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3 sentence prompt with Shiro and Sam, who is the one true Adult™

Sam holds his paintball gun loosely in his hands, grinning down from his perch and surveying the damage.  Shiro is covered in purple splotches of paint, mostly over his chest and shoulders, and Sam isn’t sure he’s ever seen him looking more sulky.

“Remember that next time you call me old, Whippersnapper,” Sam calls, and he laughs when Shiro crosses his arms like a child.

The signs' ideal date

Aries: late-night drive to a city overlook

Taurus: a food tour around NYC

Gemini: going to an amusement park

Cancer: stargazing on a pile of blankets and pillows

Leo: having a picnic on the beach

Virgo: baking cookies together

Libra: going to a concert

Scorpio: watching Netflix and eating pizza

Sagittarius: camping in the backcountry

Capricorn: getting coffee and a pastry at the bookstore

Aquarius: having a paintball fight

Pisces: swimming in a pool at night


Michael Fassbender Turned the Assassin’s Creed Set into a Paintball War Zone

I see he graduated from the BB guns 😂

Things I believe with all my heart and soul:  Obi-Wan Kenobi cheats at games. Card games, holoboard games, dice games, space paintball games, etc.  You name it, he’ll cheat at it.

And he has such an unreadable face that nobody can ever catch him at it, they suspect maybe a quarter of the time he’s got a card up his sleeve or that he moved the Holo pieces on the dejarik board or that he used the Force to turn over the dice to a better roll, but they can never prove it and eventually everyone who’s known him for longer than a week refuses to play any kind of game with him anymore.

The one time Ahsoka managed to catch him sliding a card up his sleeve for later, she crowed about it for a week, and Obi-Wan had never been prouder of her.  (He’s tried to teach Anakin how to cheat at cards, but that disaster just has no sabacc face whatsoever and can’t spot anyone else’s tell to save his life, once he gets going on a game.)