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This week’s preview clip. Rocker is referring to having sex. In a cupboard. With Rita. OH MY CHRIST

And this (from courtesy of @chloehowman )

“When a man named Rocker joins the team to cover for Dixie, Iain sees red when he makes moves on Rita. And Rita couldn’t be more chuffed when Iain proves his devotion to her by finding a way to get Rocky off of his territory…”

That’s ‘proves his DEVOTION to her’ I CANT BREATHE

I am still kind of fascinated by the fact that I chose the path of an artist even though I’m fucking awful at any kind of …. visual measuring of units? I’m not sure how to describe it. I am terrible at telling distances, sizes and masses apart in real life. You should watch me trying to find the correct size lid for a plastic food container! It’s like a toddler playing with those shape-hole toys. (A very dumb toddler.)
Yeah, let’s choose a career that requires us to work with proportions and perspective! That makes sense! :D

Send Me A Number!

Send me a number and I’ll write a quick imagine based off of it!

  1. “You don’t mean that”
  2. “Fuck, I love you.”
  3. “You drive me crazy.”
  4. “You’re being a douche.”
  5. She’s mine.
  6. “Oh, that’s just lovely.”
  7. “He fucking did what to you?”
  8. “Are you done ruining my life?”
  9. “I’m drunk, and I’m in love with you.”
  10. “You really have perfected the art of pissing me off, haven’t you?”
  11. “I can’t save you.”
  12. “Talk to me.”
  13. “You’ve changed.”
  14. “I still love you.”
  15. “He’s adorable.”
  16. “I can’t wait to meet you.”
  17. “He’s waiting outside for you.”
  18. “Just leave, please. Just go.”
  19. “Are you mad?”
  20. “I’ll kill him.”
  21. “Do you trust me?”
  22. “Do my thighs look too big?”
  23. “You’re so sexy when you’re ignoring me.”
  24. “Is there something on my face?”
  25. “Did you even study?”
  26. “You’re my everything.”
  27. “She’s going to love you, I just know it.”
  28. “Can I buy you a drink?”
  29. “I’m never good enough.”
  30. “I never stopped trying.”
  31. “You’re gonna regret that.”
  32. “Let go of me.”
  33. “Come back home.”
  34. “He’s miserable without you.”
  35. “You look like shit.”
  36. “Are you jealous?”
  37. “I ruined her.”
  38. “I’m sorry! Does it hurt?”
  39. “Nothing hurts more than when you shut me out.”
  40. “Three months is a long time.”
  41. “Do you think she will forget me?”
  42. “Keep it, it’s yours anyways.”
  43. “Get her out of here, she doesn’t need to see this.”
  44. “Everything reminds me of you.”
  45. “I wasn’t finished.”
  46. “Her eyes aren’t on her chest.”
New Sunday optimistic headcanon

Do you remember this scene in ASiB?

Actually, Mycroft wasn’t alone on Christmas Eve in a big, cold, void house, staring into the flames of his fireplace in a dark lonely room like a sort of modern Dickens’ Redlaw because he IS a lonely person, who has no significant others in his life.

He just had a slight headache and needed the quiet of a dark and peaceful room in order to escape for a few moments from the merry noises made by his wife and his seven children, all very excited for the festivity.

OC as Villain!

This. Is. Awesommmeeee, thank you for tagging me @velynven

I’m doing Kimani. I have been waiting for this my whole life ;_;

What would your OC be like as a villain?

D R E A M S T A L K E R. Oooweee she’d be a bad ass Freddy Kreuger, and she’d string folks along before taking them. Some she would kill outright, but if Kimani were a villiain she would drive folks mad. 

Awake, her army would be small, magical, and ruthless. I’m not sure what scale of villain she’d be, but she’d be cutthroat. I was considering (another) AU where she was a threat to the Qunari. Because Kimani would be a wild ass villain (from the qunari’s view she’d definitely be a villain).

What is your OC like at their worst?

