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Ok so I completely love MMFD! Series 1 and 2 was brilliant! I know the shows main focus is Rae and her health but I really adored her relationship with Finn. It just showed how different of a guy he was. He wasn't perfect but to her he was + that's ok. I just feel I wish the could've ended series 3 with a see you soon, a to be continued on their relationship, a little something more positive that maybe in the future they were gonna be together and that all that they fought for wasn't there.

If it helps you, I think the way they setup the split felt incredibly forced.

I still can’t process what happened between them and I’m not excusing Finn of what he did but it’s so surreal, so out of character, I just don’t believe it happened. He isn’t perfect and Rae knew this, it’s just that this season the writer decided he wanted to rewrite s2 and take steps back on Rae’s romantic relationship, progress and character.

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Fucking Chloe trashing the wrong car was the best like she's not gonna let anyone fuck with Rae.

Chloe was, like, seriously one of the very very few redeeming qualities of s3. She was stellar (the car trashing scene was m a g i c a l). If there’s one thing this series has done right, it’s this character’s development. And Jodie Comer is so talented, my gosh.

Harry Potter Inspired: Magic for a Gryffindor

Hello everyone! So, in continuation with my Harry Potter inspired magic series, I decided to make some little posts detailing ideas for magic for members of each of the four Hogwarts houses. These posts will include some general info about the house, for those who don’t know much about them, as well as magical info! I’ll be taking the correspondences and symbols of the houses and relating them to modern witchcraft, and I’ll also be listing off some magical ideas that would be fun for a member of that house. Today, I’m gonna talk a bit about Gryffindor. Enjoy!


“You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.”

-The Sorting Hat

General house info:

House values: Bravery, chivalry, honor, justice, strength of will, courage, daring, nerve, courtesy

Notable members: Harry Potter (and his parents), Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore

Founder: Godric Gryffindor

Magical info:

Colors: Gryffindor’s colors are Crimson/Scarlet and Gold. In modern witchcraft, Crimson and Scarlet are associated with energy, vitality, lust, strength and creativity. In some traditions, they are also associated with anger or even hate. You can use Crimson/Scarlet for spellwork relating to any of the above correspondences, and you can also use them in curses. Gold is associated with the Sun, in particular, as well as truth, success and purity. In many Wiccan and Pagan religions, gold represents the God. Gold is primarily used for spiritual, religious, or ceremonial magic, but it can also be used in magic relating to wealth or prosperity.

Animal: Gryffindor’s animal is the Lion. The Lion is often used in magic and spell work relating to protection. Have you ever seen a statue or two statues of lions sitting outside of a building/museum etc.? This is a commonplace sighting, and it relates to the idea that the lion is a protector of the building. You can also use lion symbolism in spellwork relating to strength, boldness, or bravery.

Element: Gryffindor is often associated with the element of fire. The books don’t say anything specifically about the houses being connected to elements, but the fan-base has roughly associated each house with an element. Fire is the element of passion and strength. It is both a destroyer and a creator. Fire is often used in magical workings that include banishing, purification, strength, protection, and passion.

Herbs to help the Gryffindor: Bay, thyme, and dill for courage, strength and protection. Alyssum to keep anger and arrogance in check.

Crystals for the Gryffindor: Bloodstone for courage and inner strength. Carnelian to ward off fear and rage. Red jade for find the balance between courage and rashness. Snowflake obsidian for hope and courage when all seems lost.

Magic for the Gryffindor: In the books, it is seen that many Gryffindors show talent in transfiguration. While transfiguration as it is in the books is not exactly possible in the real world, Gryffindors may show talent for forms of magic that involve changing or altering an existing thing. For example, glamour magic or magic that changes negativity/obstacles into positivity/opportunities or vice/versa could be an area where a Gryffindor shines :) A Gryffindor may enjoy incorporating the above colors, animals, elements, herbs, and crystals into their spellwork.

I hope you enjoyed! Keep in mind that no two Gryffindors are alike, so not all Gryffindors will benefit from all of the magical information above. I just thought that it would be fun for witches who are fans of Harry Potter to incorporate a bit of their Hogwarts house into their real-life magic :) 

-Livi (A proud Ravenclaw)

Psst: some of the information about the house symbolism, values and members is appreciatively sourced from here.

Psssst x2: Not sure what your Hogwarts house is? Check out this Sorting Hat quiz:   I’ve yet to find a really, really good Sorting Hat quiz, but this one is pretty good.

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Is the new gameoverse gonna continue where you left off from the last episode? Or will it be like a complete redo with new story and characters?

