Meet Nindarhmen Lavellan!

Nin is a joyful, kind and compassionate young man, a ray of sunshine with a golden voice and a golden heart. He has an insatiable intellectual curiosity, speaks too fast sometimes, has the worst sweet tooth and will laugh at all your jokes. But don’t let his gentle nature fool you. He’s fire made alive, and won’t hesitate to prove it when necessary.

His full title is Master Nindarhmen Lavellan, Seneschal of Elvhen Affairs to the Inquisition (he is not the Inquisitor).

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These are a few illustrations I have done over the past year. 😊

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HEY GUYS so this is what I spent my afternoon doing… doing a full makeup and wig test for Ayr and then taking selfies because why the hell not.

Mostly wanted to focus on something and doing makeup always seems to make me feel better so… idk.

Also wanted to see how the ears and everything looked with the short wig, since it’s the one I’ll likely be wearing for my full armor cosplay of Ayr in May! I LOVE how the wig hides where the ears attach to my own, makes them look more realistic ♥

HOPEFULLY I’ll manage some sort of writing this week guys I’m sorry, but no promises! Weddings the next two weekends blaaaah… @_@ ♥ Take care! ♥

It’s so rare for me to finish full (lack of bg does not count) coloured animation (even this short) in such a short amount of time ;^; I know it’s shitty because of this but meh…

Ez’s gonna be my favourite to draw, I swear

And does anybody have an idea why he blushed..? for I kinda just wanted to draw him all blushy



I’ve been watching other people draw their own rpg characters and succumbed to drawing my own |D YouguysprobablyIalreadyknowIhaveanobsessionwithSkyrimso…

These are some of the characters I’ve made for the game. Aohdan actually belongs to a cousin of mine. He’s a dark elf. Urim (Orc) and Kirstne (Nord/Werewolf) are my own.