VIXX as Serial Killers

jirachoi93 said: Awesome :3 So this like waaaaaaaay out of the box of normality but what would the VIXX members be like if they were serial killers? If this is too uncomfortable for you, you don’t have to do it xD

oh friend, this did not make us uncomfortable (quite the opposite from this twisted admin ;) heh) … and of course I hadn’t already thought out something similar to this request before ;) (apologies for just now getting around to it - blame the fact that work has been absolutely horrible for this poor admin all week and I had to take yesterday to recoup) … but I do hope you enjoy this little bit of twisted fun ;) … I would apologize for using an overload of “Voodoo Doll” gifs - but it’s seriously such a good inspiration for this sort of thing (plus before “Fantasy” was this Siren’s favorite)

~ admin leader

Hakyeon:  N is a master puppeteer … he never gets his hands dirty with his kills … he always uses sneaky methods (or just sniper rifle takes them out) … is the most likely of the bunch to work with others (mostly because that way he can manipulate someone else into doing his dirty work) … if someone pisses him off bad enough though - he will snap and it’s TERRIFYING … while you never suspect your precious boyfriend of being the twisted serial killer that is all over the news, when he sees you with a bruise from a minor incident when you went out to a party for your friend’s birthday, the flash of anger in his eyes gives you a small warning of something darker hiding behind his warm smiles

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idk if already talked about this (probably yes) but what do you think about what happened to Tyler in the uk?

it’s absolutely horrible.. i was really sad they didn’t do any concerts in uk (besides like the festivals) but now i get why. this never happens in other shows, there was always bad experiences in uk… like in my show back in February, josh fell off the platform into the crowd and like the people were touching him instead of helping him. and now, the tyler thing which was absolutely horrible. 

I’m so sad right now i just seen what happened and i am just like so upset. i hope he’s okay.. I’m really upset.

Little hands.

Little hands. So many little hands have been tied and hearts have been lead elsewhere. Little hands that could have changed your life or mine, or been the nurse to save that car accident victims life, been the lawyer to crack the big case, been the father to give his little girl a good life, been a mother to show her kids what it means to be strong. 

Too many little hands were tied this morning. 

My heart goes out to anyone effected by the shooting in Connecticut, and I will never understand these kind of events.

Parent Excuse Rant

Alright so I’m guessing a lot of you are going to be familiar with the parents I’m talking about. The ones who say stuff like:

“You need to respect me because I feed you, clothe you, give you a place to stay, and keep your grades up”
And I’m gonna point out why this is actually an awful way to teach your kids to respect you.

First off, let me give you an example of an abusive family. I have a friend, lets call him Steven, and his family is absolutely horrible. His siblings are physically disabled due to his parents smoking, drinking, and doing drugs when they were in the womb. His parents physically and mentally abused him, and he was taken away from them and put in foster care, only for them to get their kids back and do it all over again. You wanna know why I’m bringing this up? Because they

Fed him ✓
Clothed him ✓
Gave him a place to stay ✓
And he had pretty decent grades ✓

But that doesn’t make his parents good parents. He’s homeschooled because he has major anxiety attacks in public due to past trauma with his family, he’s paranoid, and he has multiple psychological disorders, which a lot of us know is a pain to deal with on a personal level. His parents were still abusive, and they were still people who were not fit to be parents.

Secondly, those are all things (minus the grade thing, which we will get to) which are legally required in order to keep your children. If you don’t clothe your kids, you’re gonna get them taken away. If you don’t feed your kids, they’re gonna be taken away. If you don’t give your kids a proper living space, they’re gonna get taken away.

Now for the grades thing. A lot of times this is just parents taking responsibility for their kid’s accomplishments. If you’re actively helping your child with school work, alright, I guess you could say you’re helping your kid keep their grades up, but even with that factor, that’s still mostly your kid’s success. They’re the ones studying. They’re the ones doing the projects and the classwork. You can’t take full responsibility for all of this.

