This song is on repeat!

Music Headcanons


  • Jay loves dubstep/techno/drumstep/etc.
  • His favorite song is “Secrets” by OneRepublic with a tesla coil cover
  • He has nothing but 8-bit covers for youtube recommendations
  • He has a small collection of songs, but loves each one
  • He prefers earbuds


  • Kai loves listening to anything that has heavy/raw electric guitar. Whether it’s soft rock or heavy metal.
  • He definitely plays air guitar during the solos
  • He make noises during guitar solos, and screams whenever there’s a scream in the song
  • He blasts his speakers in his room, much to everyone’s annoyance
  • When he doesn’t have speakers he prefers earbuds


  • Cole doesn’t have a specific artist/genre he listens to. If he hears a song he likes, he adds it to his playlists.
  • He never listens to music unless he has his headphones.
  • He definitely has a playlist of 1,000+ songs and only listens to the top five on repeat
  • He prefers headphones


  • Zane loves instrumental music
  • His preferred type of music is something that’s almost like old swing music. It reminds him of his father, in a way.
  • His favorite song is “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller
  • He definitely plays music as he cooks and hums with it, maybe even swaying his hips to the beat a little
  • Being a Nindroid, Zane can play audio through his own set of speakers he has. The ninja have all decided on songs together and Zane has made a playlist of them, which is played when they all train together.
  • He has no preferance to headphones or earbuds.


  • Lloyd avoids rap, metal, and country like they’re the plague. If he hears them he immeditely walks out of the room.
  • He’s obsessed with songs from the 70′s, 80′s, and early 90′s.
  • His favorite songs are “Eye of the Tiger”, “The Final Countdown”, and (of course) “Kung Fu Fighting”
  • Lloyd sings as he trains. The others usually tease him for it before joining him if it’s a song they all know
  • Lloyd’s constantly wearing his earbuds. If someone isn’t talking to him he’s got his earbuds in.

Last night I dreamt that I was dancing with a beautiful person, we laughed and told jokes and then I woke up and I cried because I realized it was just a dream. I listened to the Fraiser theme song on repeat to fall asleep that night

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could you do '2' for all the projects you're working on right now?

2. pick one sight, smell, sound, feel, and taste to describe the aesthetic of your novel.

sight - the dying sun over rusty barb wire
smell - the heavy scent of gunpowder and sulfur in the air
sound - Hosana chanting in masses
feel - carrying your heart, too heavy for your bones
taste - copper and silver on your tongue

Sublind & Sunchoked
sight - shoulder blades sticking out under white tanktops like wax wings
smell - petrichor
sound - an old playlist on your iPhone that repeats sad songs
feel - spreading your arms against the wild wind, burning against your skin
taste - salt on your lips and you don’t know if you taste the ocean or tears

Murderer’s Maze
sight - warm blood on fresh snow
smell - an expensive cologne that haunts you
sound - the ticking of a clock running out
feel - the sensation of terror hammering between your ribs
taste - salt and lemons

sight - an empty street, illuminated by cheap neon lights
smell - the stench of burned skin gripping tight in your nose
sound - war drums introducing the rebellion
feel - falling in a dream and jerking away when hitting rock bottom
taste - regret, washed down with something like tequila

Death’s Kiss
sight - a wide field of poppies in Spring
smell - cotton and lily of the valleys on your sheets
sound - a laugh, clear as a bell and twice as chilling
feel - kisses down your spine until goosebumps rise
taste - the juice of pomegranates mixed with something bitter

sight - the reflection of fire on a blade
smell - the crisp smell of dawn
sound - dead silence
feel - the night slowly crawling up on you
taste - revenge, served cold

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'Just the Moonlight eliminates us two, for the moment we gazed at each other, we are stopped for eternity' - With Me, I'm not sure whether that was too much or? But if it is don't worry~ could the scenario be with the lovely Ravi? ʚ♥ɞ

hey there little nonnie. ofcourse it isn’t too much. P.S With Me is one of my fav songs and it’s still on repeat so to be writing this scenario, is pretty much a dream come true. Thanks so much for requesting! I do hope you like it ~~
-Admin Pod


It was just a picture. It wasn’t even the most beautiful picture of you, but Ravi didn’t understand why it had such a huge impact on him. His eyes zeroed in on your pale shoulder peeking out from the corners of your sweater. Oversized; It was his. You were curled up on the carpet in your house, with your dog tucked under your chin. You had splashes of paint on the sweater, his sweater, but they only added to the messy conundrum of your personality. Now that he thinks about it, it really doesn’t surprise him that he ran in that day so quick, to take a picture of you.

Ravi tiptoed in, with all the grace he could muster into his 6 foot frame. Which, to be completely honest, isn’t a lot. It was only natural for him to hit his knee against your drawer and send a commotion through the room. You stirred in your sleep, bringing your knees inward, and pushing your head into Naruto’s fur. He chided himself in his head and willed his breathing to a slow lull, as the camera shutters closed in on you.

It was just a picture of you sleeping, in the oddest of positions and the oddest of places. But to Ravi, it seemed like a perfect remembrance of a stupid someone he loved. He set down the polaroid on the drawer (which he had assaulted earlier) and knelt by you.

By now, you had stirred awake. If the shuffling and the camera shutters weren’t enough, Ravi’s presence next to your dog immediately woke him up and with him – you. Hands still folded under your neck, you slowly opened your eyes to see Ravi looking down on you.

It wasn’t an incredible sight. He hadn’t shaved for a few days and it showed. The growing stubble dotted across his chin weighed a heavy load on him. It was a testament to all the days he had cooped himself up in the studio, negligent about his welfare. But his hands were reaching out to brush your hair off your face. You watched the skin around his eyes pull themselves into a crinkle. Neatly arranging themselves into a tell-tale sign of peaceful happiness.

“You shouldn’t be sleeping here.” He whispered slowly. His breathing levelled into the rhythm of the room. Inhale and exhale. A well-orchestrated peace that you were sure he hadn’t felt for a few days. A peace, you always wished on him.

“I’ll be fine.”

Your fingers reached across the space to spread themselves on his cheek; a small hand attempting to hold his face. He leaned into it nevertheless, and leaned into you. A small peck, and a few whispers of nothingness. That was all it took to settle all the rampant dust in your lives. At the end of the day, He’d still find time to click ridiculous pictures of someone stupid he loved. That was all the eternity you needed.

you know what I love about Stefán talking about We Are Number One? That he literally ALWAYS credits Máni for creating the song and makes sure he gets the recognition he deserves. Like, even though all the hype around it has mostly been for Stefán’s recovery he doesn’t try and like.. claim the song? He always mentions that Máni created the song and often repeats it for emphasis? And it’s not just WANO either Stefán credits Máni whenever they’re talking about LazyTown songs that he composed and it’s just so good

Ok I know that objectively speaking one direction has bad songs, even fucking terrible songs but listen to me… one direction has never had a bad song in their whole career… they produced bop after bop after bop


Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812: PROLOGUE

You’re gonna have to study up a little bit
If you wanna keep with the plot
‘Cause it’s a complicated Russian novel
Everyone’s got nine different names
So look it up in your program
We’d appreciate it, thanks a lot