I just feel like saying “thank you”. cause after last year I wasn’t able to believe in anything anymore. but this year there were so many good things which have happened to me. big and small things I never thought which would ever happen at all. just like today when I woke up: I just checked my tumblr inbox on my phone and saw this certain number, which I apparently hit a few days ago. a number which I can’t even imagine in real life. I know a lot of these people are ghost follower or inactive account but still. just take a moment and imagine you’re standing in front of that many people face to face. this is kind of scary sometimes and somehow still unbelieveable, cause this still feels like my small tokio hotel island which I created 5 years ago. but why I am writing this post is, cause I just wanna say thank you to everybody. thank you to the ones who are following my tumblr since 5 years and the ones who are following me for a few hours. thanks to everyone who ever sent me uplifting words or just told me that he/she likes what I am doing. and thanks to Bill who apparently spies on my tumblr from time to time. I should have asked him how often he actually does it, cause it still scares me.
what I wanted to say is that sometimes even if you loose your believe, your dreams still come true or even better things are going to happen. thank you for everything.

The signs as Winnie the Pooh characters

Aries: Tigger
Taurus: Winnie the Pooh
Gemini: Owl
Cancer: Kanga
Leo: The Narrator
Virgo: Rabbit
Libra: Piglet
Scorpio: Eeyore
Sagittarius: Roo
Capricorn: Gopher
Aquarius: Lottie
Pisces: Christopher Robin

The Sunday Six! (Do people still do this? I don’t care. I’m doing it.) This is from the VMars/MCU crossover I’m working on:

Veronica looks at the pictures on the file cabinet–Weevil and his wife on their wedding day, Weevil and his wife and daughter at her christening, Weevil and a couple of guys in coveralls raising the gate on the garage.

Veronica doesn’t have any pictures documenting the years she spent at SHIELD. SHIELD agents tended to be camera-shy, even after a few rounds during happy hour, and she’d never become close with any of them. She hadn’t had a team; she’d worked regularly with some analysts but that was mostly over conference calls and email. She’d been sociable, not friendly, and she thinks most of them were the same. No use getting too close to someone who might disappear on the next mission. Maybe there’d been people having barbecues and softball games, but Veronica hadn’t known any of them. She’s glad in a way, because it would have meant even more loss and betrayal, and she’s not sure she could have taken it if it was personal.

He who stands aloof runs the risk of believing himself better than others and misusing his critique of society as an ideology for his private interest. While he gropingly forms his own life in the frail image of a true existence, he should never forget its frailty,
nor how little the image is a substitute for true life. Against such
awareness, however, pulls the momentum of the bourgeois within him
—  Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia

demonic-peacock asked:

Are you for or against PETA ? Their way of doing things make me unconfortable (killing a perfectly fine chihuahua) but they provide information

I’m going to post this just bc I think I had another ask about this somewhere that I forgot to answer. I’m really against that organization, and although some of the information they have about Sea World is accurate and their photos may be of use to the debate, that’s about it…and the information usually can be found elsewhere unless it’s photographs they themselves took in the park. They (and their founder) have really extremist views on animals that I don’t agree with. For example, the people at PETA believe that “pet keeping” should not even exist. (x) They say they don’t want to take pets from loving homes but I’m pretty sure I read an article about them doing just that. Here’s the link. They also have no problem objectifying the female body for an ad campaign, or being completely offensive and graphic to get their point across. They also like to sensationalize everything and make things more dramatic than they really are. It’s annoying and you don’t have to be this way to be an animal activist. They give us all a very bad reputation. Anyway, if anyone was interested, this article here talks more about their offensive ads.(warning, some seriously offensive content so click at your own risk.)

