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how shippers are born part 1

The Art Shipper
someone who ships 80% because of the fanart and the doujins available and 20% from observing the way the characters interact in the shipping. Mostly composed of shippers with rare ships or shippers who are very new to the fandom.


I didn’t bring my pencils and my Geography class was cancelled so..
I used my inking pen to doodle without sketching and wow–
It’s quite a mess..
Anyway the first one was inspired by a comic on fb from my senpai, which was a doujin with an idea from @yellow-h’s comic :3
I hope you guys like these ^w^

We arrived at Jabberwock Park…
In the middle of the park, there’s a bronze statue shaped like five fictitious animals.
It looks like there’s no one else here except us…
What should we do now?

>This looks like a great spot for napping. 

I miss these guys...

Does anyone else miss Takahiro and Tarou from Mou Ichido, Nando Demo (Aniya Yuiji)?

It’s definitely one of my favorite series (so glad Yuki introduced it to us).  This is from that doujin I mentioned awhile back.  So I actually translated it back then.  A super awesome cleaner will probably be cleaning this when she has time.  But I was bored today, so I decided to clean and typeset this page for fun (LOL, it took me an hour 😰 ~  I’m horrendously slow at cleaning and I tried to match the 8 billion fonts on this page).  But hopefully, we’ll be lucky to have their superior cleaning.  But until then, deal with my cleaning for this tiny spoiler!  Worst case scenario, I can probably just clean this chapter (and just try my hardest).  But I wanted only the best for this awesome couple.   

Anyway, here’s the beginning of how Takahiro gets topped!!!

Anyway, I think it would be best to actually focus on the projects on my projects page.  So we’ll see which one I randomly pick next!  Please excuse my projects page right now.  The html is kinda in limbo right now.  However, I actually commissioned a projects page, so it’ll look REALLY COOL soon.  So definitely be as excited as I am about that hahaha 👍🏻

Some upcoming Finetta doujins!

I’ve found two so far:

An R15 doujin by Sekihara Umina (not sure when it’s released, Comiket maybe?)

And Nabisuko for the January Girls Love Festival (which might have more doujins)!

Sekihara is a famous yuri doujinka with well received NSFW scenes, so her stuff would probably get scanlated~

Gonna lurk for moar!

(Btw, Japanese fans call this pairing “イゼフィー” (Izefi))


Lingfan Week
Day 7: Home | Quote (graphic)
“I am nothing but a mere bodyguard…but… there is no greater happiness than offering my heart and soul to my master.” (originally from a lingfan doujinshi)

And that concludes my entry for Lingfan week! Thanks so much to the people who organized this :D 


Tsuki to Suppon / Moon and Turtle

Plot: A story about Atsushi and Todomatsu, who have reunited again after graduating from high school. 

Artist: 文旦
Please support the artist by buying this book if you can! 

Another doujin translation from my small AtsuTodo collection. I love this one actually, it might be my favorite out of all of them. ;; It’s a sweet one. 

Scanlated by me (s/o to iva for being the best again and helping with q/c!). As always, please let me know if you want to use these scans for anything. 

Read on Imgur here.

Note: Moon and the turtle is a Japanese idiom that has a meaning similar to “like chalk and cheese” or “like day and night.” On the surface, they share some common characteristics, but are extremely different in actuality. Both the moon and the turtle are round, but the moon shines bright in the sky while the turtle is in the ground, often dirty and covered in mud.

Translation: …since Shou-chan is a good boy.

casually takes a break from translating doujins to draw some panels