my favorite thing that Clark Kent does is try to figure out how a Normal Human Man would respond to getting injured

like if someone shoots at him he can say “oh he missed” and if someone tries to punch him he can kind of roll with it and barely avoid getting hit so they don’t smash their hand while going “oh ow oof what a punch ouch”

but then here comes the Joker with a comically large wooden mallet and now Clark has to figure out how Normal Human Man Clark Kent could conceivably survive this without making it obvious that he is not actually a Normal Human Man. just “oh goddammit i’ve never even seen someone get hit with one of these before, the joker’s probably seen all kinds of people get hit, he knows what this is supposed to look like but i have no goddamn idea i am so fucked”

superman may have the power of flight and super strength but clark kent has the power of improv

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Okay okay okay. So I was listening to the radio and "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith came on. All I could think about through the whole thing was Red and his feelings towards Lizzy! Check it out and tell me that it's not his exact thoughts!

Anon I couldn’t agree more. This is so Red and all I can say is someone, and Lizzy I’m looking at you here, please give this guy a hug and right now! Thanks Anon this was great and since lyrics are my favorite thing here they are….

I’ve been here before
But always hit the floor
I’ve spent a lifetime running
And I always get away
But with you I’m feeling something
That makes me want to stay

I’m prepared for this
I never shoot to miss
But I feel like a storm is coming
If I’m gonna make it through the day
Then there’s no more use in running
This is something I gotta face

If I risk it all
Could you break my fall?

How do I live? How do I breathe?
When you’re not here I’m suffocating
I want to feel love, run through my blood
Tell me is this where I give it all up?
For you I have to risk it all
Cause the writing’s on the wall

A million shards of glass
That haunt me from my past
As the stars begin to gather
And the light begins to fade
When all hope begins to shatter
Know that I won’t be afraid

If I risk it all
Could you break my fall?


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Name: Vincent
Nicknames: Vince
Gender: Male
Zodiac sign: Aries
Height: 5'9’’
Romantic/sexual orientation: Hetero
Favorite color: Green 
Time right now is: 8:40 pm
Average hours of sleep: 5 and a half 
Lucky numbers: I don’t have one.
Last thing i googled: Radical Reels tour
Number of blankets I sleep under: One or two, it depends of the season.
Favorite fictional character: Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica.
Favorite band/artists: My favorite is never the same, but lately it’s been Jean Leloup.
Dream trip: There’s so many. I can’t single out one in particular.
Dream job: Something like Jimmy Chin, athlete/photographer. You get paid to travel around the world, climb mountains, shoot awesome pictures and videos.
What i’m wearing: A pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

One of my favorite parts in The Force Awakens is when the resistance is looking at the plans for Starkiller Base and they’re like ‘Here’s the Death Star…. AND HERE IS STARKILLER BASE’ and everyone gasps because it’s so huge but then Han is basically like ok yeah gr8 so where do we need to shoot it this time

Take Me Home - Outtakes (4)

Chris during Gucci Guilty shooting

I was nervous.

I was really fucking nervous. My palms were sweaty and I was shaking just slightly, hopefully not too noticeably. I felt like I was going in for an audition. Hell, I felt like I was auditioning for Captain America again. Now that was a horrifying feeling.

In reality, I was just getting ready to go to the Gucci Guilty shoot. To see Simran. I’d been texting her for months now. She was everything I thought she’d be and more.

She loved all things Disney, her favorite movie was Mulan and she could horribly belt out (her words, not mine! Though, even if she couldn’t sing, she was still an angel) I’ll Make a Man Out of You on command. I wanted to witness the beauty and I told her that. She just told me to shut up.

She watched a lot of movies. A lot. She watched YouTube videos and interviews with casts for most movies and enjoyed it. I asked her if she’d seen any of my individual interviews (like my one for Details magazine or any of the Gucci ones) and she actually told me no, that she focused on “the important shit, for the movies.” I thought that was interesting.

I always thought that if you wanted to know what kind of person someone is, you just asked if they prefer cats (ew) or dogs (yay). It was simple, to me. I could proudly say Simran loved dogs. All dogs. Even chihuahuas, the worst dogs ever that were basically as bad as fucking cats. Like, seriously, they’re fucking annoying. Anyway.

Sim was thoughtful, never complained when I abruptly stopped texting her. She was eager to ask questions, but didn’t dig too deep into my professional life. Sure, she’d poke fun at the Marvel movies and was polite when I mentioned other projects, but it was never expected that I talk about work. I’d actually bring it up more than she ever did, come to think of it.

You know how hot smart chicks are? Well, Sim was intelligent as fuck, honest to God. Hell of a lot fucking smarter than she let on for anyone to believe. She went to college and yeah, I know all that shit about how going to college doesn’t make you better or superior. But this girl graduated from University of California — Los Angeles summa cum laude (she had to tell me what that meant, but when she did, holy shit), so she was pretty fucking fantastic.

She was also a caretaker. Sim told me about how her friends and her watched over her siblings, but I could never even wrap my head around that. She was so young and while she had admitted herself that she wasn’t a very responsible person, I could see that she was. What irresponsible person would take custody (or guardianship, or whatever? I don’t know those details and frankly, she sounded like she didn’t even know either) of their siblings fresh out of college?

I knew a lot about the girls (the cutest girls who I could never repay for helping me stay in contact with Sim) but it was a little hard for her to open up about her childhood and parents. I could tell she was holding back most of the information. But she told me little tidbits and I paid close attention, knowing how rare it was hear them.

(Text message from Simran: Lol so once, I pushed an older boy off the swings at school because he told me my mom’s bindi looked dumb)

(Text message from Simran: My dad and mom always fought. They hated each other most of the time. They refused to divorce though, I think it was a cultural stigma. :/)

(Text message from Simran: When I was twelve, I got teased for having thick eyebrows so I shaved off the ends of them. I have photographic proof wanna see lmao)

What random other things did I know about her? She hated marshmallows in her hot cocoa. She thought it was weird that she put on her left foot’s sock first because she was a righty. Her favorite season was spring because she loved the blooming flowers.

