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You Don’t Believe Me (p. 8)

Request: Yes

  • so it’s like 4 A.M. and i’ve spent the last hour reading “You Don’t Believe Me” and it’s sooo good!! it’s killing me omg you’re such a great writer :) please post part 8 soon!! 
  • I need part 8 and I need this whole story to end well with luke and y/n 
  • You’ve got to do a part 8, part 7 was amazing 😭 
  • Please continue with You Don’t Believe Me? I accidentally found the series and read all seven parts in a row and I don’t want to stop reading now! :) 
  • i started reading You Don’t Believe Me last night and couldn’t stop! i love it soooo much! please please please post part 8 soon!! 
  • Nooooooooooooooooo omg why’d you have to do that it was so perfect why does everyone hate Michael like seriously every fic I’ve read they have always made Michael out to be the bad guy but how he’s the cutest thing and he’d never do anything like that and it bugs me but it was good and I want a part 8 
  • OK I’m addicted to “you dont believe me” now. I really need the next part :D!!! 

 Plot Line: After everything Y/N talks to Michael and Luke drops a bomb.

Smut: None. Next chapter, I promise.

I hope you enjoy this! Don’t forget to request for more parts of this, or even for a future imagine/series ect! My requests are open! And I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

Walking into the living room I was smiling from ear to ear as I saw two sleeping bodies, Calum and a girl with beautiful hair curled up next to each other. So this was the famous Kasia I had heart all about? Looking over at Luke with a smile he silently giggled as Calum let out a snore that made us look at each other before slapping hands over our mouths to stop even more laughter spilling out. Luke nudged his head in the direction of the door and I nodded following him. Me and Luke were hand in hand whispering to each other when a body stepped out in front of us, eyebrow raised as his vision went from our hands to our faces and then back to our hands.

“Ashton..” I murmured not looking at him, I still remembered that night– we hadn’t really spoken about it or really to each other and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of them. Luke let go of my hand as he walked out giving us space.

“I’m sorry…” Ashton mumbled almost inaudible as I gnawed on my lip nodding at his words. “No, I’m really sorry Y/ N. I shouldn’t have gotten involved and I shouldn’t have let you walk home alone. I mean what if something had really happened to you? First of all I’d never forgive myself and you wouldn’t be here..” Ashton trailed off as he ran a hand through his hair with a loud sigh. I looked up finally and I saw the sorrow and despair In his eyes. It didn’t say anything to him because I had lost my words. Instead I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around his frame and pushed my head into his chest. I had missed my cuddle buddy. It only took a few seconds before he enveloped me into his arms and rested his chin upon my head.

“It’s OK Ashton…” I whispered as I ran a soothing hand up and down his back and he quickly sighed in content. Ashton’s hand came up to play with my soft locks, as he always did– he said it calmed him down and made him feel at peace.

“Y/N…It’s none of my business but why were you and Luke holding hands?” Ashton asked hesitantly.

“D-Did Michael not tell you?” I asked, and I didn’t even realise it but my voice cracked.

“Tell me what?” Ashton asked confused as he furrowed his eyebrows. I shook my head taking a few seconds to compose myself, scared I’d break down. I knew I loved Luke but Michael had still broken my heart with what he did. Now my hand had been replaced as Ashton rubbed my back instead.

“Y-You know that night me and Luke kissed and we argued and I ran?” I asked, and Ashton nodded squeezing me tighter as another sorry left his lips. I sighed burying my face into him even more. “well after me and Luke kissed, I ran, and little did I know the entire time Michael had been shoving his dick in some other girl anyway..” I trailed off at the end and felt Ashton stiffen as he pulled away looking at me with fury blazing in his eyes.

“He did fucking what? A kiss is bad yes, but sleeping with someone…that’s unforgivable…” Ashton yelled the last part making me jump away and to shudder. This was the side of Ashton that always scared me a little. Ashton shook his head furiously running an angry hand through his hair.

“I’m going to break up with him Ashton, this whole thing wasn’t meant to happen any ways..” I murmured and Ashton frowned.

“What do you mean?” He asked, once again confused. I sighed as I looked down to the floor.

