Honestly if it wasn’t for Sanvers I would not be watching Supergirl right now. The writers are fucking everything up. What the hell is going on???? There’s so many plotlines that couldn’t even be connected with a 10 foot pole. Not to mention the total erasure of Kara’s independent stories. Now its all about liking Mon-El who is an absolutely horrible person. Are they forgetting the fact that he literally is still lying to everyone about his origins?

And please miss me with that ooc characterization of Alex. She would never fucking ditch Kara on her earth birthday, no matter which fucking concert is happening. She’d more likely go out with Kara and bring Maggie along. And she would NEVER ENCOURAGE KARA TO DATE A FUCKBOY WTF

And we all know what changed. I can’t say I’m surprised that moving to CW also meant bad plots and cliche straight-white romances but I’d like them to stop ruining this beautiful show.

Anthropology pro tip: whenever a source describes a luridly horrible practice protected by a culture of absolute secrecy, nine times out of ten what that means is that the researcher in question pulled the practice out of his ass, willfully misinterpreted the alleged practitioners’ utter bafflement at his strange questions as secretiveness, and eventually got kicked out for being a weirdo.

I’m sorry if I am not shouting with excitement over things right now.

Louis’ team is doing nothing to promote him. Yayyyy! I’m so happy. Woo-hoo!

Harry’s team is doing nothing at all. Woo-hooo! This is the best! Yip-yip!

Oh look another stunt to go along with all the other stunts. HELL YEAH! I AM LIVING! THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!


If I complain, I obviously hate Harry and Louis. Right?! It has nothing to do with the fact that I actually adore them and want what is best for them. Nope not at all.

“Kylo Ren needs a redemption story! Showing that somebody can be working with a group of absolutely horrible people that slaughter innocents all the time but then become a better person and fight back against those horrible people! And then showing that they can also find love with an amazing person, of course!”


(please excuse my shitty drawings i am absolutely horrible at doing comics)

I like Symmetra the way she is now but a part of me also wants to see this happen. Redemption arc? yes please (cries

also it makes me sad because judging from symmetra’s ingame respawn lines(something like ’i will correct my mistakes’, ‘i will not fail this time’), it seems that vishkar never really taught her how to deal with failure. imagine how devastated she would be when she realizes she has been doing fucked up things in the name of ‘order’ for her whole life 


a cute youngjae

y'all, bum isn’t going “crazy” or some shit. he’s probably dissociating like hell. he just had a huge fucking flashback and stabbed the shit out of someone. he can’t deal with reality atm and his brain is trying to protect him by making him feel nothing. that’s what dissociation is a lot of the time– feeling absolutely nothing, even when horrible things happen. that doesn’t make him your “pscyho gay baby~~” (we got proof that he’s bi lol) or a monster. he’s just a traumatized dude with bpd. chill out. stop being weird about mental illness.

I’m with my family so I’m barely on here, but just one quick note. Holmes Chapel and Doncaster are less than two hours away from each other by car. It’s currently 10 PM in England. We’ve always suspected they had a shared house in between both towns (suspected is not the right word, it’s just the word I want to use for… reasons). These stalkers (because that’s what they are) have been running around Holmes Chapel all day, yet they only found Harry now. I’m just gonna say two things: 1- I’m happy that both Harry and Louis got to spend Christmas Eve and Louis’s birthday (almost) entirely MIA. Like they have always managed to do in the past six years. 2- Stalking a celebrity in their very very small town during the holidays is absolutely horrible and I have nothing but awful things to say about those who do that.

So let me get this straight:
  • Sangwoo and Yoon Bum are absolutely not a couple, their relationship is abusive and horrible and if you dare ship them then you’re Gross™ for normalizing and romanticizing abuse.


  • After chapter 17, Sangwoo is even more of an asshole because he cheated on Bum. (Which would imply they were in a relationship to begin with.)

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Can we talk about how not okay this is? I know my editing sucks but honestly I don’t care. I almost didn’t hide the names because I don’t think they deserve it. These are absolutely horrible comments. The worst comment I read was a comment saying that Darkiplier would kill Jacks girlfriend.

I did ship Septiplier for awhile. People like this killed it for me. And even when I shipped them I respected that they were in relationships with other people.

But this will NEVER BE OKAY. let them be happy. With whoever they choose. I collaborated with someone else and made this post. I do not know their snapchat. But thank you for the help

I will always support @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier no matter what they choose to do or who they choose to be with. I think they both have stunning girlfriends and I’m so happy they found them. I will never resort to these comments for anyone I ship.

  • EQ: I'm going to send you two through the mirror to spend eternity together.
  • *Emma and Regina look at each other before shrugging*
  • Regina: Eternity together, sounds dreadful doesn't it?
  • Emma: Oh absolutely horrible.
  • Regina: I suppose we'll have to find a way to put up with each other.
  • Emma: Goshdarnit...can we bring Henry?
  • EQ: What? I'm cursing you to live in the mirror!
  • Regina: Let's get Henry, and prepare for eternity together.
  • Emma: You know the Queen beat me to it.
  • Regina: What?
  • Emma: Well I was going to propose to you...but technically she already did it.
  • ...
  • Regina: You can still propose.

You know whats one thing that is absolutely fucking horrible about mp100? The fact that its given me such fucking high standards for other animated shows.

Like, i cant even sit down and watch some other cartoon/anime without picking apart every little aspect of the animation quality. I cant help but feel disappointed when i realize that no, this show isnt going to have amazing multi media that doesnt feel out of place or forced. No, this show isnt going to have great camera angles that capture every aspect of the scene perfectly. No, this isnt going to be animated so fluidly and near faultlessly.

Seriously, am i just watching all the shows with bad animation? Or is mp100 as out of the ball park as i feel that it is? Because from now on i know for a fact that, no matter what im watching, i’ll ask myself ‘is this animation as beautiful as mob psycho 100?’

The day i can, in all complete honesty, answer that question with 'yes’, will be the day that my soul ascends to the heavenly plains.

I am always amazed at how some veterinarians can practice absolutely horrible medicine but have the most loyal clientele while others can be the most amazing practitioners but have difficulty keeping clients. It’s all about what the client perceives and some people are better at pulling the wool over people’s eyes than others.

2016 wasn’t absolutely horrible

The year had some good things. Like….


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