siri why can ppl joke without any problems about adrien having a ladybug shrine but marinette having posters of adrien in his room is considered unhealthy

             L would be that guy that fights with a fucking teddy bear

He is dark and he is gritty. That’s Jason Todd.

If you don’t know much about Jason Todd. Keep reading. These are facts from all his interpretations. These are reasons why I love Jason Todd. I already made this post earlier, but I noticed spelling errors and I added and left out a few things.

Jason Todd is dark and gritty.

He is moody and brooding.

He has a mischievous streak.

He is very smart!

He is not arrogant.

He is a master tactician.

He was homeless as a kid.

He is very independent.

He is somewhat anti-social.

He is loyal and caring.

He is sometimes too aggressive.

He is hurting and sometimes very depressed.

He laughs and he cries, but usually he is serious.

He has lot’s of bad dreams.

He is quiet and yet bold.

He doesn’t need a lot of sex.

He might hurt your feelings, but the truth is more important.

He has a strong need to be alone.

He is judging and he is just.

He is masculine, but he’s not a brute.

He defends and is sympathetic to women.

He was trained by batman then trained to be an assassin.

He is sometimes an ass.

He can be scarier than Batman.

He is very hard on himself.

He feels strong emotions and doesn’t know what to do with them.

Family is very important to him.

He was beaten by a crowbar because his mother (whom he just met) betrayed him.

Then he died with his mother and still tried to protect her from the blast.

He later came back to life and crawled out of his grave.

People naturally want to follow him, but he doesn’t want to lead.

He often feels conflicted.

He is very responsible, but he’s not always there.

He is beautifully flawed.

He does not make friends easily.

He did not have any friends growing up.

He can get really angry, but he loves even deeper.

He is very mature.

He is modern.

He is rebellious, so don’t try to boss him around.

He is frequently mistreated.

He is harshly judged by everyone. (Including fandom).

He is the middle child.

He is misunderstood.

He was Robin.

His parents did not love him.

He was abandoned and neglected.

He was tortured by Batman’s enemies.

He loved his adoptive drug addicted mother.

His father was abusive.

He smoked when he was a kid.

If you pour salt in his wounds, he might steal your work clothes and make you look bad.

He can be your most loyal friend, or your worst enemy.

He is very gifted and a very skilled fighter.

He is dangerous.

He is called the “scourge of the underworld”.

He is strong and courageous.

He definitely can make you laugh.

He comes off as a jock, but deep down he’s a nerd.

He loves reading books.

He dropped out of school as a kid because he doesn’t like people, or rather people didn’t like him.

He can take care of himself.

He was never popular.

He’s street smart and he knows it.

He is very classy, but never showy.

He is good with money, guns and cars.

He is bad with speeches and cheering you up.

His voice is raspy and deep.

He has overcome addictions.

He is charming and charmless.

He is ironic.

He’s romantic, but tries to hide it.

He probably likes poetry.

He probably listens to scream music.

He plans things carefully.

He is very tough.

He impressed all his elders.

He can be warm, but is mostly cold.

He is more like the moon and less like the sun.

He is very adventures, but his feet are firmly on the ground.

He doesn’t mind the blood.

He tries to get along, but he finds himself butting heads.

He loves to challenge you.

He is not a puppet, he has his own beliefs.

He won’t compromise his own morals.

He doesn’t want to need anyone.

He is also naive, but tries so hard not to be.

His humor is sarcastic and witty.

His will is indomitable.

He is very brave.

This is Jason Todd. This is why people love him. This is why I love him.

(I wish DC writers would understand this! He is nothing like a class clown.)

I was just rewatching the episode, and it really hit home: 

Lucifer, extremely powerful, proud archangel, could not get past Delphine’s excellent warding. Sam found a spell that would do just that in order to save Dean. 

Sam offered the power of his own soul–and his very life–to make sure the spell worked. He would have willingly sacrificed himself to bring Dean back.

And when he realized Lucifer, his worst nightmare, was on earth and embodied, and when Lucifer threatened Dean, Sam had the presence of mind and quick thinking to banish him with a blood sigil.

And then, to top it all off, despite the emotional upheaval and pain he must have been experiencing, Sam Winchester sat down and offered Dean the opportunity to talk about his painful experiences due to the events of the episode. 

Sam’s consistent selflessness and heroism slay me. That is all.