Michael After Midnight: Sky High

Have you ever seen something that, at face value looks like it will be the dumbest thing ever, but, shockingly, it turns out to be really fuckin’ cool? That’s pretty much Disney’s Sky High in a nutshell, a weird fusion of X-Men and Harry Potter that really shouldn’t be as good as it is, and yet… it is.

An often overlooked but definitely noteworthy film, it was made by the same folks behind beloved cartoon Kim Possible and features a shockingly impressive cast with such names as Kurt Russell, Bruce Campbell, Lynda Carter, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. All of these factors and more will make you scratch your head and wonder: “Why the hell isn’t this more famous?”

The plot of this film is seemingly simple: in a world filled with heroes, they gotta learn the tricks of the trade somewhere, right? Well, they do, at the flying high school known as Sky High, which is where Will Stronghold is sent by his two parents, who are some of the most famous superheroes in the world. There’s just one problem: Will seemingly has no powers, which basically dooms him to being a sidekick, the ultimate in embarrassing superhero jobs. He befriends a bunch of other sidekick material folk, is confronted by Warren Peace, son of a supervillain his parents put away, and finds himself in one predicament after another as he tries to survive the school year. Will Will make it through, or is he going to fall prey to the supervillain scheme brewing under everyone’s noses?

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elementary sentence starters

“I always imagined you have a secret lair beneath a volcano for such an occasion.”
“There is only one thing that can guarantee peace – your head on a pike. Hypothetically speaking, of course.”
“I’ve seen subtler displays of insensitivity. Do you attend the wakes of all your victims?”
“Well, lack of imagination is an occupational hazard for an apex predator.”
“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you say. And I’ve known you for a long time.”
“What does Buddhism have to do with erectile dysfunction?”
“I don’t know what’s weirder … that I’m spending my Friday night with you or the Stanley freaking Cup.”
“The great love of my life is a homicidal maniac. No one’s perfect.”
“You think you broke us up with the power of your mind?”
“I have what some might call a strong personality.”
“After many, many hours, I’ve come to most wretched of realizations. One that might curdle your very blood. You are my friend.”
“You’re bad at this, ______. You’re exceptionally bad.” 
“So now you have to have brain damage to want a baby?”
“That’s the sex blanket.” 
“I’m not easily surprised but I do confess that I wasn’t expecting this.”
“I think this is the Olympics of self-pity.” 
“Imagine sitting for a portrait today. Hubris practically leaks off the canvas.”
“Meeting the parents. That’s an important milestone in the romantic passion play.”
“Do you know what I haven’t said to anyone in a long time? I love you.” 
“You hurt yourself. Someone hurt me. You don’t know anything about how I’m feeling.”
“I have allowed empathetic thoughts to clutter my mind and reduce my perception.”
“You know better than to ask me a non-specific question.”
“I abhor the dull routine of existence.” 
“You engaged in horizontal refreshment with ( them/______ ).”
“You are something of a romantic terrorist.”
“_____ seems adequately sexed.”
“So, I walked all the way to the eastern edge of the property, and I did not find a thing. No dead bodies, no secret hideouts, no smoke monster. There’s plenty of mud, though.”
“I’m quite certain they were staging a fake murder when they fell victim to two real ones.”
“So they didn’t commit a murder so much as provide you with a murder-tunity.”
“You named your killer robot ‘Gus’?”
“So, your alibi is that you were oiling your chainsaw.”
“We really are living in a golden age for perverts.”
“Oh, and if you have any lingering doubts, here’s how you can be certain I’m not the one who tried to kill you – you’re alive!”
“I was mistaken. You don’t know what my partner looks like naked.”
“You do realize that pink coconuts do not occur in nature?” 
“Are you cooking, or did we get stampeded by a class of second graders?”

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So happy you're back! Any tips for picking the right poses for drawings? I always find I have a hard time with that...

