Your own fault

Request: Hi ! I love your writing! Could you plesee write a smut about shawn nonstop teasing the reader at home like touching her leg, grinding and doing stuff that turns her on

Word count: 2069

Shawn had arrived home late, just after calling me that he would head over to Camila’s after the afterparty with some friends for a little hour. Normally i wasn’t the jealous type. But when i comes to her, all my senses get alarmed. Its also not that i dont trust Shawn, I’ve never trusted someone more. But i couldn’t help but fight the bad feeling i had in my stomach when i went to sleep last night. 

In the middle of the night i got woken up by shawn drunkenly stumbling into the bedroom, sitting on the bed. Slowly stroking the hair away from my forehead. I sat up looking at him, he had smiled and leaned in for a kiss. He tasted like vodka and mint. His lips pressing against mine hard as his hand tangled into my hair. His breathing was heavy, and just by the sound and the feeling of his exhale on my lips i knew that he was needy. He parted my lips with his tongue slowly laying me down. My eyes opened, looking at the clock next to the bed. 4.42am. 

I pushed a hand in between us as i slowly pressed it against his strong chest, breaking the kiss. “What” he exclaimed, looking offended. Clearly the drunken self speaking. “Shawn, it’s late, lets go to bed,” his mouth opened a bit before standing up, “what the hell,” he spoke. Deep down his words hurt, even though i knew he was drunk and just needed some. But i was tired, and not in the mood of just pleasuring him after coming three hours late home. Not that he wasn’t allowed to go out as long as he wanted. He was. It was just the fact, that he chose her over me. “Fine,” he spoke in disbelief as he walked off into the bathroom. I closed my eyes and sighed as i looked after his silhouette. 

The sun was shining through the fogged up window, the outsides looking damp and foggy making me feel like in a different world. The first rays of sunshine of the day were hitting my skin gently as i walked over to the coffee machine. My fingers hitting the known buttons and putting a cup under it. I sighed as i leaned my head against the fridge. I felt restless and tired, even though my sleep had been heavier as ever before. Shawn was still sleeping, probably sleeping out the hangover he was supposed to have when he woke up.

My hands traced the cold marble of the table i was leaning against. My chest feeling heavy. I took the mug as the machine had filled it to the top. I closed my eyes as i walked towards the balcony. Standing in front of the glass door for a while before opening it and grabbing a blanket from the stool nearby. 

The air was cold and fresh against my tired eyes. I slowly sat down on the couch as i breathed in the still silent and heavy air. Closing my eyes, as i distant sound of footsteps caught my attention. I turned my head, and staring through my own reflection of the glass door i could see shawn tapping slowly around the kitchen. I smiled gently, watching his tall figure without ease gripping mug and filling it with water. He leaned against the counter just as i had done a few minutes ago. I couldnt help but stare at him. Even after a long night he was still the most effortless beautiful human being. 

And as if he could feel my gaze on him, his head turned towards me before making his way over to the doors. His hands gripping the handle lightly before pushing the door open. His bare feet were walking across the cold stones of the balcony before he sat next to me. His eyes wandering about my figure. Sitting outside in nothing else but a knitted sweater. His hands slowly resting on my naked thigh. 

“Been sleeping well?” he spoke, a undertone which i couldnt quite identify in his voice. 

“Could have been better,” i admitted, “what about you?” 

His dark eyes roaming my face as he smirked, his thumb caressing my skin, making it feel sore under his touch. 

“Could have been better,” he spoke. Repeating my exact words, his hand running up my thigh. His fingertips grazing my skin softly and tenderly. He grabbed on my skin as it made red spots appear. I sighed at his touch. He leaned in closer as his lips touched my neck slowly. I leaned my head back against the wall, his mouth sucking bruises into my skin as i sighed. His hands massaging my inner thigh. My lips trembling as his wet lips moved up to my ear. Teeth slowly nibbling gone my earlobe. He breathed out, his hot breath hitting my neck. His hand moving up my thigh, slowly scratching over the lace thong i was wearing. “You’re so fucking hot,” he spoke. 

A small moan escaped my parted lips as my eyes were closed. Feeling pure pleasure by such a little touch from him was overwhelming. And just as fast all of that had happened he drew his hand away and grabbed his coffee. I smirk painted all over his face. I blinked a few times before staring at him. His muscles clenching as he tried to hide the smile which was playing on his lips. I grabbed my coffee as he stood up. 