See… Texting was easy, I could talk a big game when I wasn’t face-to-face with her. But being in front of her? Seeing her and being able to just reach out and touch her? Not that I would. I already felt like a creep and that’d just hit the nail on the coffin.

So, as I said before, I was fucking nervous.

I got to the studio and met with everyone, going to hair and makeup as smoothly as possible. Got my scruff taken care of, my hair gelled back, and my clothes handed to me. A black v-neck sweater, dark jeans and black boots.

Thank God for simple clothes. I’d gotten a new appreciation for them after having to wear different variations of the goddamn Cap suit. Sure, women (and men) thought it was hot, but at what cost? I would sweat and chafe and it’d be a bitch to put on and take off. No thanks.

After I got done with all those shenanigans, I went in search of food because I’d forgotten to eat this morning. May as well get that in before seeing Sim, right? Wrong. Apparently Simran had the same idea because I caught her making eyes at the food table.

I came up next to her but she didn’t move, apparently not noticing me. God, it was awkward already. Great start, Chris, how long have you been doing this flirting again?

Clearing my throat, she finally looked up at me. I took the time to take in how beautiful she looked — her face simple and elegant, apart from the lines on her eyelids that I had no idea what to think of. I mean, it looked good and as an actor I knew the basics of makeup, but what the fuck were the dark lines on her eye really doing there? Whatever, man, she looked good.

“It looks good, huh?” Despite the smirk on my face, I was talking about the food, I swear.

Simran turned away from me, agreeing, “Hell yeah it does.”

“You look good too,” I added, noting the slightest flush of color on her cheeks. It was so slight, I almost wrote it off as part of her makeup. Without too long of a pause, she looked back with a sly grin.

“Thanks. You’re lookin’ alright, I guess,” she teased. “But when are you ever going to wear a shirt that actually fits?”

My smile faded and I glanced down. Did she know about that secret trick that guys used to make themselves look bigger? Did she know my secret weapon? Tight shirts? Smediums were my best friend in the looks department. Steve Rogers wore only them and now, so did Chris.

“This fits!” I insisted, the smile coming back as I thought of how much shit she was going to give me over the week.

“Just because you can squeeze yourself into it doesn’t mean it actually fits, Christopher!”

Christopher? I thought it would only be a texting thing. God, I was suddenly reminded of my mom. I certainly didn’t want that.

“Look who’s talking!” I winked at her. Realizing I may be objectifying her, I started to feel a little bad. All my mother’s old talks and speeches about how to respect a woman were coming back to mind. “And, might I add, my mother calls me Christopher less often than you do.”

We bantered, back and forth, just teasing each other. Well, actually it was flirting, if I was being adventurous with my wording. Literally, I couldn’t stop winking at her. It was like I was twitching and I kept telling myself, “CHRIS, STOP BEING SO SEXUAL” in my head.

She called me out on it, telling me to stop, and I decided to play it up instead as I told her, “Why? We’re already going to be doing some suggestive things here. May as well get into character, am I right?”

After being called to places, she told me to shut up and grabbed a water. I had to slip in another suggestive remark, I don’t know why. I couldn’t help it, she did weird things to me without even trying! Thank God she didn’t sue me for sexual harassment or something.

I called after her retreating form, “Yeah, you’re gonna need that water when we’re done!”

She stuck her tongue out at me in response and skipped off. I did my best not to stare at her ass as she left.

Let’s just say my best wasn’t good enough.


This stupid fucking bar scene was taking so long. Yeah, kissing in front of the camera for the first time was nerve-wracking as all hell, but dragging this shit out made it so much worse. I almost wanted to punch the director in the face before realizing that literally wouldn’t help with the situation. So, I settled for just listening and doing what I was told.

Patience was a virtue, I guess. (Fucking bullshit.)

And it was. On the seventh or eighth take, we were finally given the green light to kiss. Finally. I hadn’t felt this fucking nervous since I’d gotten my first blowjob from Suzie Lapner in the costume room on opening night for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Inappropriate, but whatever. It seriously was true. Sim made me more nervous than my first sexual experience and a high school play show night. Combined. Maybe I’d tell her that one day, if it wasn’t creepy.

It would probably be creepy.

She was nervous too, I could tell. Her teeth didn’t leave her bottom lip and her dark eyes were darting around anxiously in between takes. I had to give her props though — immediately when it was time to be in character, she shifted from Super Scared Simran to Super Sexy Simran.  

The director calling for “Action!” pulled me from my thoughts and I instantly tried to clear my mind. Walking into the bar, I stood at the bar and pointed at Sim’s back, gesturing for a drink to be given to her. Once the drink was given to her, she turned to send me an appraising look. I returned her stare with smolder, laying it on extra heavy since we were about to finally fucking kiss.

She stood up, sauntering towards me in a relaxed stroll. I held my breath until she got to where I was standing, looking up at me and biting her lip. I couldn’t tell if she did it on purpose or not. Did she know how beautiful she was? I hoped so. I wished I could tell her.

Before I could think too much on it, I realized I needed to pick her up and place her on the counter in front of me. As I did so, her tiny hands gripped my shoulders and I wrapped her legs around my waist. I threaded my hands lightly in her hair, bringing her beautiful lips towards mine.

I tried not to seem eager, but I was. I was so fucking eager.

Our noses touched first and she already felt so soft, nearing melting into me as our lips melded together. She made the smallest of sounds in the back of throat but I was fairly sure she didn’t realize as she moved her hands from my shoulders to my chest.

I hoped to God that she couldn’t feel how fast my heart was racing at this moment. It felt like it was going 100 miles per hour, beating against her small hands. She shifted closer to me, sighing into the kiss as my hands traveled from her hair down to her back.

Breaking away from the kiss, Sim took a breath as I ran my lips down her jawline and over to her neck. I couldn’t resist trying to see how far I could take it before the director would tell us to get rougher. I knew that while this kiss, this first kiss of ours, had been amazing, it wasn’t what the ad needed.

The director said so right when I was pressing my lips down her chin. Damn it.

