the dumbest thing 1dhq ever did was to make Harry and Louis stop interact on stage even though we all fucking know they don’t hate each other

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I forget that dumbasses's name, but someone must have shit in toomanypigtails' skull cavity and threw away her brain because on top of just squeezing out twins she's talking about adopting another baby?? What?? Why? Why don't you worry about what you already have, because at that point you're not being a mother you're just collecting kids for the fuck of it!

This is seriously the dumbest thing to bitch about. Who tf cares if they wanna expand their family. The more the merrier. -V


They said over the top

I’ll give you over the top–

the worst thing I’ve ever heard, ever, in regards to being gay is, and I’m paraphrasing, “if you accept homosexuality, when you think about it, you really have to accept beastiality and pedophilia too because they’re all sexual abominations in the bible and if you accept one sexual abomination you have to accept all of them”

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you know what's annoying? going to my beloved hollstein tag and seeing h*llence shit... when this will end? T_T

I see it on the horizon. The moment a ship named “Hollstein 2.0″ returns from war.

It has endured a hard battle. People doubted it could win. People cheered for the other team. People who once would fight alongside this ship gave up. But we endured. And it endured. And as the sun begins to rise, the bow of the ship appears. You see it’s glittering masts looming above us.

Could it be? We all hold our breath… It is! It’s Hollstein 2.0. Crushing the other small dinghies that dare call themselves ships in its journey back to us.


So I was clicking around on youtube the other day and came across someone attempting to play a shitty Inspector Gadget SNES game and it clicked in my head that the cartoon never really got a reboot. I’m excluding the movie because it deserves to be excluded.

Cue me being a dumb idiot and then drawing a bunch of concept art-ish headcanon-y garbage.

It’s kind of sad though because Penny could actually be pretty cool, you have a smart girl that could easily be updated into a hacker/robotics genius that solves crime because she ALREADY DID EVERYTHING BEFORE and why the hell not?

Also I made Brain into a dog. Just a dog. You know. Fluffy, cute, licks own butt. Dog.

do the youtubers who use vessel realise that their main audience are young teens? teens that usually don’t have enough of their own money to pay for videos. their whole demographic is going to be lost if they start charging money for their videos. it’s the dumbest thing ive ever heard of.

Shinji decides he wants to try a cycling class at the local gym; he drags Kaworu along too, ‘cause God forbid we try anything new without Kaworu. There’s only two bikes left when they get there, one behind the other. They hop on, and the instructor starts the warm-up, which is pretty much sitting and pedaling. The music picks up, they follow instructions… and Shinji is suddenly grateful he chose the seat behind Kaworu.

“Ha-Whoa, that’s pretty intense! We should, hah-do that again some time!” Kaworu huffs afterwards.

“Yes… Yes, we should.

Next class, there’s more open seats, but Shinji HAS to go behind him, because he likes ‘being further away from the teacher.’ > u >