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anonymous asked:

Headcanon for being Jordan Parrish's supernatural sibling would include?

  • He’s overly serious and strict and he basically tells you not to break rules all the time…which kind of makes you want to break the rules.
  • He’ll sit up with you if you can’t sleep
  • You worry about him almost as much as he worries about you.
  • You still wake up sometimes thinking he’s still away with the military and it scares you because you hated the months when he was
  • He’s proud of you even if you can be a little shit sometimes

I was tagged by the v sweet and v kind @tchallos thank u so much I love u 💘

Rules: post 10 characters I would kiss, then tag 10 blogs.

1. Scott Summers (xfam)

2. Alex Summers (xfam)

3. Bucky Barnes (MCU)

4. Billy Batson (dceu)(once he gets frEAKING CASTED)

5. Newt (the maze runner)

6. Prince Edward (enchanted)

7. Castiel (supernatural)

8. Warren Worthington III (xfam)

9. Any character James Marsden has ever played bc I’m trash ;;;

10. Peter Pan (ouat)

I’m tagging: @trashimagines @tortxrra @scarletwitchesss @clingtrash @avengers-fics @ anyone who’s literally reading this. If you’re reading this, YOURE TAGGED OKAY

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Junkrat and the Hog are probably Neutral Evil. They're chaotic sure but I figure Hog keeps some kind of personal rules somewhere. Mei is Neutral Good, Torb is I'm Pretending He Doesn't Exist, Widow is Neutral Evil, DVa is neutral Good, Rein is prolly Lawful Good most of the time, Winston Neutral Good, Zarya seems like a Chaotic Good but maybe Neutral, Ana is Neutral Good, Lucio is Neutral Good, Mercy is Neutral Good, Symmetra is Chaotic Good, and Zenyatta is prolly True Neutral

mm zen feels neutral good to me

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Isn't it kind of unfair to expel the Thunderbirds? The rule wasn't in place when they snuck into the forest. I'm sure they'll be much safer now, and if they're not, you can just expel them then.

While I agree that it is a harsh punishment, the principal’s words stand. If the students in question would like to make an argument for their sake, I would suggest proposing a respectful and strong case to the principal. (This doesn’t guarantee by any means that she will allow it, this is just my personal advice.)

-Ms. M 

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek

Truth and Dare and a Few Other Things

This whole situation was, she had to admit, Lily’s own fault. If she was in the mood to pass the blame, it was truth or dare’s fault. If she was feeling particularly bitter, it was Mary Bloody MacDonald’s fault.

But, truthfully, Lily was neither in a particularly blame-passing mood, nor very bitter, two facts most likely stemming from the the glass of firewhiskey already in her system. And so she was forced to admit that yes, this was her fault.

Because, really, what self respecting seventeen year old still played truth or dare? And, furthermore, what self respecting Gryffindor seventeen year old played truth or dare with Mary MacDonald, well known for not giving a damn about rules or consequences of any kind?

And so it was with a slightly (but only very slightly) firewhiskey-addled brain and a rather lot of self pity that Lily Evans found herself in James Potter’s bedroom. Rooting around in James Potter’s underwear drawer.


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Do the planets rule the signs, and the signs rule the houses? Or do the planets rule the signs and houses? I'm kind of confused about that lol.

Yes! I know its confusing when you see it all at once.
Every sign has a planetary ruler, some signs have traditional and modern rulerships

The Sun rules Leo
Moon rules Cancer
Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo
Venus rules Taurus and Libra
Mars rules Aries and Scorpio
Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces
Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius
Uranus rules Aquarius
Neptune rules Pisces
Pluto rules Scorpio

The houses follow the procession of signs, the houses bring the signs to life in a way, like we enter the ‘home’ of the sign, like Aries rules the first house. Signs rule the houses. We have a vivid Aries experience wherever first house planets occur
And so on, Taurus rules the second house
Gemini rules the third house
Cancer rules the fourth house
Leo rules the fifth house
Virgo rules the sixth house
Libra rules the seventh house
Scorpio rules the eighth house
Sagittarius rules the ninth house
Capricorn rules the tenth house
Aquarius rules the eleventh house
Pisces rules the twelfth house

When you look at the natal chart you see that there are signs that encircle the chart, beginning on the first house cusp (the ascendant) these are the planets that rule those houses in the horoscope. It can give a good illustration as to how the individual experiences these dimensions of life. Hope this made sense



Red queen moodboard

The silver elite.

