“During the final days of shooting Mark wanted a little something extra, dance-wise, at the end of the film. Fred and I were poised at the top of a flight of stairs and Mark said, “As you come down the steps, I want you to break into a little dance.”

This request did not go over very well with either Fred or me. Mark knew we always had to rehearse a dance no matter how brief, before performing it for the camera. But Mark was firm; he wanted a bit more dance, as a “Ta da!” before the fadeout. 

I quietly spoke to Fred. “Anything you want to do is okay. Just whip me around with your hand, and I’ll follow you.” “

- Ginger: My Story


1972 Chevelle Super Sport looking sharp with her classic Craiger S/S rims! The owner wasn’t around when I took these pics so I’m not sure what power plant is under her hood. The car does have an automatic; turbo 400 perhaps? On the pic of the interior, the car looks orange. Glare. I have read that in ‘72 Chevelles, only 454s came with hood pins, and I see hood pins…