I moved away instantly, trying to give her the space she needed. I didn’t know if I had taken it too far with the jaw kissing but I knew she needed some air to breathe away from me. I avoided her eyes as she cleared her throat, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overstepping any boundaries by being too close with her afterwards.

But I couldn’t not look at her face for too long, so I glanced back up and smiled comfortingly at her unsure, beautiful face. Or, at least, I hoped it was comforting. She brightened up in an instant and I felt light-headed from how gorgeous she was.

She was going to kill me with smiles like that.

The rest of the day went by quickly, way too quickly. Our kisses were becoming my favorite thing in the world, the second best thing was her smiling at me. Third best thing was when she’d rub these little circles on my chest when we cracked jokes in between takes.

I caught Sim before she left, saying a hasty goodbye to the director and telling him I’d see him tomorrow. She set down the water bottle she was drinking as I approached her and asked, “Hey, how do you feel?”

Stupid question, but I wanted to make sure we were alright. This was one of her first big gigs, she’d only done some modeling and an unaired TV show pilot. She gave me a small smile.

“I’m good, what about you?” she reassured me.

I’m so glad you’re good. I want you to be perfectly happy all the time. What about me? Oh, I’m over the moon. Thanks for letting me kiss you. Do you know how fucking cute you are? Just wondering. 

I didn’t say any of that, of course.

“I’m fine, first days are a bit hectic,” I replied, looking around at the busy room. Clearing my throat, I glanced back down at her, “You all ready to go?”

A flicker of self-conscious doubt crossed her face as she looked down at her outfit. “Yeah?”

There was no reason for her to be self-conscious. She was beautiful. She had on a flannel that way too big for her with tight leggings (or maybe just dark jeans? I don’t fucking know) and Converse. She hadn’t fixed her hair or taken off her makeup yet but she looked like she was ready to get out of here.

I thought over what to say next, if I should bring up the question ‘Are we okay?’ or not. I ran a hand over my scruff and smiled to myself, thinking of what she’d say to that. ‘Christopher, you idiot, I’m fine.’ maybe? I hoped to God she wouldn’t say something like, ’I’m good, but you’re a bad kisser.’ Or perhaps she’d get stutter-y and endearingly awkward? I decided to bite the bullet and ask.

“You don’t feel awkward right?”


I inwardly cringed at how oddly I’d phrased the question. Trying to clarify, I said, “You know, like with us? Like with me?”

“Wait, what? Li-like with us? Like, each other? Nah, I’m fine. Kissing you was fine. That wasn’t weird or anything,” she rambled nervously. ”Not that you’re a weird kisser. I just mean we’re all good. We’re bros, right? Like– we’re cool. Haha, whatever.”

So, she ended up being stutter-y and endearingly awkward. So adorable. I sent her an amused smile and nodded. “Bros? I like that. We’re gonna be awesome bros.”

Dear God, I really hoped she didn’t actually think of me as a bro. I hoped it was just nervous ramblings or something. I called Chris Pratt a bro. I called Scott a bro. I called my friends back in Boston bro. I didn’t want her to be my bro, I wanted her to be my girlfriend.


They’d made the schedule horribly, I’ll admit that. It was partially because they’d accommodated to me. Before We Go was premiering and I had press interviews for it. But Labor Day being this weekend also affected it. I was supposed to meet with Minka this weekend, actually. But that was to talk about for another time.

Sim and I talked before going on set, I greeted her with a hug and she felt warm and small in my arms. She asked about my tattoo and ogled at my chest. I couldn’t say much about it, since I ogled hers as well. That shirt really didn’t do much to hide her cleavage and I wasn’t complaining.

We’d done the scene that day at least fifteen times and every time Sim and I kissed felt… Amazing. I’d have said magical but then I’d be making it sound weird. She made fun of me for thinking cinnamon gum was spicy (Who even had cinnamon flavored gum? Gross.) and we flirted. It was nice, it was cute. I wanted more but I didn’t know if she did.

We ended up nailing the scene and I said as much, pumping my fist in the air and helping Sim get down from the counter. She fixed her skirt a little distractedly as I started to speak, “You know, you do this really cute thing…”

I didn’t know if I was pushing any boundaries but I wanted to try and see how she reacted to some more flirting. I needed to test the waters.

“What?” she mumbled as she adjusted her blouse. She started to walk away and I followed, trying to make sure she listened.

“You have this like breathy, moan you do,” I said, smiling as I recalled our kisses. They felt perfect and I wanted her to make that noise again. Maybe even more noises, if I was lucky. I trailed off, feigning innocence, “Is that an acting thing or…?”

“Jesus, shut the fuck up,” she laughed nervously as she grabbed an extra water bottle from the food table, shaking her head. “Just—Shut up.”

“It’s not, is it?” I asked, in a singsong voice. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m gonna kick your ass if you keep talking, Christopher,” she warned, her pointer finger pushing against my chest.

“Yeah, real scary,” I teased as my hand wrapped around her small wrist. “With these baby fists of yours?”

“Goddamn it, Chris, just shut up,” she scoffed but there was a small smile on her face. I know I had a huge grin on mine.

She walked off, probably going to change and get ready for home. I did the same, changing quickly and grabbing my bag before coming back to the same spot to wait for her. I didn’t get a good read on that situation, she kept telling me to shut up but she was clearly amused.

I sighed deeply to myself, looking through my phone to distract myself. Minka had texted me while I was shooting, she asked, “We still on for this weekend?” I rolled my eyes and confirmed that we were. She knew we were, she was just looking for a reason to text me.

I glanced back up at the sound of Sim’s door and grinned, seeing her come out. She looked stunning, she’d removed her makeup and put her hair in a bun. Her Converse made another appearance and she wore cotton shorts with a (ugh) Superman shirt.

Dramatically clutching my hand to my heart, I gestured towards her shirt. “You wound me!”

She smirked, shrugging at me, “Oh well. Cap’s cool but…”

“You know I met Cavill a while back, at the BAFTAs. He’s an alright guy, I guess,” I stated, rubbing the back of my neck. “We drank some champagne together and I presented an award with him. Dude does have a nice beard though.”

