I remember this incident when I first started out as a Junior at a new school, and I was telling this girl named Jenny about this really creepy older girl named Anna who harassed me for about six months when I was a Freshman. 

Anna had touched me inappropriately several times, cat-called, and pretty much used lewd suggestions as punctuation. I had turned her down politely the first few times, but turned to basically being a bitch whenever she even tried to talk to me, because NO I DON’T WANT TO GO TO YOUR CAR AND FUCK PLEASE LEAVE MY 14-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN SELF ALONE. 

I told all this to Jenny, and her reaction was: 

“Well, just because she is a lesbian does not mean she was a creep! That’s… wow, I can’t believe you would be so awful to her!”

Jenny ignored me for a while after that, but about a week later she came and sat down at the table aside from me. And I swear, the first thing out of this girls mouth was:

“Ugh, straight people. They can be so obnoxious.” 

Apparently it got around to her stupid-ass head that I was a flaming homo, but yeah me and Jenny aren’t friends still. 

….I wasn’t really making a point with this or anything, I just felt like sharing.