Reminder: if you know you need to study, go do it. You’ll feel better afterwards. If you study a bit everyday, you’ll reduce the amount of stress and disappointment you probably experience every time you have an exam or difficult homework. 


  • If you are not used to study, start studying for an hour a day, and split that into 2 sets, with a 5/10 minutes tumblr breaks every half hour.
  • Try to study always in the same place, at the same time if possible. That way, your brain gets used to familiar stimuli and you wont get distracted. 
  • Prepare some coffee, tea, water bottles and snacks and put them in your study table, so you wont be pacing the whole house searching for those items later. 
  • DONT turn on the TV!!! Even if you are feeling lonely,try to focus on your books!!!!  Otherwise, your brain will split the attention between those two and you’ll waste time and effort.
  • If you are a wifi addict, download this free app called ‘self control’ and you wont be able to use your mobile phone to post selfies of you 'studying’ when you’re not. LIAR!
  • Start with the subjects you hate the most. Or the ones you find more difficult. 
  • While you’re reading your books, take little notes in a paper: it could be just key words, thoguhts, questions you need to ask your teacher, or even quotes and the number of the pages in which you you found more important info.
Insomnia: A Summary.

11pm- Hey, this looks like a reasonable time to go to bed.

12am- *still awake

1am-*questions life choices

2am- *recalls embarrassing childhood memories

3am- *thinks of all the stuff still left to do in the “morning”

4am- *watches TV

5am- *stares at ceiling

6am- *wishes for death

7am- huh well I guess its time to get up and start my day

Rest of the day- feels ridiculously energized