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I swear I’m lowkey addicted to her Moontoffee art/AUs (and her art in general), it’s always been SO AMAZINGGG~ >w< (and it still is)

I’ve wanted to draw Moontoffee/Monster!Star for quite a while, so… here we go! This was LOADS of fun to draw. (toffee was kinda hard to draw tho tbh ;-; proportions.png. BUT STAR’S EYES OMG THE COLORS hfdsigfiodk)

Hope you like, keep up the amazing work, and Merry Christmas!~

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A fun fact about your klance like that league of legends champions, is that rakan and lance have the same va in the spanish version



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The candles are the sample sizes from Yankee called Fresh Cotton and they smell so amazinggg😭
(credit to another studyblr which I can’t find: this wasn’t my idea I just really liked it😌)

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Mellllllllll, your fanfic..... My heart can't take this 😭😭😭 thank you so much for writing this for us to read I love it so much. It's amazinggg, I cried ahh :')

thank youuuu♡ i’m glad you enjoyed it :’D

  • action adventure Princess saving the world!
  • cute songs!
  • MAGIC! (bc of course there is–it’s a Disney Princess movie!)
  • I saw it in 3D bc I like 3D movies
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • will totally see it again probably
  • DEFINITELY getting all the Moana merch I can fit on my shelves!
My Top 5 Anime of the Year

I’ll count down even though everyone probably already knows what my top one is LOL

5) Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

I love historical dramas, especially ones that really do a great job capturing the culture. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is about the story of two Rakugo (a form of Japanese Verbal Entertainment) artists. It’s the tale as old as time that is the fight between talent and hard work. 

This anime does not cut corners on the scenes that focus on Rakugo, which is a good and bad thing. Good, because, I mean, that’s what the show is about lol, but bad because since Rakugo can get pretty long, most of the story development gets pushed back. In fact, the original story line (which is considered the present) kinda gets completely forgotten until season 2 was announced to remind people that there was a present setting LOL 

That being said, I can’t wait to see how the past and the present will finally connect.

4) Mob Psycho 100

Originally posted by rouge-cerise

I originally wasn’t even going to watch this show, but I got super curious LOL If you’re thinking like I was how this was just going to be another One-Punch Man, ITS NOT. While there are reoccurring themes (overpowered main characters, ESP, sibling rivalry, etc.) I can’t help but think I actually like MP100 more than OPM. There’s more of a character growth happening in MP100, which is something I love in a show. Having super cute pure characters is also a definite plus for me haha. Also, even though the art style isn’t as defined as OPM, it certainly has its own charms with animation level very close to OPM as well. 

3) Boku No Hero Academia

Originally posted by yurionice

Another show I wasn’t going to originally watch (I usually don’t bother trying to keep up with Shounen Jump shows) but I really love every single character in this series and wanted to see how the anime would do it justice. And boy it did. The music, the colorful art style, and most importantly, its tribute to American comics are all so amazinggg. Another reason why I don’t usually follow Shounen Jump animes are because the quality tends to be lower since the series don’t really need much to get viewers. Studio Bones does a fantastic job maintaining the quality in every episode and I cant wait to see the next arc soon >__<

2) Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (ERASED)

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Honestly, this would have tied for the number one spot. Everything about this show was obsessively addicting. I was on my toes every minute worrying about the sake of each and every character LOL. Although I will admit the culprit was kinda obvious (although I think that may have been intentional? Like the plot wasn’t really about finding the culprit but about the main character figuring himself out) seeing how the main character breaks down each and every scenario is so intriguing (and kinda cute since he’s a little kid ahaha) 

However the reason why this is number 2, is because of the ending. For people who have read the manga and seen the anime, they’d know that the anime cut out an entire arc to ensure that the show would finish in one series. Granted, there wasn’t enough content for them to make two full seasons, but I would have really been grateful for maybe a season and a movie TuT

1) Yuri!!! on Ice

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Yuri!!! on Ice isn’t just a sports anime. This is a sports anime that has also focused on diversity, lgbtqa, and young adult themes. 

To break it down, not once did yoi cheat on their homework, you can tell they clearly did research on about ten different international characters (a lot of whom were probably based on real people.) While there were a lot of extra characters (but I mean that’s expected in anime) none of them were stereotyped at all by their ethnicity. In fact, you see that a lot of the ice skaters already knew each other due to the fact that they’ve shared rinks with one another, thus showing that all of them have a broader view than most people. 