It’s a complete reboot and has nothing in common with the original series I did back when I was a wee lad.  Only thing similar is the personalities of Gobbles and Flappers, but their origin stories are quite different.  When I made the first one I knew nothing about writing episodic content (I was like 19/20, I think?).  As far as episodes go it’s coming along great.  I’m writing the first season with Arin and we’re starting with breakdowns/overviews of each episode before going into any draft scripts.  Means there’s lots of great foreshadowing and thought put into the direction of the story, but it’s still very much a comedy.  As of posting this I believe we’re up to the overview for episode 6.   Really happy with the direction of this so far.  Probably going to be some time before people will have something to watch though!

The Hemmings

“Luke put me down!!” Violet yelled, though a mixture of laughing and crying.

“No.” Luke spoke sternly. The two were currently in a heated debate over which superhero was better.
Antman or superman.
“Antman has no real super powers. So of course I’m gonna choose superman. It’s human logic!” Violet ranted, but Luke wasn’t hearing it.
Luke continued down his drive way with Violet
in his arms.
“Your a stubborn little one, aren’t you?”
Luke questioned suddenly.
“Define stubborn.” Violet whispered as they approached the front porch.
“Presenting dogged determination to not change your attitude.” He quickly retorted.
“Oh yeah that’s me.” She hummed back.
Finally, once the reached the porch he sat her down; taking his house keys from his pocket and opening the door.
“Is your mom home?” She asked, stepping through the door.
“Nope. She took the kids to the beach for the weekend so, the house is empty. Well, minus you and I.”
Violet laughed lightly as she headed to the kitchen.
Luke regarded her as she walked to the kitchen.
He loved the dress she had on, the way it fit every curve on her coke bottle shape, he loved that too.
He loved her bum a lot also, he loved how it shaped the outfits she wore, how it made the dress she wore cascade even slower than he thought possible.
Luke took a seat on the black barstool that rested at the island in the middle of the kitchen.
“Thank you for dinner.” She spoke as she rummaged through the fridge to find a place for her leftovers.
“You don’t have to thank me V.” He laughed,
“I mean, we’re friends right? Friends do that kinda stuff for each other.”
Violets face softened as she heard that.


Not that she didn’t like being friends with Luke but, that she thought they were more than friend.
“Yeah. Friends.” She nodded shyly, leaning on the island a bit.
The two sat in silence for a good three minutes before it became to much for Adias to handle.
“Would you uh-, like to watch a movie?” Luke asked.
“We can if you want.” She smiled, “You can pick if you want to.” Luke added.

After a few a good minutes of find a movie Ivy decided on “No strings attached” and so far everything was fine.
Ivy was seated in Luke’s lap
with her phone in hand, she peered down at it for a second, before setting it back down and looking back up at the screen.
There was currently a major sex scene going on, causing the air in the room to instantly thicken.
She could feel Luke start to shift underneath her, and an unfamiliar but known pressure under her.
“You ok Luke?” She asked turning around.
He nodded quickly instead of speaking.
“Do you want me to move?”
“No. Please don’t move.”
He spoke demandingly
She gave a small smirk and when she turned back around the screen had changed, to yet another sex scene.
Violet could tell Luke was “frustrated” but she didn’t really know if he even wanted her help. But it was worth a shot.
She turned so one leg was on either side of him,and began to slowly grind on him.
“Violet what are you-”
Luke’s sentence was cut short due to Violets actions.
“Do you want me to stop?” She asked softly.
She was currently wearing one of Luke old flannels and a pair of boy short panties; driving Luke wild.
“You think I can think straight when your doing that baby? Huh?”
Violet stopped instantly, looking Luke in the eyes.
“Luke.” She started “Do you want me to stop?”
he looked at her and smiled a bit.
Violet started up again, biting her bottom lip as rocked back and forth.
Luke’s moans quickly heightened to
whimpers, his hair was beginning to stick to his forehead and the friction he was currently feeling was no longer enough.
“Please don’t tease kitten.” He growled, resting his hands on your bum as he gave it a small squeeze. Violet had never seen Luke like this, so needy, begging and moaning like a man mad.
She slowly started to unbutton his shirt and place small open mouth kisses across his lips and down his neck;leaving small love bites every so often.
In need of more friction Luke pulled her even closer to him, gaining a loud moan from Violet.
“I’ve always wanted to hear you moan.”
He spoke, causing her to moan again.
“It’s so.. fucking hot.” He growled.
Luke pulled apart the flannel she was wearing, disregarding the fact that there were buttons on it.
“Luke!!” Violet screeched.
“Shhhh baby girl it’s just a shirt.” He spoke softly.
Needing to be in the dominating postion Adais flipped them over; putting him right near her breasts.
“So fucking beautiful.” He whispered, quickly unclasping her bra.
“Oh god Luke.” She moaned loudly.
It was now Luke who was teasing, biting her skin then kissing it lightly.
He slowly started inching toward her covered core, teasing her every time he’d get close.
“Don’t tease luke-” Her sentence was cut off due to Luke phone ringing loudly, but he didn’t care.
“You phones r-r-inging.” Violet stuttered as Luke began to pull her panties down.