I pressed my legs together as i watched him. My hand resting on the red marks he had left on my thigh, “I’m heading to the studio,” he spoke, my hands grazing the skin slowly closing my eyes, “and y/n,” i looked up at him, he smiled as he added “don’t you dare touch yourself before i get hime again,” 

I looked after him as he went into the bedroom. “Fuck,” i whispered as i closed my eyes. My skin burning. My feet hitting the cold ground before going into the apartment. He came out of the bedroom as i closed the door behind me. He was dressed in a tighsitting long-sleeved shirt and black jeans, even though it was such a normal look, he looked gorgeous. He walked towards me as he slowly grabbed my chin. His lips crashing onto mine hungrily. His hand roaming my body.

I pressed myself closer to him, trying to get more of him. His teeth scraping my bottom lip as he sucked on it lightly. “Until later babe,” he spoke. Letting me stand there, eager for more. Eager for more of him

The day passed on slowly. So slowly i felt like the seconds on a minute had doubled. All i could think of was Shawn, and how badly i needed him. And just as his words replayed in my head: dont touch yourself. Even though that thought hadn’t occurred to me before he had spoken them, it seamed harder than anything else. So i had to occupy my mind with something else while waiting for him to return. 

Hour after hour passed, as i right now was standing at the stove, warming up some broccoli and chicken. Fumbling with keys at the door could be heard, which caught my full attention. Finally the door opened and shawns tall figure came into the room. “Hi baby,” he spoke as he walked up behind me. The cold from the night radiating off him, making me feel like burning. 

He pressed a hard kiss to my temple before taking off his jacket. I breathed in hardly before returning my eyes to the boiling water. Suddenly a big hand grabbed my waist hard. “Shawn,” i muttered before focusing on his touch. His thumbs massaging my sides. His tall figure standing behind me. He pressed himself closer to me. My bum pressing against his crotch. 

I leaned my head back trying to find his gaze. But his hand grabbed my hair as he pushed himself closer to me. I pressed myself against him, his hips slowly moving into mine. His lips attacking my neck. 

“Shawn you can’t just do this,” i whispered as his grip on my waist got rougher. 

“Do what,” he whispered, as i closed my eyes sighing. 

He pressed his hips closer to mine, “this?” he spoke, his hand gliding down my cheek, over my lip, down my breasts and my stomach, “or this,” he whispered as his hot breath hit my ear. His fingers trailing over my jeans, down to my center, “or this,” his hand wandering up to my neck, caressing it as he pressed himself closer, 

“All of it,” i whispered, my voice cracking as he sucked hardly on my neck before pulling away from me. 

He chuckled as he drew away from me once again. Making my cheeks flush, anger rising in me. Why was he playing me like that. I took the dishes and put the food on the plates before silently walking over to the table. Shawn sat opposite me. I stared at him. Not actually knowing what today had been about. “Shawn,” i began as i played wit the broccoli on  my plate. 

“What love,” he spoke as his foot caressed mine under the table. 

“What’s up with you today,” i spoke, my eyebrows furrowing looking at him. He shrugged his shoulders smiling.

“What would be up?” he spoke, his eyes staring into mine. They twinkled with amusement, which made the heat rise to my cheeks even more. 

“It’s just -” my sentence stopped as my breath hitched in my throat. His feet slightly dragging over my legs, and i had enough. I slammed down my fork and looked at him. He looked back in shock not knowing what was happening. In one swift motion i was at his chair, pushing him back hard. “Babe-” he spoke, but before he could continue i slammed my lips on his. 

Enough was enough. My legs going on each side of his legs. HIs hands grabbing my hair roughly. I grinded my hips into his as i pressed myself closer to him. I needed him. He smiled into the kiss, as i parted his lips with my tongue. My hands roaming his broad shoulders, grabbing his hair by the roots and pulling hard on them. Leaving his mouth agape. 

“Finally,” he spoke as i broke the kiss to attach my lips to his neck. Planing soft and wet kisses down his neck vein. His hand digging into my scalp, the other one moving my hips against his. I sucked hard on the soft skin just in the crook of his neck, making him whimper under me. Now i was the one smiling. My hips moving harder against him each and every second, the friction between our jeans turning me on further. 