This actually creates a sense of guilt because it makes the kid think “well damn, I’m really a problem. It must be really hard for someone to take decent care of me. It would be better if I wasn’t here causing problems like food, clothes, and house expenses. I’m nothing but an issue to my family” and if that’s what you want your kids thinking, then again, you’re probably not fit to be a parent. Besides, you’re the one who decided to have them.

Which brings me to another point. If you have a kid, you can’t expect to NOT do those 4 things listed. You can’t expect your kid to be perfect, because you’re obviously not perfect either. It doesn’t matter if you planned or didn’t plan to have the kid, if you did or didn’t want to put them up for adoption, or if you do or don’t agree with birth control, you had them. It’s your kid. They matter, they’re human beings and therefore they DESERVE to have basic children’s rights. And they don’t deserve your shitty excuse for why they should respect you. If you say rude comments about people walking by you who you don’t know and your kids say “hey, that was kind of disrespectful” you can’t give them that bullshit excuse. If your kids confront you about problematic drug use or alcoholism you can’t give them that shitty excuse. If your kids confront you or a police officer about something abusive that you’re doing, you can’t give them that shitty fucking excuse.

If you can’t find an excuse other than “I’m doing the basic legal requirements for you and you’re a pain, so shut your mouth” then chances are you should rethink your strategy for parenting because I can assure you that any parent that thinks that ensuring that their child survives past the age of 18 is a privilege instead of a basic need is not a good parent.

“When I was 14, my first real boyfriend and first love was a sociopath. No one realized until he was suspended for violence/saw a psychiatrist. It absolutely broke my heart and sent me into a horrible depression. Of course, that meant that our whole relationship was a lie and some sick joke to him. And I get so, so, so upset when I see people try to defend or even glorify Hans. Sociopaths are dangerous people, and glorifying them could lead young kids like myself into very, very bad relationships”


“Why don’t you start by telling me what the hell that look is about? I’m stuck between thinking it’s a ‘holy-shit-i’ve-just-seen-a-ghost’ face, and a ‘what-the-hell-are-you-doing-here’ face. But see, neither of them can be accurate because I don’t actually know you.” Lizzie spoke, looking the male over. “So allow me to introduce myself, dearest, I’m Elizabeth. You can call me either Lizzie or Erza. Call me Elizabeth and you don’t like the outcome.”


Are you enjoying the Olympics? Then you will love and hate Gooch Grundy’s X-Decathlon, possibly one of the best worst games ever. It’s an absolute top-to-bottom disaster with an unlovable hero, horrible controls, barely coherent live-action graphics, and an extreme attitude that’s totally in your face. Normally such a broken game would be more frustrating to play than funny, but because it’s so broken – and you don’t have to play it in order – there’s no pressure to do well! It could be the most fun I’ve had with an unplayable game in a while.

Screenshots don’t do this one justice, so I embedded a video above. Behold!

Gooch Grundy’s X-Decathlon

This game is total nonsense. The random inanity of its premise feels like an outgrowth of the worst faux edginess of the 90s. See the Computer Throw’s instantly dated tech humor, the gigantic zebra-print dogs that attack you in the Nice Doggy Jump, or the lava lamp grunge aesthetics throughout. Gooch Grundy‘s antics come off as too calculatedly wild and crude to be entertaining. Gooch himself should be a champion for everyday underachievers, but his unsympathetic laziness seems drawn from some sort of hatred for effort. (Gooch’s nemesis, Buff Manly, is basically just an angry guy who works out.)

But Gooch Grundy‘s shoddiness provides the motivation to keep playing. Whether or not you succeed barely matters. You can’t get discouraged over losing something so ridiculous and broken, letting you delight in its warped sensibilities without the pressure to win. In that sense, it bests the fierce competitiveness of better, more coherent games

Maybe that’s the secret to a good bad game. Like in the beloved Action 52, you don’t have to worry about progression. No single challenge has the weight to stop the game in its tracks. Gooch Grundy lets you pick around its playability issues to taste its weirdest, most delicious parts, like a buffet of the damned.

