this is legitimally one of the gayest scenes that I ever had to witness in my entire life. like I’m not even joking. you have to make some intense leaps of logic to find a hetero way to read this scene. how was this aired in 60’s television. i’m amazed


Hey, it’s me. I just want to tell you… I had pancakes this morning. It reminded me of when we were on the run from the Rodriguez brothers back in… 2010? Something like that. Anyway, I remember we ate at a diner just outside Kansas City. You asked the waitress for M&M pancakes. She said, “That’s not on the menu." And you like it how you like it, so you said, "You got M&Ms, right? You got pancakes. So you bring them to me and I’ll put them in there myself.” That’s what you did. One by one.


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