Well, this is rougher than I would want, but I had to make it look decent for the party that will start on saturday, and I didn’t have much time. I may come back to polish this one later, or I will make another one if I don’t feel like investing more on this one. I pretty much ditched the inks when coloring, I need more practice with that XD

But I think it’s good enough.

Ba’anor waaaay too pleased while slowly dieing from poison.

We were raiding a broken down castle looking for a dwarf we needed to rescue (he died, whoops). We fought a doppelganger who got him pretty good a few times with poisoned dart things. After the doppleganger was dead, turns out its plate armor was actually leather and my drow, who’s been without armor for a bit now, took it. Puts it on and finds out it has essentially a glamor spell on it, and he can look all nice and fancy again, despite the actual repair of his clothes.

The armor is SUPPOSED to be for rogues, to make them better at sneaking around and here’s THIS asshole, using it to look as good as possible. So once he got it all on and realized what it does, he fuckin strolled over to the rest of his party, pretty haggard from the poison still trying to kill him but VERY pleased with himself. Our rogue is silently livid about it.