My eyes widened in shock. Did Pippa really think this?

“No, of course you aren’t! Why do you think you are?”

“I look nothing like anyone in this family. Nobody else has purple hair or weird eyes like I do! Why am I so different to everyone else?”

I felt my heart breaking into pieces at my daughter’s words. As much as I hated it, she deserved to hear the truth. Sighing, I looked her straight in the eye.

“Okay Pippa, I’ll be honest with you. You aren’t adopted, okay? I carried you in my womb for nine months and gave birth to you myself. However… however, Luke…he isn’t your real dad.”

A wave of emotion passed over Pippa’s face.

“He-he’s not? Who’s my real dad? Does it mean that Destiny and I aren’t really sisters after all?”

The Light of a Nightstalker



“Don’t let its Light fold the nerves of your hands.”

With a startled breath she crumbled as she withdrew, instantly shattering the numbing flare of the lavender Void within her hands. In mere milliseconds, her concentration vacated from her fingertips, and her bond tied to the obscurity vanished.

The void was extinguished. Flattened. Gone as if it’d never manifested in the first place. Standing here and now, with the graceful bow shrouded back to it’s mysterious haven of tranquility, there was unexplainable sadness as there was joy residing within her active mind. He was criticizing as he was patient. To step on what he’d just advised would inspire resentment…so instead she waits.

Through the passing of heavy seconds she felt the weight of Tevis’ stare. There was an unspoken expectation Ezra had in mind practically begging for resolve. She swore she had it this time…it’d been long known amongst the scrutiny of her peers she was practically kindred to this flickering anomaly. The same expectation remained sure and firm whilst she danced with it, and had only faltered when the same hazardous obscurity stopped moving to her control, clawing up her arms, and searing into her veins…

But she was sure she was right. The advising Huntsman was just a distraction to her.

“Your absentminded habit kicked in again, I see,” came Tevis’ sure response after he’d extinguished the grace illuminating about her arrow. She kept her head low before giving him a response of her own.

“I wassure of myself, and felt the control in my palms. As you’ve said times before, I didn’t falter…maybe I am right this time and your judgement’s just falling short of security, ol’ Timer.” Ezra was unable to harbor the fester rebounding in her chest.

“Your “control”…which also happened to give way to the undeniable outcome of fragility, casualty, and mistake. In case you didn’t notice, again, you were in pain. I had to end it, scout.”

Each jab in his voice struck profoundly with purpose so the input would stick to his Hunter’s head. She had to know he was simply making sure she wouldn’t get hurt, physically and mentally. The more she played with the anomaly, the more cautious he became (and worried…though he wouldn’t admit it aloud), and made him wonder…if he really did regret introducing her to the volatile change.

It’s one thing to be opportunistic, and another to be brave. Ezra being the former didn’t at all make her training easier. Concentration, maybe. Tevis knew she was could be bodacious at times…but in a smarter sense than most. The clever huntress took the opportunities in everything she came across…admirable. He liked it. It served to be one of the main reasons he’d bothered taking her under his wing, and offered her the title of his first (and possibly only) apprentice.

The same mindset warranted gentle caution as well, however.

“The arrow’s not one to rush, Hunter,” Tevis started walking up from behind, settling his warm gloved hands upon hers. He drew back the newly fleshed bow he called upon between them, her arms steadily mirroring his. “Let the elasticity bend with yours, and the void’ll be under your command.“ And he extinguished the arrow, just like that.

Tevis had the lingering thought Ezra was one of the few who remained disciplined to this craft. One with particular grace few could mirror, even more so knowing she was efficiently compatible with the Void. That alone seemed to peak Tevis’ interest, as it was a rare thing to find in Hunters…he had no regrets in taking participation in observance. Mistakes were currently trivial with this woman. He knew she could do it.

And so she did.

With pliable grace Tevis rarely witnessed among new hunter ranks, Ezra strung back the lavender bow, and let the void neatly wrap around the structure of her fingers. The complex elasticity he advised her to use not only webbed through her veins, but the sober memories etched in her mind’s network (a certain feature the Void withholds separate from other classes). Through the colors of her Light she witnessed flashes…perhaps of past memory, or imagination, she didn’t know. She had kept in thought…she was the fish, the devouring splendor was the ocean. All she had to do was move with it. Confidence with the bow and accuracy were one of her many strengths, Tevis had learned.

