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Abel playing with her tiny boiiis Mikuni, Jeje and Johannes :M

look at Johannes ~ he might be planning some serious shüüüt in the shadows! seriously - the crazy doc knows what’s going on. Be prepaaaared ! ~
And of course the tiny Jeje in a boat :“ ABEL AHOIIIIIIII ! ”
- imagine Jeje shouting that with his deep deeeep voice…. :‘D 

anyway, it's just a random drawing to announce the…
Servamp Meeting on this years Connichi saturdaaaay !~ \(*w*)/ 
( 23. September 2017 )
Time runs fast again and it’s already time to cosplay again!!  I’ll go as Sakuya’s sister. And I know there will be Cosplayer such as a human Abel, the Mother, Lilly…and of course many more people!
Let’s see what kind of photos will be taken this time =v=)b I’m super EXCITEEEEEED ! 
 for those who wanna join this weekend ( in Germany only ofc ;w; ) :
Connichi -> saturday -> 13:00 o'clock right before the entrance -> searching for a nice place to chill in the garden -> HAVING FUN UNTIL WE FAINT.
Every Servamp fan is invited =v=)b !! 
It shall not rain like last year tho ;w;
notwithstanding, hope you like the drawing ;;;3;;)/ !!

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Elide x Lorcan- hurt/comfort modern au. Lorcan as a cop Elide as a victim of abuse. I know it seems rough but it is so satisfying. 10/10

Here you are dear anon~!  Elide has just fought her way out of an abusive home, but she has lost so much, but officer Salvaterre offers a brighter outlook of tomorrow.

Lorcan was never the one to comfort. His squad knew that. He was always the one to serve justice by force and never by a gentle hand. But this woman – Elide – made him want to try.

“You can talk about it,” Lorcan coaxed. “No one is going to hurt you anymore. I promise.”

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Flashing red and blue lights danced across Elide’s eyes as she stared at the crumbled smoking walls that once were her uncle’s home. But to Elide it was a prison.

No…it was hell.

Her ankle throbbed terribly at the memory. The years she was given custody to uncle Vernon after her parent’s death had took its toll. She broke her legs on his stairs when she was only a little girl and he never let her be taken to the doctor. Never even let her step more than twenty feet out his front door.

Elide was given a tight leash that eventually turned into a chain. And then that chain became a reality the day Elide tried to escape. Vernon was quick to show that Elide would never be allowed to leave while he was still breathing.

From that day forth Elide’s life changed from bad to worse. Her ankle was injured to an extent that she couldn’t walk without limping and pain crawling up her leg.

It wasn’t until today that she welcomed that throbbing sensation. It meant she was alive.

A group of firefighter’s walked by after dousing the flames that had consumed the home all thanks to Kaltain, another woman in a long line of those who had suffered by Vernon’s hands.

Kaltain was fighter. She fought until her dying breath when she lit that house on fire in the hopes of burning Vernon and his thugs to the ground.

Elide was the avenger. She stabbed Vernon in the heart when he shot Kaltain as she tried to help Elide to safety. With all Elide’s strength she pulled Kaltain out the front door for the first time in years. The sun was rising and it poured over Elide in a basking light as she held Kaltain’s hand in a crushing grip.

But help had come too late for Kaltain. Elide begged her to stay alive as she pushed her palm into Kaltain’s wound to stop the bleeding. Kaltain smiled one last time before her dying breath drifted on a phantom wind.

Another life was extinguished in Elide’s existence.

When the first responders arrived to the fire they brought Elide oxygen and checked her vitals. The fire department worked to douse the roaring flames which took hours to control.

Through it all Elide mechanically answered the questions that bombarded her by police and EMTs.

Her eyes focused on the smoldering building. She would later find out that there were no survivors. Vernon was forever gone along with the rest of the people who…did terrible things.

“Elide Lochan.” A deep voice said and sat down beside her in the ambulance.

She blinked. That voice pulled her away from the horrific scene and she found herself staring up into dark eyes belonging to a massive man with equally dark hair. Elide felt incredibly small next to him. His police uniform did nothing to hide the muscles of his body.

He could easily hurt her if he wished. Elide narrowed her eyes at him in distrust. She wouldn’t cower, because she had done enough of that over the past few years she had been locked up.

“You are Miss Lochan correct? Niece to Vernon Lochan, the owner of this residence?” The man asked as if he wished to be elsewhere. As though he had better things to do then questioning a witness when he could be helping Whitethorn and the others on a drug raid in a neighboring town.