“What? You’re trying to impress me or something, Evans?” She laughed. Fuck, she was calling me out. I loved that about her. “Because it is impressive. That man is fucking sex on legs. Henry Cavill could so get it.”

“Get what?” I sputtered, surprised at the admission.

She laughed and shrugged again, winking at me, “You know what.”

“Oh man, you are something else,” I shook my head at her, trying not to think of Simran and Henry Cavill getting it. Fuck Henry Cavill. I tried not to think of Sim and anyone getting it. Unless it was me. Why couldn’t I get it?

“What?! He could!”

“It’s the British accent, isn’t it?”


“Predictable,” I teased, rolling my eyes.

“What can I say? Tall, blue eyed men with accents get me going.” she shrugged, walking towards the exit.

“You know, I have an accent since I’m from Boston,” I called after her, jogging to catch up. “And I’m tall and I have blue eyes.”

It wasn’t too much of a stretch.

“But you don’t get me going,” she giggled, holding the door open for me.

Was she giving me shit or was she serious? Was I not attractive to her? Did I do something over the months of texting to turn her off? She seemed to like me, I thought…

“Ah, now you’ve really wounded me,” I pouted, kind of meaning it this time. I dug my keys out of my pocket, ready to walk to my car and wallow in there.

“Sorry, bro,” she stuck her tongue out and grabbed her own car keys. “What’s your movie’s name again? Maybe I’ll catch it this weekend!”

“Oh God, maybe you shouldn’t,” I sighed as we walked to our cars. I waved her off with a small smile. “I feel like you’d give me shit for it. You bust my balls about everything.”

“Nah, you’re just too sensitive,” she mocked, going in the direction of her car. I just laughed.

“Nah, you’re just a jerk,” I countered.

“Have a good weekend, old man!” she called.

Maybe I was just that to her, an old man. Maybe I wasn’t someone she was attracted to. Or maybe I hadn’t met her expectations as the guy she’d seen in interviews. I don’t know. Maybe I just wasn’t what she wanted. All I knew was that she was what I wanted.

I thought about this the whole ride home. I thought about it through the press interviews, unsuccessfully trying to distract myself and failing. I thought about it through the premiere and even when seeing Minka. We had sex and walked her dogs, and yes I still thought of my situation with Simran during all of this.

Now, I liked Minka. She was a good friend and I liked sleeping with her, to be honest.

Minka was easy, you know what I mean? I could see a future with her. If I tried kinda hard… I could see marriage and a few kids with her. Probably not divorce. Well, hopefully not. It would be easy to be with her and it wasn’t a bad idea.

With Sim, it would be hard. She gave no indication of liking me, she liked me as a friend. She’d even called me a bro, now that I’d thought about it. A bro wasn’t someone you wanted to fuck or date or marry or have kids with. I wasn’t even close to having kids with Sim.

Scott said I settled whenever I felt high pressure. Totally unrelated. (Not.)

But Sim was young. And she had her whole life ahead of her. I was old. And my biological clock was ticking. Like really fucking loud. I doubt she was thinking of marriage or kids right now, despite how much I was.

And I knew what everyone was gonna say to me if I told them that. “Oh Chris, my beautiful idiot son. I know I’ve been pushing you for grand babies but that doesn’t mean you HAVE TO settle down right now.” Okay, so I admit, I mainly just knew what my ma would say.

Still though, being with Sim was a bad idea. And she obviously didn’t want to be with me. So, friends. Or, bros I guess. I don’t know. Whatever.


Coming back on Tuesday, I was anxious to see Simran again. I wondered if she’d seen the tabloids and made her own assumptions and I felt a little bad for hoping she was jealous. But if she was, that could mean she liked me. If she wasn’t, then I’d just have to get over her.

When I saw her on set, she looked different this time. Her hair was curled the same but she had a white dress that framed her curves perfectly. The heels she had on scared me a bit, she looked like she could fall over any second. Her lips were painted a dark red and she was scowling.

Why was she scowling?

I hugged her and she barely wrapped her arms around me to hug me back. I looked down at her, worried, as I rested my hands on her dainty shoulders. “You okay? Bad weekend or something?”

I sure as hell had a bad weekend, so.

“Yeah, it’s just been a long one,” she sighed, avoiding my eyes. She forced a smile on her face, “Did you get a new dog?”

I dropped my hands from her shoulders and placed them on my hips as I mulled over her question. “What?”

“You were walking a dog yesterday, right? It’s like on a lot of gossip websites for some reason.”

Where did this—Oh. Oh yeah.

I lit up on the inside. Maybe she was bringing it up because she was jealous! I didn’t want to make her jealous or hurt her on purpose but if she liked me… Then, that was the best news of the decade.

I replied, “Oh, that’s not my dog! That’s Minka’s!”

“Oh cool!” she nodded along.

“Yeah, I should get a dog though,” I said, thinking of all the dogs Sim and I could own. Together. If she wanted. Whatever she wanted, she’d get. I glanced back at her, grinning, “You look great again, by the way.”

She snorted before almost bitterly saying, “Yeah, right. Thanks.”

“No, seriously!” I disagreed, resting my hand on her shoulder as I tried to look her in the eye. I didn’t want her to be doubtful of her beauty. “You know I’m serious, right?”

She laughed a bit breathlessly and shook her head, “Just shut up, Christopher.”

I frowned, “Please tell me you know I’m serious.” She shushed me and I went on, “I don’t get it. You’re a model, you’re on your way to being an actress. You know you’re good-looking, right?”

She bit the inside of her cheek, telling me quietly. “You know this industry is really good at tearing down self esteem.”

“Yeah but—” I started to disagree and she groaned.

“My forehead is too small and my neck isn’t long enough,” she snapped. “I have wide hips and my ass is oddly shaped. My eyes are a boring brown, my hair is too long but my legs aren’t long enough, obviously. Oh and can I get my skin lightened?”

My heart broke for her. I wanted to wrap her in a blanket and pull her into my arms. I wanted to cuddle her and kiss her and tell her how smart and beautiful and talented she was. I wanted her to know this stuff for herself and not because some idiot, me included, thought so. I wanted her to believe she was amazing and gorgeous.

