This was the result

Goals: 27th March - 1st Apirl

Weight on 27th March - 148lbs

1️⃣lose 3lbs 📉
2️⃣eat clean 6/7 days 🍏🌽🥕
3️⃣drink 5 glasses of water each day 🍶
4️⃣work out 4 times 🏃🏽‍♀️
5️⃣start my essay 📖

By working in a supermarket I’ve gathered a lot of information on how the cart of different demographics looks like. I now consider myself an expert and I’m very good at guessing someone’s ethnicity/age/gender/diet/eating disorder by a quick look on their groceries. Obviously these empiric studies are based on stereotypes and that’s why I don’t publish all the information lmao.

First day back at the gym in a few week! Wow I’m shattered now!!

30 minutes on the treadmill - 10 running and 20 walking 🏃🏽
45 minutes on the cross trainer
6 minutes on the bike 🚴🏽

Was good being back at the gym by my god it was hard and I’m shattered now!
The goal is to go 4 times a week and really get my fitness levels back up and hopefully the pounds will start dropping off 📉


I just miss Keta a lot.

I figured out Noct’s theme on my flute (with the help of sheet music lol) and I’m so happy because his theme is so beautiful and I can play it pretty well and I’m just really happy. I love playing his theme omg

When you don’t win the award for best animation, despite bringing stunning, new techniques to the grounds of anime though a playful, consistent artstyle.