Klance Garnet✨💜

I got like four anons plus a bunch of commenters wanting to see a klance garnet fushion thingie and like guuuuys. look. How. Cute. They. Are. UGH. 

In literally just used Garnets color palette and it turned out so good??? and im really satisfied with the result?? woaat.

Anyway thank all of you who are so nice to me and comment on and share my art! I really couldn’t have dreamed of this being a reality. I’m also so glad i can share so much of my silly art and people actually enjoy seeing it on their dash!!! Thank you so much i’m forever grateful! 💕💕💕

i want to exist everywhere. cities dappled with pastel-colored houses, hands grazing soft yellow fruits in markets, a blur of conversation in a crowded train station. i start to think in another language and my mother tongue is gauzy, a rosewater aftertaste. mornings are heart-fluttering awakeness, a rich yellow. i am seated at a café. warm, dark, acidic tastes and smells. girls in soft-fluttered skirts, bronze-shouldered, are reading wilde, shakespeare, dickinson. i take pleasure in people-watching and creating names, narratives and dreams for strangers that i will never meet. i bite into something filled with raspberry, tart and bright. afternoons are alive, a brilliant red. museum-wandering. an exhibit of gold egyptian jewelry. marble sculptures of goddesses. coiling, dreaming japanese pottery. navigating maps and asking for directions in a language that feels clumsy on my tongue, dipping in and out of memory. night is the deepest, most passionate indigo. outdoor concerts that last well after midnight. the stars are a brilliant tapestry. everything glows and bursts. collapsing into bed, i am at ease. my heart is silvery birds’ wings

I was feeling sick and went to the bed early. I was dreaming. Suddenly I saw big colorful demons dancing around and singing like a chorus. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I knew I wasn’t a big sinner after all and my bad deeds weren’t so bad that the devils should come after me. It seemed the Virgin protected me, because the demons began to dance away and escape through the window. I felt relieved. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from eternal fire.

Get to know me~

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Star Sign: Aries

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Favorite Color: PURPLE

Current Time: 1:44pm

Average Hours of Sleep: My sleep schedule has been really fucked up so id say 6

Last Thing you Googled: Hyejeong from aoa

Favorite Fictional Character: Minho or Newt from the Maze Runner

Current Amount of Followers: 444

Dream Job: Cardiologist (cardiovascular surgeon preferably)

Height: 5′2

Lucky Number: 2 and 22

When did your blog reach its “peak”?: Id like to think he hasnt yet or is still climbing lol

Number of blankets I sleep with: one (two if you count my baby blanket lol)

Favorite bands: Bigbang, Exo, 2pm (i like a lot of other groups but these are my all-time favorite exactly in that order lol)

What do you post: Kpop specifically exo

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Do you have any other blogs?: i did a year ago

Song stuck in my head: white noise by exo lol

What am i wearing right now?: a shirt and shorts

Dream Trip: I dont really aspire to travel but id say Florida or Jeju

When did you make this blog: January 2013

Do you get asks on a daily?: Yea i ask myself why lol but other than that no

What made you make a blog?: I was (still am) very obsessed with purple so if you go to the first ever posts its just purple and peace signs lol then 2pm because then i became obsessed with kpop shortly after

Why did you choose your URL?: I used to be obsessed-with-2pm-bigbang-exo but then my blog became more exo/kai (now its basically sehun) biased and im unoriginal LOL

Tag 20 Followers you Want to Know More About:

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I should be doing work, or working on the drawings for the genital coloring book, but I has a sad. So I decided to employ my little teabag figure models and wound up with Noel and Julian playing board games.

I’ve never even tried to draw Julian before, but I think he makes a good teabag, lol.

Noel can’t keep his money and properties tidy, while Ju has his tucked under the edge of the board. Ju’s the old boot, Noel is the top hat, of course.