“Fuck,” he whispered as my hands grabbed his arms hard, my nails digging into his skin. My mouth working on his neck, leaving red and purple marks, marking him as mine. “Maybe you should show Camila this, next time you are around hers,” it slipped out of my mouth as i but down on his shoulder. He moaned, suddenly sounding all tender. 

His hand slowly grabbed my chin. “So this is what this is about,” he spoke, sounding almost angry. “What Shawn?” i spoke. “You are jealous,” i looked at him, thinking if i should admit it or just play it cool, 

“do i have a reason to be?” i spoke our eyes burning into each other. In one swift motion his hands were around me and he stood up, carrying my weight. Slamming my back into the nearest wall. I moaned out in pain. 

“Would i ever do this to Camila,” he spoke as he kissed me hardly, pressing his body closer - if even possible - to mine my shoulders pressing hard against the cold wall. 

“I dont know would you,” i spoke back, knowing it would set him off. His eyes were lightning. His lips slammed against mine as his tongue fought against mine. His hands slipping in between our bodies as he rubbed me over the jeans, leaving me in moans. 

“You won’t be able to walk tomorrow, and its going to be your own fault,” he whispered against my neck as he slowly bit down on my shoulder, before pressing his hips against mine. 


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Just as you want me

Word count: 3206

I gulped down the liquid as i my best friend, Kayla, was pouring up some shots in front of us. She had a great mix of vodka, tequila and rum. But whatever it was, i actually didn’t care right now. I just wanted to feel the rush through my veins already. The kitchen was cramped tight with people, pouring up drinks and chatting away, a couple here and there sitting on the the counter making out. “Done,” she spoke as she put the bottle down with a loud thud. 

She lifted up the first cup, filled with a clear liquid all the way up so it was almost spilling over the edge, “to us,” she spoke as i smiled brightly grabbing my glass, “and to tonight,” i spoke as we clinked the glasses together spilling some of it down my arm and on the floor. The glass hitting my lips as i downed the fluid, burning my throat as the vodka made its way down. Quickly following up with the next glass, squeezing my eyes together shut, as i downed the next three glasses. Grabbing the last one standing as she finished her last one, in one fast motion the downed the last drops of alcohol and looked at her smiling. She laughed a beautiful laugh as she grabbed two cups and drunkenly poured up way too much vodka and adding some soda, handing me the now full cup. “Now, let’s dance and find some cute boys,”

Pulling me by the hand she led me into the middle of the dance floor which was created, for a college party this was turning out big. As the next song came on, blasting through the speakers i took a sip from my cup, as i swayed my hips to the beat. She danced in front of me, getting the attention from every boy around her. Swinging her hips and circling around herself as if she had done nothing else in her entire life. I was so envious of how easy everything was for her, she could get any boy she ever wanted without doing more than blinking sweetly with her eyes. but i got it, she was beautiful deep down to the core, and i admired her so dearly for who she was just as everyone else did. 

Boys swarming around her, making me take a step back, clumsily bumping into the figure behind me. My mind blurring for a second as i tried to find balance again. Two strong hands gripping my shoulders as they comforted and held me still. My eyes gliding in and out of focus before turning around smiling brightly, as my eyes met with some huge brown ones. My smile fading for a second as i took in his beauty. “Thank you,” i stammered as i could feel the buzz in my head, everything in my body telling me how bad i wanted the boy standing in front of me. “Don’t worry about it,” he spoke as he held out his hand, i took it, shaking my head laughing, “y/n” i spoke as a smile lit up on his face, “Shawn,” he spoke as he pulled me after him towards the kitchen. 

The kitchen wasn’t nearly as crowded as before, and the music wasn’t as loud, “sure you are okay?” he spoke, i nodded as i took a sip from my drink and by that emptying the cup placing it on the counter. I smiled up at him, “yeah don’t worry about me,” i could almost not even form a sentence. My finger tips were tingling, aching to wrap myself around his neck, just placing my lips on his. But i wouldn’t, he didn’t seem so interested in me, so i held back. “Shawn,” someone called loudly from the door, “come on buddy, we promised to get Jack,” the person shouted as shawn turned is gaze to me again. “Hope to see you later?” he spoke as he lifted his eyebrow challenging. “Definitely,” i spoke as he smiled and turned around. 