“Originally me and Michael only dated so I could make Luke jealous after everything went down with Callie. He knew I was hurting and wanting to make sure I didn’t look pathetic and then we kissed…and we liked each other but it was all so messed up” I breathed out and Ashton looked at me before laughing, I kinked my eyebrow. “Why are you laughing?” I asked.

“Well you see I knew there was something that just didn’t sit right at the beginning!” Ashton exclaimed as I rolled my eyes. “But I was right! At the very beginning I kind of guessed..I just couldn’t put my finger on it..” Ashton admitted, and I nodded until I heard a cough behind me. Turning around Luke’s eyes fell on me, and I sent him a smile. Walking over to us  he looked at Ashton.

“Could you give us a minute?” Luke asked, and Ashton nodded walking away. I looked at Luke who just stared right back at me with wide eyes.

“What?” I asked, as my smile turned to a frown.

“A-At the beginning it wasn’t real between you two?” Luke asked astonished as I nodded gnawing at my lip as I sighed loudly.

“Yeah, It was Michael’s idea and you’d hurt my feelings and I was–”

“I’m not mad..I’m kind of relieved in a way. I mean I know you guys eventually fell for each other but that day in the hallway when you kissed…it bothered me more than you’d ever realised because that morning was the morning I realised I didn’t even love Callie anymore..” Luke admitted and my heart had began to hammer at my chest. I opened my lips and closed them again unsure of what exactly I should say. “I love you, Y/N. I always did, that day at the pool when we were kids was just the beginning..if not before that” Luke whispered as he took a step closer. But the sound of a key going into the door made us jump apart as a red puffy eyed Michael walked in with tears still falling down his cheeks. But he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw me and Luke looking at him.

“Y/N…” Michael croaked and my chest broke all over again as I kept my gaze trained on the broken looking boy before me. Running a hand to the back of my head I looked over to Luke.

“It’s my turn to ask,  could you give us a minute?” I asked, as Luke gave a smile to me and then a sad one to Michael as he went to join Ashton in the kitchen and their chatter began in the background.

Michael coughed trying to clear his throat but I was quick to beat him to the punch as I shook my head, leaning my back against the wall as I crossed my hands over my abdomen. I felt sadness every time I looked at Michael. “I can’t do this any more..” I whispered but in that second something in my tone must have gave me away as Michael’s fist collided with the wall making me jump and stare at him jaw agape.

“It’s because of Luke, I always knew it was Luke. It’s the soul reason I slept with her because I knew this day would come. Where Luke would be there to save you from a mistake I made and I would have to watch you walk straight into his open fucking arms” Michael barked, but the tears were coming faster now. His cheeks looked raw and painful and bite marks littered his lips from his nerves. I felt bad but I couldn’t do this again, I wouldn’t be able to trust him and I wouldn’t trust my own feelings around Luke.

Michael took a few seconds to collect himself as I took a step further away from him before a new wave of tears began which quickly turned to sobs as he slid down the wall, his face falling into his hands, knee’s bent as he rested upon them.

“Go to him Y/N..” Michael choked and I couldn’t help but not be angry at him as I took a seat beside him mirroring the way he sat except my head leaned back against the wall as I took in a deep breath.

“This was inevitable that this would happen Michael, I think we fooled ourselves in the charade that we were playing. We got so caught up in the make believe that we truly though we had feelings…” I said with a sigh but Michael just shook his head.

“I’ve liked you since we were kids, the comments, the mean banter…I liked you. You were always too oblivious to realise the people around you liked you. God, even Ashton had a crush on you for a while..” Michael stated and I just raised my eyebrows at this new information. “But– I can’t be mad at you for choosing Luke. You guys are that couple that people fucking read books about.” Michael whispered and I placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I love you Michael, but I can’t love you like you need to be loved” I admitted and he nodded as he sniffled, obviously holding back more tears.

“I’m going to go to my room, I just need some space..” Michael murmured as I nodded watching him get up.

“I love you, Y/N” was the last thing he said as I saw him take the stairs sluggishly. I felt relieve but I still felt heavy hearted as I saw a sheepish looking Luke walk in. I sighed as I pushed to stand up and was instantly enveloped in Luke’s arms.

“What do you want to do?” Luke asked soothingly as he rocked back and fourth in the hug and I sighed with contentment at the feeling of home that I always found with Luke and giggled.

