Gift for @kabuki-akuma! :3

I swear I’m lowkey addicted to her Moontoffee art/AUs (and her art in general), it’s always been SO AMAZINGGG~ >w< (and it still is)

I’ve wanted to draw Moontoffee/Monster!Star for quite a while, so… here we go! This was LOADS of fun to draw. (toffee was kinda hard to draw tho tbh ;-; proportions.png. BUT STAR’S EYES OMG THE COLORS hfdsigfiodk)

Hope you like, keep up the amazing work, and Merry Christmas!~

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A fun fact about your klance like that league of legends champions, is that rakan and lance have the same va in the spanish version



• Self care pages in my diary •

The candles are the sample sizes from Yankee called Fresh Cotton and they smell so amazinggg😭
(credit to another studyblr which I can’t find: this wasn’t my idea I just really liked it😌)

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I've seen ur blog and I really love ur art *internal screaming*, but there's always this mentioning of an AU that u made? What is it? Btw I love ur art, it's so AMAZINGGG

Thank you so much! Yes, I will soon tell you about au. (With David in the beanie) <:DD

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OKAY BUT I TURNED THIS INTO HEADCANNONS. I’m not even sure why, I’ve never done headcannons before, so I’m really sorry if this just sucks. All my knowledge of headcannons has come from following @allthe13reasonswhyheadcannons and hers are amazinggg so hopefully my attempt isn’t terrible!!

Justlex Drive-In Headcannons

  • They take Alex’s car, obviously, and Justin does not shut up the entire way there
  • Like he just keeps talking and talking about the movie, and Alex tells him to shush because, “I haven’t seen it, and you’re spoiling it. Why are we even going if you’ve already seen it?”
  • “Because, it’s a classic date, Standall”
  • And Alex just generally seems uninterested, he’s ‘just going because Justin wants to’
  • But he’s secretly really really excited
  • (How could he not be–it’s a date with Justin Foley, alone, in his car)
  • Then they get there, and he realises he was totally unprepared for this??
  • Justin has his own popcorn, drinks, sweets, everything, which ends up being great, because there’s plenty to share
  • Alex is so happy that, food, he doesn’t even think about where the hell the jock got it all
  • (But it was definitely with the help of Zach, whom Justin had been freaking out to ever since he asked Alex to go)
  • But–Alex brought the blankets
  • Which are almost immediately needed when they decide to follow the lead of most everyone else there, who get out to instead sit on the hood of the car
  • ‘Blankets’ turns out to be ‘blanket’, though
  • And a small one at that; they have to share, and they’re only half covered–still cold, leading to cuddling
  • It’s really only Alex that’s cold, Justin’s basically a living furnace, so cuddles are always important
  • Hands touching when they reach for the popcorn at the same time
  • The movie’s in black and white, and Alex is actually really surprised Justin chose it, but it turns out to be really good
  • At least, the parts of it he sees
  • Because, damn, his boyfriend is really distracting
  • Eventually he ends up giving up, and starts pressing little kisses to Justin’s cheek
  • And Justin ignores him, but Alex felt him tense as soon as his lips brushed skin, so he moves the kisses down his neck
  • Because, yeah, the movie’s alright, but he definitely deserves more attention than it does
  • Justin really likes this movie and he wanted Alex to, too, because he likes him more
  • Which is the reason he gives in and starts kissing Alex back after not even five minutes
  • They hadn’t noticed the entire time but almost everyone had been sneaking glances at them, some admiring either one of them (some both)
  • But when they kiss everyone definitely notices, and there’s just one big collective ‘aww’
  • The boys barely even hear it
  • Moving back into the car once they realise they cannot stop kissing each other
  • Justin manages to stop and force Alex to watch the end of the movie
  • But as soon as it’s over they go right back to kissing
  • Spending the night there in Alex’s car

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It's so good to hear that your parents and you have a healthy relationship. I hope things will stay that way forever :') They are cute and you are cute and it's so amazinggg

thanks dude!!!

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does theo actually use the divination tools she has or is it just deco? aka is it canon that theo is a witch? cause that would be so amazinggg :D

aaaahh you’re tempting me to be spoilery. but is it rly a spoiler though… I’LL SAY IT ANYWAYS. 

one of the stories i have planned for future characters, like way way in the future, is actually a supernatural one so magic does exist in the dès vu/sonder universe even if it’s not a part of the dès vu story. AND YES she does use them. idk if i would call her a witch, but she is a canon psychic. it will be kinda shown/hinted at in some future scenes, but it’s not a major plot point or anything.

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@simlovinggirl @melien @amespixels @romeo-and-simulet

Oh boy this is going to take awhile..

I love @simlovinggirl so much! Her sims are so pretty all her saves are awesome, and the stories she writes are so good! Sky and Mist will forever have a place in my sim heart, that story was so amazing! I’m also forever in awe of how far ahead she is in all of her saves (I wish I was that ahead…). I’m SO excited to see the sims of mine that will be appearing in her game soon and I can’t believe that I get to be a part of one of her legacies! I’ve only talked to her a little bit but she’s so nice!

@melien is amazinggg. Her sims are gorgeous and her stories are so interesting and well written that I always love reading them. I’m also a hardcore Nabias because let’s be real who isn’t xD. Having Chloe in her game as the first sim of mine to appear in someone’s game has been such an awesome thing to see and I’ll really miss the BC once it’s over. I haven’t really talked to her much but she seems like such a sweetheart!

@amespixels sims are so cute! I’ve been following her for a while now and I always enjoy her posts! Her Chalk legacy is so adorable and vibrant and I’ve really enjoyed Marigold’s BC! I’ve never talked to her but she seems really nice!

@romeo-and-simulet is another amazing simblr that I love to see (though I enjoy like all the posts on my dash)! Her sims are all so beautiful and her stories are so unique and interesting to read! My favorite save of her’s is definitely the Robins, it’s so good and I love all the sims in that save and all of their vibrant hair colors :3

  • action adventure Princess saving the world!
  • cute songs!
  • MAGIC! (bc of course there is–it’s a Disney Princess movie!)
  • I saw it in 3D bc I like 3D movies
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • will totally see it again probably
  • DEFINITELY getting all the Moana merch I can fit on my shelves!

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Girllll!!!! THE PURGE WAS LITTTTTTTTTTTTT!! I was binge reading it all day today and I get to finished the latest chapter of it. IM SPEECHLESSS. IT’S SO AMAZINGGG. I wish it was made into the next purge movie. I would be so so exited to watch it. Don’t forget to keep the chapter as BTS 😂😉.

thaaaaank u, my internet broke so i was unable to post the finale, and then i had a mental breakdown and couldn’t post the finale, NOW I’M SICK but i’m really trying to get it edited and posted asap for you guys, ty for being patient with my flakey ass