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Writing Report for Aug. 17-30

Somehow I’m going to manage to fit two weeks into this one report. Can all the writing possibly fit?

Words written: 0

OK, that fit pretty easily. It turns out working 10-12 hours a day does not leave me any spark left for fiction writing.

BUT things are calming back down, I wrote a couple hundred words of utter silliness tonight, and I’m feeling like Hippo’s Creativity Challenge (and insisting on some work-life balance) will help me get my groove back.

For the record, here are my goals for September:

Main Goal: Write 10,000 words.
Bonus Goal: Write 50+ words every day.
Aspirations: Write at least 3 letters of (Rory’s part of) Tome & Shield, and finish On the Internet.


– novahd “rather be” edit –

( watch in HD please! )

Video Description:

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I’d like to imagine that in the wake of Hydra and then Ultron, Steve doesn’t have much time for researching pop culture, so it takes him quite awhile to get around to looking up Marvin Gaye like Sam suggested. And then wouldn’t you know, when he does get around to it, the first result that pops up on YouTube when you type in “Marvin Gaye” is this, uh, homage? And the opening lyric comes over the speakers, that gem of Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on, and Steve’s first thought is, “I told Natasha he was making a pass at me right from the start.”