Here’s the Zero Escape 3 reveal ⊟ 

Don’t expect any game footage in this off-screen video from Zero Escape 3′s announcement at Anime Expo today, but you can hear about the plot and the audience’s reaction in the clip. Plus, series director Kotaro Uchikoshi shows up at the end! The game releases for 3DS and PS Vita in summer 2016.

More details about Zero Escape 3 here! Video is via @Wario64 and @M_Hikami.

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A neat Rhythm Heaven Anime opening! The official link is in the source - this is a re-upload.


AX2015 this year just gets better and better! Bought more prints and art/sketch books, also got to converse with artists and friends at the artist alley. Got some collectables from o-8, animoose, kinucakes, soulkarl, eu03, junkpuyo, barachan, merrigo, and other stuffs from the exhibit hall. Cant wait to frame them~

I kinda regret not getting a 4-day badge but wont be a problem next year after grabbing an artist table for 2016 :D