Raúl Esparza characters + name meanings {Part 1} ↝ insp 

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Hey!! I'm a new follower and I want to ask if you could do an scenario of the Eldarya's boy seeing Guardienne in a swimsuit? Ps: I love how you write 💕

Well, hello there~ I have so much more ask to do >< I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here~


He already saw swimsuit in human’s magazine but he never saw you wear one! He couldn’t take his eyes off you, you skin was wet because of the sea’s waves. The swimsuit you took was dark, just like he loved it. The contrast between your skin’s colour and the swimsuit.. He thanked the Oracle to decided to go to the beach. He bite his lips and then go back to reality when he hearded you say.

Nevra, you have a nosebleed, you are okay ?


How indecent. How could you wear something like this in front of everyone ! All of you decided to go to the beach and you are the only one who wear this.. Swimsuit , that what you called this right ? He was blushing like mad, hopefully, nobody seemed to care about him. He stared at you until you noticed him. You smirk at him while showing off, asking if he liked what he saw. Well, fuck, he fucking enjoyed it.. But there was no way you would be able to tell!

I just see that you are going to catch a cold.”


He was watching you as you were playing volleyball with Ykar and Chrome. He was sitting on the sand and was watching how your butt was so round.. The swimsuit was holding your chest so well, even through you were jumping to catch the ball. He shook his head, what was he thinking now ? He lifted his head and bump into someone’s chest. It was you.. And you didn’t seemed to care.

Ah, sorry.. Or not , A body is a body right~ You come play with us ?don’t tempt him