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(*_*) //hope you don't mind that!

Our muses are trapped outside in the freezing cold. Send (*_*) for my muses reaction of yours lending mine their coat.

Noiz raised an eyebrow at the girl, shaking his head. “I don’t need it.” He slid his hands into his pocket and leaned against the wall with a sigh.

Wolf in Bedsheets // Spencer Reid x Reader

Part 2

“Honestly he was just absolutely horrible in bed. Possibly the worst guy I was ever with,” you admitted as you sat on the floor with a bottle of wine to your left. 

“You haven’t been with many guys,” Penelope pointed out as she took a drink from her own wine glass. 

“Touché,” you laughed, the feeling of being drunk lifting you from your mood. You had had a horrible day and the girls had decided to spend the night with you. They’d brought over a ridiculous amount of alcohol that they thought was absolutely crucial to their unexpected girls night and it had proved to be the star as you were all drunk. Emily was laying down on your couch with her legs strewn across JJ’s lap while Penelope inhabited the recliner behind you.

“So? How’s Will?” Emily asked JJ with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

“I have two kids, Em. You do the math,” she laughed. The rest of you chuckled.

“If you could have sex with one of the guys at work, who would it be?” Emily asked through her drunken state.

“Morgan!” Penelope yelled as she lifted her glass and proceeded to dump out half onto your floor.

“No surprise there,” you giggled at her excitement, wiping at the wine that had splashed into your hair.

“Same,” JJ answered causing Penelope to stare at her.

“I’m watching you,” she threatened, causing all of you to erupt into a fit of giggles. It took a while for you to calm down once again and you were almost sure your neighbors would file a noise complaint at any moment.

“It’s Spencer for me,” you admitted as you took a swig from the wine bottle next to you.

“Pfft, we all knew that,” Penelope replied with a dismissive wave. “We’re waiting for you guys to fuck already.”

“What?!” You exclaimed as you turned to look at her.

“Oh please, have you seen the way he looks at you?” Emily said with a laugh. “Hey Jayje, remember at your Christmas party when Y/N wore that skin tight dress and looked smoking hot?”

“Yeah. Reid looked like he wanted to tear it off of her and fuck her right there,” JJ replied with a laugh at the memory. Your eyebrows knitted in confusion as you tried to remember that night, only being able to recall the fact Spencer never left your side.

“He was like a wolf just ready to pounce on you,” Penelope added with a nod. “Do you think he’s good in bed? A wolf?”

“I’m not sure. Spence never talks about that stuff,” JJ replied with a shrug. “But I’m sure he’d just love to get inside of Y/N, who I hear is very good in the sack.”

You rolled your eyes at JJ’s comment and momentarily thought about Spencer. A man that smart had to be good in bed.

“What about you Em?” you asked in an attempt to change topics, “who would you fuck?”


“Hotch??” You all exclaimed in surprise. Emily shrugged.

“What? I like older men and Hotch is pretty hot,” she replied with a grin. You laughed at the thought. Hotch was old enough to be your father so you’d never really looked at him that way, but maybe that was because you’d always had your eye on someone else.

A knock on your door interrupted the fit of giggles that had filled the room as Emily shot up.

“Pizza!” She yelled happily in her intoxicated state.

“Emily we only ordered five minutes ago,” JJ called out as the brunette disappeared to answer your door. You exchanged a look with JJ as you waited for her to come back without food. To everyone’s surprise, she didn’t come back empty handed.

“Look who I found,” she said happily as she dragged Spencer into the room. He was holding a tub of ice cream in his hands and looking around the room with a small grin.

“Hey guys,” he greeted with a wave.

“Spence. What are you doing here?” you said as you sat up straight.