“Don’t say that,” Elide hissed. “I don’t want to be tied to that– that monster.” Her eyes seethed in anger at knowing she was family with such a wretched man. She wished she could drain every last drop that was tied to him, but then that meant losing her connection to her father. And Elide loved her father. She just couldn’t understand how he and Vernon could be brothers when Cal Lochan was a kind man while Vernon was the opposite.

The police officer watched her closely. He could see that the young woman’s mind was racing with thoughts behind her onyx eyes. She clearly was troubled and shaken by the ordeal she had went through.

“I’m officer Salvaterre,” the man paused. “But you can call me Lorcan.”

His only response was a numb nod from the woman beside him. Her bloody fingers fidgeted until she tried to wipe the blood off on her jeans.

“Were you hurt?” Lorcan motioned to her fingers.

“No,” Elide said. “Well I mean not from today, but –” Elide stopped abruptly.

Lorcan was never the one to comfort. His squad knew that. He was always the one to serve justice by force and never by a gentle hand. But this woman – Elide – made him want to try.

“You can talk about it,” Lorcan coaxed. “No one is going to hurt you anymore. I promise.”

Elide bit her trembling lip. She didn’t know this man, but he seemed genuinely concerned and didn’t look at her with pitying glances like so many other people at the crime scene.

“She wanted to save us,” Elide whispered. “Kaltain was my only friend and now…she’s gone.”

Lorcan knew the other female victim was DOA and there was nothing the medics could do to resuscitate her.

“What was she trying to save you from?” Lorcan asked. Though he and many other officers suspected Vernon, a known criminal for drug and sex trafficking, was a cause behind today’s events.

Lorcan could only hope that Elide was spared, even though that dark tendril of instincts told him otherwise.

“He did horrible things,” Elide diverted her attention to her fingers with Vernon’s dried blood on them. She started wiping her hands vigorously on her pants. Yet no matter what she did the blood wouldn’t come off.

“I – I just wanted to leave, but he wouldn’t let me. He kept me here and I couldn’t get out. I tried and he-” Elide choked on a sob. “It hurt so much. He used the chain and his friends tried to…hurt me like the others they brought in screaming. People were always screaming.”

“Elide,” Lorcan tried to calm her frantic hands that continually attempted to rid themselves of the blood. His hands gently grabbed her wrists and she jolted up to escape the memories his touch brought.

She stumbled as her ankle gave out and with a cry she fell to the floor of the ambulance.

But before her knees hit the metal she was scooped up against a broad warm chest. She froze in fear, but relaxed when Lorcan settled her on the stretcher. He sat down beside her and grabbed one of the antiseptic wipes from the medical kit.

Then Lorcan Salvaterre, the most withdrawn and hardened officer in the precinct, tenderly began wiping the blood off Elide.

Silence filled the space. Elide’s eyes trained on Lorcan’s steady motions. His hand easily covered her own and provided an odd sense of warmth that Elide didn’t even know she was missing. What had been deprived from her since her early childhood.

“You’re going to make it through this,” Lorcan said. His attention shifted to her eyes. “There are going to be tough days, but you are strong. Don’t ever let anyone say otherwise.”

“But what if they try,” Elide blinked away the tears that form in her eyes. “What if more people like Vernon-” Elide swallowed and couldn’t say the words that lodged in her throat.

“Then you will fight with everything you got,” Lorcan stated as if it was obvious. “Because that’s what you are. A fighter. And one that doesn’t give up.”

A heartbeat.

“And I will be there if you ever need me,” Lorcan said.

“Really?” Elide looked up in shock. “But why? You don’t know me.”

Lorcan shrugged. “It’s my job as an officer to protect others.”

“Oh.” Elide contemplated his words. Her pause was long before she finally spoke again. “Could I do that?”

“Do what?” Lorcan questioned having finished washing the dried blood off her fingers.

“Get a job that protect others,” Elide answered.

Lorcan stopped and looked down at the woman. Her dark tangled hair splayed on the stretcher with bruises and cuts underneath the dirt and blood that covered her in body. She was broken and bleeding. But she was a survivor. One that he could immediately tell would be a warrior until the end of her days. Much like him.

With ease Lorcan clasped her hand in his. The length of his fingers easily covered hers in warmth.

“You can do anything you wish,” Lorcan said with such vehement honesty that Elide’s eyes widened. “And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

In that moment Elide saw light in a man that was surrounded by darkness each day he faced. A man who faced monsters with every new dawn like she had for the past years. She didn’t realize it at that moment, but the light in his eyes reflected her own.

Lorcan could see the hope rise in Elide. And he felt the need to keep that hope aflame and burning bright.

And so they sat in that ambulance together. Knowing that whatever the next day brought they would welcome it with fierceness that mirrored each other.