Ornery as shit, single minded in her rage. She’s out to kill.

What villain does your OC most closely resemble in other works?

HMM. she’s similar to Freddy in that they do the dream thing, but she’s not a serial killer with a grudge. 

How can your OC be defeated?

It’s gotta be quick, hard hitting, and maybe kill someone she loves. You have to surprise her, and you have to be awake unless you recruit a sneaky somniari. Maybe employ a blood mage, see how that works.

 If you can wear her out on the field and get her bound (mouth too) then you can chop her head off later. She’s innovative and crafty, but it’s not her strongest point by any means, so you can get her there, too.

What makes your OC so dangerous?

Her dedication to her magic coupled with her rage.

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no pressure!


you get in a fight and go out for some fresh air but end up texting Justin to come get you because you are scared

“I DONT CARE IF YOU TWO ARE JUST FRIENDS! He didn’t need to drive you home” Justin yelled “you were busy, I’m not going to walk a mile home” y/n said calmly. Never seen Justin this mad before over something totally stupid. “Y/N, you could have waited. What if he hit on you or something?” He says calming down. “Justin, why the fuck are you being so jealous? I’m tired of it” y/n replies getting irritated “whatever” Justin says walking away “TALK TO ME WHEN YOU ARE BACK TO YOURSELF” Y/N yells slamming the front door. I don’t understand why he’s making such a big deal about one of my friends driving me home…offering to drive me. Like come on Justin. Walking down the road, the trees started to sway back and fourth. Shivers went down my body and bird chirps were faintly heard behind. ‘I love how he’s jealous but not all the time’ y/n said to herself ‘do I sound like that when I am jealous?’ Y/n thought. An hour went by and y/n ended up at the park a couple streets down. Weird noises were being heard so y/n texted Justin.

“Uh…can you please come pick me up?”
“It’s scary and dark out now and I’m cold”
“Where are you?”
“At the park down the road…really creepy here haha”
“Yeah fine. Be there in 5”

A few minutes later Justin pulls up, mean mugging as y/n gets into the car. “Cheer up, Justin” y/n says rubbing his hand “no” he says sternly “I love you” y/n says smiling. The car fell silent for a few seconds. “I love you too”

anonymous asked:

It really drives me mad how some international fans are upset by the concert rules. The rules are totally fine and understandable, it would be a chaos without them, especially the one about taking photos. I mean, if I went to their concert which I've been waiting for ages I wouldn't even take a single photo; it's a waste of time, it's disrispectful towards the band and you don't enjoy the concert as it should be. Some of the fans really need to understand this, not only with the photos.

Most of the ‘rules’ are just basic common courtesy [as far as being a decent human being and what not], but some do come off as a little bossy. If you want some tips I suggest oranginaislife’s tips on how to travel|survive the concert. But most of all, they basically go off what the band previously had stated before.

And I agree about the enjoying the concert. As I stated before, it also distracts others and sometimes annoys them which prevents them from enjoying the concert as well.

~Admin A

[If this was meant to be a confession, I apologize and I will turn it into one]

Sherlock and The Abominable Bride (spoilers-ish)


But other then that i really loved it i want more.


                ❝ You know, Nick——can I call you Nick?——I’ve been thinking… I’ve really got to fix that hand of yours. It’s driving me crazy! You’re always fiddling around with it with a screwdriver, too——oh please let me fix it. You’re driving me mad——mad I say! ❞ She’d been sent to wait within Sanctuary Hills per the Vault Dweller’s orders. She’d been sitting within one of the homes, watching the Synth across from her fiddle with his hand.

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Rules: write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyric from each song, then tag 10 people.