“I knew you had a rough day so I came to bring you ice cream,” he said as he handed you the pint. It was cookie dough- your favorite.

“You sure that’s all you came to do?” Penelope asked with a suggestive look. Spencer’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he realized that you were all indeed drunk.

“Here. Sit next to Y/N.” Emily said as she shoved him down onto the floor next to you. You gave him a small smile as he landed with a thud. He smiled sheepishly as he made himself comfortable and Emily returned to her previous position on the couch.

“Thanks,” you said as you placed the ice cream down in front of you. You surprised everyone as you gave him a small kiss on the cheek- earning some hollering from JJ and Emily who were intoxicated beyond repair. He blushed and nodded at your gesture. You handed him the wine bottle and smiled as he took a small drink.

“So Reid. We were just talking about who we would fuck at work,” Emily informed.

“What?” He asked in surprise as he reached for the wine bottle again.

“We all said who we would fuck already so that means you’re the only one left,” JJ continued as Emily smiled hugely.

“Oh. Umm, I don’t think I would-,” Spencer replied with a nervous laugh.

“Come on Reid! Who would you fuck!” Penelope yelled loudly before erupting into manic laughter.

“Y/N,” he blurted out before looking down at his hands in embarrassment. The three women hollered in approval as a deep blush set into his cheeks.

“You’re in luck because Y/N picked you too,” JJ chuckled as she pushed Emily’s legs off of her. Emily let out a meowl of disapproval.

Spencer’s head whipped towards you as he stared at you questioningly. You blushed and smiled, nodding to assure him that what she said was true.

“Come on girls, I think it’s time we head home,” JJ announced as she pulled Emily up to her feet. The brunette stumbled as JJ tried to keep her upright.

“You guys are completely drunk,” you said with a shake of your head. “You can’t drive like that.”

“So we’ll take a cab,” Penelope replied with a shrug as she stood up herself. The three wobbled to your door in laughter.

“Let us know how the night turns out. You better text the group chat!” Penelope yelled as they pulled the door open.

“Tell us how the fucking went!” Emily called out in laughter. You shook your head as they disappeared, leaving you and Spencer alone.

“Sorry about them,” you said with a sigh. “They’re much more drunk than I am.”

“It’s fine,” Spencer assured as he observed you. He gulped as he realized that you were in just a tank top and pajama shorts, your perked nipples poking through the fabric a clear indicator that you weren’t wearing a bra.

“So since when have you wanted to fuck me?” You asked with a grin as you opened up the container of ice cream. He blushed as you disappeared for a second to fetch some spoons.

“It’s more than having sex that I want to do,” Spencer admitted as you returned. He accepted the spoon you gave him as the two of you passed the pint back and forth.

“Oh? And what do you want?” You asked as you set the ice cream down. Your drunken state gave you a boost of confidence as you climbed into his lap, a knee on both sides as you straddled him.

“Do you want to kiss me? Hold my hand? Introduce me as your girlfriend at parties and have someone to come home to at night that you can fuck the shit out of?” You purred as you placed small kisses on his neck. You felt his hands on your waist as he breathed against your ear.

“That’s exactly what I want.”

“So come on. Fuck me,” you said as you looked him dead in the eyes. He grinned as he stroked your cheek with his hands, a tender gesture that surprised you.

“I would love to. Believe me. But you’re drunk and I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret in the morning,” he replied as he looked at the empty wine bottles that littered your living room.

“Spencer, I’m telling you to fuck me,” you replied with a laugh. He shook his head at the smell of alcohol on your breath.

“Drunk consent isn’t consent,” he insisted. You pouted at his argument knowing he was right.

“Okay. How about make out with me, stay the night, and in the morning we’ll see how things go?” You reasoned.

The wolfish grin on his face only made you want him more as you sat in his lap.

“I can do that,” he replied smugly as he passionately took your lips in his, leaving you breathless as he expertly maneuvered inside of your mouth. “And we’ll see how the morning goes.”