• Normal Person: *finds The Impala parked on the street*<br>
  • What a beautiful car. This is a classic isn't it? Look how big and shiny. Oh look at it's panels with brushed aluminum trim. This is a fine piece of mechanical bliss. I wonder how it feels to drive it. Nice.
  • Me: Baby! Oh how beautiful you are in person.<br>
  • * starts taking mental measurements of the back seat, to check if all the Destiel action described on fan fiction is possible*<p/><b></b>
  • Damm!

“I want to fucking kill them.”

“Think about what ya doing.” I instructed, feeling that he was no longer pushing back against me, easing a little. “Just stop for a second, and think. Please.”

His nostrils flared as he forced himself to calm down, tears bubbling in his eyes but I knew he wouldn’t let them fall. I knew they’d been spurred by anger more than anything else, and they blurred his vision as he concentrated on my face in order to calm down.

Part 5 / Coming soon…

Dystopian AU - Catch up here!


They stop at her apartment first, make a quick call to Skinner. Mulder tries to contact his informant but the number is disconnected and he kicks at a dresser in frustration. 

 She changes clothes in front of him, not caring from exhaustion or simply because of who she is, he doesn’t know. He catches a glimpse of her scars when she turns her back, longs to run his fingers over the silvery stripes, his mouth… 

As if she can tell what he’s thinking she turns towards him. 

“What happens now?” she asks softly. 

 What happens now is she wants him to devour her. Fix her, take him inside her so she can feel something, anything, because all she’s felt for years is empty.

 What happens truthfully is she showers, and they head back to that dark basement, and she keeps on pretending before everything falls.

This Week’s Queue

I’ll Always Choose You (George Weasley x Reader)
Like Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows (Fred Weasley x Reader)
This Other Side of Me (Hank McCoy x Reader)

So these are the works I’m hoping to finish by the end of this week, things are looking pretty bad but I guess I can’t lose hope, right? Wish me luck! 💖💖💖

This week continued: Improv D&D, starring Gub son of Gubbin, Iah, and Sweet Percy.

With three new characters since we only had three players tonight:

  • Mercedes Slater: 19 years old, female, can’t leave a bar without having a drink.
  • Rubby: 42 years old, male, doesn’t like footwear.

  • Tanilia Ironheart: 29 years old, female, falls in love with gnolls, only gnolls, and constantly gnolls.

This week’s spread.

Welp, this is actually the first time that I have made something like this. I am not one for using a planner- that is probably why i am so jumbled with my dates and I have trouble being on time for things.  Having a mental disorder makes it hard doing things like this but when i commit to it, it feels better. 

What I have learned while making this week’s spread:

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