“Could you just walk me home? I’m pretty tired?” I asked as I felt the part of today wearing me down even though I’d already slept. Luke nodded when his obnixously loud phone began to ring. He took a step back offering me an apologetic smile, as he shoved the phone right to his ear without checking the caller ID.

“Hello?” Luke sang happily and I almost giggled before I saw his expression drop and I instantly stopped smiling.

“A-Are you sure?” Luke asked, his voice shaking as he gulped loudly. “Callie please calm down, I’ll be there In a second.” He paused. “No I promise, I will be there.” Luke murmured before he pulled the phone away from his ear slowly.

“What is it Luke? What’s wrong?” I asked quickly. Why was Callie calling?

“She's—She’s pregnant Y/N” Luke whimpered and I felt my heart plummet.

I guess happiness just wasn’t in my cards.


Hook: I’m fine, love. The question is, are you? 
Tinker Bell: Why wouldn’t I be? 
Hook: Well, I know Storybrooke can be a disorienting place if you’re not used to it. Perhaps a drink to help settle you in? 
Tinker Bell: We both know you want more than a drink. You want me to help take your mind off Emma. 
Hook: Emma? Who’s Emma? I only see you. 
Tinker Bell: I may have lost my wings, but I haven’t lost my dignity. That’s never gonna hap—

In the continuing series of why I will never see Hook as a romantic figure and see CS as deeply creepy….

anonymous asked:

I have a feeling this supposed secret announcement for Naruto is gonna be a Naruto next gen spinoff or even another movie?The whole intro of these new techs in the Boruto movie, makes it feel like a set up for a spinoff involving technology.Which actually has me a bit worried that they're gonna completely ruin the Naruto series. As much as I want to see Naruto continue, the more they try and milk it, the more it loses it's essence...but at the same time I want more Naruto LOL I'm so conflicted.

Tbh that would be awesome if they announced a new gen series, but doubtful. I feel like the movie, and maybe a few spin off one-shots every year or so, is all we’re gonna get. If we do get anything extra though, it’ll be a pleasant surprise for me. We’ll see ig!

I was on FaceTime with my brother when the new LLL episode came out. This is what happened:

Bro: …so, as a lecturer, Klaus isn’t supposed to express his political views. Because, you know, being in a position of power over us means that he’s not allowed to try to influence our decision - 
Me: I’m gonna have to stop you right there.
Me: *starts watching LLL episode on the sly*
Me: Continue. 
Bro: So, as I was saying….[this is where I tuned him out]
Me: *hears that Ben and Bea are still together* *screams*
Bro: WHAT. What’s happening? Is everything alright?
Me: *flops around for about ten minutes*
Bro: *sighs* Reubs’ web series?
Me: *incomprehensible screeching* 
Bro: Got it. I’ll call you back in an hour. 

I have him so well trained :P

redlerred7 asked:

So, Gakkou Gurashi. I was sorta expecting what it became because I saw it on a seasonal anime chart with the genre saying psychological and horror. I saw the cute girls and thought of Madoka Magica. I immediately jumped on it and watched the first ep when it aired. I was not disappointed. And I'm still not disappointed. Each ep is doing a surprisingly good job making me like the series more.


Not gonna lie, I was fast forwarding during parts of the first ep because GOD WAS YUKI BORING AS FUCK and I was like “oh my god she’s like every other vibrantly colored cute girl protag and this is gonna be another bland SOL” but then that ending oh my gosh.

And it’s like her character hasn’t ‘changed,’ but now to see the series with THAT subject and perspective, I enjoy seeing how Yuki reacts rather than her as a character and this series continues to build off of ‘that’ and not just the suspense of Yuki in her own little world (that’s what I’ll call it until I decide to not outwardly spoil it) and the suspense of the ACTUAL thing just grips me more and more. Especially now that the audience knows, I love the effects that separate Yuki and the others it’s amazing.

Lost Girl part 4

Sorry this is a bit short but my friends are being real dicks at the moment which is sorta where i got the inspiration for this chapter. Hopefully you enjoy it and let me know if you want me to continue with this series. Thanks for all your support😆 Please never forget how amazing you are ! Okay I’m finished now enjoy this next part 😁.