THANK YOU! uh this may sound like the dumbest thing but if it is for a semi-normal pose (like not anything crazy-ninja like taking a 3 meter leap out of freaking nowhere) I like to try the pose myself. If I can pull it off, I’ll even try to take a picture as reference to see if the positions of the limbs are correct and anatomycaly posible.. and even if my body-type doesn’t match the one of the character I’m drawing, it still helps a lot

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After seeing GM ski lodge2, i have a greater appreciation for the TWwriters. The GMWwriters were so lazy that they created the whole triangle and since they had no idea how to resolve it, they decided to insult our intelligence by having Maya not liking Lucas anyways and only pretending to protect her. Like, give me a freakin break! Just have her saying "i like Lucas but i like Josh more" or something. That'd make sense. Don't treat me like an idiot, Dinsey, because you have incompetent writers!

To be fair, I think the GMW writers intended the love triangle plot to resolve way earlier, but then the actor who played Josh had an accident and they couldn’t do it before now. 

The whole “you were pretending to like him because you were Riley” thing literally sucks so bad and is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen, but even worse, it made the audience like Lucas less because he was so torn. And now you’ve got Lucas being all “wow I pick Riley” and it’s like… why didn’t you before? 

Idk. I hated the way they did this, it ruined Lucas’ character in a lot of ways for me. 

I think one reason they chose to do it this way is because saying “i like Lucas but I like Josh more” leaves the door open for romance between Maya and Lucas and basically they wanted the squash any chance of that. 


Lance headcanon

Okay so we all know that lance loves shakira, especially hips don’t lie
So what if he just starts singing it at random times
They’ll be waiting to get briefed for a mission and allura will come in and he’ll just start yelling
COMO SE LLAMA *runs up to the nearest paladin* SI!
BONITA *falls to his knees and throws out his arms* SI!
*starts rolling his hips around* Shakira Shakira!
The rest of the paladins just kinda groan and ignore him but its kind of entertaining watching him go. allura and coran have no idea whats going on

They’ll be sat at the table eating goo again, kinda bored, and lance will just suddenly stand up and they’re all like??????
And he just yells
COMO SE LLAMA *he puts his hand to his ear. no one joins in so he shrugs and does it himself, unphased* SI!
Bonita *stands on the table* SI!
he yells SHAKIRA SHAKIRA sits back down and carries on with his meal
Everyone has a small smile on their faces after, he counts that as a win

Later that day he’ll be around just pidge and hunk and do it for kicks and they kinda find it funny, so when he pauses for them to do it, they both scream SI and lance almost cries w happiness??? He’s so proud????
Few days later they’re all going on a some small mission checking out this planet for Garla or other life etc, and after a long day lance just kind of looks at everyone being tired and grouchy having found nothing, and when he decides to do it that time, everyone just gives in and goes for it, except keith, who refuses to take part in something so stupid and no Lance it’s not funny 

Like a week later they’re in their lions getting ready to go into a battle and lance just takes his moment to shine and at the top of his lungs in all their coms yells COMO SE LLAMA
everyone screams SI!
then lance yells keiths name and the red padalin just sighs really loudly, pauses, and then mumbles-
Shakira shakira.
And lance practically sCREECHes, they may be going into battle but if keith can sing shakira they can do anything 


Once, as a joke, Percy and Annabeth conspired to sing ’Amazing Grace’ every time Jason was nearby and as Jason was getting desperate went to ask for help to Piper and Leo, who looked at each other and they started planning his ’revenge.’

The thing was that during a contest to sing along in the camp, the three of them sang ’Miss Jackson’, pointing out all the time to Annabeth and Percy, and the rest of the camp could not contain their laughter.

Percy and Annabeth looked at them with a look of ’this is not over, just starting’.


So I was clicking around on youtube the other day and came across someone attempting to play a shitty Inspector Gadget SNES game and it clicked in my head that the cartoon never really got a reboot. I’m excluding the movie because it deserves to be excluded.

Cue me being a dumb idiot and then drawing a bunch of concept art-ish headcanon-y garbage.

It’s kind of sad though because Penny could actually be pretty cool, you have a smart girl that could easily be updated into a hacker/robotics genius that solves crime because she ALREADY DID EVERYTHING BEFORE and why the hell not?

Also I made Brain into a dog. Just a dog. You know. Fluffy, cute, licks own butt. Dog.