I will hate myself later for acting this selfish, but I really need this right now to stay sane, so… can someone tell me something nice… anything, just something… please…? I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you later somehow cause I don’t usually attention whore like this………. really sorry…


concept: silly fluffy sheith h/cs that are 100% sweet and pain-free…like give me shiro picking keith up & twirling him around until they’re both breathless w/ laughter (but only when they’re alone bc shiro knows it embarasses keith and he is a Good Boyfriend who won’t put his man in uncomfortable situations)…keith surprise-tackling shiro from behind & kissing him until he m e l t s…pre-kerberos sheith where they glance @ eachother during drills & assemblies & classes & have to stifle giggles @ the other’s expression…sheith sharing terrible inside jokes & cracking up while everyone else just looks @ the camera like in the office bc they’re #done w/ their shit…sheith during their first time being all awkward and flustered dorks bc they w o r s h i p eachother and want everything to be 150% perfect (it isn’t in the end but they whisper lots of dumb sappy things and do their best which is what counts)…fuckign give me all that sappy sheith goop…i want it all…keep ur angst if u want…i don’t mind…

Honestly, what most concerned me about this “scandal” is the whole privacy violation behind it.

We are surrounded by cameras everyday. Idols are surrounded by cameras everyday. We have them around us for many reasons, mostly of all because they make us feel safe. 

Those images don’t show anything scandalous or extraordinary, but they weren’t supposed to be leaked because this isn’t the purpose of those camera recordings in the first place. They were there for other reasons, not to be shown to the public.

It makes me question the real purpose of cameras right now: if they’re really there to protect us or for the surveillance of ordinary people and celebrities alike.