Yuri!!! on Ice is also the first sports anime that did not queer bait whatsoever. There were a lot of concerns with this show seeing as there are a lot of sports animes where there were many chances for a queer couple to appear and yet all the scenes were either considered as a joke or only “as friends.” While only the main couple has been confirmed (everyone else are kinda minors LOL) who knows what we’ll see in season two ^___^ 

Another great factor is the fact that the main leads are older characters. YURI IS MY AGE LIKE HES CONFIRMED ONLY A FEW WEEKS OLDER THAN ME. And whats so great about this is that we rarely get to see through the eyes of a young adult in an anime (or any form of media really.) While there is a lot going on in the plot, the main leading question was basically, what is Yuri going to do next? Being a young adult is all about wondering what on earth are we doing next. No longer a student/kid and still stumbling around working/adulting, we’re in this weird uncomfortable limbo with more questions than answers. In fact, it was even nicer to see that Viktor, a 27 year old, was also wondering about what his next steps in life were going to be. This anime is so beautifully twined together, I hope it can also open new doors for more groundbreaking shows like it TuT

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hi omg thank you guys so much for all your hard work!! I was wondering if you guys new of any fanfics that are slow pace, with some character development ive just been dying to read a very very very long kaisoo fic! also can it have a bit of jealousy? i know im asking for a lot but it would be so amazinggg! Thank u guys!!

hello lovely anon

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July ‘15. Stuff I read this month. A List of officially documented awesome political lovey dovey-ness. Seriously love this trope! Neeeed more! Ah patriotism

First Sons:

I don’t know why I haven’t found this sooner or where it’s been my whole life bc it’s beyondddd amazing: 

The Fixer and The First Son by ebjameston (10/10 | 46,625 | Teen) 

“You want me to arrange a political marriage for your son?” Stiles repeats dumbly.

“It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve done this,” Talia Hale says, dark eyes twinkling over her impeccable blue pantsuit. “Senator Harvey and Elise’s match worked out perfectly, and they’re actually quite in love, from what I hear.”

“George Harvey was a little-known senatorial candidate from Kansas at the time, Madam President,” Stiles says slowly. “Your son – you, Mr. Hale,” he directs toward the man pacing tiny circles behind the president’s chair, “are the nation’s most eligible bachelor. Literally. I saw it on the cover of People.”

(Stiles is a political fixer. Derek is the president’s son. I’ve been watching too much Scandal.)

It should be against the law to have this many tropes in one fabulous story: 

Bite Down Hard by KuriKuri (1/1 | 25,730 | Explicit) 

For a moment, Derek can’t breathe.

Because moles aren’t the only thing marring the pale skin of Stiles’ neck. Oh no, that’s –

– that’s a bond bite. A bond bite which Stiles definitely did not have yesterday, and which appears to have roughly the same dimensions as Derek’s own mouth.


(Or: In which Secret Service Agent Derek Hale accidentally gets bonded to First Son Stiles Stilinski. Oops.)

Loved reading this again. It’s fricken perfect. warning* locked on ao3: 

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus, uraneia (1/1 | 21,285 | Explicit)

Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Or in which uraniea and lupinus combine meeting the Hales, President Papa, waking up married, fake/pretend relationship, First Boy Stiles, and bodyguard Derek into one fic.’

so much drama for yo mama: 

First Son, Last Change by elephantfootprints (10/10 | 58,549 | Mature) 

When First Son Stiles Stilinski, beloved public figure and the bane of his private security team, goes missing without a trace, ex-security officer Derek Hale finds himself tangled up in the world of Argent Security, a world he was forced out of when rumours abounded that he was sleeping with his charges.

There’s no leads, no time and no way Derek is going to rest until Stiles has been brought home safely.

college au and  cute misunderstandings. really cute cute: 

Hale to the Chief by LadyLazarus (1/1 | 14,403 | Explicit)

First Son Stiles Stilinski thought college back home in Beacon Hills would be the best thing ever.

That is, until he realized that he’d be stuck with Derek Hale as his roommate the entire year.

Other Important Sons:

Not the president’s son but governor’s son. super high quality PWP. Super hot! *warning underage:

Please remember to buckle up by spazgardian (1/1 | 4,300 | Explicit)

Stiles is the son of a well-known, respected politician. Derek is the only bodyguard to last more than three months with him. He really should have quit while he was ahead.

Not the president’s son but the district attorney’s son and this is a classic: 

Strike Softly (Away From The Body) by qhuinn (1/1 | 34,524 | Explicit) 

 Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.

Not the president’s son but potential president’s son. Awesome  PWP! 

