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NEWS: BTS won against Justin Bieber once again on Social media?!

BigHit Ent. requested a BTS’ data analysis to Big data Analytical company, Link Bricks in Korea. The research was conducted 4 weeks after the release of BTS’ latest album ‘Love yourself Her’ and the results were surprising:

  • BTS surpassed Justin Bieber on Instagram and landed in #1 place with 19.905.868 posts (amount of posts on IG about them). JB was 2nd with 5.803.523 and Ariana Grande third with 2.209.115 posts. 
  • The country that mentioned BTS (keywords per article) the most was the U.S.A (33,292) followed by Korea (16,780) and U.K third (5576).

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SnK Chapter 99 Poll Results

The chapter 98 poll closed with 1,751 responses.
Thank you to everyone who participated.

1,722 Responses

On the “awful” to “awesome” scale of 1-5, nearly 70% of respondents rated “Guilty Shadow” with a “5″, making it the highest rated chapter since we started polling. Well done, Isayama!

On that day, Marley received a grim reminder… this chapter woke up the obsessed snk fan in me, finally JESUS CHRIST

SNK has always been a wild ride, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been this excited and frustrated that I don’t have the next chapter in my hands RIGHT NOW- if only to satisfy the itch of knowing which half-hidden face is who from Paradis. And also to figure out what they’ve done to Porco, Pieck and Zeke to neutralize them while Eren gives Reiner the most uncomfortable tableside chat.

My heart was pounding throughout the entire chapter. The last time that happened was chapter 84 and I gotta say, I finally feel like this whole Marley arc has been worth it. What an adrenaline rush it’s become! Now that’s now Attack On Titan is supposed to be. I can’t wait to see everybody else again and proceed to reach the climax of the story.

The hype for SNK 100 is too real. Everything will explode

I need Ch100 right now immediately. Waiting another month is going to be torture. In the meantime I hope Porco and Pieck enjoy their time in the pit. If it turns out that Helos is Levi I will eat my own platform boots

It was amazing. Really great story.

I’m so glad this chapter is fake and SnK ended last month with everyone having a huge pizza party!

….is it December yet?

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Did anything else happen in this episode? Lmao I blacked out after that MONUMENTAL revelation and forgot everything before it too.

Knowing that, in canon, Lena’s worst fears about herself and her ultimate legacy are UNFOUNDED and she and her company are known for how they help the universe for *hundreds* of years is just so … emotional and satisfying.

And she didn’t give up! She kept chasing that damn lead cure and haunted her descendants and whoever ran LCorp after her and made sure no one else gave up either! Knowing Lena she probably made it some ironclad condition of her will in perpetuity. WHAT OTHER MIRACLES did her legacy result in? The Legion better be dropping more FACTS about The Best Luthor immediately!!!

Regardless of other factors, do you believe asexual people have the right to be part of this community because of their asexual identity?

Yes: 94.2%, 1838 respondents.
No: 5.8%, 113 respondents.

Regardless of other factors, do you believe aromantic people have the right to be part of this community because of their aromantic identity?

Yes: 92.2%, 1771 respondents
No: 7.8%, 149 respondents

Meaning of the letter “A” when appearing in LGBT[…]+ acronyms:

  • Asexual: 95.4% of respondents, 1936 total
  • Aromantic: 80.7% of respondents, 1639 total
  • Agender: 66.7% of respondents, 1353 total
  • Ally: 13.9% of respondents, 282 total.

Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble

[TRANS] BTS - Sea (lyrics)

(T/N: This is one of the hidden tracks of ‘LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her’, therefore there’s no official lyrics. I listened to the track and translated what I heard, there might be mistakes.)

Somehow I walked and came to this sea
From this sea I look at the beach
Countless grains of sand and the fierce wind
I’m still looking at the desert
I want to have the sea, I gulped you all down
But I get even thirstier than before
Is everything I know truly the sea
Or is it a blue desert

I don’t know I don’t know
If I’m feeling the waves in this moment or not, yeah
I don’t know I don’t know
If I’m still chased by the sandstorm or not, yeah
I don’t know, I don’t know
Is it a sea, is it a desert, is it hope, is it despair
Is it real, is it fake, shit

I know I know
That I will
I know I know
Overcome my trials
I know I know
It’s myself
That I rely on
Think positively, swallow*
Even if I’m anxious, even if a desert
It’s the beautiful Namib Desert

Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials

Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah
Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah

I thought the sea was here but it turned out to be a desert
Small company’s idols with nothing special was my second name
Countless of times edited out from broadcasts
Someone’s fill-in, our dream
Some people said our company was small so we wouldn’t be famous
I know I know, I know it too
Even back when the seven of us struggled to sleep in one room
The trust before sleep that tomorrow would be different
The mirage of the desert, I can see its shape but I couldn’t grab it
I pray that I will survive in this endless desert
I pray that it is not the reality