I let out a breath which i didn’t even notice that i had been holding. My legs felt like jelly, i’d never experienced anything like this before. I mean yes, he was drop dead gorgeous, but not only that, he seemed so polite and sweet. I shook my head, as i poured myself another way too strong drink before making my way out on the dance floor again. Joining some of the girls from my classes, letting the alcohol and music taking over slowly. I closed my eyes as i enjoyed just being here, feeling high into the air. 

As the night went on, i was still on the dance floor, currently sipping on the umpteenth drink. Everything spinning around me as the bass vibrated through my body. As partition started playing, the girls around me cheering in anticipation for the song, some strong hands wrapped around my waist, guiding me against the firm body behind me. Being this intoxicated i didn’t even mind, nor bother who the person behind me was. Big hands squeezed my sides as he pushed me closer to him. 

Lingering touched against my body as i moved my body against his. Hands wandering up and down my sides as my hands wrapped around the neck of the tall figure behind me. “Suddenly such a bad girl,” the person spoke, which made everything in me freeze and every hair on my body rise from the skin. Because as clear as the sun on a frosty morning i could one hundred percent hear to whom this voice belonged. I turned around staring into shawns far away gaze looking down at me, “suddenly,” i teased, “what are you talking about,” as grabbed is arms and started to swing my hips again. He smiled at my comment and grabbed my hips once again. 

“Who would have thought,” he laughed as he pulled my closer. His body heat affecting me more than it probably should. Everything in me was pulsing and vibrating just at the thought of him this near. I traced my hand down his arm and onto his chest, tracing it down his stomach, feeling muscles flex under my touch. “What did you expect?” i whispered as his face came closer to mine, “you seem like such a good girl,” he teased as his hand snaked around my waist. His eyes glimmering in the light from above us. His face flawless and so close to me. Just asking for one thing, to be kissed. But i held back. 

“I am a good girl, shawn,” i whispered, i breathed out his name, almost making it sound sexual, his jaw clenched as i could see the effect had on him. I smiled as i moved closer to him, “or what do you want me to be for you,” i spoke. This wasn’t like me normally, but i loved to see what it did to him, and as the alcohol was speaking more than i was myself, i couldnt bear the thought of stopping now. “Fuck,” he whispered as he stepped even closer to me, not even thinking it was possible to come closer to his body. His face inching closer to mine, his breath feeling hot against my lips.

Everything in me screamed for us to connect, for us to finally touch. And without hesitation he pressed his lips to mine. I stood on my toes as his arms wrapped around me. My hands tangling in his hair as the sensation overtook me. His lips moving against mine slowly and softly. His tongue licking my bottom lip gently as i parted my lips slightly wanting to feel him even more. He tasted of alcohol and maybe something that could be made out as a faint taste of weed. I smiled as pulled his hair, earning a small moan from his lips. I smiled as i pressed my body closer to his, almost melting into one. 

His tongue fighting mine, before after something that seemed like several minutes we pulled apart, lips lingering on each other as long as they could. My breathing quickened as my eyes met his, “I need you,” he spoke, it wasn’t louder than a whisper, but i heard him clearly. I breathed out, “then take me,” i smiled as his face lit up in a smirk, his eyes turning a few shades darker. He grabbed my hand as he pulled me into the back yard, i looked around wondering if he actually wanted to do this outside. But he suddenly turned around a corner and in front of us was a rounded staircase leading up to an open balcony door. 

He let go off my hand as he stepped up the stairs, i was following closely behind him as he stepped into the dimly lit room. It was quiet and empty. I closed the door behind me as i looked around the room, “whose is this,” i spoke as he locked the door, “one of my friends’” he spoke, “are we allowed to be up here,” i questioned, “who cares,” he shot at me, “i thought you could be a bad girl for once,” he smiled cockily. “Oh shut up,” i spoke as i approached him, connecting our lips once again. His hands grabbing my waist before taking control completely. He turned me around and pushed me against the wardrobe standing in the room. 

I moaned out as he pressed my body hardly against the cold wood. His lips trailing down my neck as he pushed my shirt off my shoulders. The cool air hitting my skin. Sucking bruises into my tender skin as i moaned under his touch. He smiled onto my skin, “someone is excited all of a sudden,” he teased as he traced his fingers up and down my thigh. I pulled at his roots harshly in response, he sucked in a breath as i pulled him up to my face again. 