I swallowed, “Look, Simran—“

“I’ve grown a thicker skin, don’t worry about it,” she cut me off, cringing.

“I know you’ve heard this a million times but,” I said slowly. making sure she wouldn’t interrupt me again “Everyone gets told bullshit that isn’t true. Trust me, not one thing you just said is true.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Don’t just brush it off,” I frowned, telling her in finality, “Now, go grab some food before we get on set.”

She sighed, grabbing some mini cheeseburgers and grumbling about how tired she was. She was adorable even if she was pissed.

I felt the tension in the car, knowing what we had to do but feeling bad because Sim was probably mad at me. Or, at least, aggravated with me. Not to mention, we were making out from the get go of this scene.

Speaking of the making out. It was hot. I mean, anytime we made out was hot. But this time, she’d pulled my hair and that was a major turn-on of mine. She couldn’t have possibly known but Jesus Christ, it was good. We were basically having sex with clothes on, she’d even dragged her lipstick all over my jaw and neck. Best part of the day: I got to squeeze her glorious ass. Over and over again, every take.

Today’s memories, along with last week’s, were filed into the spank bank. Not that I’d ever say that out loud to Sim. Or anyone, for that matter.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, I didn’t have a chance to talk to Sim. I waited for her, but she had her headphones in and didn’t answer when I called her name. I didn’t know if she heard me, but I still felt my heart break.

I felt horrible. I shouldn’t have taken it personally or let it affect me the way it did, but I was human. And I really, really liked her.


The next day, I brushed it off. I did the same as yesterday, coming up casually and hugging her. I had hoped she’d forgiven me and when her arms wrapped around me with normal strength, a heavy weight lifted off my chest. Our first fight and our first make-up all in the span of 24 hours. Where was the make-up sex? Kidding, kidding.

For the rest of the day, I made jokes with her, flirting the same amount as before and making sure she laughed extra hard for the times we’d missed out on yesterday.

I teased her about needing to wear a Cap shirt when we wrapped up for the day — she had came out with a Hulk one on. I wanted her in my clothes. Not that Cap was really my clothing… But I wanted her with something that was me. I was Cap, technically. If not, I’d give her a flannel of mine or some shit. I knew it was some territorial nonsense, but I wanted it.

I called her honey. I just let it slip out and then tried to play it off. I know, people called each other pet names all the time. It could be considered a casual thing. But I didn’t want it to be a casual thing, I wanted to call her all the gushy, love-dovey names I could think of and have her do the same to me.

“So, I forgot to tell you earlier but there’s going to be a wrap party,” I started, finally working up the courage to bring it up as she unlocked her car. “Well, not officially but I rented this small club out for it on Saturday. The crew and all my friends are invited. Seeing as you’re my friend…”

Real nice going, Chris. You’re so fucking good at this shit. Not. Where did you get your flirting skills from? You’re acting like the skinny, crooked teeth Chris that you used to be!

“Oh, we’re friends now?” she joked. If only you wanted more, Simran.

I cleared my throat and came closer to her, tugging on a loose curl. “Well, seeing as you said, we’re bros.”

Please, tell me otherwise. Tell me you want to be more than friends. I was trying to beg her with my eyes but keep a nonchalant grin on my face. I was an actor, I could school my expression and still convey emotions with my eyes. Hopefully well enough for her to see.

“Ha ha. Hmm, let me think about it,” she replied, apparently not even thinking twice about my comment. “Thanks for inviting me.”

My breath caught in my throat but I just said, “Is that a yes?”

“Of course it is. Get your ears checked, old man.” and then she got in her car and drove off. I waved her goodbye and started walking to my own car.

Either Sim was the most oblivious person ever or she just didn’t want to be more than friends. One thing was sure, this fucking sucked.


Naked photoshoots with Simran Grover were going to be the death of me.

I’d been in the industry long enough to realize these shoots were technical and boring and not at all hot. That being said, she made it hot. I think it was because I was so attracted to her but Jesus fucking Christ, I couldn’t handle being with her like this.

When Sim came out in that tiny silk robe that barely covered her ass, I couldn’t tell you how I really felt. I just felt like I was stuck in the desert and she was a tall glass of water. Well, not tall, since she was a foot shorter than me. But hey, actually, a five foot glass of water is a lot of fucking water. So, I take that back.

But when she took off that robe and got in the bed… Oh my God. My mouth went dry and I tried to think of things to get my mind off of her body. I couldn’t have a boner right now, it’d be too mortifying. I had to think of the most non-arousing things.

Church with my family. Press tours. Mom’s lasagna. Tom Brady.

Okay… Tom Brady gave me a little bit of a sports boner. I’d admit it. But not right now. No boners were allowed to happen. Not at all!

“Chris, you okay?” Sim asked, her eyebrows furrowing slightly as she gave me a worried look. I smiled and nodded. “You gonna get in the bed anytime soon or…?”

“Oh yeah, just got distracted,” I nodded again as she shifted closer to the middle of the bed and allowed room for me. We settled in, my chest pressed against her naked back, and I needed my heart to stop beating so damn fast against her. My head was laying on the crook of her neck as we faced the camera together. 

I did my best to remain calm, making sure I seemed at ease. The photographer instructed us on what to do but I hesitated. My hands brushed up her bare hip and I had to make sure she was okay, so I asked, “You good with this?”

Her breath hitched but she nodded, so I held her more confidently against me and grabbed a fist full of her long, beautiful hair in my other hand. She spoke again, her voice a little shaky, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

She was probably nervous about this shoot, so I tried to lighten her tension. I stuck with being casual, “You’re really fucking warm, like a heater.”

I loved it.

Clearing her throat, she said, “Thanks?”

“It’s a compliment, it’s cool!” I tried to defend myself, a small smile on my face. I rubbed her hip bone, not wanting to get lost in the feeling her body against mine but also trying to cherish these few days of being in such close proximity with her.

“Uh-huh,” was all she said, but she sounded more relaxed than before so I went on.