When her trained eye narrowed, she let loose the arrow.

It’s string of purple light seared at high volumes over the sandy dunes and dark skies above them. After a few moments of simply soaring about the skies, the flare burst into a void of fireworks, implanting itself among the stars. Brilliant purples and blues sparked across the space as it did, and such a sight made even Tevis take a step back and observe in awe at it’s beauty. Her void’s slick shape and controlled pattern…he had to admit, he’d never seen a rookie take to the Void so easily as she did.

Perhaps…he perceived wrong of her in a few aspects.

It wasn’t just stubborn determination driving her success. Rather, it was the shadow of perfection she embodied.

Fate or Destiny or Whatever

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to post this this weekend, but it’s been sitting on my computer–finished, apparently–since last year so…it’s waited long enough. I started this back after 6x05–but ended up rewriting the whole thing once 6x06 aired (for the obvious reason that my original fic involved Killian & Henry deciding to hold onto the shears). Anyways, 6x05 raised the question–what could possibly make Emma change her mind about using the shears. And this happened. As always, this has been added to “The Lost Get Found” over on if that’s you preference. And also, as always, you know I love getting yelled at. (Though this maybe doesn’t qualify as angst???)

Word count: 3.3k

Normally, Emma loved that her kitchen could fit her whole family comfortably.

Tonight, though, all those people just made her head throb worse as they talked back and forth about the object she held in her hand. All of them so caught up in the excitement of finally having the shears back in their possession that none of them had noticed her silence.

“We could put them in the vault.” Regina paused her pacing. “No one can get in there unless I let them.”

“That spell has been broken too many times,” her dad shoots back. “We need something better. Somewhere no one will think to look.”

“Maybe it’s not a somewhere that we need,” her mom said, her finger tracing the rim of her mug. “Maybe it’s someone. Namely, all of us.”

“What are you getting at?”

“The Evil Queen didn’t make her move until the shears were no longer in anyone’s possession,” Snow said, sitting forward. “Maybe if someone’s holding onto them, no one can steal them.”

David nodded. “So we all share the burden of holding onto them and she has no way to know which of us has them.”

“Or she could just knock all of us out at once and search our bodies at her leisure.” Killian’s hand on Emma’s shoulder tightened a little, tension radiating down his arm even as his thumb rubbed circles on the back of neck.

“Do you have a better idea?” Regina snapped.

Emma closed her eyes, her grip around the shears tightening. Before anyone could say anything else, she stood, her chair screeching against the tile floor.

“Guys, that’s enough.”

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Who is the Horseman in Samurai Jack?

So, just like everyone else, I’m really curious who this could be. At first, I thought that maybe this is Jack or future Jack. However, I don’t think that that this is the case. First, let’s get some context out of the way:

-his father had imprisoned Aku, in order to save his family, not just his bloodline but the entire village

-Jack was raised learning about this fight

-Most of Jack’s life has been training for this day

-Despite his father telling him he isn’t ready, Jack went against Aku anyway

-It’s been 50 years

My theory is that this is his warrior’s destiny. Jack has been raised that he will fight and defeat Aku. So, if Jack is not able to do this, he feels he has no purpose, since this is what his life led up to. In addition, the horseman appears when Jack has given up or is severely depressed. No matter how he feels, his instincts will override them to make him keep fighting, since he has been conditioned this way. In addition, the entire village usually appears when he is depressed, because he feels he sacrificed them because he had been so brash in actions in his first encounter with Aku. 

I hope I have made sense or am able to at least offer evidence for someone else to use. :3

[kira voice] i just don’t understand? the entire universe was supposed to bend to my will? fate and luck were supposed to serve ME??? why is destiny not bent in MY favor??? what the fuck???

My mom always told me that loving is about give and take, accept each others differences, never lie to them and never take em for granted, i have broken all those things in my life especially to all the girls that i have committed a relationship before, because I was not sure of everything, yeah i know what a total jerk, a lot of people hurt me, i was wrecked and i thought that i can’t be my old self again. But i guess destiny has its own way of saying that i will find someone who will make me feel like i am home, i am safe, and i feel loved. and she came, she did came, she brought happiness and rainbows in my life as well as darkness and tornado’s that i can’t control. She changed me completely, I’ve been the best version of myself, because of her, i learned how to love again and live my life fully.

-You gave me reasons to stay, 12:33PM