネ #ssinz #ssinz7 #PSHSBSdoctors #sbs_doctorsEp20

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I'm a homebody 

I’m a homebody 

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I was never the type of person that liked to go out all the time. I was always the person that would invite people over to my house and I love to entertain. I’m not into the club scene but I do enjoy a good dive bar where I can get a pitcher of beer and a good burger. It’s the simple things that make me happy. As I got older I really became a hermit. Weekends spent at home were fine with me. I…

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Remember when we got ep 2.12 full of Iris journalistic and Iris/Wally goodness, but people weren't happy that there wasn't enough WA. I was also sad; we should have had that scene in the hospital scene with Barry, but it's like there will always be something to complain. Getting a lot of WA is a good thing people...What saddens me is that sometimes it's not haters but other fans that are trying to make us less happy about it? I love WestAllen and I refuse to temper my joy about it happening

I mean, they really can’t win here. The show does need to find a way to balance, but just because all we are hearing about right now is WA doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything else going on with Iris. 

Raindrops… All I can see were the sparkling beads of water falling down.
Such a glamour and a very perfect scene.
Oh, how much I love the rain…
But ironically, rain gave me so much pain.
I looked up the sky as the sun became shy.

Raindrops… All I can see were the blurred memories lurking in the dark.
I closed my eyes, trying to remember, you and I together.
Rain… It reminds me of you.
It’s just like you… It makes me happy and a feeling of blue.
However, happy feeling always leaves so fast, and you know it’s going to go before it even does.

Raindrops… All I can feel was its gentle touch on my cheeks.
Were these just my tears? Or these were your tears from heaven?
Sadness…? Sadness lasts longer.
Because after the day you left, happiness became a menace.

Raindrops… All I can hear were the splatter of raindrops.
Was it a violin playing as the background of our tragic friendship?
Or was it a sweet fading melody coming from you?
Your message of solace… A pleasing lullaby, washing all of my sorrow away.

Raindrops… The rain stopped. All I can smell is the scent of the rain.
A scent of a fresh beginning.
At some point, I knew, it would come to an end.
‘Cause when the rain stops falling, pain will stop fooling.

Hewlett Pearl