“I.don’” He spoke through kisses he placed on her inner thighs.
He slipped her panties over her feet and threw them somewhere in the room.
Luke began to blow hot air over her now unclothed core, and it had to be one of the biggest teases of the night.

(Hey guys!! Ok so here’s the dean with this that you just read. This is was an upcoming chapter in a book that I’m writing on wattapad called the Hattaways ( But I though I’d post a little clip here and see if you guys would want to me to start writing it here!!

The synopsis:
At the age of 11 Adias Hattaway’s father, David Hattaway had been brutally murdered by one of the most Notorious hitman in Arizona.
His mother navy Hattaway abandoned him, Leaving him with her sister Clara.
But as adias grew older his want for revenge grew stronger and he became very secretive, but the dais had always thought; how do you kill a hitman?
Then over time a thought struck his mind like a lighting bolt, and sparked like a wild fire.

To kill a hitman you have to become one.

Violet Wilson, a local Starbucks barista and student lives one of the most boring lives in the world.
She lives with her dog in the one of the most expensive lofts in the state, being that her dad owns them.
She’s only had two boyfriends her entire life, and her dad liked to keep it that way, but she didn’t.

Now of course “Adias” would be replaced with “Luke” but what do you guys think?? Leave me a comment in my ask box, you can be on anon I don’t care TTYl yall ☺️

So today is the day. In about 5 hours I’ll most likely be watching the last episode of MMFD ever so I just want to give a little thanks.

Thanks realraeearl for writing your diaries and turning them into books that inspired such an amazing show. Also thanks for joining the fandom and letting us get to know the real Rae Earl.

Thanks you emus, I have never actually been part of a fandom before and I’m very happy to be part of this one. The fanfiction and scene discussions helped me get through the hard times/long wait in between series. I can only hope that even as we move on and join other fandoms that we can continue to remember the great laughs we shared and passionate discussions that were had.

I don’t really know what else to say so I’m gonna end this by saying that it’s been a great 3 years of my life, and I am very grateful that I found this show even though it hasn’t always gone the way I would have liked, I have gotten so much out of it and I’ll never forget the show that changed my life.

“Punk Series” (part 1)
Word count: 765
Rating: PG
Pairing: Michael Clifford/Reader
Request: Nope I just thought this would be so much fun.
A/N: This is an ongoing short series of a punk Michael falling in love with Y/N Awww I’m gonna have fun. Let me know if you people don’t like it and I won’t continue it. This first part is not going to be smutty. <3 enjoy and PLEASE let me know what you think before I do a part two which definitely will be smutty. and sorry i had to repost this because the link did not work
There he was, always in the same spot, always with the same friends. Michael Clifford was someone to stay away from, all of your friends always told you he was bad news. You heard rumors that he had kept a list of all the girls he slept with. Or that he had a sex chamber at his house. You didn’t know, and you were too scared to find out. As much as Michael was supposed to scare you, he intrigued you so much more.  
“Y/n are you listening?” y/f/n elbowed you, bringing your attention away from Michael.
“What?” You asked confused.
“I said, do you know if Mr. King chose our Bio partners yet?” She asked, apparently for the second time.
“Yeah, he’s telling us today in class. Speaking of which we should get going.” You began to walk faster, peaking over your shoulder once more at the group of punk boys at the table and found Michael Gordan Clifford peaking right back.
“Alright class, I have the list for your bio partners.” Mr. King said once the bell rang. “Please do not rush towards it until I am in the safe zone.”
You stood up with the rest of your class and scanned the list for your name. Your heart dropped when you saw who your partner was.
“So, looks like we are going to be spending a lot of time together?” Michael smirked as you turned around. You sighed, confused on why your heart was beating faster at the sound of his voice. He handed you a slip of paper with an address on it. “Come by my house around 5 and we can start working.”
You didn’t know why you were so anxious for school to be over. You listened to your friend complain that she wanted to be your partner but you weren’t really paying attention. Instead your attention was focused on Michael at his table across the courtyard. You were drawn to him in this unexplainable way and you knew it wasn’t healthy.  
The school day was nearing an end and even though you had three out of five classes with him, he hadn’t talked to you since the morning.  When the final bell rang you raced to your locker. When you got home you, for some unknown and unwanted reason, wanted to fix yourself up.
You fixed your hair with the straightener and changed out of your leggings and tank top into a pair of jean shorts and a loose black t-shirt that says screw the system on it. You redid your eyeliner slightly and checked the time. You didn’t want to feel this nervous. It is just a boy y/n calm down, you told yourself over and over again. To be fair, Michael was easily the hottest boy in school and the way he looked at you made your heart race. But you also knew that he was bad news and as much as you wanted him, it was a bad idea to say the least.
When it was around 4:45 you decided to leave and finally head over to his house. You knocked on his front door and he opened it wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. You couldn’t help but stare at his defined torso for a few minutes before looking back up at his angel like face.
“Come on in.” He said with a wink. You gulped, having no idea what you were getting yourself into.

