Having mostly given up is kind of liberating bc I can just kind of roll with whatever bizarre stuff this comic churns out now like ‘yeah I’m not really invested in this version of these characters so have fun with your wacky adventures’

it’s a lot less stressful

but anyway they’re doing an outside movie showing and I should start getting ready. It should be fun, as long as there is not another campus disaster.

Being the complete, utter garbage I am, of course I had to design a fairytale costume for my DW character… I can’t wait to render this :v of course, after I finish her fourth, hopefully final redesign omg

She’s a Kumiho, a nine-tailed fox in Korean legend.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm pretty neutral on the health care thing and have never heard your side of it explained well. Why, in your opinion, is health care not a right and better left alone by the government? Thanks :)

Well beside the fact that I’m an anarchist who doesn’t believe government should exist, I have a number of reasons.

  1. Rights are not granted by governments. Rights are inherent within the people. Anything that requires government force to perform (ie taxes or making doctors do work) cannot be a right.
  2. There are only three rights: Life, liberty, and property
    1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that health care is an extension to the right of life. It isn’t. “Right to life” is fancy speak for no one can kill you.
    2. While you have the right to life, it is up to you to  maintain it.
  3. Healthcare is not a right. People who say it is often frequently use the slogan “Healthcare is a right, not a privilege!” Healthcare isn’t a privilege either. It is a service, and money can be exchanged for goods and services.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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Merman Hiccup idea: Toothless is an Orca: they're intelligent enough to be trained (as much as Toothless is "trained"), playful and have a language, but they are also dangerous and can kill human-sized things on a whim. Just an idea.

In my merman!Hiccup AU I’ve actually leaned toward Toothless still being a dragon. A sea dragon! Because sea dragons should exist as much as air dragons! He’d have a slightly different design, of course, but still…

But orca’s an interesting idea too! (Or for a free willy AU XD)

-More than 24 endangered Yellow-crested cockatoos were rescued by police
-Smugglers stuffed them in bottles to get through customs in Indonesia
-Critically endangered cockatoos can be sold for as much as £650 each
-Around 40 per cent of birds die during the illegal smuggling process

I’m physically shaking as I post this. This is why the captive parrot trade never should have existed. This is why we cannot support breeders, and pet stores or otherwise buy parrots. 

I feel sick. I’m sorry to share this with you all, but you need to know that the black market parrot trade still exists. And if you don’t think your breeders and stores don’t benefit from this practice you are dead wrong.

It takes a special person to care for birds, with their high maintenance ways and long lifespan. But if you are ready to welcome a bird into your heart, ADOPT. There are parrot rescues all over the world that need to place birds, so they can save more. 

TW: For graphic photos of birds in danger at the link. 

Pokemon Snap U

What is it?: Pokemon Snap is a simple game from the days of Nintendo 64. The gameplay is basic; you are on a cart that follows a pre-determined path. While traveling this path you have a limited amount of film and you are tasked with capturing as many great shots of Pokemon in their natural habitat as possible. You have a few items with you that you can use to interact with the Pokemon, but your main goal is the photography.

Why it should exist: An HD remake of Snap seems like a perfect fit for Nintendo’s new Wii U console. The gamepad could be used as a physical camera replicating a viewfinder on the touchscreen. It makes sense. Nintendo owns the rights to Pokemon merchandise and they could likely program this title in a couple of months (a little bit would go a long way).

What I would like to see: I would like to see the game take on a less structured approach than its predecessor. Using the built in gyroscope to look around would free up the analog sticks to use for movement of the cart or craft. This opens up the possibility of multiple paths to choose and possibly a complete off-road adventure.

Other Possibilities: With the popularity of photo apps on smartphones and touch devices, Nintendo could join forces to make this game interactive outside of the console. Partnering with Instagram, for instance, they could add an upload feature to share your best shots with your friends. They could also partner with Nikon or Canon to offer in-game replications of various lenses and have an advanced mode where you have to take time to switch between them to get the shot.

*Screen image found here.

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Starburst Bar

What is it?: Starburst is a delicious fruity candy that is sold as a stick of small, individually wrapped bite-sized pieces. A Starburst Bar would be essentially the same thing except instead of a rainbow assortment of individual pieces, you would get one stick of a single flavor.

Why it should exist: This is something I’ve been craving since childhood. While all flavors of the original Starburst are tasty, I often find myself wishing I had more of one or another flavor. A Starburst Bar would assure that I always got exactly the flavor I wanted. Also, doing away with the individual bite-sized pieces gives you the satisfaction of biting in to juicy goodness at your own pace and never having to open little wrappers.

What I would like to see: I would like to see a launch line-up of the original flavors, but especially strawberry because everyone knows that’s the best.

Other Possibilites: It’s a pretty straight-forward idea. If it catches on, the company could branch out into their other established flavors and maybe even make a “rainbow bar” that would be a swirl of flavors. What about a “mystery bar” for people who like to be surprised by their flavors?

I think I finally figured out what is driving me batty about dream bubbles and doomed timelines.

The continued existence of Punk Vriska implies that the pre-retcon timeline existed/exists as a doomed timeline. So, somewhere there should exist a Tavros who was part of Tavrisprite and eventually ditched the pirate ship.

There now also exists a Tavros who became Tavrosprite.

Tavros died before these timelines diverged.

Do ghosts in the dream bubbles duplicate every time a doomed timeline forms, just in case they’re summoned into it?

What about Sollux? Does he have one live half and multiple dead halves?

Or Aradia? Well, actually Aradia is probably taking care to avoid doomed timelines, but if she wasn’t, would a live primary Aradia and a live but doomed Aradia be able to interact?

I’m so confused.


Her pure heart will cleanse mine.