IT’S OUT GUYS! I’m dying.. Armor and a small tease of combat animations..

And customization faces and hairstyles.

I personally love everything! Especially the animations.. I really like this kind  of gameplay if its how i imagine it.

I really hope she will release soon after new year cuz i’ve kinda lost motivation to play cuz of her! ;-;

Dragon Age #shemtits Event

Did Zevran make your Cousland’s heart go pitter-pat?

Did your Hawke swoon for Merrill?

Did your Trevelyan fall head over heels for Sera?

Did your Lavellan have a fling with the Champion of Kirkwall?

Then my friend, this is the event for you! February 10th-14th, we will be celebrating all our favorite human/elf Dragon Age ships! Submit fics, art, and playlists of your human/elf ships, both canon and non-canon (OC ships and rare pairs both welcomed and encouraged!), fluff or smut, with the hashtag #shemtits, and share the interracial DA love!

So dust off that Surana x Cullen, Fenris x Isabela, Carver x Merrill, or Trevelyan x Solas fic you’ve been working on, and let’s have ourselves a ball just in time for Valentine’s Day!

GIFmas day 7

my beloved solas !!! ^^~

took me about 11 hours?! o.O’ i struggled with that fur stuff…and i am still not satisfied with the collar, but it is ok ^^ next time i’ll make it better.

he is the most interesting character of all DA characters in my opinion !! i am so in love with him :3