For Elide was the light and Lorcan was the dark. And together they would conquer the demons of their past, the beasts of today and the horrors of tomorrow.

And they would do so with smiles upon their faces.

Welcome to the official start of Summer, as well as the longest day of the year — appropriate that it should fall on a Wednesday! The summer solstice is also the only day of the year that the rising sun shines on the central altar at Stonehenge, which is aligned in the direction of the sunrise of the summer solstice and the sunset of the winter solstice.⠀

During the course of a year, the sun appears to move northward for about six months and southward for about six months. The times when it reaches its northernmost point (on or about June 21) and its southernmost point (on or about December 22) are called the solstices.⠀

On the day of the June solstice, the Northern Hemisphere has its longest period of daylight. At the Tropic of Cancer (23.43702° north of the Equator), the sun appears overhead at noon; within the Arctic Circle, the sun remains above the horizon all day.

can you imagine if we had gotten a Red Rising tv series instead of movies though?

like, they wouldn’t make as much money probably. but the possibilities! the details of Pierce Brown’s world that could be fully flushed out! missing moments! even stuff from the missing years between red rising and golden sun! 

a tv show would be hard to pull off, yeah. but whenever i think of these movies i just get so afraid because it’s such a huge task to tackle. these books are dense.
Fanfic; King, Mirror, Sword, and Shield

OT4 FFXV fanfiction series. Mature content (each fic is labeled). AU where Noctis survives the battle with Ardyn and Insomnia is rebuilt. Five years after the sun rising again our four favorite guys celebrate the anniversary and end up discovering something new in themselves and eachother.

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SunEgo. The adjectives you use to describe yourself.
MoonPersonal needs. How you react.
MercuryCommunication. How you express yourself.
VenusSentiment. What you value, what makes you happy.
MarsEnergy. What you desire to do, and how you desire to do it.
JupiterExpansion. How you travel and your philosophies.
SaturnControl. What limits you, your fears.
UranusIndependence. How you inspire change. –because Uranus stays 7 years in each sign, it represents entire generations
NeptuneSpirit. How your imagination manifests creatively; your spiritual path. –Stays in one sign for 14 years.
PlutoTransformation. Where and how you will experience inner change and power. –Stays in one sign for 12-32 years.
Ascendant/rising—(where the sun was rising when you were born)the beginning of your chart.

she blinks and years pass by.

as she inhales a deep breath and lets it go, cobwebs gather around his picture.

and in the time it takes to compose herself, children are born and grown.


her days are measured in years, her years in days. the sun rises and sets on the same thoughts, the same memories, her mind moving as though underwater. she practices smiling and no one knows the difference; it’s been too long to think she’s anything but okay.

her weapons stay sharp and her hands nimble. she perfects her art, until no one can tell where she ends and steel begins.

she keeps driving herself forward, pushing until she nearly breaks. but cracking is preferable to crashing, even though she knows she’s been burning to ash since he died. still, she ignores the smoke and pretends she’s the flame.

come back home, she whispers when she thinks he’s still listening.

his voice, once the loudest sound in her world, has left a deafening silence in its absence. and when the day is long over, the only thing she remembers hearing is the harsh sound of her breathing as she wakes from the nightmares.

neji is the lucky one, tenten thinks.

(ten years later she is too tired to be bitter.)

he only died once, and she dies every day.

5. Lazy days

Member/Group: Zico/Block B

Type: Fluff

Word count: 1588

A/N: So as I announced yesterday, I wrote a fluff for @zico-mino-trash‘s birthday. It’s still October 17th here so… yeah. I’ve actally had this idea in my mind for a while. It does have mention of sex-it’s really nothing, tbh-but i wanted to let you know nonetheless. Anyway, enjoy!

It was a chilly Friday afternoon, and you had just gotten of the train. The hordes of people customary to rush hour were pouring out like a half frozen river in winter: slow and steady. Your watch read six, which frustrated you beyond what you thought was possible. You’d had a long day and all you were thinking about was the comfort of your bed. Moving out of the family house seemed like such a great thing, and it was, but it wasn’t you what you expected. You though you’d be living the life of the party, doing what you wanted when you wanted, but funny thing, it turned out the only thing you wanted to do was sleep and stay home all the time.

Following the routine, your feet led you across the street into the convenience store where you bought yourself an iced tea and a snack. Once you paid, you made your way across the plaza and finally you were at the bus stop. All that was left was the bus coming on time and you getting home in the next 30 minutes.