I’m always kind of suspicious when any popular media that is made by or prominently features women or people of color or gay people is more harshly politically scrutinized than it would be otherwise, so for that reason I’ve been kind of wary of a lot of the criticism of hamilton but. idk the fact is that hamilton is “an american musical,” that is, a celebration of the american dream and more specifically the american immigrant success narrative. which is like…that’s the story that lmm wants to tell about america and it is certainly part of american history, but it’s not all of american history. in order to write a musical that proclaims things like “he got a lot farther by working a lot harder by being a lot smarter by being a self-starter,” you have to ignore the histories of slavery and indigenous genocide in this country. and I think because he cast actors of color and bc he works in a form that was invented by black people, he inadvertently made that irony very visible. idk this isn’t a very coherent post but I don’t think hamilton is really more racist than like, hairspray. any work of art that upholds the myth of the american dream as the central narrative of american history is inherently racist. imo. idk I rly respect miranda as an artist and I hope his work gets more anti-american in the future.

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Name: Mariah 

Nicknames: Riah, Mriiih lol 

Gender: Female

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5′4″

Fave color(s): Anything in the blue family, and turquoise 

Time right now: 8:25

Average hours of sleep: depends but normally 8-9 probably 

Lucky number: 10

Last thing I googled: Def Leppard tour 

Fave fictional character:  

Number of blankets I sleep under: A sheet and comforter and normally an additional thick blanket as well lol. (I’m pretty cold nature-ed)  

Fave band or artist: Journey, Def Leppard, Steve Perry, Eagles, GNR, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Hawk Nelson, Rend Collective and lots more, but these are some of my tops!  

Dream trip: GREECE, ITALY, ISRAEL for sure, then also backpacking throughout Europe would be amazing! 

Dream job: Anything to do with travelling lol. 

When did you create this blog: sometime in 2013, but I get on much more frequently now than I have in the past. 

What do you post about: mostly I feel I post about rock bands, but anything that interests me, from mermaids to different fandoms, or stuff that makes me laugh!

What made you decide to get a tumblr: my best friend told me about it and her blog so I got one too lol. 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nah, maybe a few times a week though. 

What made you choose your URL: I wanted it to better represent my blog lol and I think it does pretty well.  

So bloggers if you’re up for it: @savage80s @rocknrollinmyveins @nickdeflepfan @kickstartsmyheart @rock-0f-ages @hel-crosby @one-bad-apple @golddustwindsofmarch @raise-your-hands-baby @herecomesthesunking @classyneill @beautigrohl @vintage-midnight @atomic–punk @angiemars @msaeroleppard @geddy-lees-nipple @rocketqueen48 @tommyshawawesome1976 @riding-the-nighttrain @steve-perrytheplatypus

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Name: Gettingaphdinlarry
Nicknames: The Subversive One was my nickname in grad school; I am also called Squirrel
Gender: Female
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5′6″
Sexual orientation: Yes.
Fave color(s): Purple, olive green
Time right now: 10:06 pm
Average hours of sleep: Ugh
Lucky number: 7 and 11
Last thing I googled: Niall 2013
Fave fictional character: Pippi Longstocking
Number of blankets I sleep under: One down comforter in the summer, two in the winter
Fave band or artist: Well. I only have a blog about 1D, so let’s go with them. Stuart Davis, the singer you’ve never heard of, too.
Dream trip: Iceland, the interior
Dream job: Paid to do whatever the hell I want with no consequences–in other words, apparently I want to be a Real Housewife.
When did you create this blog: November 2015
What do you post about: Larry, fics, rants, ranting about writing, Larry
What made you decide to get a tumblr: I needed a way to connect with other “older” 1D fans.
Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, but I like them. Send me more.
What made you choose your URL: I’m a teacher.

If you want to share, let’s go @elerinwen, @marea707, @edlovespussy, @emcd2 and @makeawishtothesky!

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Name: Ro
Nickname: Peach(by my lil doll @tessukka , Woody , Nora, Mush
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5′6-5'7
Age: 81
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Favorite Color: Pink:333
Time right now: 17:16pm
Average hours of sleep: 7
Lucky number: 7
Last thing I googled: Probably porn
Favorite fictional character: Light Yagami
Blankets I sleep with: Gerald the teddy bear
Favorite Bands/Artists: The Story So Far, The front bottoms, La Dispute, Joyce Manor, Arctic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots, Neck deep
Dream trip: A trip to Japan&South Korea with my gf 
Job: Tattooist
When did you make this blog: idek
Follower count: 764
Posts: 10, 471 ++
Your most active followers according to your biggest fans: @khaoswhoqueen <3 , @lucichu , @dawgyouwatchsmallville, @the-world-iis-wrong

When did your blog reach it’s peak: it hasn’t

Why did you get tumblr: I hate most social media, and people at school so I have my own place on tumblr and I don’t have to talk if I don’t want to.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: no I don’t want them.

