This just keeps getting stupider and stupider.

Today in “shit only hets do”… 

‘Oh, you deceived me into dropping all my professionality during a fucking space mission and sleeping with you while you were married all this time? Yeah, better to let you die out there potentially compromising the mission even further!’

myrisroman asked:

You should put either Eridan's or Cronus's hair on Danny from Grease

Here you go it Danny Ampora. I went with Cronus hair which is almost cheating since really he pretty much already has Cronus hair. Why the eyes? I don’t know. For the record - I don’t like drawing Ampora horns

parks and recreation is a cup of hot cocoa on a cold, cold day. it’s that feeling you get when someone rests their head on your shoulder, when someone holds your hand, when you’re picked first. it’s being hugged at the end of a long day. it’s late at night when the sky is clear and the world is quiet. it’s sitting at a bonfire listening to a friend softly strum at a guitar, watching the fire crackle, letting it warm your hands. it’s seeing your friends and feeling loved and coming home

As a glasses-wearing person, it’s really annoying when it’s raining and somebody says “Oh you’ll be fine, you have glasses on”. Lol no the raindrops stick to the glass so everything is distorted and weird and then they steam up from condensation and it’s incredibly frustrating. Plus, raindrops ALWAYS manage to fall behind the lenses and hit me directly in the eye. It’s much easier to take them off and walk around in a blurry fuzzy world than keep them on :P


“ *Gordon Ramsay puts two slices of bread on the sides of Undyne’s face* “