“You’re really stiff,” I whispered, running my nose against her ear to maintain the sensual image we had to have for the cameras. And just because I wanted to.

“This is the first time I’ve done a basically naked photoshoot. It’s just weird, I guess.”

“Eh, you’re doing good, kid,” I rumbled. I almost smacked myself once the words came out of my mouth. Kid? Really? Yeah, Chris, call the girl you have a crush on a kid. That’s great. That’s fucking fantastic. That’s not creepy or gross at all. Fucking jackass.

The next thing I knew, Sim was leaning back against me even more and a photographer was telling me to kiss her neck. If things got anymore intimate, I’d need to be carried out on a stretcher.

… They got more intimate real quick. I decided I absolutely needed to be carried out on that stretcher and taken to the nearest hospital.

Simran was straddling me and it felt reminiscent of way too many wet dreams (more than I’d like to admit) I’d had over the past few months. I couldn’t stop myself from being half-hard underneath her, feeling her close to me and so fucking warm. So perfect.

She seemed to be lighter than earlier, giggling at me, “You okay down there?”

I rolled my eyes with a smile, but I felt like I was dying in the best way possible. Someone needed to get that stretcher.


The last day of shooting, I realized I didn’t need a stretcher anymore. I was already dead.

To put it bluntly, I got to hold her boobs. In my hands. I got to hold them in my hands. Holy fucking shit. I felt like a teenage boy getting to touch his first pair again.

They were warm and soft, perfectly fitting in my palms and the weight of them was marvelous. I was gentle, way better than 10th Grade Chris who couldn’t stop honking the first boobs he ever got his slimy hands on.

I mean, I probably fucked up by asking her bra size but I was curious. “What size are you? 32D?”

I didn’t remember what was said in her file but that size sounded right. I’d had a fair share of boobs come along in my life and I knew a little bit about the sizing. It was almost purely a guess and probably a little bit of luck. Or maybe I subconsciously remembered it from the file.

“Christopher,” she admonished, but she wasn’t angry. She just seemed amused albeit a little surprised.

“I’m right, huh?” I asked, running my lips against the curve of her shoulder. I wanted to fuck her right on this bed — in front of everyone, I didn’t care. But I also wanted to take her out to dinner and the movies and get a puppy together.

Fuck. Life was complicated.

She didn’t answer as we looked at the camera but I pressed on, jiggling her breasts only slightly, “Come on, tell me if I guessed right.”

“Exactly how many breasts have you held, Christopher?”

I almost snickered. “Don’t ask a question in response to my own question.”

“Why not?” she countered.

“Don’t ask another one! Jesus!”

“Tell me!”

“Tell me first, pleeeeeaaaaaase,” I teased in her ear. All she did was nod slightly and I asked for verification, “Wait, is that a yes you’ll tell me or a yes to me being right?”

She giggled but recovered quickly, “You decide.”

Oh, God, she was adorable. “I’m deciding I’m right.”

“Whatever you say, Evans, whatever you say.”

“Oh come on, no fair,” I whined, my nose running down the side of her neck. She gulped and I was glad to have a little bit of an effect on her. I murmured, smiling in her ear, “You gotta gimme a straight answer.”

“Duh, of course you’re right,” she replied, sighing and loosening up a bit. Victory! “You are such a fuckboy.”

Wait. “What?!”

“You know, a guy who just thinks about sex. I mean, asking about a girl’s bra size,” she taunted back. “Not a gentleman at all.”

“I’ll have you know I’m completely a gentleman,” I said, my voice lowering dangerously. I knew she was teasing but I couldn’t have her thinking I was a fuckboy. Whatever the hell new insult that was. My lips moved to sensitive spot behind her ear and she shivered as I whispered, “I promise.”

“Aw, how cute,” she mocked me and I laughed, knowing she was steering away from sexy conversation. She did that a lot and I tried to respect her silent wishes. “Adorable.”

“I know I am,” I replied. “Now stop giving me so much shit.”

“You love it.” I really did love it, but I wanted to know how she really felt. It was possible that this was telling me how she really felt. But I sure as hell didn’t understand. She could hate me for all I knew. Hell, she probably did.

I smiled in reply, pressing the lightest of kisses against the hair at her temple. “Maybe.”

I was hoping that maybe one day Simran would let me know how she felt.


It’s been 2 weeks since I got Oshima Tomo’s Love Live Sunshine doujinshi and I’m so happy that I got it. For some reason, Tumblr won’t let me post the rest of the pictures I wanted to share so I’m still working on it, if I can. For now, at least I am able to post my favorite scenes from the doujin!

This has to be one of my fave scenes in the doujin. Kanan being in a boy’s school uniform fits her really well, she looks really handsome in it, along with everyone’s reactions. I also like Dia’s reaction after Kanan shoots her a bishi like smile in the next page. Oshima Tomo did a really great job on this doujinshi! 

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Name: Linda

Nickname: Cheeks, Boo

Gender:  female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Sign: Taurus

Hogwarts House: IDK…Gryffindor maybe

Favorite Color: Any Shade of Blue 

Current Time: 8:08 pm EST

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 or 7 

Lucky Number: 5

Last Thing I Googled: Something about EXO

Favorite Fictional Character: I don’t know, I can’t think of one right now…probably Luna Lovegood

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 2 or 3 depends on how cold it is

Favorite Artists/Bands: SHINee,Vixx, BTS,B.A.P, got7, f(x), EXO,17, Zion.t, Crush…shoot, if you follow my blog, you know who I like…lol 

Dream Trip: Back to Japan to see SHINee at the Tokyo Dome

What I’m Wearing: crap…jeans and a shirt that are too big for me that I wouldn’t dare leave the house in…basically old clothes that are as comfy as pjs…lol…I’m a slob.

When did I create my blog: in August of 2013…I think.

What do I post about: SHINee…lots of SHINee. And other groups too. And still a some kdramas thrown in here and there too, plus whatever other random shit I feel like posting. :)

Most Active Followers: @eunicealas @moretoyouthanjustanothergirl  @nephtythot11  @themortalgames16  @bubbllesss  @prettygirljosh  @ishawollove  @50shadesof-youngjaesgrayshirts  @eyes0ny0u  @windflwr and probably several others I am forgetting, but I think that covers quite a few of my active biggest fans and mutuals.

