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More bros shenanigans and contest results! Anyone even remembers this lol

And the winner is @babycharmander! CONGRATS! If u have an idea for a comic u wanna see, pm me! Or if not, tell me what you would like me to draw for you <3

At first i wanted to make something heart-wrenching and absolutely tear-jerking but then my mood shifted and i was all like: naaaah let’s make it about Sans being Sans and Papyrus playing along.

Honestly all the support from my mutuals, especially my white ones, has really made my day??? Like I could cry honestly??? but I am also so very tired

anonymous asked:

Do you know how/where to buy a smooth collie puppy from a responsible breeder? Are sites like puppyfind ok? Where and at what age did you get fox?

fox was 10 months old when i got him, and i wouldn’t really recommend fox’s breeder, but i definitely wouldn’t recommend using puppyfind. if you’re looking for responsible breeders of any breed of dog, use breed clubs. the collie club of american has a breeder directory and so does colliesonline. 
when looking for a responsible collie breeder you’re going to want to look for a breeder that is producing dogs by parents that have finished their championships, and test for collie eye anomaly (CEA), MDR1, and check hips and elbows. sport titles are a bonus. a lot breeders only do conformation. (this is about how to find quality show line collies i won’t touch on “working line” collies here)
don’t buy from breeders who boast quality health and temperaments, but don’t have any titles or health tests to prove it. avoid breeders who claim to have “old time lassie collies” and don’t work their dogs, or even show them. avoid breeders that produce double merles. avoid breeders who advertise puppies from “quality champion lines” but don’t post pics of the parents, or the pedigree. 
if you want to talk to me off anon/message about breeders i can recommend or if you want me to take a look at some breeders you’ve been looking at for you feel let me know :-)