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WIP #30

Dave Malloy as Pierre Bezukhov (Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812).  Colored pencil, ink pen, and Copics marker on fiberboard.

In chronological order:

1.) The under-drawing, ready to be “markered.”  On this one, I started with a pencil sketch, then inked that with pen, then marked out all the highlights with white colored pencil, then colored over the whole thing with dark blue marker, which left the white pencil showing through.  Then I used those highlights as guidelines for where to do further shading with colored pencils of various light blue and white colors.  The result being that this first drawing actually looks more like my usual style, and the finished product looks more painterly, since the ink lines don’t show through too well.  Needless to say, I really liked it this way, too, so I photographed it (I was actually in Canada when I drew this and not at home, so unfortunately I didn’t have time to scan it).

2.) The finished piece.

3.) The finished piece, a detail.


I must be completely insane for working on this for 4 months and fully coloring it as well. You could almost make an animatic out of this, what is wrong with me
Huge thanks to my followers for being so patient with me and I hope you enjoy this gigantic new comic :’D

also better open up the panels in a new tab so you can see all the details

Part 1 | Part 2
| short Epilogue in development! (no srsly its only 5 panels, I can do this)

Tf2 Characters according to my Mom

Spy:  Monsieur Noodle Legs

Medic:  Your Fave

Sniper: Crocodile Dundee

Engineer:  Bob the Builder

Heavy:  Beefy Vladimir Putin

Demoman:  “He’s Scottish?”

Pyro:  “He doesn’t have a face?”

Soldier:  Marines

Scout:  That Annoying Kid In Your Friend Group That No One Is Actually Friends With


This is a song by us called Pompeii, which was sort of the song that I guess changed our lives. And it kind of did quite well in a lot of different places, which we weren’t expecting, and took us all over the world and allowed us to still have this as a job. (x)