The Werewolf Kennedys by vaenes (1/1 | 3,346 | Explicit) 

Fifteen years ago, when Talia won the Senate seat that had been recently vacated by her father, the first supernatural member of Congress, the Post ran a headline calling the Hales “the werewolf Kennedys”. The backlash was immediate. Supernatural activists decried the label of otherness, while pro-hunter groups scoffed at the comparison in the first place. The Hales themselves were conspicuously silent over the controversy, save for Talia’s brother Peter’s proclamation, during his Florida gubernatorial campaign a few years later, that “it’d be more accurate to call the Kennedys ‘the human Hales.’”

Other Politics-related Sterek fics: 


Political Animals by waketosleep (1/1 | 5,422 | Mature) 

Elect Martin for Governor: She’s Smarter Than You

Ughhhh kill me, so amazinggg: 

Politics of a Scandal by qhuinn (1/1 | 17,097 | Explicit) 

[…] The one where Stiles is the hottest new media consultant in the business and Laura Hale desperately needs his services. She’s about to launch a campaign for Governor of California and her brother, Derek, is a media nightmare waiting to happen.

Imagine if Scott was president forreal tho!: 

Mr. President or: How Stiles Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Governor by cyfarwydd (1/1 | 2,126 | Teen)  

Stiles really didn’t know how Scott became president, and he’d swear to that up, down, and sideways until the day he died.

Werewolf Rights: 


Derek Hale, Werewolf Activist by eledhwenlin, wolveheart (1/1 | 10,504 | Gen) 

Laura makes Derek hire an assistant. It doesn’t go according to plan:

Derek should’ve known that letting Erica handle the interviews wasn’t a good idea.

“Please repeat that,” he tells Erica. “Because I think I misheard. You hired a human as my personal assistant.”

Erica just grins. “He’s cute, you’ll like him.”

This is so well done!: 

Roundtable by Mynuet (1/1 | 7,245 | Teen) 

Stiles jumped at the chance for national exposure as a journalist by hosting a panel on werewolf rights. He was insufficiently prepared for dealing with rabid anti-werewolf partisans, and definitely unprepared for the unparalleled hotness of Professor Derek Hale, werewolf rights activist.

Gay Rights: 

Love stays winning!: 

run down my heart by bleepobleep (1/1 | 2,376 | Teen) 

It doesn’t help that Derek’s also ridiculously smart, sharp and quick with his research, and he’s got this dry humor that no one else gets but Stiles thinks is kind of hilarious. He doesn’t laugh, though, because it would ruin his reputation. He hates Derek, after all, his rival. Stiles hates him, from his hair gel to his shiny expensive dress shoes. Everyone knows you’re supposed to wear running shoes with your work clothes, because the interns always run the court ruling news to the press.

Somehow Stiles and Derek always end up head-to-head during the these runs.

Be still my heart!!: 

That One Time Deputy Stilinski Went To A Pride Festival (And Kissed The Organizer) by bravobeavo 

If anyone had told Stiles that when he accompanied his dad to contain a protest by the local church against the pride festival being held in downtown Beacon Hills that he’d end up mackin’ on a random guy who turned out to be his ex babysitter turned sexy university professor he probably wouldn’t have believed them. Probably. Especially if they included the part where he gets a date out of it in the end.

LOVED the video and LOVE this: 

This Hot Cop by SCS12 (1/1 | 1074 | Gen.) 

Stiles is marching in the NYC Pride Parade just a few days after the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges when he comes upon a cop and gets the urge to dance.

ETA this awesome gem:

*Lips Pressed Close To Mine by alexenglish (1/1 | 1,232 | NR) 

“Maybe not any homophobe, but a mass gathering of homophobes who quote the First Amendment and the bible to spew hatred? I can get my panties in a bunch over that all I want.”

“Whoa, panties?”

Anyway, this ship needs more politcal au for me to read. #Sterek4Prez2k16<3 

- School started again today and I have never been that unmotivated. Whoever decided that we still have exams after the A-levels is an idiot.

- I finally have a plan for what I want to do after school and I’m like 90% sure I will actually do it: I might go to Vancouver for three or four months to do an internship and start university in April next year.

- My cousin attended Communion yesterday. Afterwards we went to a restaurant and even though I had said it was enough if I just got a plate with potatoes + veggies they made the whole menu vegan for me which was so considerate. I really love my family.

- Inspired by a vegetarian German actor, my dad has decided to cut down his meat intake which makes me very happy. He even ordered a vegetarian dish at Easter when we went out to eat.

- My favourite song as of right now is ‘Wolke 4’ by Philipp Dittberner and even if you won’t understand a word please check it out because it’s so amazinggg

- It’s been really warm and sunny lately and my skin has already cought colour :)