Luke’s P.O.V
“ Cal hurry up were gonna be late “ Ashton called as we waited for Calum to get in the SUV
“ I’m coming , Jesus calm down “ Calum replied jumping in and taking the seat next to Michael.
It was around a 15 minutes drive to the girls house but it seemed to take longer. I sat nervously twitching my knee. Using the front camera on my phone I ran my fingers though my quiff to shape it more to the right. Sighing i locked my phone and turned my attention back to the road. I was a sunny day in LA. Perfect day to relax on the beach with a Corona. The boys were fairly silent as we drove out to the girls home in the suburbs just out side if long beach. It was just after two thirty when we arrive outside a grey modern two story home. A red 2001 Toyota corolla hatchback sat alone on the concrete driveway. I followed Ashton out of the SUV and up to the gate. The sound of faint voices arguing could be herd as we approached the tall gate but i could nit make out what they were saying. Ash pushed open the gate revealing a very stressed looking May and Josey. They stopped immediately as soon as they saw us walk through the gate. Josey flashed us a fake smile but i the strain on her face told me she was worried. “hey “ Josey called walking over to us and greeting us with a warm hug. “ how are you ?” she smiled after she finished hugging Calum
“ Good , excited to hear what you have prepared for us today “ Ashton replied running his long fingers through his wavy dirty blonde hair. “ yeah “ Josey sighed “ about that “ she continued looking down at her feet and shoving her hands in the jean pocket of her short shorts. “ whats up ?” asked curiously coping Josey and shoving my hands in my pockets.
“ (Y/N) broke her drums this morning “ she answered evasively avoiding eye contact.
“Im sure they can be fixed “ Ashton replied “ I could take a look see if i can do something”
“ you might want to have a look yourself , because i think its beyond help”  May concurred
“ They are in the garage “ Josey stepped aside pointing us in the direction of the garage. I looked at the boys before following them past the small pool and around the corner to the open garage door. The toms lay scattered on the floor dinted with small rips. The crash cymbal lay cracked beside the bass drum which had a giant tear in the skin which looked like it had had someones foot through it. “ what happened Michael asked as he picked up the crash cymbal to inspect the crack.
“ we don’t know “ May replied “ Josey found them like this morning” she continued
“ She was fine this morning at breakfast she was up early and out her at eight practicing to play to you guys today, she was excited. After is showered i went out to the garage to go and practise with her and when i walked in she was yelling to someone on the phone. Then she hung up and then started to throw her drums around. She broke down and was crying like she was really upset. I went to comfort her but she just wiped her eyes and stormed off. I Tried to go after her but she just got in the ute and drove off. I have seen or heard from her since” Josey explained the look of worry only growing stronger on her face. “ Im really worried about her I’ve never seen her like that before”  She rubbed that back of her neck nervously . “ Me neither she’s never blown up like this before and I’ve lived with her since i was 14 “ May agreed.
“ how long has she been missing ?” Ashton asked looking at Josey
“ since 8:30 this morning so about seven hours “ She replied
“ Jake hasn’t seen her , since they spoke this morning “ Lily interrupted walking in the garage sliding her phone into the pocket of her flowery shorts “ hey boys “ she tried to smile
“ Hey “ we all replied not quite knowing what to do or say
“ who’s jake ? “ Michael asked breaking the awkward silence
“ Her ex boyfriend total drop kick if you ask me “ Lily replied
“ Lily “ Josey warned giving her a hard glare
“ what ? its true “ Lily stated firing back
“ Anyway were sorry we have wasted you time we will repay you travelling expenses “ Josey said  wrapping her long woollen knitted cardigan around her waist to covering her black singlet even though it wasn’t cold a nervous habit of hers. “ who said it was a waste of time ? we are still interested in having you tour with us i mean we have already seen you perform and we all agree that you’re the type of music we want to go with our music “ Ash replied watching  the girls shocked expressions “ I’m sure (Y/n) will figure out what ever is troubling her and we should be all good”he finished . “ thank you boys you have no idea how much this means to us we owe you one “ Josey smiled. “ well you’re here can we offer you a drink ?” She continued as we made our way out of the trashed garage. “ yeah that would be great “ Calum who had been unusually quite spoke up. The sound of a door slamming and heavy foot steps alerted us the arrival of someone at the house.The gate opened and shut quickly as a very tired and upset looking (Y/N) made her way to the house. Giving us a quick overwhelmed look. Our eyes locked and i could see pain in her large beautiful eyes before she disappeared though the white ranch sliding door and into the house. She looked like she was about to breakdown and cry again. I was happy to see she was home safe but also worried at what could be troubling her pretty mind. From the pain in her eyes i knew she was hurting and she was hurting bad.