At last I grabbed the mirage and it became reality
The desert I was once afraid of became that sea by our blood, sweat and tears
But what are these fears among all the happiness
We all know too well this place was originally a desert

I don’t want to cry
I don’t want to rest
(No, how about resting just for a little bit?
No, no, no)
I don’t want to lose
It was originally a desert
(Then let them know everything
We have to achieve more)

Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials

Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah
Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah

Ocean, desert, the world
Everything is the same thing
Different name
I see ocean
I see desert
I see the world
Everything is the same thing but with different name
It’s life again

Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah
Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah

Where there is hope, there is despair
Where there is hope, there is despair
Where there is hope, there is despair
Where there is hope, there is despair

We have to despair, for all of those trials
We have to despair, for all of those trials

*swallowing saliva when being nervous

When the “Symbol of Peace” is a Warrior

Remember that time Gandhi punched a man into the stratosphere? Or when Nelson Mandela dropped the atom bomb? While such events might make for a good game of Civilization VI, the societal and cultural implications would be rather bleak.

That’s the world of Boku no Hero Academia. A world where peace is assured, not by treaties and accords, but by the threat of overwhelming force. The threat of All Might bearing down upon you with all his might.

The surface level problem with this arrangement is not so much an issue for the majority of law-abiding citizens. At least, it wouldn’t be if not for the way this society pushes people toward villainy (which I wrote about here).

The deeper issue here, is the idolization of violence.

Pictured above are 4 of the top 10 ranked heroes in Japan. There are 2 others, but they don’t support my claim, and the remaining 4 are unknown.

All Might - OFA: punches so hard the sheer pressure changes the weather
Endeavour - Hell Flame: kills it with fire
Ryukyu - Dragon Form: claws, fangs, probably eats livestock whole
Edgeshot - Foldabody: makes body thin as a razor, punches at speed of sound

Ignore the Shigarakis and All For Ones of the world, they are few and far between. Consider the more innocuous criminal, like a shoplifter. What strategies would any of these heroes employ in that case? Step 1, offer chance to surrender. Step 2, murder? These heroes do not have a non-lethal option.

And that’s a real problem. Not just for these heroes, but for the society that elevated them to the top 10, rankings which account for popularity more than anything else. 

Every child dreams of being All Might. Everyone looks up to this incredible powerhouse. The term “Hero” was meant to mean “one who saves others,” but has twisted to mean only “one who fights villains.” This perverse understanding of what makes a hero pervades society at an institutional level.

Take it from Aizawa, the UA entrance exam is illogical and harmful, stemming from society’s fascination with brute strength. To get in to the UA Hero course, you need a combat-capable quirk. This system precludes people like Shinso or Aizawa from gaining admission, people who posses some of the greatest and most useful quirks any hero could ask for.

But the exam never asks, “What’s your true potential?” It begs but two simple questions, “How many villains can you beat up? How many people can you save (from villains)?” And the results end up looking like this:

That’s right, Lord Explosion Murder is the star of this year’s class. Bakugou’s quirk and personality are only useful for trying to kill things. Maybe he just needs a better role model. Who does he look up to? Oh, right, it’s All Might.

All Might is a defacto demi-god of this world. Outside of villainous circles, you won’t find anyone who doesn’t idolize him. But what good is that idolization? If someone like Bakugou genuinely believes himself to be following in All Might’s footsteps. 

Well, maybe this is an isolated problem. All Might is UA’s celebrity alumni, of course they’ll try to keep up that image. But the other hero schools can’t all be like that, and the hero licensing program is bound to be–

Oh, nope. It’s all violence, all the time. Neat.

Granted, the provisional license exam does have a rescue phase, but almost everyone passed that. The part intended to cull 95% of the applicants is combat-based. Are there even enough villains in the world to justify being this focused on combat?

As tragic as it is, the elevation of violent heroes is only half the problem,

Because this is a zero-sum scenario: if brutality rises to the top, then utility is pushed to the bottom. 

Non-violent heroes simply do not have a clear path to success. I’m using Shinso as an example again, because there are so few like him that manage to rise to the point of being mentioned in the story. The realm of heroism is all but institutionally sealed off for them. 

Society wants heroes who fight villains. That is what their purpose has become. And anyone who can’t conform to that mold gets pushed out. Maybe Stain was on to something; heroes have deviated from their original purpose, they now exist only for the spectacle of the fight.

All Might’s position as the Symbol of Peace does not extol heroism, but rather violence in heroism’s name.