I have a bone to pick today.

Not gonna lie, kinda mad at some very inconsiderate Creampuffs for causing Ellen (anamatics​) to shut down.

You all need to learn some respect. You don’t have to agree with her all the time, but just remember that she’s part of an amazing team that’s worked their asses off to bring you quality entertainment – quality entertainment that you all continually take for granted.

My small handful of interactions with her have been beyond pleasant and absolutely lovely because she is, in fact, a very lovely and kind person, and the level of patience she’s demonstrated with this fandom as of late is saintly.

So thank you, Ellen, for responding to my questions and sometimes silly comments. I appreciate the time you take out of your very busy and hectic schedule to talk to me when I know you have more important and pressing things to do with your time. You’re a doll. <3

As for the rest of you, I think you need to take this time to rethink the way you approach people. When has it ever been okay to harass someone for any reason whatsoever? Doing so from behind a screen doesn’t make you cool or tough. That makes you a coward.

Rather than attacking Ellen or anyone else a part of this amazing Web series, how about voicing your opinions in a more dignified and controlled manner? There’s a world of a difference between friendly debate and harassment, and in the last 24 hours, you all have crossed a major boundary that has been proven to destroy fandoms and spoil the fun for everyone involved, including those people like me who are always very supportive.

Ellen, I look forward to your return once you’ve had a chance to cool down and get out of your head a little bit. You deserve a break from the madness.

dreyarslaxus ha risposto al tuo post “dreyarslaxus ha risposto al tuo post “So it been confirmed Naruto…”

But what’s gonna happen after the movie? I’m not ready to move on. I sure as hell complain about the plot but truth is if Kishimoto announced he’s gonna make a manga around the new generation I’d be sobbing like a baby. #thethirstisreal

I know, I knew the mini series were going to be short but I didn’t expect it to be just 10 chapters ;^; I honestly didn’t want Naruto to continue after chapter 700 because I knew it would have made everything more difficult ahah but with games, mini series, movies it will never really end..

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Hey! Just wanted to say that I finally got around to play Area-x now that v. 2 is here (it's just been laying there since it's release) And holy crap, it's so good!! Thank you so much! I have a question though: Which ending is canon to x-note? I was thinking it's Rexus Path but I wanna make sure. Also, is there gonna be more games to this series? Again thank you for your hard work, this game has really lifted my spirits :)

I’m glad you like it. ^^

Yes, Rexus’ main ending is the correct continuity to X-note. The ending of Ferim’s path will continue in Silent-X.

Written today

“Loophole” - Dean imagine edited/reposted. When the reader kills the demon who held her Crossroads contract, she’s visited on the set date by a new recruit and his trusty Hellhound. Fluff, if anything.



MINIONS IT IS SO LATE. I’m going to get right to the basics. Join a Barrack! (Seriously, it’s gonna help you so much. You should totally do it.) All information and instructions will be posted on the “Barracks” page, so if you’d like me to notify you when your favourite character or series (think “At First Sight”) is written for, consider joining! The “The Story Continues…” page has been updated to include the newest series, so head on over if you’d like titles, summaries, genres and lists of installments at your disposal. For a compilation of links sorted by character, genre, and listed in chronological order, check out the “Masterlist” page as well as the most recent Mobile Masterlist for all your reading needs. May you have the sweetest of sweet dreams and the loveliest of mornings. Over and out.

I love Marhawa Desire Volume 4!

Volume 4 of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga is now my favourite volume in the series!

Gonna share some pages with you and some may not be in chronological order as I’m grouping them by characters. I guess you can say it’s a continuation of this post.

Warning: This post has a lot of images. If you use any of my images, please credit me. I spent time taking these pictures and uploading them.

The BSAA has its own ammo boxes.

A rare moment where Piers gets frustrated.

Say it with me, Merah Biji is an awesome badass!

