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I’m Bear. Two things you’ll have noticed by now: I’m Tired ™ and very sad. You can always chat with me if you want. I sometimes write tl;dr and you can always activate TL;DR mechanism by pressing the yellow stripe on the helmet right on the icon. It’s effective. I think.

Or mentioning Locus.

Or Wash. You know. They’re both amazing.

I have some stances on things that in general probably aren’t going to change, and I guess it’s okay for different people to like different things, but sometimes I get caught up with my head in my own ass so please forgive me when I do that.

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Work Habits

Summary: You have horrible work habits. Your husband is a doctor. You can see where this goes.

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Oh snap your a furry?!? A furry that likes cap and Bucky holly s--- your f---ing awesome you think we could get Bucky to kill my stepmother after all he was pretty much a hitman before and she hates me for being a furry thinking it's something sexual and I won't say anything 🙈 😂

for the first time in my life……im. im fucking speechless.

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Some people actually watch South Park for the ships? Why? South Park is a show that deals with the silliness of America and you only care about your otps? That’s pretty sad. I ship the hell out of Stanman but it doesn’t mean I only watch SP just for those two. I watch South Park for comedy and offensiveness, not just the pairings.

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au where the four are long distance internet friends! :D

listen….. yes. 

i didn’t edit this i’m sorry

i’m not sure what this turned into but it sure wasn’t my Plan. also. i apologize for the egregious french. a big shoutout to @megatraven for helping me out with one of the phrases before i threw proper french and caution to the wind. i was not teaching myself french at midnight. one day

for reference because it’s not mentioned until the end: mari is still in paris, alya is in martinique, nino is in morocco, and adrien is in nyc bc why not 

Marinette lifts her head from her desk in surprise as a chime interrupts the music.

Ayyyy, here he is!” Alya cheers.

Took you long enough,” Nino mumbles.

Marinette rubs her eyes. She doesn’t know if she was actually conscious before they started talking again. “Huh?”

Adrien laughs. “Morning, Marinette.

She groans and puts her head back down. “Nino, what time is it?”


Chop chop, Nino,” Alya says.

Shut up I had a video open full screen. It’s 10:36 for me, so it’s 11 for Mari.

Marinette sighs and sits up straighter. “Well. I’ll regret this in the morning.”

Sorry, Mar,” Adrien apologizes. “I had fencing.”

“I know you did,” she says quickly. “I didn’t have to stay up.”

Alya snorts.

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Vivienne and Dorian’s relationship

The thing I love best about their implied relationship is that if you romance Sera and tell Vivienne that you won’t shave something amusing into your privates… than Dorian will bring it up again. He only brings it up if you tell Vivienne ‘no’ the first time.

This could mean a few things:

1. They talked about it. Immediately.

2. Dorian thought it was funny enough to bring it up again.

3. Dorian and Vivienne get together to talk shit about everybody and each-other.

Yes, I know this is a stretch, but if it were true… can you imagine what they would be like? If Iron Bull is Vivienne’s enormous, grey son, then Dorian is her frenemy next door neighbour that is wrong about absolutely everything but dresses well and actually knows a thing or two about wine. Dorian reciprocates her feelings for him almost exactly. 

So imagine them, Vivienne’s balcony, and all the good wine they could filch from the cellar; only ever getting onto how tacky gold silk is when they’re too drunk to care about upsetting Leliana.