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Yata Misaki & Fushimi Saruhiko
Lost Small World Stage Play

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Silver x Scars

My part of an art trade with the wonderful @killuashappyplace! I’m sooooo sorry this took so incredibly long ;;__;; This fic was weirdly difficult for me. I hope this is along the lines of what you wanted, though, and that you’re happy with it!!! ^-^


word count: 3759

Canon universe- here’s the link for the info regarding Killua’s childhood


“Will you tell me more about what they did to you?”

Killua frowns. His expression is carefully guarded as he says, “Why? There’s no reason to think about that stuff. My family did horrible things to all of my siblings. I’m no different.”

“To me, you are,” Gon says honestly and Killua’s mouth shuts with a click. “And it’s because of that I want you to tell me. I want to…I want to know every part of you, Killua. The good and the bad. Because we’re friends.”

“You want me to relive my childhood just so you can get to know me better?”

Gon bobs his head and Killua snorts.

“You really are selfish, you know that?” 

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anonymous asked:

hi! could you explain the italian referendum? there's a lot of misinformation about it

hi! it was a referendum about a constitutional matter, ie. the alteration of some articles of the italian constitution. generally speaking, it was about the abolition of provinces, the abolition of cnel (national council for economics and labour), and the transformation of the senate into an institution formed by representatives of italian regions andnot by senators (basically the senators would have been without a job)

if you agreed with this, you voted yes. if you didn’t, you voted no. prime minister renzi and the italian government campaigned for the yes, while basically every other party campaigned for no. 

the only problem is that renzi, sure he’d win, said that if no won he’d resign. the opposition basically salivated at this and campaigned hard for “sending him home”. the result is that nobody voted for the law but for renzi. an idiocy, if you ask me (most of the voters didn’t even read the reform)

so yeah, we’ll have to see what happens now. renzi met with president mattarella today to hand his resignation but we don’t know yet if the president accepted it or who will form the next government. government which its only goal will be to approve the new electoral law so we can go vote again

i think the most disgusting thing is that farage and marine le pen are gloating right now because no won. 

I feel like half the bad intra-lgbt discourse wouldn’t exist on this site if people acknowledged that like

the writing (and treatment) of lgbt characters in fiction is not the same as the natural occurrence of lgbt people in life

to refer to recent discourse on lgbt rep in video games, for example

if your only wlw characters are also attracted to men and available to a male player character, this writing decision exists at least in part to cater for and not alienate straight consumers

this is a decision that is homophobic in a way that bisexual people in real life existing is not, because bisexual people exist of their own accord and are not the result of a writing team or marketing decisions (usually by straight people)

“bisexuality exists” is not a valid response to criticism of media that caters to straight men who want to see wlw available to them, because that is not why bisexuality exists in the real world

no sexuality is a naturally occurring trait in any fictional character, it is a decision on the part of the writers, and these decisions (and how they are carried out and how they exist in larger narratives) are able to be critiqued

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