man but like i follow exclusively pro-anders dragon blogs so i live in a kind of happy anders bubble where instead of debating whether or not hes great and deserves happiness we can argue about exactly how great he is and the precise form his happiness should exist in, so when i remember that the rest of the fandom and also his own writers despise him i get really confused like what??? what do u guys have against anders??? the friendly glowing sewer wizard who provided free healthcare for years??? who was the spark that ended in mage freedom??? who, despite having a literal embodiment of justice in his head, managed to patiently wait and peacefully protest oppression for 7 years??? tHAT anders??? man yall are weird

anonymous asked:

so cis people should apologise for existing and being happy with the genitals they were born with ok

trans people can be happy with their genitals stop trying to whine

pokeani xy unpopular opinion

• The Korrina Arc dragged on too long. But I enjoyed Blaziken v Lucario
• Why hasn’t Bonnie done “keepu” on Nurse Joys
• Some fillers aren’t worth watching (like the Wigglytuff and Salamence one)
• If they show Xerneas, they better dhow Yveltal
• Ash’s Frogadier won’t evolve and Noibat will just be swapped for Charizard in the League
• Scottie, Alan and Maron should have never existed
• I hope Looker and Emma save this anime
• Calem when
• Amourshipping is only temporary and even if Serena confesses, Ash will take it as a friendly gesture
• Ash has only grown up mentally
• please show Pokemon Village

Pokemon Snap U

What is it?: Pokemon Snap is a simple game from the days of Nintendo 64. The gameplay is basic; you are on a cart that follows a pre-determined path. While traveling this path you have a limited amount of film and you are tasked with capturing as many great shots of Pokemon in their natural habitat as possible. You have a few items with you that you can use to interact with the Pokemon, but your main goal is the photography.

Why it should exist: An HD remake of Snap seems like a perfect fit for Nintendo’s new Wii U console. The gamepad could be used as a physical camera replicating a viewfinder on the touchscreen. It makes sense. Nintendo owns the rights to Pokemon merchandise and they could likely program this title in a couple of months (a little bit would go a long way).

What I would like to see: I would like to see the game take on a less structured approach than its predecessor. Using the built in gyroscope to look around would free up the analog sticks to use for movement of the cart or craft. This opens up the possibility of multiple paths to choose and possibly a complete off-road adventure.

Other Possibilities: With the popularity of photo apps on smartphones and touch devices, Nintendo could join forces to make this game interactive outside of the console. Partnering with Instagram, for instance, they could add an upload feature to share your best shots with your friends. They could also partner with Nikon or Canon to offer in-game replications of various lenses and have an advanced mode where you have to take time to switch between them to get the shot.

*Screen image found here.



I promise you, darling, that even though you don’t get the appreciation you deserve (and unfortunately, you don’t. Whoever filmed Rock Montreal, for example, deserves a kick in the ass), we’ll never forget you. We love and miss you, and wish you many happy birthdays with your loved ones. Thank you for everything you’ve given us through the years. We hope you’re healthy and happy with Veronica and your children; you deserve it. Happy birthday Deaky, the adorable baby of Queen ♥

I’ll probably make loads of plans, and then just sit around on my bottom all day long and do nothing.

Starburst Bar

What is it?: Starburst is a delicious fruity candy that is sold as a stick of small, individually wrapped bite-sized pieces. A Starburst Bar would be essentially the same thing except instead of a rainbow assortment of individual pieces, you would get one stick of a single flavor.

Why it should exist: This is something I’ve been craving since childhood. While all flavors of the original Starburst are tasty, I often find myself wishing I had more of one or another flavor. A Starburst Bar would assure that I always got exactly the flavor I wanted. Also, doing away with the individual bite-sized pieces gives you the satisfaction of biting in to juicy goodness at your own pace and never having to open little wrappers.

What I would like to see: I would like to see a launch line-up of the original flavors, but especially strawberry because everyone knows that’s the best.

Other Possibilites: It’s a pretty straight-forward idea. If it catches on, the company could branch out into their other established flavors and maybe even make a “rainbow bar” that would be a swirl of flavors. What about a “mystery bar” for people who like to be surprised by their flavors?