Yo fellow tumblr witches I need some help please and thank-you

So at my mum’s house I’m always terrified of going into my garage. Like, unreasonably panicky at going there. And everytime I go near, I get some pretty bad vibes, and I think it’s because all the negative energy that we generate there (it’s very chaotic, lots of arguing, I get sad and nostalgic a lot) has nowhere to go BUT there. And as my mum really doesn’t approve of witchcraft at all, and I mean the moment I try to bring up energy or crystals or anything she laughs and calls it ‘silly’ and ‘you know it’s fake, right?’ Etc, I have no way to cleanse it! And it needs a desperate cleansing!! Like, really bad! 

So, does anyone know any DISCREET AF ways to do a nice, potent cleansing spell?? Of any sort?? I’m getting kinda desperate to get rid of that energy before something bad happens because of it and before I have a panic attack trying to force myself to go in there for chores and stuff.

Thank you so much!! 

Im listening to creepypastas expecting too be scared and most are

And then one be like:
The monster was covered in blacks hair, with red eyes, twisting horns, huge fangs, sharp claws and bat like large leathery wings and spoke in a gravelly voice

And my brain be like:
He sounds cute is he single?

I had to pause The Emperor’s New Groove because I feel too bad for the old man who was thrown out of the palace for ruining the song


he’s so fragile and old

why would you do that you monster

do you ever just feel like a color? like I just feel black inside. like a scribbly black with splashes of red and bright yellow and that’s the closest way I can describe how I’ve been feeling these past couple of months


my best friend just told me that this guy that we’re friends with basically confessed his love for me via text to her. People have been trying to set us up for years & it just hasn’t gone anywhere because I was always convinced people were forcing him to talk to me and he didn’t actually like me. I’ve lowkey had a crush on him since 5th grade. Apparently it was reciprocal, and has been all these years (10 years to be exact). She told me everything he said and I started crying because guys just don’t think those things about me, ever. And now I am in the process of convincing myself that she is somehow lying about what he said, because that’s impossible. But I know she would never do that. I just can’t get past my own insecurity to even believe someone would be interested. But this is like, the cutest love story if it actually works out. I just have to give it a chance…. I just don’t know how, I really don’t.