The snake and its hands

What Ed is really doing (probably...maybe...hopefully)
  • *Oswald saves Ed from being choked to death*
  • Ed:Oh God, I almost died. Who knew Butch's grip was that intense? I mean- Wait. What is Oswald doing? Did Oswald save me? Is he going to kiss me? Oh my God he's going to kiss me. I've been waiting for this day for so long and now it's finally going to happen he's touching my face I mean kiss me damn it kiss me!!!
  • Ed:He's not kissing me. I'm confused. He's helping me to my feet. We're leaving. We're in the car going home. What?!
  • *Oswald brings Ed tea*
  • Ed:Alright, this seems like a good moment to bring the topic up like real subtly. *ahem* I hope you know, Oswald, I would do anything for you. You can always count on me.
  • Ed:Oh my God it worked here we go he's going to kiss me yes I'm a genius yes yes yes wait he didn't kiss me. WHAT THE HELL?!?! He's hugging me. I mean, oh, it's a very romantic hug, but honestly what the hell do I have to do???
  • *Isabella shows up*
  • Ed:Light bulb moment! So yes, this is my girlfriend whom I love and adore look how in love we are did I mention I am in love with this woman so much?
  • Isabella:Wait, I'm confused, what are yo-
  • Ed:Shhh, play along, woman, play along, play along, play along!

Before posting my review of this week’s episodes, I’d like to say something:

IDGAF that Yuzu and Yuya are not “real” children of Yusho and Shuzo, they have been raising them since they are babies and both obviously love them deeply.

I mean of course the writers are now pulling at our heartstrings on the “Zarc manipulated Yusho into grooming one of his pieces blah blah blah” 

So what? The point remains: Yuya and Yuzu were raised and loved by them, they are family damn it. 


so I made this to try and handle my feelings this morning…

When I was younger (even so much as a couple of years ago) I liked a lot of really disgusting things in fandom because I didn’t know any better, things that, had I seen now, I would’ve completely recoiled from, things that now disgust and humiliate me. There are things on my blog that make me deeply uncomfortable that I can never take back, that I can never apologize enough for, and I’m literally waiting for the day this fandom claws its way down into the deeper recesses of my blog and vilifies me for mistakes I made when I was ignorant 




                                  need a weapon

{I am a weapon.}


I went into this route expecting a tsun bad mouthed brat but he’s adorable ;;

Every time something good happened something bad usually happened straight after and I felt so bad for this poor child ;3; He deserves happiness and lots of beef stew (/)u(\)

You cannot trust anyone in this route…they can’t even trust each other OTL. At the end I felt so hurt and sad just whyyyyyyyy. 

Ohoho Shougo had some great CGs/moments, combined with Kimura Ryohei’s voice I was completely gone >///<

Under the cut is uuuuh…just click it if you don’t mind spoilers. It’s not really a plot spoiler but it’s a CG so just in case (/)u(\)

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