If you like Reylo

You’ll probably like the kdrama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. 

  • It’s very similar to reylo, especially the main male lead Wangso, who is very much like the Kylo of this story. 
  • His character is outcasted by society. His family sees him as an animal and he’s often depicted as this blood thirsty monster.
  •  He’s also a prince, the 4th of many (good looking) sons of the King. 
  • In actuality WangSo is very misunderstood, never having affection as a child due to - get this - a single scar across his face!!! which he covers wITH A MASK!! (KYLO ANYONE?!?)
  • Like he’s a literal puppy?!?!?! SO CUTE?! SO PRECIOUS!??
  • The main female lead, Haesoo, is actually from present day, but is transported to Goryeo Era Korea. 
  • She is sunshine and rainbows and the Sun to WangSo’s Moon.
  • She is the only one who truly understands WangSo!!!!! (my heart)
  • Despite initially disliking each other, the two leads soon form a strong friendship and eventually, WangSo devELOPES ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR HER.
  • However, Haesoo is romantically involved with the 8th prince (second male lead).
  • This show depicts romance, redemption, jealousy, betrayal, war, etc. All important elements of a good fairytale, much like Star Wars.
  • Stunning visuals, plot, and music.
  • The episodes are currently airing Mondays and Tuesdays. There are 11 episodes out so far.
  • You can watch them on

Also just look at the main leads. thats one sexy cast.


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「I’m glad to be your son!」

Artist :   風月悠  (pixiv / twitter)


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RFA reacting to MC cutting their hair rlly short?

Omg MY hair is short! Thanks for the ask~

Yoosung LOVES it! He thinks it’s a cute new look and he’ll brag about you in his LOLOL guild SO much like omg he’s so precious~

Zen totally digs the new look and points out that his love bites would be so visible and he’d comment how beautiful his princess looks. Plus, MANY MANY pictures of you and he’d pick a favorite to put as his phone lockscreen~

Jaehee is SO enthralled with your new haircut like, FUCK she’s so cute. She compliments you a lot and whenever Jumin decides to give this woman a damn break, she’ll spend the day with you figuring the many ways to style your short hair~

Jumin literally almost thought you were Jaehee at first thinks the short cut suits you. He likes to run his hand through it and lightly blushes at the soft volume. He’ll definitely look into outfits that would compliment the hairstyle and treat you to them. (SUGAR DADDY CONFIRMED)

Seven think you’re as cUTE AS EVER AND OMFG HE’S BLUSHING SO HARD RN. After rambling incomprehensible jargon, he’d play with your hair and make prints of his glasses design to have you match him like GOALSSSS

it is on this day that I would like to draw something very important to your attention, everyone

I found a channel composed of a japanese fan roleplaying little stories with their customized Queen Kewpie dolls

I mean it’s all in japanese of course, but I just want to take a few minutes to appreciate this utterly serendipitous work. It’s like if Superstar, the Karen Carpenter Story were about Queen and adorable instead of tragic:

the gang is all here and i’m gonna pass out from how cute they are

look I mean they went as far as to recreate the 1975 budokan visit tea ceremony


and even satisfying your deacury dreams

apologies for pouring this giant post on your dash but i’m just really touched by this person’s efforts and wanted to share them with everyone because they have like 1,000 views each and are so, so precious and important

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Any cute moments during practice?

So many! Not a minute went by without them laughing together with so much gusto, seeing them so chatty made me feel happy, and I am so bummed that I wasn’t allowed to film some of the most precious moments. They are also really taking the time to compliment each other, there is no whiff of routine about them now, they truly are in the moment with one another, every gentle nudge tells a thousand tales. I loved that some beautifully tender looks were exchanged between them, especially while either one was speaking to a coach, as they even seem more mindful of each other’s competence, as a matter of fact I feel like they are going in a direction where their emotional bond is being constantly enriched by a deeper mutual appreciation on an intellectual level.

Thank you! ☺☺☺

This is my precious baby Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Cricket. I’ve recently moved out with my boyfriend and she’s constantly making us giggle with all her antics. She’s still taking some time to warm up to us (she’ll be about 6 months in October so she’s still quite young) but she’s recently learned she loves pets and cuddles so that’s something that’s really nice. Nothing like a cute little bunny sitting on you while you rest in bed.

My Grandmother Is a BamBam Stan

Yep, you read that right. My grandmother is a BamBam stan. Now prepare yourself as I tell you the story of my cute grandmother and her fondness of kpop (especially BamBam). 

So about three months ago I finally showed my grandmother GOT7. I had told her about them before but never showed them and since I was going to be seeing them in concert I figured I should show her. So I of course showed her “Just Right” since it was the first one I saw of them and the one that had the most meaning to me. (Which she knew since I told her my story and told her what the song meant to me.) Immediately she started to smile saying how cute of a song it was. Then when it got to BamBam she said “Who’s this?” and I said, “BamBam. He is from Thailand.” Giving a nod she went back to watching.

As it finished she told me she liked the song, that it was a cute song, and that she liked BamBam. So I showed her “If You Do” and immediately she goes “See now they changed their hair color! I don’t know who’s who!” Laughing I pointed out the members again, and when she saw BamBam she went “Whoa he doesn’t look the same!” Then I showed her Girls Girls Girls, and she saw BamBam and went “Oh wow! He has grown up real quick!” 

As time went on each time I would visit I would show her another song from another group. Every time I would show her another group the first thing out of her mouth would be “Is this the group BamBam is in?” And I would laugh and say “No, this is EXO.” (Or whatever band it was that day.)