What made me decide to make a tumblr: My daughter suggested it after I got obsessed with kdramas. I started this as a kdrama blog, which then got taken over by kpop.

Do I get asks daily: No, I wish. COME AND TALK TO ME…PLEASE!

Why did I choose my url: Pretty simple…kdramas plus mom…well you get the picture. The ultra part is because of my super powers (sshhhh, don’t tell anyone)

okay…now to tag some people, it said 20..that’s a lot. No one will do it anyway…lol… Here we go:   @keybangs  @minhoandthebabes @menofkpop  @moksurideonew @sjshineefxfan  @squishybummie @choitaemins  @keys-little-freak  @vanilla-uu  @shawolnoona  @church-of-minho  @aegyo-shinee  @aegyoshawol  @colorjinki  @ilikechen  @ilikeminho  @ihaveonewitis  @multifandom-kpop-me  @jinkisbelly  @jeosychi  PLUS ALL THE PEOPLE I NAMED AS MY MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWERS~YOU DO IT TOO!

For the Grey's Anatomy Fandom!

Thank yo so much @itsabeautifuldaytodaytolive for including me in this and I’m so sorry it took me this long!

1. Moment you knew you loved Grey’s

I can’t pin down a moment because i binge watched a lot of it, I think it was around season 5 that i was completely draw in and there was no return

2. Favourite OTP

I liked amost all canon ships as long as they lasted, but my previous favorite was crowen and now it’s omelia!

3. Favourite episode

I can’t choose between the musical episode and Put me In Coach

4. Favourite scene

this is almost impossible. There are so many scenes with such great acting like when George and Izzie were dying, Lexie’s death, Denny’s death, and the “shoot me” scene, (goodness, this show can be morbid)

I think one really truly AMAZING scene is when Owen was bathing Cristina

5. Favourite otp scene


I think the most perfect out of all the perfection is the one in 11x22 where he takes the oxy and hugs her.

6. Favourite quote

I think shonda rhimes is a genius and almost every single line i want to include. These questions are hard.

the one i can think of right now is “ think it’s important to take the time to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you. (pause) I love you Cristina Yang. “ 

7. Favourite song from Greys

Does this even need a question? How to save a life and Chasing Cars

8. Favourite friendship

Just when I thought these questions couldn’t get harder.

I LOVE how good of a fried Owen actually is. I also love Cristina x Callie. Amelia x Callie (i just want it to happen), Arizona x Mark x Callie x Teddy. and of course Mertina is my goals

9. Episode in which you cried the most

Flight, Losing My religion, Now or Never, Drowning on Dry Land

10. Favourite Doctor

Callie Torres, Alex Karev, Amelia Shepherd, Cristina Yang

Learn More About Your Followers Tag

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rules: tag 20 followers that to you would like to get to know better

name: Taylah

nickname: No nicknames. I like being called by my name. 

star sign: Aries. Makes it super easy for star sign posts because Aries is always listed first 

gender: female

height: 170 cm. 

favorite colors: Recently I’ve started liking green. @artfulizzy you know why ;)

time right now: 7:35 pm. 

average hours of sleep: Um I’m not sure. Holidays (which it is now) I’ve been sleeping for like 10 hours (Ik I’m so lazy…) but school nights I’ll sleep around 7.

last thing i googled: How to burn copyrighted discs…it’s not illegal I swear

number of blankets: I have two. One thick one and a small ‘Winnie the Pooh’ one that I’ve had since I was little

favorite fictional character: I have too many to pick a favourite! But I guess if I have to pick an absolute fave it would have to be Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf, he’s an absolute cinnamon bun. Although mind you if I had to pick a problematic fave it would probably be Anakin Skywalker. Cause nothing says problematic like slaughtering tens of children. 

favorite books: My fave series would definitely be the ‘Maze Runner’, by James Dashner. And my fave book would be ‘The Red Queen’, by Victoria Aveyard. Definitely recommend these books to anyone!

favorite bands: One Direction, that’s all I have to say. 

dream job: I would love to become a Criminal Psychologist. It’ll take me a while but I know it’s a job that isn’t too far away from becoming a dream. 

what i am wearing right now: Well seeing as I haven’t left the house all day I’m just wearing a black dress with sunflowers on it. 

when did you create your blog: At the end of 2014? I think? 

current amount of followers: 568. I’ve been stuck on it forever!

what do you post about: Absolutely anything, it’s all just random shitposting.

when did your blog reach its peak: Probably the middle of 2015. I started gaining a lot more then. 

who is your most active follower: @pxst-breakup-sex Thanks! :) I can always rely on you to reblog my most random stuff

what made you decide to get a tumblr: A couple of my friends were on so I decided to as well. Now I can’t leave

do you get asks on a daily basis: No! :’( Probably because I don’t come across as an open person but give me a chance :)

why did you choose your url: Because slaying is what I wish I did

And here are 20 people I tag! Please check them out, they’re the best followers! And thank you guys

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Everything is made by me.

I finally remade that costume.

I love so much this cosplay now, because before I didn’t like it at all. It was like a failure for me. I couldn’t stand it. But I wanted to remake it one day anyway because it’s probably my favorite design from AION.
I think it looks so much better right now.
It’s finished soon and I really can’t wait to do a shooting one day with it….maybe and I hope, in the snow!

I should compare it with the old version….it could be funny HAHAHAHA.

philly-osopher asked:

For the thing: JUSTIFIED

The first character I first fell in love with: Raylan, over the course of the pilot, because he’s this really intriguing, intense combination of seemingly laid-back humor, anger, and a lack of self-awareness.  (There’s an almost intoxicating level of, I don’t know, philosophical entitlement to him summarizing his first shooting: “He pulled first, so–I was justified.”)

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: HELLO, BOYD CROWDER.  He snuck up on me, but certainly by the first season finale, he’d become my favorite character and had already started breaking my heart.