Why did you choose your url: was obsessed with AHS for a whileeee; also am a bit of a bitch.

I tag @tessukka @buckybarnesisdaddyaf (whichever blog you want to choose) , @khaoswhoqueen , @diebitchdie2000 , @unknown-complexities , @dawgyouwatchsmallville , @yashiru (lovely lil bean :3) , @atomicpizzazz , @lalvnaaa (qt c:), @amityy-affliction, @colormesilly , @peachysenapii , @swiftftmalik (fammmm (;;; ) , @littleharleypuppy , @faeneko , @fffferal , @boy-villain , @shakiramoran , @babyhnds (big big fan<3) , @xall-apologiesx


Let's play!

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Name: Molly 

Nickname: Blondie, Molly Lizzybeth, drugs (courtesy of my friends at school)

Gender: female 

Zodiac sign: Gemini or cancer (I’m a cusp baby so idk) 

Height: 5’ 2” 

Sexual Orientation: straight 

Favorite Color: purple, burgundy, grey, teal 

 Time Right Now: 9:59

Average Hours of Sleep: no clue 

Lucky Number: 13

 Last Thing I Googled: “is modern family on Amazon prime?" 

Favorite Fictional Character: Stiles Stilinski 

 Number Blankets I Sleep Underneath: 3 

 Favorite Band or Artist: 5sos, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Tori Kelly, Hailee Steinfeld, Banks 

Dream Trip: France, Greece, Italy, Australia 

Dream Job: I can’t decide between writer or chef tbh 

When Did You Create This Blog: October of 2014 

What Do You Post About: a lot of random shit 

What Made You Decide To Get A Tumblr: I don’t even remember at this point 

Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: not exactly, but I love it when I get them

What Made You Choose Your URL: bc I’m sarcastic af lol 

tags: @lauraisconfusing, @foreverandalwaysdreamingxo, @smile-through-the-payne-train, @musicsavedme98, @hoodflix, @lipringsnsnapbacks, @burnedcitylights, @xxlashtonxjonnorxx, @we-are-cake-filth, @georgie-99, @sammiesantlers, @instaxirwin, @ilikeyoubetter, @fxndomimxgines, @stilinskisdunbae, @thewolfbitme, @wxstethenxght, @wantonwolfstilinski, @teenwolfaddict1000, @absolutashton

Get to Know Me

Get To Know Me
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Name: Olivia
Nickname: Livvie, Liv, etc.
Gender: female
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 5’3
Sexual Orientation: straight
Favorite Color: Green
Time Right Now: 3:04 pm
Average Hours of Sleep: sleep is for the weak (or week, depending on my mood)
Lucky Number: 7
Last Thing I Googled: Lyrics to Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen
Favorite Fictional Character: Male: Four (Tobias) Female: Hazel Grace
Number Blankets I Sleep Underneath: usually 2 but sometimes 3
Favorite Band or Artist: 5sos, Nhc, One Direction, Halsey, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez, The Tide, The Vamps, Taylor Swift
Dream Trip: California, New York, England, Canada, anywhere other than here
Dream Job: Singer/Songwriter
When Did You Create This Blog: a few weeks ago I think lol
What Do You Post About: Nhc and occasionally 5sos
What Made You Decide To Get A Tumblr: Lowkey in love with George Smith and decided to share it with the works you feel?
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: never had an ask idek if it works
What Made You Choose Your URL: because old hope club is a play on new hope club and George is the loml so
Tags: @basicallybibby @blakestruly @lashtonlovelife @pigfarts-and-red-vines @lidits @1d5sosfan2001 @jailbreakhoran @shannakim @oldhopeblake @newhopeclub @newhoecluub @newhoecluub @new-hope-club @nhclubsandwich @nhc-updates @malumftlashton @malummadness @mylifeasrebekahxox @newhopetradley @new-hopeclub
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name & nickname: ty and some people call me tyty but i hate that nickname:/

zodiac sign: scorpio

gender: idk tbh but for rn female i’m very confused

favorite color(s): blue

time right now: 8:43 pm

average hours of sleep: like 3 lol

lucky number: 8

last thing i googled: “overwatch mccree”

favorite fictional character: there are many but,, tanaka from haikyuu and TBH i have been thinking nonstop about my son lincoln rosario lately

dream job: something to do with history, prob teach, or possibly care for animals?

