My mother will be 56 this year & she is in the prime of her life. She just sent me a pic of herself on her bf’s boat & she looks so happy ❤️ She recently graduated & got a job she loves as a counsellor, & not long ago she met the love of her life (oh yeh, who happens to be a millionaire). When she was not much older than I am now she was a single mother with 4 kids, holding down several cleaning jobs & barely making ends meet. She had no family, no education & was recovering from a traumatic upbringing. She is very inspiring & I’m so proud of her.

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You know, we're only on episode 4 and yet the most riveting part of the sunshine for me is the following question: what the fuck HAPPENED to all these poor kids? Why is everyone so angsty and discouraged and stuff? Like we know something happened Riko, and that was obvious come episode 1, but then here come the 3rd years and suddenly "oh btw, something bad happened awhile back involving all 3 of us." What happened???? It's agonizing not knowing and I HAVE TO KNOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW URGGGHGGHHHHHHHHHHH


I love how much chemistry and angst we;re getting between Mari and the other third years, but I’m super super curious of how Dia and Kanan will interact once Kanan returns to school;; 

Guys if you’re giving your Pokemon sexual names like CumSlut and Dickface and shit I really fucking hope you’re not gonna put them in gyms because today I talked to three little boys about ten, the same age as my baby brother, and they were so cute and excited about challenging a gym.

And it makes me so happy to see my generation out and about and having fun with Pokemon

But if you ruin it for little kids who are getting outside and having a blast and are so pumped to try and beat a gym

Then you’re trash and my witch ass is gonna curse the shit out of you


Echos hairstyle for the Sims 4

When I first saw this curly hairstyle in the Kids Room pack, I was so happy to have a curly hair texture I could use ! And here is the result, after converting it for adults and working a bit on the volumes. I hope you like it ! Available for teen to elder, hat compatible, base game compatible, with the 18 base colors. 

You can also use it on female sims, by unchecking Feminine in the clothing preference filter. :D

If you like my creations, and want to give me more content to work with, feel free to make a donation ! I updated the page, as my situation has changed since. ;)

Download : SimFileShare

I can’t upload my file on Mediafire for the moment it seems. But does someone really need this link ?

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own ! More informations in my F.A.Q.

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures


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                    “he’s boo seungkwan.@cutiepatoodie

                     "he overwhelms me" @jiiminyoongii

          “This kid makes me so proud of him. Even my mom loves                                                    him.” @sanbaljeogin

-his sense of humor make my day everyday!.

-he’s unapologetically himself; amazing and doesn’t hide his personality.

-He has a lot of charm and knows how to make people happy.

-He has a worldly quality; an absolute sweetheart. Such a genuinely amiable and kind-hearted person!

- hes so humble he makes me want to cry.

-He never forgets where he’s from because I swear Jeju is mentioned everywhere he goes.

-His ability to brighten everyone’s day with his sass and spontaneity.

- seungkwan is honestly so sweet and caring.

-he’s so adorable and cute literally a flower just beautiful.

- he’s able to get along with people really quickly.

-always really polite and respectful towards staff members other groups

-witty af.

-his energy .

- he’s cute 24/7.

- those rare moments when he’s really hot and i wanna roll off of a cliff.

-I love how insecure he can be secretly, but he would never let it stop him from being who he is.

-relatable. When he said diets always start tomorrow, and his recent tweet reply to a fan that was like ‘do you think you can seduce me with food?? ur right’ same. this kid gets it guys.

-hes so filled with love and respect.

-he works his hardest and you can see how much he cares in the effort he puts into everything,

-He never feels anything by halves.

-the love he shows makes me feel more loved like no matter what he’d love you, he’d see the good in you.

     "boo seungkwan is perfect if you don’t love seungkwan we can’t be                                friends and I’m not even sorry"

        “what can’t boo seungkwan do???" @honeyboobooseungkwan

all reasons listed are from: @cutiepatoodie @17caratjokespledis @sanbaljeogin @jung-kookin @bathinginvernonsvoice @feministyoonmin @dopekwan @yoon-hong @jejuboos @ttamagucci

there was this guy with a sprouts shirt that came in while o was working today (i work at a local bakery-cafe) and he was walking around staring at his phone and like… swiping on it (this was before i downloaded pokego)
and eventually he’s like “yes!!” and he picks up a donut and comes to the counter and i ring him up and everyone’s kinda confused
and he’s like “sorry….” and then he’s like “did you ever play pokemon as a kid?”
and i swear his WHOLE FACE lights up and he’s telling me about it excitedly and i’m like “yes i can’t wait to download it when i get home!” and
pokemon go is so good and pure and it is making so many ppl happy

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dude.. fuck.. man .. pharah grew up with overwatch is getting my goat.. ITS CHURNING MY BUTTER. pharah like going to a parent teacher meeting and just brings like 5 EXTREMELY buff guys and gals all who look like they could snap your neck and like. on fathers day at school how they sometimes have like lunches and the kids invite their dads/father figures she just takes fucking reinhardt he barely fits theu the door but hes drinking tea with his pinky up and all the kids r so JEALOUS


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Dadneto and Peter headcanons please?

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- ok so when Peter F I N A L L Y tells Erik he’s his son, after the shock, Erik would be SO happy

- Peter would act waaay younger than he is

- like legit be a kid. don’t fight me on this

- he’d whine for attention

- Erik would do anything for his son, now that he knows

- breaking his rough shell; bc his son is a freakin ray of sunshine

- Peter making him mixtapes all. the. time. 

- acting like he loves it to make the boy happy

- helping him do stuff bc of his cast; bathe, move from place to place,  etc.

- “dad”*pause*”daaaad daaaAAAAD!””what?””I can’t move my leeeeeegggggg and it hhhhhhhuuuurrrrrrttttss” *starts sobbing*

- Erik shhing him and running his hands through silver hair

- nobody helps Peter bc he only wants his dad helping him

- going out on a ‘father & son day’

- Erik being there when he gets his cast off

- “ok you can’t run when they take it off, understood?””gotcha dadnato””peTER  WHAT DID I JUST SAY?” *Peter falls on floor crying*

- constant scolding

- mostly for running too fast inside

- finding Peter wearing his red cape and helmet

- them being a tad big on him; so the helmet’s halfway over his eyes and the cape drags behind him

- “dad! I-I can explain-””you wanted to be like me, didn’t you?” *helmet falls lower as he nods* 

- Erik coming in his room and cleaning when he’s out

- trying to explain video games to his dad

- Erik making sure he eats other things than Twinkies

- “Charles told me you’re failing a class””I-er-”*runs off*

- Peter likes to jump on his dad at random times despite being 27 years old

- playing metal baseball in the yard

he tweets a picture of your daugther

calum: baby girl is mad at me

y/n: what have you done to my baby?!?

ashton: finally her asleep

y/n: she’s so adorable

ashton: i know we make cute kids….lets have more??

luke: daddy-daughter day

y/t/n: she doesn’t look very happy

luke: she’s having fun…trust me

 michael: best picture I got of her

y/t/n: maybe you should put that candy bar down

michael: thats the only way i got her to stop crying

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hello! i wanted tell you how much i love your art especially your little papyrus he's amazing and i love imagining that he had such personality as kid xD, your art makes my really happy and i'm very glad and thankful you decided to share it with us ❤

I´m so glad you are telling me this, my personal purpose is to make people laugh or feel better if the are having a bad time day. So yeah… I´m happy this is working!