Yesterday I showed her “Hard Carry” and pointed out the members again, and she just nodded her head to all of them except when it came to BamBam, and she would smile and go “Oh! That’s BamBam?” all excitedly. Then when it ended she said that she really liked it and, just like she says each time I show her GOT7, “I like BamBam he is cute.” (Now she has also added “They are so thin! Do they eat? I hope they eat.” too. Of course I tell her that we always ask that on vapps and such and Korean fans send them food to make sure that they do eat.)

I showed her Hoseok dancing for the BTS comeback video, HALO, and some EXO as well and before I left she looked at me and said “Hey, you know what you can get me for my birthday?” I asked what and she said “A CD with some mixed kpop songs! I can listen to it in my car.” I stood there dumbfounded for a second, not believing that my soon to be sixty-six year old grandmother just asked me to make her a CD of kpop songs so she could listen in her car. This had to be a dream right? Nope it wasn’t. She asked me to make her a CD, making sure that I had Day6′s cover of “This Song” on there too, and she laughed at my expression. Then proceeded to tell me. “Make sure you tweet BamBam and let him know that I think he is cute and that I like kpop.” And of course I told her I would, and that I would even make a post on my Instagram. Then she asked if I ever thought that she would ask for something like that and I said no because I never thought she enjoyed the kpop, just thought she was interested in it. She then laughed and told me “I like it, it is really good. I enjoy it.” Giving her a hug goodbye I made my way out of her house and made my way to the car.

As I got into my car it hit me that my grandmother, almost sixty-six years old, was a BamBam stan.

I love her.


Shadowhunters is so good! Omg Dominic Sherwood is so cute I love his eyes! I’ve never seen someone with eyes that are two different colors like that! His blue and brown eyes are lovely , he’s gorgeous!

Why does he have two different eye colors I am very curious….


Matt is precious I just can’t he’s so perfect.

And Magnus. Magnus Bane. In the movie he was awesome and in this show , Harry does such a good job ! I adored Book Magnus and HARRY IS BOOK MAGNUS INCARNATE I CAN’T HANDLE THE PERFECT CASTING

Alberto you’re a lovely Simon I love you

I dunno who plays Isobel but I’d date her , 100%. I’d date all of them .

Dominic you look like you need a hug and Matt my poor fave , you’ve been bullied and FIGHT ME IF YOU DISLIKE MATT DADDARIO, HE IS A GREAT ACTOR AND A GOOD MAN 💕😡

Ugh I adore this series I can’t believe one of my fave book series got a tv show with such great actors!


Harry you are so handsome I adore you , all of you boys are so stunningly gorgeous my heartttttt

And Kat is so pretty and so charming as Clary. THIS is the Clary I wanted in the movie. This!

Also I approve of Max as well ( MY POOR CHILD MAX NOOOOOO)

Watching this reignited my hatred for the Lightwood parents omg I forgot how much I hated them

Seraph blades are not lightsabers why are you doing this

Please protect Alec and Magnus


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Supportive, aether

Supportive – Who did you S-rank and why?


I S-ranked Canas in my heart in FE7, hahahaha (aka I gave him Afa’s Drops). He’s just so blinky and cute and he’s a dark mage that is like, 100% academia nerd. His official art is super precious and honestly I think in real life we would have a real baller time.

In seriousness, I S-ranked Lon’qu in Awakening, Reina in Birthright, and Laslow/Inigo in Revelations.

Lon’qu is like two or three years or stuff now! I mean, I have so much fanfic developing Haura and Lon’qu’s relationship. But I guess my initial reason was because here was this romance that had two dumb virgins, trying their best but being hilarious and terrible (as one would expect from an amnesiac, all I do is tactics and an awkward, stiff, grrrr fighting and trauma from women). But like, even amid their idiocy, they have this whole thing of learning and becoming comfortable with each other and finding intimacy for the first time. It’s cute, it’s charged by the violence of war, and it’s sexy in a way! 

Reina because playing as a guy to marry girls is the best I can do, thanks, IS. I liked her because a) her entire support chain was a story as opposed to the awkwardness of some other Kamui supports and b) she can hold her own no matter the shit that comes. Like, she’s just… really strong and  beautiful and the way she crits with a bow was like, hot damn.

Inigo was because I was playing as Marc for Kamui and I had this whole torrid romance idea over kid!Inigo’s crush manifesting in this new world with a woman who has VERY SIMILAR QUALITIES to Lon’qu and Haura’s daughter. There’s a whole rant somewhere on this blog as to how that works. I like the pairing a lot because I think Inigo grew up a little from Awakening and it kind of really is a chance to real happiness and kind of redemption from his childhood sufferings. Chom!Inigo would also make a baller prince consort for Valla. (Also Olivia and Lon’qu as spiritual in-laws, enough said.)

Aether - already answered!

  • Oh I’m really LOVING this Moira and Holly relationship stuff. So much. Also, mothers and daughters cuddling in bed is so precious to me. 
  • Moira! The Smith’s aren’t terrible! LOL. :P
  • Go Lisa. Lay into Cain - he deserves it.
  • I liked that Ross and Cain scene. I like Ross best when he’s snarky and also a bit off-guard. Like here he seemed almost afraid of what Cain might do. Good stuff.
  • Cain is SOOOOO stubborn. 
  • Holly and Jai. So cute. They make me smile. I’m sure it won’t last (the happiness I mean…esp when Moira finds out) but I’ll enjoy it while I can.
  • Thank you, Carly! It IS 2016….please get over it, Marlon. I know you’re ‘older’ and part of a family that makes gross gender assumptions about things but c’mon, man. 
  • HOLLY!!!! Wow, that dress is gorgeous on her.
  • Jimmy and Nicola are ridiculous and imperfectly perfect and I love them sooooooo much; I’m so glad they made up. 
  • I do NOT like Cain and Charity together - and now Cain is being a complete and total DICKWEED to her (well, to everyone really). And an unhappy and miserable (pouty) Cain is THE WORST and my least favorite thing. So.