“Are you always this annoying,” i spoke with a smile on my face as i connected our lips again. he laughed as he relaxed a bit, “only with you my love,” he spoke as he gave into the kiss. Taking my chance i turned us around. My small figure pressing him to the wardrobe, he chuckled as i traced my hands up his thighs. Slowly palming him over his jeans, he sucked in a breath as he moaned “someone is excited all of a sudden,” i mocked him as i could feel him pulse under my hands. He rolled his eyes, My lips connecting with the bare skin of his exposed neck, nibbling and kissing on his bare skin. 

My hands pulling at the hem of his shirt as he lifted it off his body. My eyesight greeted with his soft and flawless skin. I stared at him, taking in his perfection. He chuckled as he lifted a finger under my chin, pulling me into another kiss. His tongue roaming my mouth as he kissed me pushing me against the opposite wall. For a one night stand this was surprisingly tender and loving, not that i did mind. His hands cupping my breast, as i ridded myself off my shirt as i broke the kiss, his hands grabbing my now bear upper body. His crotch pressing into mine. 

The friction between our jeans had me trembling under him. My legs shaking, almost ready to give in again. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” he spoke as he started to move his crotch against me. Making my thong rub against my clit. I moaned at the sensation, almost ready to release right this second. His hands wandering from my sore nipple down to my clothed heat. He rubbed me across my jeans as his hands moved up and down on my center. I moaned as i pressed myself closer to him. “I need you,” he spoke as he rubbed me harder, “if you keep doing that to me,” i spoke referring to his hand, “i won’t be able to last longer,” he stopped as he pushed me backwards against the bed falling on top of me. 

Supporting his weight on his elbows as he looked down my half naked body. He pushed me further on top of the bed as he started to kiss down my neck. My head falling back into the pillows as he kissed down the valley of my breasts, sucking a bruise in between them before moving further down. Starting to unbutton my jeans as he pulled them down my legs. “Look who has soaked herself,” he spoke. His breath hitting my wet underwear. I moaned as i looked down at him, he laughed as he pulled down my thong. 

The alcohol giving me confidence as he he blew against my wet heat. “So fucking beautiful,” he spoke as he slowly licked form the bottom of my slick folds to my clit. I moaned as my hand traveled to his hair, pulling on it. My eyes shutting as stars exploded in front of my pitch back sight. “Look at me,” he rasped as he stared to suck on my clit. Aching like never before, i looked down at him, his almost black eyes met mine, his lips working against me. I arched my back as i moaned, trying my hardest not to throw my head back. “Fuck, shawn” i screamed as he pressed my back down to the mattress again. 

His wet tongue working against me, fingers slowly teasing my entrance slowly. My legs wrapping around his upper body, “look. at. me” he spoke as he sucked on my clit hardly making me scream out in pain, “shawn,” he chuckled as he pushed a finger inside of me. “Fuck,” i cursed as i broke the eye contact once again. My one hand standing in his hair as the other on covered my mouth trying to muffle my moans, he had me a trembling and shaking mess already, “don’t,” he spoke as he grabbed my hand, getting more rough. 

“I want to hear your moans,” he growled. “Shawn i need you,” i spoke this time before pulling at his hair. His lips leaving mine looking up at me, looking like someone who wouldn’t listen to me. He suddenly moved up my body, “you need to taste yourself baby, you taste to fucking good, “ as he without a warning kissed me hardly. Tasting myself on his tongue, he moaned into my mouth as he kissed me sloppily. His hands pushing down his trousers before hovering over me. 

“And this is for not letting me finish you my way,” he spoke as i could feel him rub against me. His dick moving up and down my clit before he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. Sweat already glistening on my forehead, watching him in anticipation. Feeling on a complete high as he started to push inside of me. He moaned out, a sound from the deepest of his throat. Only the sound of that was ready to make me cum right then and there. His hands gripping mine tighter as he kept pushing into me. 

I moaned as i was filled and stretched. It didn’t hurt, but it was a new sensation. He was big. And he knew it. He was on top of me with so much confident it had him shining. “Holy,” a strand of curse words escaped his lips before pulling out again. “You are so fucking tight,” he spoke as he pushed in. Not even making me get used to him, but i didn’t care, this side of him was enough to make me throb even more. I moaned as i turned my head to the side. Moaning into the pillow. “Fuck,” i screamed as he started to kiss down my neck once again. 

