This song is on repeat!

He stumbles home and
lays in a bed
too big for a party of one,
letting the darkness of his
two bedroom apartment
slowly melt away the
realities of consciousness.

A record player whispers soft blues
into the black of the night.
He remembers how she always
had a passion for jazz

The song plays on repeat
slowly lulling him to sleep
slowly nudging him into a place
where the pitter pat of rain
on his cracked windowpane
won’t remind him of her tears
and the words he molded to cause them.

He relaxes his body
further sinking into the waterbed,
as if finally submitting
to the weight of her absence.
his red rimmed eyes begin to shut
his rasping breath begins to mellow
his doubtful mind begins to haze

the record player repeats
the saxophone cries
the piano weeps
the snare drum sobs.
the words “I love you”
rip from his throat
jumping into the sorrow
of the orchestra

For a moment he wavers
resisting the empty promises sleep offers
For a moment he hesitates
swearing to give consciousness a chance
if she could just respond
one last time
‘I love you too.’

me : *is listening to Let Me Know with a straight face, alone, in my bedroom*

me: *pauses the song and looks at the wall* You know what would be really cool? If they would make an MV for this- only it would basically be based off the I need you M/V. Like for Yoongi’s part they would have him in the same grimy type hotel room theme because his rap’s basically built for it I mean “It was like I dreamed. We burned like fireworks, but only ashes remain.” Like just IMAGINE him rapping that with  such a background- “Your hands, your body, your heat that was hotter than the equator is all gone.” Like.. it just fits.

Then you have V’s part in the chorus could very well match with him walking around the city, leaning against walls in the rain (because wow) mumbling to himself as he tries to figure out the relationship and not wanting it exactly to end; the same goes for Jungkook. His parts in both the songs could be translated to some similarity. I need u: “Why am I in love alone, why am I hurting alone. I need you girl. Why do I keep needing you when I know I’ll get hurt.” - Let me know: Girl let me know;   although I know it’s all over now, that you probably have no feelings left- girl let me know, just say anything. I just wanna know.” Both have the depressing one sided love story that could end up making his sense clouded. Therefore getting beat up in a alley way(?) for not paying attention or plain not caring enough because he knows it’s over, and getting hit by a car. “My lingering feelings are holding in front of the period mark so just tell me anything.”

Then we have J-hope’s part that messes everyone up in their own little way. In the I need u M/V he took drugs and had a condition where he would pass out in random places such as sidewalks near a highway. The drugs he takes controls him but they allow him to cope with losing his girl in BOTH songs.  Let me know: “The promise that we made together disappeared somewhere with me.” The drugs. “Dominoes that fell due to the strength of a breakup. It’s like juliet and romeo.” I don’t know why but instead of being seemingly dead on the sidewalk wouldn’t it be cool if rapped it in a setting he had in the ‘Boys with fun New york”? LIke swaggering about at night in the road like he’s doped up (but he’s not he’s just numb and clumsy) or you know SOMETHING. “You took away the stars of my night and the sun in my day; in the end there’s only clouds left in the darkness.” Yeah.. nice thought.

OKAY & Namjoon. Much like Jungkook’s part in the songs, joon’s lyrics can be crossed as the same. I need u: “It goes round and round, why do I keep coming back? I go down and down, at this point I’m just a fool.” - “It’s definitely my heart and my feelings, but why won’t they listen to me? I’m just talking to myself again.” Mhm.. and Let me know: “We’re all fools, idiots. In hopes of a chance, we hold onto a love that’s ended already. - I don’t still have feelings. I know that I can’t go on too.” - “In my imagination, we fight, make-up, and I understand you. Your hand movements, you stares have become faint, but why won’t they disappear?” Instead of Namjoon being in a gas station and having money thrown at him like he’s a stripper- he could be in an environment that gives off the vibe that he’s completely given up and in the stage of moving on. whether it’s with his members he copes (I need u theme) or with another partner- though he’d still have the memories of the past. “Why won’t they disappear “ x ”But the sky is still blue.”

I mean.. it sucks that Jimin and Jin didn’t have their own little part in the song that wasn’t repeating after Tae and Jungkook, but their themes in the I need u M/V could easily make something for them with this song too. Jin and jimin gave off a depressed and ‘done with themselves rather than done with the girl’ vibe, in the MV and the lyrics could give the theme of “Just let me know what could be fixed before I do something drastic.” For jimin, and for Jin “Just let me know because until you do I’m stuck blaming myself.” and just wow yeah okay. I think it would be really nice to have this. Jin had the lyrics for the I.N.U m/v: “The sky is blue and shining, so my tears are even more noticeable. Why is it you? Why did it have to be you? Why can’t I leave you?” It’s all so flexible and I’m stuck here wondering why this hasn’t been done yet. Give Let me know an MV please.

me: *un-pauses the song and continues with my day with no emotion*

The Girl Who Cried Wolf Meaning by banddiction

  I was relaxing in my backyard reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini when The Girl Who Cried Wolf by 5 Seconds of Summer started to blare through my headphones. I sat the book down and took the time to really listen to the lyrics and find out the meaning behind them and this is what I found out. The song was derived from a very popular fable by Aesop called The Boy Who Cried Wolf. This folktale explains that “even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed. The liar will lie once, twice, and then perish when he tells the truth”. In other words, once a liar, always a liar (“to “cry wolf” means to issue a false alarm”) and in this case, the girl in the song cries wolf every day (so she keeps lying).