height: 5′4 

number of blankets you sleep with: 2 usually 

when did you create this blog?: since it’s my sideblog i’ve only had it for like almost 2 months ago maybe?

current amount of followers: 37 lmao 

what do you post about: in the heights and hamilton mostly but also other musicals, history facts, and amc: turn

do you have any other blogs?: yeah two others

who are your most active followers?: @hazelandformosa, @amidalaspadme, and @roomwhereithappens thank you all!!!

what made you get a tumblr?: my main blog is just shitposts and video games so i made this one to be more organized

do you get asks on a daily basis: no lol

what made you choose your url: bc i love in the heights and had a Mighty Need™ for this url

i tag @amidalaspadme @roomwhereithappens @hazelandformosa @lovinglaurens u all don’t have to tho!!

Know You Better

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Name: Heli

Nickname: -

Gender: Female

Star sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′7 (175 cm)

Age: born in 1972 (you can do the math)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts House: None

Favorite Color: I like many colours, but if have to choose one it’s green in every shades

Time right now: 8 pm

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours

Lucky Number : 5

Last Thing I Googled: bus timetables

Favorite Fictional Character: Winnie The Pooh

Blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite bands/artists: Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Kim Wilde, Erasure

Dream Trip: To Duran Duran concert somewhere

Job: Kindergarden teacher

When did I make this blog: 1 year and 2 month ago

When did your blog reach its peak: When @duranduranofficial reblog my post for the first time 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, but feel free to do so

Why did you choose your URL: Because I have loved Duran Duran since 1983

I tag: @kyetakat75; @pampatrickdd; @captainduranie; @duranduranlove; @simonlebonslittledarling; @raggedtigers; @johntaylorsmullet; @davesylvian; @georgemichaelsmullet; @john-taylor-daily; @union-of-the-snake; @rogertaylor; @rociodd; @claire4715; @lady-stardust-fangirl; @electricmozzarella; @love-babytank; @70emma2; @viola1252 and @duransarethefaith

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Name: Kaylee
Nicknames: Kales, Kale, KayKay
Gender: Female
Star sign: Virgo
Height: 5'4"
Fave colors: turquoise
Time right now: 11:04
Average hours of sleep: 6-8
Lucky number: 4
Number of blankets: 1
Fave band or artist: Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses, Slaughter, Dokken, Led Zeppelin and tons more
Dream trip: Italy
Dream job: idk
When did you create this blog: I think sometime last year I honestly can’t really remember lol
What do you post about: Def Leppard, GN'R and some other band stuff
What made you decide to get a tumblr: my best friend told me about tumblr and said I should get it
Do you get asks on a regular basis: no
What made you choose your URL: I don’t really know I’m really bad at picking creative names and me and my best friend thought vintage-midnight sounded good 👍

If you wanna do this I tag: @rocknrollinmyveins @all-we-hear-is-radio-ga-ga @one-bad-apple @daddyrosexo @angiemars @obsessedtognfr

domnominic  asked:

What is your dream horse?

Hmm I don’t know! I’m bad at answering this sort of question haha because I don’t really care about things like color, mare vs gelding, etc. I sort of wish I could blend the last three horses I competed on, I think that would be close to my ideal horse in terms of temperament– one has the best ground manners and is such a sweetheart to be with on the ground, one is totally bombproof when it comes to jumping and *loves* to compete (he’s like a million times easier to ride at a horse show), and one just has such a dynamic presence, like she’s so big and as an ex-grand hunter turned ex-grand prix horse turned children’s hunter/derby horse, she knows she’s amazing and likes to flaunt it, so she’s a lot of fun to ride because everyone likes watching you haha. So I feel like a blend of those traits would be a really cool horse that you could just chill at the barn with and still be competitive with at shows :)