Guess the person who did the translation didn’t get the memo that “Nivens” should be “Nivans”. I love this flashback a lot.

Captain Redfield appears to be on board the SS Bijivans. =P

What’s Resident Evil without a secret escape chopper?

Piers has Merah’s back. ;)

It took an X amount of games for a character to finally talk about ricochet?

Chris has encountered the C-virus gas before RE6 and escapes transformation… by covering his nose. How effective?

I found this response to be quite funny (and) appropriate for all the tentacle porn in the RE tumblr tag.

Hey Carla.

It’s a two-step syringe eh? Nice safety mechanism I guess…

I can’t wait for Volume 5 even though I am aware of a rather big spoiler.

Continuation to [x]


A coffee was definetly not what the other needed right now.
The quick movements and his behaviour was somehow weird, but the blond would just keep silent for now and observe the rune mage. He crossed his arms, a serious expression was present, but he wouldn’t be that cold– a short kiss was placed on the other’s lips, before he withdrew again, raising a brow at the other.

            “Don’t think ya need a coffee. Maybe y’should calm down. ‘nd rest.“

He didn’t let go of Laxus for quite a while, just  g a z i n g  at the blond as if there was something on his face he tried to decipher. It was only when he blinked that his mien altered, seemingly woken by the short kiss and words that resonated a sole hearbeat later. Huh?

                              …I need black coffee.

With round eyes, he almost started to gaze at Laxus again but instead just obstinately grabbed one of the slayer’s hands and wanted to drag him with him to the bar as he began to walk into the opposite direction.

I’ve been watching the BBC Musketeers series because tumblr decided Zevran looks like the guy who plays d’Artagnan and I heartily recommend it just for the experience of seeing Zevran irl.  

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PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER BOOK AFTER "PLEASE REMAIN CALM" I AM LITERALLY LOSING IT RIGHT NOW. Is there gonna be a second book?!! And the lights in the windows!! I started crying

Haven’t those poor kids been through enough? ;)

Thank you so much. I can’t make any promises right now but I’m thrilled you want to see the This is Not a Test series continue. :)

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YAY! I'm glad you liked it :D the ending I had was going to be an alternative one. I was either gonna have Kisumi start doing stuff to her and leave the readers hanging on if they did it or not. Then I left it like that since I may continue a series of Kisugou teasing and implied sex stories but idk. If you want to write them having sex please do. I don't mind. I just can't write stuff like that lol xD

In Harem there is a scene planned bw him and gou. But it’s still a bit ways off but u make me want to write it!!!

I loved it!!! And you should write more I’m always interested!!!!! Kisumi though is such a trase!!!!

  • Netflix Bryan:Hey there. Nice to meet you. How may I help today?
  • You:I am here to suggest a program addition to Netflix
  • Netflix Bryan:Sure thing. I can definitely take your program suggestions.
  • Netflix Bryan:What program suggestions can I submit to the content team for ya?
  • You:I am very sure you have heard this a million times today but I am suggesting that Netflix picks up Hannibal.
  • You:I think it would be a fabulous decision for them to pick up the show and continue on the seasons. It has a huge cult following and the show itself is just stunning
  • Netflix Bryan:I totally feel you there. That would be awesome for netflix to pick up the series and keep it going. It was sad to hear that it was cancelled.
  • Netflix Bryan:What I'm gonna do is send this awesome suggestion over to the content team for us that way they can work on what we can do to make that great show available again.
  • You:Yes I was personally devastated because I love the books and the movie series. The show would be a great addition and I know that Netflix would do the show justice.
  • You:From what Netflix has done with Hemlock Grove and Sense8, I know Hannibal would be right up that alley and be huge for them. I think they know a hit when they see it and they just want to make sure that the fans want it (which we all do very much)
  • Netflix Bryan:I totally agree I think Netfix would be able to do amazing things with that series. The other original series that have been made are awesome. I've got that awesome content suggestion sent over to our content team for us so they can work on the options they have to get that available for us.
  • You:Thank you so much. I know you will probably hear this suggestion alot today from other people trying to save the show so please don't get annoyed, we all are just trying to save something we love.
  • Netflix Bryan:You're very welcome. Yeah we have definitely got a lot of suggestions about keeping the show going. it's not annoying one bit. I love taking feedback and suggestions.
  • Netflix Bryan:Are there any other questions or concerns I may assist with?
  • You:Nope thank you and thank the entirety of netflix and your content team for taking the time to hear us!

like. i get it. star and marco are the two main characters of a series and they are a boy and a girl. i get it theyre gonna get together, like, last episode. its inevitable. but until then leave me be and let me continue my just friends fantasy