“In school, we learned about the world before ours, about the angels and gods that lived in the sky, ruling the earth with kind and loving hands. Some say those are just stories, but I don’t believe that. The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind.”


Okay so this one is gonna be a little different from other challenges I hosted cause this time the prompt is gonna be a visual one! (GIF or PIC)

There are 35 NSFW and  30 SFW ones - you choose which kind you want. 


Send me an ASK (I only sign people up via asks not IM cause I won’t be able to send you your prompt via IM. SO ASK!) sign-ups run till July 15th midnight danish time.

That ask has to tell me:

1. what pairing (x reader, x oc, ships, whatever!) you want me to write for!

2. if you want a SFW or a NSFW prompt

3. If you write from a sideblog I need the url.

4. The last day I may open up for the option to sign up twice but as for now it is one time per. writer. 


1. The theme is CELEBRATION (any kind! Birthday, hunt ended well, holidays, whatever you can think of!)

2. You can write any ship (yes I will read the ships I don’t ship for this one too but please if you know me be considerate), oc, reader insert  - just let me know which when you sign up

3. Keep it between 600-5000 words pls! If you can’t it is okay to post one part to a series - perfarebly the first part or a part that could be a stand alone.

4. Remember to tag me! @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and use the hashtag SPN CELEBRATION CHALLENGE - I recommened you follow me and the tag but it is not a must!

If I didn’t like it - I didn’t see it!! Feel free to send me and ask or IM letting me know it’s up!

5. Mention it is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Celebration challenge and name your prompt - you will be given a number along with your visual (Ex. NSFW 22 or SFW 11) in your A/N!


You are also more than welcome to use the gif/pic in your fic but it is not a must! I did not make them so don’t credit me. All is found on google. 

6. Important Dates!

Sign ups ends: July 15th - send me an ask before midnight danish time that day if you wanna join the fun. 

You can post before sign-ups end but I will not be reading or checking the tag before after that date.  

Last chance to tap out or ask for an extension August 19th - if you have not contacted me by then and you won’t post on time your fic will not be added to the masterpost and you will be banned from my next challenge.  

Due date is August 27th(happy birthday me - actually my b-day is the 26th but I might be busy that day ;)):  Due Date!! All fics must be posted on this day (unless we talked before August 19th and agreed differently!) at the latest and yes you are more than welcome to post before that!

Masterpost will be up by August 29th of all the fics with will be added to the Challenges page on my blog.


I am tagging a few writers to spread the word and who I think might want to join. Anyone tagged or not. New or established are welcome!

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anonymous asked:

I can't remember a time where Adam has ever talked about Rey and Kylo's feelings about Rey, like how he views her character. Or even mentioned Rey/Daisy at all, for that matter. But I've noticed everyone else in the cast has talked about each other and the other characters. Kind of weird, no?

Adam and Daisy, as a rule, simply don’t talk about each other in interviews (though Daisy has mentioned how scary she found filming scenes with Adam due to his intensity). I have never heard them discuss the relationship between Kylo and Rey, and I’m sure that that is entirely deliberate. Their interactions are integral to the central mysteries of The Force Awakens (Kylo’s true face, Rey the Force user, etc.) and discussing them will have ‘let the cat out of the bag’, so to speak. They were most likely instructed not to let conversations go down that path.

Personally, I’m intrigued to see whether they talk about their characters’ interactions during the press tour for Episode VIII, when everything in The Force Awakens will (in theory, at least) be on the table. Their responses have the potential to be very interesting indeed.


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