The dumbest thing I ever did was bring my laptop with me camping, opening it up in my tent and then remembering that not only is there no wifi in the middle of the forrest, there is def no free wifi in the middle of the forrest.

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fahc headcanon: even though Gavin is seen as the crews dumbest, he's actually really smart about certain things, like Geoff and Michael haven't been to a mechanic in years thanks to him and Gavin is really good with languages, being fluent with Italian, Spanish, and French, he can hold conversations in American and British sign language and he's beginner Russian thanks to Ryan and he's helped them all countless times with their computers and phones when they stop working

dude absolutely! i like to think that since gavin knows he’s got a reputation for being idiotic, he’ll totally play it up in certain situations (like if he’s ever taken in by the LSPD or grabbed by a rival gang, etc etc) 

and hell yeah to the language headcanon because i like to think gavin’s really good with people when he wants to be, like sure he can be completely infuriating, but he’s also not too shabby at charming his way into or out of just about anything (”you lot would not believe what a british accent and a smile can get you in this city”)

they argue about the dumbest things. one time it was about if dogs could have an economy and geoff just said “i regret this crew so much right now.”

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What is the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

Hmm - I have been pretty tame since I got married. 

The dumbest / most dangerous thing I can think of is when I decided to test and see if there really was an upper speed limit on my New Saturn LS2. 

Sure enough - you get it to 124 MPH and it won’t let you go any faster, though you are not close to redlining. You also can’t set the cruise over 110 mph. Stupid nanny state. 

(Crap - How did I live to be 40?) 

Tomorrow is two years since he left me. I refuse to write this as if directed to him, like I have so many times before. I’m replacing the word “you” with “he”.
God. Ever since that happened, nothing has been the same. I’m covered in scars physically and mentally, and keep adding more to both. I don’t think some of the cuts on the inside are going to heal any time soon. I don’t know what the fact that I’m still writing about him says about me, but I don’t think it’s about him anymore. It’s about me. How badly I want back what we had but with someone else. I’m so messed up an people don’t understand. Chasing relationships to full this void inside me is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. But I’m going to keep doing it. I don’t know what this void is. Happiness? I think I’m looking for happiness. This empty, yearning place inside me feels like it’s seeking love. And holy hell and I trying to give that to it. But it has to be deeper than that.
—  2/13/15, I probably would have turned out like this either way
Tidal wtf?????

This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, millionaire artists wanna make more money so they’re now working backwards in generation who’s future is streaming/torrenting music!!!! And you’re dumb as fuck if you fall for this shit bye

ay dumbest thing someone’s ever said 2 me:

this girl told me i couldn’t identify as asexual because i’ve made out with guys before and that counts as sexually active, she tried to tell me what sexuality i can and can’t identify as???? because i experimented while in the process of discovering my identity?? this is why we need asexual exposure because some fucking smart ass reads one dictionary definition and thinks they know everything about identity. Because after years of thinking i was some stone cold, broken, emotionally lacking bitch who will never and could never love, i finally found a label that would make me feel normal, because it doesnt matter what somebody identifies as, if someone tells you that super personal information you have no fucking right, ever, to question someone else’s comfort in an identification just because google told you different. I’m so angry.

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