01. always - panic! at the disco // “i’m the light at the end of the road, blink back to let me know”

02. happy little pill - troye sivan // “glazed eyes, empty hearts”

03. drive - halsey // “all we do is think about the feelings that we hide, all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign”

04. olivia - one direction // “she’s lying in my bed with my t-shirt on, just thinking about how i went about it wrong”

05. run - the maine // “the moon invites the madness, brings out the worst in me”

06. still - daughter // “biting words like a wolf howling, hate is spitting out each other’s mouths, but we’re still sleeping like we’re lovers”

07. end of the day - one direction // “just me, her and, the moon”

08. mind over matter - pvris // “mind over matter makes these things feel so real”

09. high regard - the story so far // “i’m not sorry for anything i’ve been holding up my apathy for far too long”

10. satellite - all time low // “wishing on a star that’s just a satellite”

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I’ve been told that people have tendencies to choose the option that is safer, and, I am far from that. I am dangerous, highly toxic, with a dose of ‘I’ll drive you mad and crazy,’ but you’ll find yourself still thinking about me some day out of the blue. Even when I am gone. I know I am not safe. I know I am a ticking bomb waiting to go off. I know I am sometimes the brakes that don’t always work, leading to the crash that’s inevitable. I’m the steering wheel that will take you to all the wrong places, or maybe, maybe I am the hole in your tires, stopping you from getting to where you were heading. Hell, I’m even the cracks in your windows during the middle of winter, with the chilly breeze that makes your hands too cold to focus on what’s in front of you, or the dusty rear view mirror that prevents you from seeing clearly. I am dysfunctional. I am a wild ride. I will intoxicate you without whiskey or vodka, but you know what? I am one hell of a ride. I am sure worth the drive.
The Boy In The Box (Newtmas au) - Chapter 36 - Wattpad
The Boy In The Box (Newtmas au):Chapter 36 - "You have to stop doing this, Tommy. One day, I won't be able to help you anymore." *** Newtmas au where Newt Is...

Newt’s POV

“I cannot fucking believe this dude!” Thomas shouts.

“Bloody hell, Tommy! Would you calm down a bit, yeah? I’m driving, you know. Wouldn’t want to get in an accident.” We drive away from the police station, where Thomas got kind of mad.

“How can you be so calm about this?”

I sigh. “I’m calm, because I know there is nothing we can do.”

“The police sucks. Let me tell ya that. What the fuck does that Arronsson dude even think? ‘Blah blah… We can’t do anything now… blah blah… we just have to wait… blah blah blah. It’s bullshit. Pure bullshit.”

“I know it is, Tommy. But like I said. There’s nothing we can do.”


Drug induced poetry

LSD has me seeing rainbows and you a pot of gold 
spending all my time with miss prodigal, i gotta know
if you off work just say you got time 
iv`e been waiting all my life just so tonight i can call you mine
you a (dyme)mond in the raw 
my finger runs from your spine, to your bra 
please call, take these 7 digits i insisted 
we can kill the night and mic 
never leave a witness, its just business
lets roll up swishers
talk about our dreams and wishes 
if you ever mad ill redeem myself with X and Ozs
come retire with me at 24 like kobe 
we can drive to LA rolling OG 
you know me, anonymous 
girl you a paradox, that ass stay bottomless 
we can dip like condiments to a place less populace
kissing on them toxic lips every time you gotta split
we all got skeletons whats a life that`s problem-less?
you can be the miss that i always miss 
but ill always catch your fall if you ever slip 

What if...?

A sudden thought just occurred to me: what if we’ve had already been shown the beginning of the first episode of Series 3?

Ok, I know this sounds crazy, and probably is, but just for the sake of speculation, let me explain.

This idea occurred to me after re-watching A Scandal in Belgravia, out of two considerations: 1) Series 2 started exactly where Series 1 ended, without any time lapse; 2) the whole show has considerably shortened the canonical timing: while in the Canon almost ten years passed between Holmes’ and Watson’ first meeting and Holmes’ “death” at Reichenbach, in the TV show only 18 months (more or less) went by between these two events, and even more important, the TV show has, since now, depicted events to be intended as almost contemporary to the “viewer’s time”.