pat5800 asked:

After watching the movie I definitely think season 3 is gonna happen, the after credits scene was too much of a cliff hanger for them to not be planning another project. Also the series producer said “I am thinking I’d like to do a future installment.” so all the pieces are there.

Indeed, they are. I have almost no doubt in my mind that there will be one now. Something pretty drastic would have to change for them not to continue, and I feel that it’s already well into the works.

Five Nights 4 dropped so

There’s probably gonna be a flood over here starting in a few hours and continuing into whenever.

I will mark all relevant posts with both “Five Nights 4″ and “FNAF4 spoilers”.

And as always, let me know if you need an additional tag. No one’s ever spoken up about this series, but there have been a lot of new people between Five Nights 3 and now.

it’s gonna fuck me up i just know it

Rune and Alphabet Magick

This is continuation of my Underrated Magick series in which I talk about kinds of magick that are unappreciated and yet powerful plus very useful for secret witches. To read my previous posts click [here] and [here].

This time I’m gonna talk about Runes and other magical alphabets, because I feel it’s something witchlings don’t use much in their craft.

So runes are basically a set of signs that were used mostly by Celtic people. There is 7 sets of runes that are existing and are known to this day of which 1 was used for only magickal purposes. [x]

Of course there are also other alphabets that are considered magickal, but for them to work in your craft you’d have to find one in which each sign has assigned meaning to it. For example rune ‘Isa’ is a rune of stillness and blockage so you’d use it for banishing. So if you want to use another alphabet you’d have to know meaning of each.

So what’s Rune and Alphabet magick, then?

This kind of magick is using ancient alphabets for creating paper charms, inscribing quick spells on candles or other items or coding your spells in your Book of Shadows to make them more powerful and to hide them from curious eyes. You can also use runes as divination tool.

How do I practice it?

First find set of runes or alphabet that suits you. Then look up for meaning of each sign and memorize those that will be useful to you. Now that you are familiar with your runes/alphabet you can start crating spells and charms from it. How? Very simple example: let’s say you want to create protection spell and you’d like to use Futhark for it. So the best way to do it is to find out which rune would be the best to represent you (I use Elhaz, rune of highest self) and rune to represent what you want be protected from and rune to represent protection/stopping that thing. So if you want  protection spell against malevolent spirits  you use Elhaz(you+protection), Isa (stopping) and Perdhro (occult forces) and then you either write them down on your skin, inscribe them into candle and let it burn down or write them on the foggy mirror. Basically you use them the same way you’d use sigils.

If you are not sure which signs to use just google “rune [insert your purpose here] formulas” or something similar ;)

Another way to incorporate them in craft would be writing your spells in your alphabet. First write down your spell in your language and then find chart that shows which sign of your alphabet is equivalent of each letter of your spell. it’s basically like coded message, only magickal.

Hope it helped a little those witchlings who didn’t know about it!

batterycitysunset asked:

for the fic thing: idk if you're talking about the era or the killjoys universe but if you want a rly rly good killjoys fic I suggest the Desert Heat series on Ao3 that's continued in the Night Dust series ( both by theficisalie ) ! Like omg I haven't read it in ages but I remember the characters being so funny and the storyline rly refreshing? Also on that note I suggest Angels from the Neon on Ao3 because its a very different and awesome take on the killjoy origin story imo

oh thank you!! and yeah I meant like killjoy universe. I’m gonna look both up! I think first Angels from the Neon because someone said that one too so yeah! thank you!

“Switched Bodies”
Part 4 of 6

Rating: PG

Summary: Jim, the achluophobic rich businessman, and Mayim, a simple adventurist’s soul are enchantingly connected which causes the unexplainable switching of bodies between them. Unfortunately, both of them didn’t like each other so well. How are they gonna deal with it?


