Just went on a date with the most next level godly Italian boy. Like he was from Milan and could only speak some English and looked like Hercules with beautiful long hair and omg he was so polite and sweet.

My vagina can’t handle this.

What kind of 21st Century Animals the Companions Would Have?

Random thoughts!

Paladin Danse: a pitbull that’s just like him: tough on the outside, lovable on the inside.

Curie: a cute little hamster! or two. or five.

Cait: a black cat with a “go fuck yourself” attitude

Strong: lol elephant. Or any exotic, large animal.

X6-88: Doberman so well trained you don’t even know it’s there. Like Caesar Milan status.

MacCready: a tiny little poofy dog that’s super cute like a pomeranian

Piper Wright: the sweet kind of tabby cat that makes cat-haters love cats

Nick Valentine: an old bloodhound that sits there as he smokes a cig

Codsworth: fish! Lots of little fish in a fish tank! Easy to take care of

Deacon: one of those dorky cats that hides in boxes and cereal cabinets

Hancock: totally a snake. shows it off as it slithers up his hand snake.


Dogmeat: lol


indiaspalvieri; It was really nice to meet again Dakota. She’s one of the cutest woman I’ve ever met, so sweet and polite with everyone. Her simplicity and sense of humor, always brings joy to everyone. She’s also an inspiration about many things, style, behavior, acting, attitude… 😌 I hope everyone can see her for what she really is: a very beautiful person inside and out 💋💋 #tiredbutdelightedface

callmesarah_; Me and Dakota Johnson in Milan.
To be honest I was there, from Rome, just because of @indiaspalvieri, who is a huge fan of her, but Dakota was really sweet and kind with me too. I didn’t ask anything cause it wasn’t my moment I was there just to support India, indeed I let her go first, and Dakota after taking a picture with her said to me “Do you want a picture too?” and obviously I replied yes. I need to say that she was one of the kindest actresses I’ve never met, she could have say that she was in late or simply ignore me, but she didn’t, I really appreciate that 😊 #dakotajohnson #mfw15 #milan #fashionweek


Chic, and oh-so-obsessed! In February, COVERGIRL’s creative director Pat McGrath hopped across the pond to lend her makeup artistry talent at several runway shows during London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Using COVERGIRL, she got models runway-ready with gorgeous looks and even had time to indulge a little in sweet European treats. We can’t wait for this September, when she takes on Summer/Spring 2016 Fashion Week.

(Photo credit: Kevin Tachman)


Okay, I’m finally back on Tumblr. In these last few weeks I had a lot of things to do, but now I’m back here. March was a very important month for me. I had the fortune to meet my favorite band twice (In Marseille and in Milan) and I was finally able to realize my dream after eight years of waiting.

These are the photos of my M&G with Tokio Hotel in Milan. (17/03). This was the best day of my life. The guys are so sweet, kind and cute with the fans. So adorable! I also had a little funny moment with the guys, maybe I’ll post the pictures later, haha. If you have any question about the concert, the M&G, the guys or whatever, you can ask! :)

Later I’ll post the pic of my M&G with Tokio Hotel in Marseille (09/03)