These two facts, put together, seem to indicate that’s utterly improbable that the writers will introduce a hiatus of three years, between Sherlock’s “death” and his “resurrection”, into the plot of Series 3. The most probable thing is that, in the show, the “death” of Sherlock will last for a few weeks at the minimum, and 18 months (the time lapse between the airing of the last episode of Series 2 and the airing of the first episode of Series 3) at the utmost. Also consider, to this effect, that, in an age of intercontinental flights, 3 whole years wondering through Europe and Asia would make little sense.

I have no data in order to infer which is the most probable outcome – that is, whether it’s more likely that the Mofftiss will choose to introduce a very brief hiatus (of just some weeks), or instead they will opt for a 18 months absence. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d bet on the former hypothesis, just because in Series 2 (which, anyway, had a pretty badly shaped timeline: in other words, they made as much a mess with it as ACD himself would have done!) they seemed to cover in the three episodes all the months between the end of The Great Game and the moment in which the episodes were aired (or at least the last episode was), as the plot of ASiB covers several months, and then other several weeks (according to Mycroft’s words) pass between the end of ASiB and the release of Moriarty at the end of tHoB, and, finally, tRF allegedly covers at least six months.

Anyway, if the Mofftiss chose to limit the duration of the hiatus to a few weeks, we could actually have already seen the beginning of the first episode of Series 3, just as we saw the beginning of the first episode of Series 2 at the end of tGG. This is because we know that some time elapsed between Sherlock’s jump and the scene on his grave: John and Mrs. Hudson are clearly depicted as visiting the grave some time after Sherlock’s funeral: not too much, as there is no trace of grass growing upon the burial place (that would take months), but not too little, either, as the ground appears dry, leveled and pressed. Besides, we know that John has had the time to move out 221b (by the way: where? To his sister’s? To an MoD’s accommodation – if still possible? To the suburbs of London? Out of London? Boh…) and to start again with psychotherapy, so I’d assume that at least a couple of weeks, but maybe even a month, have passed since Sherlock’s death. So, maybe, when we see Sherlock watching John from a distance in the graveyard, and then walking away, we could have just seen him going to prepare for his theatrical reappearance in “The Empty House”… I mean that, maybe, something equivalent to Ronald Adair’s murder have already happened, even if we will be shown only in the next episode, and Sherlock is preparing his ambush for Moran, for which he’ll need John, of course; and from the graveyard he’ll go straight (albeit using some trick in order to not be discovered) to John, who therefore, in the same day, could see his wish fulfilled! This could even limit the number of punch he will deliver to Sherlock when he’ll find him standing smiling and alive in front of him… 

Ok, bring the straightjacket.

Sam and Me Part 2

For lunarsaturn88

I called Dorothy from the airport asking her if she could come pick me up. Now I’m waiting for her. God, I haven’t seen her in so long. I can’t wait to catch up. I wonder if she’s been thinking about me. I don’t know why I get butterflies when I think about her, but I know it drives me crazy.
“Hey Sam. I missed you.”
“Hey Dorothy. I missed you too.”
“Sam, promise me something.”
“Promise me we won’t go long without seeing each other again.”
“I promise.”
I can’t believe it. She’s not mad at me. I guess two years is enough time to forgive and forget I guess.

Dorothy POV
Sam must think I hate him. I don’t. I mean, I was hurt when he brought that tramp, but I was never mad. I guess that’s the thing about loving someone so much. You can’t stay mad at them for long. You want to, and you want to hate them, but you can’t.
“Hey Dorothy.”
“Yeah Sam?”
“Do you maybe want to go to a movie?”
“Like as friends?”
“Yeah, why not? And it’s on me, kind of like a homecoming gift to you.”
“Yeah, ok.”

She must just want to be friends. God, I’m such an idiot. Why would a girl like her want a guy like me anyway? I totally feel friend-zoned right now. But, maybe it’s for the best. I mean, what if it didn’t work out? Then where would our friendship be? It would be ruined. That’s where it would be.