Jim continued thinking about Mayim since that evening. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He felt the sincerity in her desire to talk to him and listen to him and nobody ever did that to him but then he thought it is wrong. He might just be really being carried away.


“I’m gonna go the art museum, do you wanna come? I have two passes.” Mayim asked cheerfully but Jim refused. He’s getting confused with his feelings for her and he didn’t wanna entertain it so much and so he wanted to distance himself a bit from her. “Oh okay. See you later then!” She said and immediately left.

Few hours later, Chanel came and wanted to talk to Jim. He felt puzzled with her sudden desire to talk. She dragged him into his room for more privacy. She began kissing him but he pulled himself back from the kiss. “Wait. Wait. What is it that you wanna talk about?” He asked as she continued to kiss him. “Can’t we talk about it later?” She asked and resumed kissing him seeming to be so hungry for him. “No. No. What is it?” He gently pulled her away from the kiss. She took a deep breath. “Okay. I wanna… Confess something.” She began. “Go on.” He said expecting her to confess about her cheating already. “It’s about… Mayim.” She continued. He felt puzzled. “What about her?” He asked.

“Well. I don’t feel comfortable with her around. She’s like… Harmful? I’m not sure but I know she doesn’t like me… Or me to be with you.” She continued. Jim’s tried to look for her point and continued listening as she was wrapping her arms around him and flirting with him while confiding. “I think you should… Stay away from her? Or maybe fire her?” She suggested and Jim didn’t like the idea. He now realized what she was trying to do.

“Okay. What are we trying to do here?” He asked and removed her hands off him. “What do you mean?” She asked. “You want me to fire her just because you don’t like her? Where will she go?” He questioned.

“Yeah? Jim. I’m your girlfriend. Don’t you wanna consider my side too? I’m pretty sure she can love by her own.” She retorted. He felt offended in behalf of Mayim.

“Look, Chanel. Don’t you know I know that you’re cheating on me?” He confronted her. She was stunned in surprise. “What?! Who told you that?” She pretended to be clueless. “Ha! It’s Mayim isn’t?” She hypothesized. “Whoever told it to me, whether it’s Mayim or not is none of your business.” He countered.

“Does she have proofs? What does she know? Come on, Jim! I’m your girlfriend! Would you believe that skunk over me?” She replied.

“Yeah because she isn’t cheating on me for years?!” He retorted.

“Wow! Wow, Jim! You really believe in that bitch? It’s obvious that she likes you and she’s trying to ruin us for her to get you! So desperate!” She countered.

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that!” He yelled at her silencing her offensive mouth. “You’re in love with her are you?” She asked. He didn’t know what to say or how to reply.

“What me and Mayim have is none of your business and I don’t know. All I know is that I no longer wanna be with you.” He went to the point and broke up with her. She accepted his break up for she was never actually in love with him and she loved Rod. She just used him for career advancement and to spy on his plans in benefit of Rod.


Mayim went home quite late already, she had a gift for Jim but she thought he might be sleeping already so she went straight to her room instead. After a while, she felt thirsty and so she decided to go to the kitchen for a drink but it surprised her to see Jim standing in front of her doorstep.

“Hey?” She greeted him in surprise. “How long have you been there?” She asked. “Just now. I couldn’t sleep. The light in my bathroom is broken. It’s quite dark in that area. I don’t feel comfortable.” He explained. “Oh. Come in.” She invited him.

As they settled down sitting in her bed, he opened up about his break up with Chanel but he didn’t tell her that she was somehow the main reason behind it. He just told her that he confronted her about her cheating and she admitted it. Mayim sympathized with him.

“I actually have something for you.” She said ecstatically and handed him a box. “What is this?” He asked as he opened it. It was a cute cat lamp from the museum visit she had earlier that day. 

“A cat lamp?” He asked and she nodded. “Why are you giving this to me? I thought you like cats?” He asked. “Well. Yeah but… You’re achluophobic and it’s a lamp that emits light and it’s cute so I thought it would be a nice gift to you… To cheer you up too.” She explained and smiled at him.

He put back the lamp inside the box and smiled back at her. “Thanks.” He uttered. “I really can’t sleep in my room with the lights off in my bathroom.” He brought up. “What do you suggest?” She asked.