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I do love Tim, but I was occasionally staggered by the amount of fic focus and shipping action he got, which is still very far from disliking him, because in fact I liked him very much.  (My fiancée would like it in the record that she has a huge thing for Tim.)

The character I love that everyone else hates:  Quarles, who manages to be a worthy successor to Mags by bringing his own sparkling, unhinged charm; ricocheting back and forth between terrifying and comedic.  Also, his breathless, “Oh, shit, it’s a piggy-bank!” is one of my favorite line-readings of all time.  I also really like Winona, who catches an unfair amount of flack for, in my opinion, being perfectly reasonably conflicted about her relationship with Raylan.

The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Raylan and Boyd both deeply, deeply frustrated me for episodes at a time (Raylan, stop making terrible life choices!  Boyd, stop steadily eroding your good qualities!), but I still love them.

The character I would totally smooch: Rachel, for the perfect combination of deadpan wit, good looks, competence, and actual functioning personhood, plus, getting involved with her wouldn’t ruin your life.  And, to go in a completely different direction, Wynn Duffy.  I just love him so much.

The character I’d want to be like: Act like Art, talk like Boyd.

The character I’d slap: Raylan, if I thought it would do any good.  Failing that, Gary.

A pairing that I love: Raylan/Boyd is one of my key pairings, with intense romanticism, excellent chemistry, tons of pain, and lots of inescapable fate.  I also really love Boyd/Ava (in, well, the middle seasons of the show) and their dance together in season two is one of my favorite things.

A pairing that I despise: I don’t despise it, but I’m dubious about Raylan/Ava because I think he had one foot out the door the entire time they were together; I’m more sold on it when it’s Raylan/Ava/Boyd.

anonymous asked:

I love the fact that the Tweek is an archer class. When it comes to archery you really need to be calm to shoot but here comes the lil twitchy baby slaying his own mom ((he pointed his arrow at token, damn

ikr he’s badass

tweek dont shoot token…he is ur momther….he will be disappointed in you…..

ok but my favorite thing is that token literally looks at tweek and says “goddammit” in SOT when Tweek is getting attacked in the school and its so funny to me hes like “tweek come on….not now”

wash-away-your-sins asked:

Hello! Love love love your blog, been following it for a long time and it's my absolute favorite 😭 So, I was asked to style a shoot and for the outfit I had in mind a suede or velveteen type top that ties in the front (kind of like the ones that are very in style now) I was hoping for one in a beige color but can't find it anywhere! If you could help me it would mean the world. Thank you! And thank you for all you do for etsy loversxxx

didnt find so many in beige either - but i would contact any of the shops that are hand making things and see if they can make u a custom one! also idk if u live in LA but i know here i’ve seen similar shirts in the shops on melrose. here are a bunch in some different colors… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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Time and Date: February 8, 2016, 1:32 PM

Average Hours Of Sleep: Wait you’re supposed to get hourS? Plural????

Gender: Fourteen ducks in a person costume.

Sexuality: Ace enough that you can find four of me in any given deck of cards, aro enough that if you shoot me out of a bow, I might just kill a man. 

Height: 5′5″ I think.

Favorite color: Purple, red, and blue. Can’t pick.

One Place That Makes Me Happy: My room, or my dojo.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: Depends on whether I’m in my dorm or not - anywhere from two to, like, seven. I get cold.

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Jeans, shirt, old jacket -  It basically looks like camp.

Favorite Beverage: Fizzy / frozen lemonade.

Favorite Food: Kinda got a thing for instant ramen.

Last Movie You Watched: Kung Fu Panda 3.

Dream Vacation: Either Japan - Kyoto or Okinawa, specifically, though I wouldn’t mind stopping by Osaka to visit my friends - or, Greece / Ireland to check out the ruins and whatnot. (Yeah, they’re far apart, but those are the two places I most wanna go Old Place Exploring)

Dream Wedding: Not mine, but I’ll be happy to crash other peoples’ if they have finger sandwiches.I’m never gettin’ married.

Dream Pet: I wouldn’t mind a pokemon.

Dream Job: Writer, video game designer, or lawyer. Maybe archaeologist.

Tag 9 People You Want To Get To Know: @fengarii @my-smol-sunshine @cozynuclearglow @grotesque-puppet @lustful-dagger @xionthenumberxiv @soldierunderfire @sutafain I dunno the resta you have all been tagged I think

Click Click Click .. FLASH!!

Happy Tuesday!!

I just wanted to share some of the photos I took on the weekend. My sister loves to use me as a test subject lol. I love taking photos now so I definitely don’t mine. She said she was trying out shots that had high flash without edits.

This is my favorite photo. I kinda feel like this could be featured in Teen Vogue. This has always been one of my dreams to be feature in magazine. 

(Photo credit: Richelle Marie Photography - )

Simply just having a fun day. 



Get To Know Me

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Name : Ronan

Nicknames : None

Star sign : Taurus

Gender : Transgender Male

Height : TOO SHORT (4′ 11″ – I would literally murder someone to be a foot taller)

Favorite color : Black, purple and grey

Time right now : 5:28 pm

Average hours of sleep : 2-4 on school nights, hopefully more on weekends

Lucky number : 18

Number of blankets I sleep with : 2 or 3 (bc my room is a WINTER WONDERLAND)

Favorite characters: OIKAWA TOORU AND KUROO TETSUROU (also Mutsuki Tooru from tg:re~)

Favorite books : Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Unbroken

Favorite bands : SPYAIR, MUSE, GRANRODEO

Dream job : Something in the ics department?

What I’m wearing right now : Jurassic Park t shirt, jeans, black beanie

When did you create this blog: Two-ish years ago???

Current amount of followers : 1459~ (I love you all <3)

What do you post about : Trash

Do you have any other blogs : I hoard urls, and I use @kuroo-tetsurohohoho for live-blogging and other anime trash

When did your blog reach its peak: good question

What made you decide to get Tumblr : Because I am a sad, lonely child

Do you get asks on a daily basis : Not really? 

Why did you choose your URL : Because OIKAWA TOORU IS A BABE

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