“Do you always buy a snack?” a deep voice resonated past your headphones and you paused the music, turning to see who it belonged to. Behind you was a man with honey blonde hair that was darkening at the roots as it grew. His plump lips were curled into a smile as he stood under your sweeping gaze. You felt like you’d seen him before, but you couldn’t place a finger on it. Your eyes were too perspicacious and you noticed too much to ever register faces until the need arose. He was wearing a yellow hoodie and red pants. ‘Flamboyant, you thought. ‘Who dresses like this?’

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This year Jack and I agreed to get up early for the first day of the year to watch the sun rise in Ibiza. We got out the bikes and cycled along the coastal roads that hug the mountain side as fast as we could. The best thing is that no one is awake. It left me wondering why I’ve spent so many previous New Years mornings in bed - hungover. Happy 2016! 🚲


Boy’s Ceremonial Kimono. Meiji period (1868-1911), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery.  

A silk boys antique miyamairi kimono, featuring the famous ‘Meoto Iwa’ rocks. Painting with embroidered highlights. 'Meoto Iwa’ translates to 'the husband and wife rocks’, which are located near Futami City on the southwestern coast of the main island of Japan, near the Grand Shrine of Ise, the most important location in the Shinto religion. According to the Shinto religion, these rocks represent the union of the Shinto creator gods Izanagi and Izanami. The rocks therefore celebrate the union in marriage of man and woman. The rope, which weighs over a ton, must be replaced several times a year in a special ceremony. The larger 'male’ rock, a small Shinto 'torii’ (Shinto shrine entrance) at its peak, is nine meters high and the smaller “female” rock is four meters. These 'Husband’ and 'wife’ rocks are tied together with a 'shimenawa’, a sacred rope made of rice straw which weighs over a ton and must be ceremonially replaced three times each year, in May, September and December. The 'shimenawa’ is blessed by the local Shinto priests with water and salt. The tassels that hang down, sometimes represented with carefully pleated white paper, are called 'shide’. The 'shimenawa’ possesses the magical property of keeping evil spirits away and welcomes the faithful to a sacred place. Some say that when a couple makes a pilgrimage to this shrine and the wind blows between the rocks rustling the tassels, a prayer is said by the unseen spirits of the wind and the water to protect them and bring good fortune. Twice a year, the sun rises through the saddle of the two rocks from a certain angle, providing a beautiful natural frame for an important symbol of Japan—Hinomaru, the rising sun. To some, this symbolizes the birth of Japan.


(Rap Monster)

Yo, It’s been a year
It’s been a mother-f*cking year (hahah)
Come on!
We’re livin’ in a good life
We’re livin’ in a bad life (whoaa)
It’s not important ‘cause we’re here <3


A year has passed
And another year will come
You and I, we will be walking on this melody again.
This night has come,
And this night will go, 
I would continue performing on stage, for a better life ahead

(Rap Monster)

I don’t wanna fuckin’ lie
I don’t want to do anything else other than this
My dreams are on the Seoul Tower but my heart is at the semi-basement
Since my life has become a hostage, I’ve chosen an ambition
Being lost in life is my hobby, everyday is so vague
Just like the monthly rent, my loneliness is behind schedule
If you know the opposite word of loneliness, lend it to me
I can be assigned to many places, 
But why can’t I find the real me anywhere?
Who knows? You know? you don’t. I know I don’t
Its been a year, but I can’t adapt to this life no matter how many times I look back
Every night, I touch my lips and ask myself
'Are you the really Kim Namjoon that everyone knew?’
I think I should drop it down a notch 
My worries and reflection, anger, fear, even my responsibility as a leader
If everyone knows, the things I can’t lose
life goes with a friend. you know what?
the fast raps that doesn’t actually seem fast, that’s what life is
At times, we put oil in water
goals, success and dreams, why are they getting further
I sweat profusely, but the water doesn’t turn to fire and I get impatient
water and oil, can never blend together
I saw on the science textbook, I don’t think it would ever happen
Right now is the start, look at me
I’ll turn to fire
And burn furiously


A year has passed
And another year will come
You and I, we would be walking on this melody again 
This night has come, 
And this night will go, 
I would continue performing on stage, for a better life ahead


There was no calm air to breath, the whole year was a bumpy road
I didn’t know where to go,
My offended sentiment, and deep sighs, would all become a talk of yesterday 
Even if everyday is night, I could never sleep, I’m always thrown off
I can never sleep at night, 
The jealousy and envy, I am imprisoned in a prison called rivalry
It suffocating, my future is a *sumukwha
In my mind, the word ‘success’ are two things
The things that I am suppose to do and the things I want to do, 
In between there stands Gulliver, fuck I don’t give a shit
Am I living my dreams or am I losing it
I’m not quite sure if my wanted success was postponed
I put up a smile like a fool, truth behind it is only half of it
I’m crying, this is a deffence on my identity
The oddity of reality gradually gets out of hand, my heart can’t take it
In between my thirst and trouble for music, my sighs gets louder