“Can you sleep on my couch and look after me through the night?” He asked. “And don’t ever dare to leave me alone without asking my permission. She had a few seconds of thinking but it won’t hurt so she agreed. They slept in his room, he was on his bed and she was on the couch.

“Good night.” She told him and turned her face to the wall. He wanted to reply but he chose not to and just discretely smiled.

Despite that he was terribly achluophobic, he felt less scared with her around. He knew it from the very beginning that she helps in easing his fear of the dark since that day that they switched bodies for the very first time. The elevator was hell of dark but when he wrapped his arms around her, he was able to make it through.


Few weeks later, Jim noticed how Mayim’s library and museum visits became frequent, he then discovered that she was eyeing a guy during her visits and he unintentionally felt a bit jealous.

He discretely searched through her things and noticed the dedication of her love and crush poems to a guy named Ryan.


One morning, they woke up again with their switched bodies. “Come on. Not again.” Mayim complained as she saw herself inside Jim’s body again. She went to Jim and told her about her scheduled visit in an art museum. “Again?” He complained. “I can’t miss this! Come on.” She told him and prepped themselves up for the visit.

“Act normal. Act appropriately.” They reminded themselves before they entered the museum.

Jim noticed how Mayim’s eyes were lurking around seeming to look for someone. Suddenly they saw Ryan. Mayim gasped. “What the hell? Mann up. You’re in my body.” He reminded her. “Sorry!” She apologized as her eyes sparkled as she saw Ryan. Jim looked at Ryan keenly then he recalled, it was Ryan McPartlin, his old bar hopping buddy.

Could he possible be the Ryan that Mayim is going crazy about? But he’s a womanizer? He can’t take women seriously. He’ll probably play with Mayim’s feelings and hurt her.

He thought and felt concerned. Suddenly, Ryan greeted them starting with him and then to Mayim looking so displeased with her presence. “So Jim. I didn’t know you’re an artsy person too. Since when?” He began finding it hard to believe. Mayim struggled not to squeal and blush as she was in Jim’s body. “Yeah. I love… Art.” She replied. “Oh. Cool.” Ryan uttered. “Well. I should move along. Nice to see you around, Jim… And… Mayim.” He said before walking away.

Mayim, in Jim’s body, continued appreciating the artworks posted across the walls and while she was busy with it, Jim, in Mayim’s body, discretely glared and observed Ryan and his actions and Ryan and his friends noticed it too. He then immediately grabbed her arm while Jim seemed to be so busy looking at the paintings.

“What is your problem?” Jim told him. “No! You! What is your problem?” He returned the question. “Answering me with my own question. Great!” Jim retorted. Ryan rolled his eyes. “Mayim. Seriously. Would you stop following me?!” He said it straight. “Following you? You’re assuming too much. I’m not following you.” Jim replied. “Come on. Don’t you think I know that you’re going to my art exhibits because you wanna see me? Move on, Mayim! Move on!” He confronted.

Few moments later, Mayim noticed Jim’s sudden disappearance, she looked for her around the place and she saw him talking to Ryan in private. She decided to stop their argument but as she overheard, she decided to hide and listen instead.

“Look. I know that I kissed you before and… Told you that I loved you but Mayim, I swear to God, I didn’t mean it!” Ryan confessed startling Jim so hard. He felt so bad for Mayim if she was there hearing these from him. “Because you know what? You’re taking things too seriously. I was just… Feeling horny? I just wanted girls? I wanted to kiss women, then you gave meaning to it.” He continued.

Mayim struggled to further hold herself back as she heard everything. “Honestly, I don’t love you and I never will!” Ryan ended. Mayim walked up to them surprising the two. Jim looked at her and felt worse thinking that she heard everything. He knew he needed to defend her.

“Let me tell you what, Ryan. I am not following you. I came here for the art exhibit. I didn’t came here to see you because why would I? You’re just a mess? All you know is to play with women? Fuck around. The truth is, you’re a mess! And I don’t deserve a mess. I’m better off without you so back off!” He yelled at him in behalf of Mayim startling Mayim herself and silencing Ryan. Ryan never thought he would ever hear those from her.

“Great. Then I don’t ever wanna see you again.” Ryan told her and walked away leaving Jim and Mayim alone.

