Delfino 🌸🍃🐚

Gift for @kabuki-akuma! :3

I swear I’m lowkey addicted to her Moontoffee art/AUs (and her art in general), it’s always been SO AMAZINGGG~ >w< (and it still is)

I’ve wanted to draw Moontoffee/Monster!Star for quite a while, so… here we go! This was LOADS of fun to draw. (toffee was kinda hard to draw tho tbh ;-; proportions.png. BUT STAR’S EYES OMG THE COLORS hfdsigfiodk)

Hope you like, keep up the amazing work, and Merry Christmas!~

  • action adventure Princess saving the world!
  • cute songs!
  • MAGIC! (bc of course there is–it’s a Disney Princess movie!)
  • I saw it in 3D bc I like 3D movies
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • will totally see it again probably
  • DEFINITELY getting all the Moana merch I can fit on my shelves!

• Self care pages in my diary •

The candles are the sample sizes from Yankee called Fresh Cotton and they smell so amazinggg😭
(credit to another studyblr which I can’t find: this wasn’t my idea I just really liked it😌)

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Have you seen that really cool art cow-mom did of the ender eye au? its so moody and soft colors

hell yeah it looks fuckinnnn amazinggg aaaaa so soft??? such glow? ♡

so when we go on a holiday can we please go full cliche and make those photo’s at the tower of pisa and the eiffel tower that make it look as if you’re holding them because I’m 101% sure I’d fail but that wouldn’t matter because being there with you would already be amazing

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I wish I knew you in real life because you're amazinggg D: D: D: D:

Honey, you would get so bored of me if you knew me in person. I can barely carry a conversation! It’s embarrassing.

Thank you very much though! And since this is still real life, if you want to get to know me, go on ahead ❤ I promise I’m better at talking on here

First day in Bangkok was amazinggg ! We took a boat ride and saw so many beautiful temples, had lunch at Siam Center which is beautiful, walked and wandered to the point where tourists were nowhere to be found beside us, bought fresh fruit from markets, had a wonderful foot massage and dinner once again at Mango Vegan Cafe 😍 The people here are so welcoming and smiling and I’m so glad to discover Thailand for 3 weeks

*trumpet music* 

All hail the princes! XDDD They’re finally here!! OMGGG, THEY LOOK EVEN MORE PERFECT THAT I THOUGHT <3<3 

So, I came home yesterday to the most amazinggg package ever from one of the most amazing people I know @oddchildpersonthing (a.k.a @alpacassoandallthecute) ma gurl, Jenni ^__^ She is mega awesome ah! She included the cutest Alice in wonderland bag and yummy candies too (which were happily eaten right away haha) AHHHHH, these princess are sooooo fancy lookingggg XDD

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE BEAUTIES GURL!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHH! They’re ma favorite series (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*