so idk if this has been talked about, but the whole “your illusionist” like in so it goes is prob referring to the movie “the illusionist” bc also in the magazine there’s this pic where she has a pic of what looks like the main character of that movie:

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so apparently JL has mutliple upskirt shots of Wonder Woman. Wanna go burn down LA with me?

urgh, yeah, I’ve noticed several reviewers commenting on that. It’s depressing how thoroughly unsurprising it is. Like, it’s so unsurprising, people were bowled over when the WW movie didn’t treat Diana like a sex object.

Yep, not regretting my decision to skip this movie at all.

(Though I am intensely curious to know just how bad the CGI job on Henry Cavill’s moustache was.)


If ever there’s a tomorrow when we’re not together, there’s something you must remember. 


I plan on being an engineer at NASA, but I can’t do that without taking them classes at that all-white high school, and I can’t change the color of my skin. So I have no choice, but to be the first, which I can’t do without you, sir. Your honor, out of all the cases you gon hear today, which one is gon matter hundred years from now? Which one is gon make you the first?

It’s week in review, baby

Having a good week

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Get low, get low

  • (Ships) Sterek (Teen Wolf’s Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale) drops twelve to No. 18. Must be a full moon.
  • (TV) How to Get Away with Murder drops nearly dead last at No. 17.
  • (Movies) Though its appearance is still impressive considering it has yet to be released, The Shape of Water drips twelve spots to No. 18.
  • (Music) Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Ro mah ro-mah-mah! Gaga oh-la-la! Lady Gaga is No. 20. :(
  • (K-Pop) NCT Dream is living a nightmare, barely hanging in there at No. 19.

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Hey, baby. There ain’t no easy way out.

Even if Tom Petty (No. 3) wasn’t your choice of music, chances are he was playing in the background at different points in your life. Free Fallin’ as your parents drive you to school. American Girl on the radio at the pool, just barely loud enough to hear over splashing and laughing and whistles and yelling. Mary Jane’s Last Dance being covered by a local band in a local dive bar the night you turned 21. Wildflowers stuttering from a static-filled FM station in a beat-up ‘02 Buick on a day you were feeling good and the sun was out. Wildflowers stuttering from a static-filled FM station the first time you got dumped.

He gave us the greatest gift a musician could give his audience. He gave us a soundtrack to our memories. Thank you, Tom Petty.

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I Like It When You Do That (Isaac Lahey)

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Summary: However this ends, he’s a fool if he does nothing or a fool if he gives into the sweetness of temptation.

Author’s Note: I’m glad I’m finally done with this story. I had debated on a while on how far to take this. But I’m glad that I decided to push the envelope and go all the way with the smut. Enjoy!

Nights like this were always innocent.

They would curl up under the covers of her bed and watch movies until they both fell asleep. Suspicions never rose when they spent hours together behind her bedroom door; often times it wouldn’t open until the early hours of the morning and it was time for Isaac to leave so he could head home to get ready for school. It was entirely innocent…until it wasn’t. Her parents should have expected that it would turn out that way eventually.

The night starts out like every other one. They had watched two movies and thirty minutes into the third (some French film remake with an obscenely long title), she was sound asleep. The movie was a thriller; it was on the subtler side but the heroine was hot and that kept his attention mostly.

Then there was a sex scene. Of course there was a sex scene. Not that he was complaining too much. The guy okay looking, but seeing the actress naked, enjoying being eaten out, being thrust into from behind—the whole scene made his cock twinge with desire.

Isaac feels a shift beside him. Looking down, he sees [Name] burrowing herself further into the covers of her bed. Lying on her side with one arm tucked under the pillow and her legs pulled towards her stomach, she looked like an angel. She looked so peaceful (and not his girl) and there was a desire in his blood to touch her. It should never have been a thought that entered his mind. It was wrong. She was his friend and asleep, and he was turned on by a movie. He should have just gone to bathroom to jack off. Isaac licks his lips as his eyes travel across her sleeping form.

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All Moana Songs: a Summary (Spoilers?)

Where You Are: The “You are a Disney Protagonist with RESPONSIBILITIES Song™”

How Far I’ll Go: Part of Your World but the opposite

We Know The Way: In case you hadn’t already sold your soul to this movie, Lin is here

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise): I’m not 100% certain how to sail but what could go wrong

You’re Welcome: Pure narcissism also the Rock sang and it was actually pretty good

Shiny: DEATH AWAITS YOU ~but look how hot I am~

I Am Moana: Grandma jedi ghost and Hamilton vibes

Know Who You Are: Very short, very dramatic

We Know The Way (Finale): Same song as before but Moana’s dad is no longer afraid of the ocean