Mayim needed some time to let everything she heard to sink in. Jim could see the pain in her. Jim attempted to walk closer to her to comfort her. “Why did you do that?” She asked sounding so displeased. “I had to. He was trying degrade you and I don’t like that.” He explained. “Did you ever considered me? Do you think I liked what you did?!” She retorted and walked away. He followed her and as they reached the outside of the museum, they returned to their designated bodies again.

Mayim walked to the other way towards the bus stop and even if Jim tried to run after her, he wasn’t able to catch up so he drove home instead and waited for her there.

As soon as Mayim arrived home, Jim attempted to talk to her right away but she refused and locked herself in her room disabling him to get to her any closer. She thought about everything she heard and it pains her to feel rejected and unloved again. She cried herself to sleep.

Jim woke up early the next day and waited for her to go outside her room. As she saw him waiting she just ignored him and continued walking. “Mayim. Can we please just talk?” He pleaded. “About what? About how Ryan talked about me? Sure. Let’s laugh about it.” She retorted.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to defend you. I know it’s wrong but I was concerned about-”

“Concerned? You were never concerned about me. Look what you did. Now he’ll never talk to me. He probably loathes me.” She replied. “But… I think you deserve someone better and you’re better off without him just like how I’m better off without Chanel.” He replied trying to comfort her. Mayim turned to him with a watery eyes and grunted.

“You know what? It’s easy for you to say that. That I deserve someone better, I can find another one and all but don’t compare me to you, because we’re different. It’s so easy for you to say that because you’ve got the looks, you’ve got the brains, you’ve got the power, you’ve got the money and I have nothing!” She cried and exhaled in pain. “I have nothing.” She repeated. “Jim, I’ve got nothing.

Jim felt a string of pain across his chest as he saw her cry in front of her for the first time, he felt her pain and she wanted to stop it but it seems like he just worsened it. He tried to wrap his arms around her but she refused and walked away.

The next days, Mayim avoided him and she wouldn’t talk to him at all and he missed her so bad but he felt guilty so he thought she needed space.


One morning, they woke up again in switched bodies. Mayim felt bad because she still wasn’t ready to talk to Jim after all but she knew she had to especially that their bodies are switched again.

On the other hand, she began to do some researches about the enchanted switching of souls and bodies and she knew about this old woman who can actually help her and so she decided to come after her.

To be continued…

Announcement Thing

Okay, so I was thinking about this and if I wrote a full fledged novel and everything would you guys read it? There’s been an idea in my mind (these days) and I reaalllyyyy just needa get it out lol. Also, I’ve been wanting to tackle NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and a fan fic would be good practice! Nothing too serious haha. 

As for my Tribulation series, idk if I’m gonna continue it. It just feels suuupppeerrr shitty to me LOL. I’m thinking of perhaps rewriting it, though that one isn’t gonna be a novel but more like a story that’s chopped into parts?

Soo yeah, I guess I kinda just wanted all of your opinions on this and yeahp, that’s it! 

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HOLD UP the author of "until you" was the author of 35 and now she's back does this mean 35 is coming back SOMEBODY TELL ME DONT PLAY WITH MY FEELS I NEED 35 TO COME BACK pls

“i know that hiraeth is a oneshot but it should defiantly continue into either a mini series or a full blown story”


“norminah in gummy bears is breaking my heart omg DINAH”

“What’s the story where Camila is really good at reading people and her and Dinah interrogate Lauren? Camila reads Lauren. Lauren is a criminal or something? I would really like to know what it’s called. Thank you!”


“When will you continue the excess story? It’s so good. I want to read more tonight 😂”

““UGH MONDAYS KEEPS GETTING ME IN THE FEELS. I feel really single now.. Haha. In all seriousness, to the author of Mondays, you are a freaking amazing writer and you make my days every time you update. Keep up the good work! ❤️””

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have you read throne of glass? if so what did you think

yeeesss. I thought it was good, but Celaena is pretty annoying because she’s so cocky yet out of shape and I think it’s a really great read, not the best i’ve read and probably not as spectacular as the hype, but a solid 4 star fantasy series that I wanna continue but I’m kinda upset that the books are so huge because I only care about like 3 characters and i’m gonna be bored all throughout queen of shadows