A year has passed
And another year will come
You and I, we would be walking on this melody again 
This night has come,
And this night will go,
I would continue performing on stage, for a better life ahead


I can feel the time over, my life is soaked
I didn’t know, my one year footsteps
When the sun rises i’m ill, and at night I write lyrics
I live everyday, live like life, no lip-syncing
With this strength, I’ll open the doors to a new start 
The stages would get bigger with every drop of sweat 
The cheer and applause, is like a present of encouragements for me
The attentions spreads out, my tears are already flowing
The pressure and worries trails behind me
My shoulders gets heavy with the love I receive so,  
I’m nervous everyday, I feel good but still bitter
Try and iron me out, smoothen my crumpled heart, I’ll rewind
Whatever storm comes, bangtan is there to console me
This successful road I’m walking on, wanna be now
yes I’m serious, I shine brighter than any star
This moments is forever, I’m a born singer, catching on to Micheal 


A year has passed
And another year will come
You and I, we would be walking on this melody again
This night has come,
And this night will go,
I would continue performing on stage, for a better life ahead

(Rap Monster)

BTS, One Year Anniversary!
Young Forever!

Copyright © 2014 Big Hit Entertainment.

UNITED KINGDOM, Amesbury : A reveler called Mad Alan (real name) celebrates the 2014 summer solstice, the longest day of the year, at sunrise at the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, near Amesbury in Southern England, on June 21, 2014. The festival, which dates back thousands of years, celebrates the longest day of the year when the sun is at its maximum elevation. Modern druids and people gather at the landmark Stonehenge every year to see the sun rise on the first morning of summer. AFP PHOTO / GEOFF CADDICK

Morning light

This was a beautiful morning in Ålesund, half an hour after sunrise. You can’t see the sunrise in Ålesund this time of the year as the sun rises from behind the mountains, but the sky got coloured beautifully. We were waiting for the Art Nouveau houses to get lighten so their colours would get vibrant and lively, as they are reflected into Ålesundet. 

EXO-M: When you subconsciously hold their hand

This is the second part to this post , for EXO-M! Hope you all enjoy!!

Disclaimer: None of these gifs are mine. 

~ Moon

Lay (Yixing):

You sat on the piano bench beside Lay, in awe, as he showed you the newest song he had learned. Lost in thought as you watched his fingers dance across the keys, you barely noticed at you laid your hand on his, following his movements. Lay stopped, and stared at you, surprised at the sudden skin contact. You blushed, realising what you had done and removed your hand, but Lay took it in his and smiled, “How about a duet, baobei?”

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You lay next to Luhan, sound asleep. Just as he was drifting into unconsciousness, he felt your hand slip into his, and the sound of you mumbling his name sweetly, as you slept. Luhan ran his hand through his hair, thinking of how lucky he was to date a girl like you, a grin on his face as he nodded off, his hand clutching yours. 

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Kris was a bundle of nerves as you both stood backstage, waiting for the crew to call him, and for him to step out, in front of the cameras, and viewers across the nation. You heard him breathing shakily next to you, and on impulse, you ran you fingers up the side of his hand, to reassure him. You turned to him and whispered, “You’ll do great”. Kris looked at you, and with a small smile and nod, he showed his gratitude by squeezing your hand, just as his name was called.

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Chen (Jongdae):

You stood close to Chen, as the other members shouted their new year wishes at the rising sun. When it came to his turn,you were staring at the warm sun, as you instinctively linked your pinky finger with Chen’s. He glanced at your  intertwined hands, then back at the sun, a huge grin on his face. “I hope for love and happiness!”, he yelled, as you blushed and looked at your feet, the sounds of Baekhyun’s teasing began.

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Tao was deep in an intricate story about tour, and as you watched his eyes light up when he got to his favourite part, you couldn’t help but link your arm in his and lace your fingers between his. He paused for a second, looking at you as you beamed at him. He kissed the fingers of his right hand and pressed them against your cheek, “Aaah, jagi, you’re so sweet sometimes, you know?”

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Xiumin (Minseok):

The two of you stood outside, watching the snow fall around you. You stared at the sky, flakes of snow landing on your cheeks and in your hair, taking in the moment as much as possible. You heard Xiumin chuckling next to you, snapping you out your own thoughts, and you glanced at him. “Did you get so caught up in the moment that you couldn’t control yourself, jagi?”, he smirked at you, leaning to give you a kiss on the cheek, then holding you as you both stared at the snowfall for another few moments.

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