Kissing the tender bruises he had left earlier. His dick hitting deeper and deeper every time. “You feel so good y/n” he moaned as he licked on my skin. “I need to touch you,” i spoke as i panted every time he pushed into me again with a new force. The sound of skin against skin filled the room with the slight sound of music being played downstairs. He let go of my hands as i grabbed his shoulder pulling him even closer to me. I traveled them down his back as i scratched him slightly “yes,” he whispered as i lifted my leg up. 

He harhsly grabbed it as he pushed it over his shoulder. I screamed out as he hit me at another angle now. His hands supporting his weight as he pounded into me. Stretching my walls to the fullest as he moaned louder. My other leg landed on his shoulder. “Fuck, that is so sexy,” he spoke. “Whatever you wish for,” i spoke referring to earlier, “I want you just the way you are,” he spoke, sounding vulnerable but also demanding at the same time. His hips slamming against mine. 

Our bodies starting to glisten and stick to each other as he kissed me hardly. His hips starting to grind into me instead of pounding. Staying in me, filled up the fullest, he stayed in. Making me moan as his tip kept touching that exact spot. “Shawn!” I moaned as he kept rolling his hips against me. “Just. Like. That.” i moaned in between pants. My head was spinning as his hands started to grab my boobs. Flicking my nipple hardly between his fingers, I moaned at the mixture of pain and pleasure. “I think I’m coming,” he spoke as his thrusts turned more hard once again. 

“come for me then,” i spoke as i dug my nails into his back hardly. His head dropped to my shoulder as he moaned. His breath hitting my skin hardly as he moaned loader. The most beautiful sounds leaving his lips. I moaned as i could feel him release inside of me. His hands finding my clit, kneading on it hardly, knowing just how to trigger me, without even knowing how he did it. How he knew exactly how to get me off. 

I came all at once, my sight being dulled as everything turned white for a second, washing every other feeling out of my body than the sense of his voice and breath next to me and his body against mine. For something like this, it felt like something i had never tried before. “Wow,” shawn spoke, i nodded in agreement as i relaxed into the sheets. “You were right,” he spoke. I looked at him as he rolled off me. “You are a bad girl,” i cocked up my eyebrow questioning him “but just in the best way possible,” i chuckled. “You want me to be that?” i whispered. 

 “how about we get of here and head over to my place, and you can show me once again how good you can be” he spoke all of a sudden. I smiled up at with a twinkle in the eye, loving were he was going. “oh can’t get enough of me now,” he laughed as he got up and looked me into the eye as he laughing shook his head, “nope”. 

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If possible, can you please reblog this post frank-d-makes-me-happy(.)tumblr(.)com/post/140956245387 regarding how some of the lexark fans have been taking the elyza lex admiration too far? Thank you.

Alright…listen up kru. Just because I haven’t jumped on the Elyza Lex bandwagon doesn’t mean I don’t have mad respect for ya’ll. You made a character out of thin air. That’s insane and actually pretty fucking impressive, but you’re taking it too far. I’m sure it’s not everyone, but if you see someone being problematic call them out. Collect them immediately. A few bad apples give the whole group a bad reputation and it may already be starting to happen. 

STOP tagging Alycia on things, STOP tagging the official show twitter handle on things (I’ve personally seen it happen and…yikes), STOP bugging the other actors about Alycia, STOP editing the wikis, STOP being pushy in general, and while we’re at it STOP making worldwide trends about her. Please. 

It’s great that Elyza Lex served as a coping mechanism for the rough week we had and I’m sure the show and the actors thought it was cute for a day or two, but if people start being obnoxious about this whole thing Alycia could very well pay the price for it. Actors are a dime a dozen. You can trip over a talented young actress on every block in Los Angeles. Alycia isn’t a special snowflake in the grand scheme of things. Don’t make hiring her an inconvenience to producers. We like to make our lives simpler not harder. It’s looking like some of the group has started to become difficult to wrangle so please keep in mind that being respectful and keeping the fangirling to our circles is a must. There’s absolutely no need to take it to the show or the actors.