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Name: Tracy! 
Nickname: Tea or Ann
Gender: female (mostly) 
Star sign: Pisces/Aries cusp
Height: 5ft 6 inches
Sexual orientation: Pansexual 
Hogwarts house: Slytherin!🐍
Favorite color: green
Time right now: 7:33 PM
Hours of sleep: 7ish
Lucky number: 4, 7, 42
Last thing I googled: “cost of express mail”
Character: gosh, there are so many!! Currently, I guess I’d pick Connie from Steven Universe or Diane from BoJack Horseman! 
Number of blankets used: 1
Favorite artists: Music: Mal Blum Painter: Bob Ross Author: Douglas Adams Poet: is it too cheesy if I say my bestie @lightandedges ??
Dream trip: road trip the continental 48 states! 
Dream job: Something with kids and reading where I’m making a difference in people’s lives/my community but also getting paid enough so I don’t die 
When did you create this blog: 2011?? 
Current amount of followers: around 800ish 
What do you post about: It’s so random, but there’s a lot about the shows I like, social justice stuff, witchcraft and cats.
Most active followers: Hard to say but I’ll estimate within the last week it’s been @tinydadman @sarahlookatthis @thewickedguacamole @bettycrockercorp
Why tumblr?: I don’t remember anymore! 
Do you get asks?: Not Frequently but I do love them! 
Why did you choose your URL: I’m so gay (rainbows), tea is my nickname, and I used to love Nutella (but now I hate it.)

I’m tagging: 

Most of the people I tagged are followers that I see often in my activity. Enough that I actually recognise your name when I go down my dash and go “Oh hey I know them!!” If there’s any questions you don’t wanna answer, no problem! Or if you’d like to add something, that’s cool too. 

Also if I missed you, please don’t feel bad! If you see this and wanna do it, tag me in it! I’d love to learn more about you! ♥

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Name: Emmie
Nicknames: Em, Emme, Brat
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 5'4"
Age: 16
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Favorite Color: It varies a lot
Time right now: 7:20PM
Average hours of sleep: 10-12
Lucky Number: 7
Last Thing I Googled: Can dogs eat bananas?
Favorite Fictional Character: Dean Winchester
Blankets I Sleep With: A quilt my aunt gave me and a fuzzy blanket I got two years ago
Favorite Bands: Ghost Town, SayWeCanFly, Twenty One Pilots, Three Days Grace, Panic at the Disco!
Dream Trip: Hiking and Camping in Colorado for a week
Job: I want to do anything that has to do with animals
When Did I Make This Blog: 2 Nights ago
Follower Count: 9
Posts: Technically none because all of my posts are reblogs
Your Most Active Followers According to Your Biggest Fans: @tinyprettyprince @yessoftball-lover06
When Did Your Blog Reach its Peak: It hasn’t yet
Why Did You Get Tumblr: To make friends with lots of people and littles
Do You Get Asks on a Daily Basis: No but I’d love to get some from you guys!
Why Did You Choose Your URL: Because blues clues is an amazing cartoon!
Nominated By: @tinyprettyprince
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Nicknames: Jiller, JP, Jillus
Gender: somewhere in the middle
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: 5′7"
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Color:  yellow, green, grey, black.

Time Right Now: 11:12AM
Average Hours of Sleep: 4-6?

Lucky Number: I don’t think I have a lucky number
Last Thing I Googled: Pull-up workout photo reference for drawing
Favorite Fictional Character: Timothy Lawrence (shocker!), Wilhelm (another shocker!), Junkrat, Roadhog, Dex, Athena and Janey Springs.

Blankets I Sleep With: One, I overheat a lot at night and usually kick it off of me anyways.
Favorite Bands: eeeh, depends on my mood? Right now I rotate between the Hamilton soundtrack and any of the dozens of playlists I’ve made.

Dream trip: I’d love to explore eastern Canada more—Nfld and PEI for sure.

Dream job: Bakery. BAKERY. Let me live and open a bakery!!!

When did you make this blog: who can know these things

Number of Blogs I Follow: like 500+, wow.
Number of Posts: waaaaay too many, probably

What do I post about: Art shitposts and baking mostly.
When did your blog reach its peak: I have no idea, probably a long time ago!
Do you get asks on a daily basis?: No, definitely not.

Why did you choose your URL? one of my nicknames.

I tag: (only if you wanna!) @thirtysixsavefiles, @antisorum, @sleazyfemmedad @ourintergalactic, @mindofjen