   The song keeps on repeating “I’m not leaving because in the fable by Aesop  the boy kept on tricking the villagers that a wolf was attacking his flock of sheep. They found out that he was playing games and left but when the animal actually attacked the sheep, the villagers didn’t believe him and the wolf ended up eating the whole flock. In the song, the boy is repeating this sentence explaining that whatever happens, he won’t leave her side even if she “cries wolf”. 

  Now think of these lines in the song “So look at me in the eye, You said it weren’t there at all”. Interesting, right? Now those lines kinda connect with a quote in the book I was reading at the time and it states: “People say that eyes are windows to the soul”. As the boy in the song keeps on repeating “So look at me in the eye”; it’s like he’s trying to tell the girl to look him in the eye and tell him the truth. Now the line “You said it weren’t there at allcould have many different meanings behind it but because “the eyes are the windows to the soul” of a human, I believe it’s some type of emotion like love or a lie that she keeps feeding him (I could be mistaking but the meaning behind the lyric matters from the person decoding it). 

  The boy is telling her to look him in the eye, to stop “crying wolf”, and tell him the truth because as the song says so itself: “The truth is spelled out in your eyes” and “cause I’m not dreaming” (he’s not “dreaming” because he knows the truth). A line also states: Why don’t you just reach out and make it clear to me” which means that he knows the truth, he just wants to hear it from her.

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2: if you could live anywhere, where would it be? - not america. probably ireland. or wales.
3: who is your idol and what would you tell them if you met them? - my idol oh god….i think my idol is lady gaga tbh and i think if i met her i wouldn’t know what to say and i’d just cry.
4: Glastonbury, T in The Park or Lolla? - omg it’s between glasto and t in the park i can’t choose.
5: a song you have on repeat right now? - i’m not really listening to anything in particular right now, just whatever comes up on shuffle…i’m really into johnny flynn atm though and i love shore to shore and einstein’s idea.
6: pokémon or yu-gi-oh! ? - oh god i’ve never really been into either but pokemon
7: favorite show/cartoon as a kid? - as a little little kid, teletubbies. as a older little kid, hannah montana.
8: something that brings back good memories? - jake bugg’s first album <3
9: a band you would like everyone to check out? - made violent. and johnny flynn. and cold fronts (i’m bffs with the guitarist). and the moth & the flame. go go go
10: a song you would like everyone to check out? - okay so i’m listening to a bunch of old 1975 songs (back when they were drive like i do) and i can’t believe we’re back on emerald hill is insane and everyone needs to hear matty’s pop punk/hardcore voice.
11: something you own that would cause your world to end if you lost it? - my phone, duh

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mirrorbrian asked:


okay so like warning ahead, there’s torture involved. 

um so like, M! Hoody is kinda affiliated and connected to Brian in some ways, 

especially when it comes to emotions, Knowing the added hatred and loathe of

MT, it’s pretty easy for them to interchange that emotion and turn into something like energy for themselves to fuel their intolerance and hatred of him. 

So like, let’s say… ( and this isn’t to be canon or anything) But let’s say, Hoody kidnaps MT, successfully takes him away somewhere for like a month and a half, where he chains him down and keep him where he puts MT through endless torture. And so for that picture, Hoody is beating MT up with a giant

bar, whilst listening to singing along to the tune of Naughty , but he has this song playing on repeat so it makes it all the more worse. 

and so like that’s general gist of it.  I don’t see Hoody as the type of person who’s nice to anyone, plus he’s kinda self centered egotistic, and you know…

all over the place.

Is it normal to repeat phrases you’ve heard in your head a lot? Cause like if I’m alone I’ll often say tv quotes out loud our lines from songs out loud. We’ll also likely to repeat phrases and stuff when talking to other people and if we see something said in media that we think might apply, we’ll unknowingly use that in conversation too. 

germanbadger asked:

Which of her songs can make you start crying if you listen to them on repeat? For me it is Cassiopeia and Not Alone

I have a few songs that, if put into the right circumstances and setting, I will blubber each time.  Once Upon Another Time, Stay, Satellite Call, Hold My Heart, and so many more, but 4 is a good number.  OUAT is just a masterpiece.  I am listening to it right now.  Thinking.  Stay, I was just listening to.  Loving.  Satellite Call is a song that I have openly ugly cried at two Sara concerts because she was playing it. Feelings. and Hold My Heart, just holds my heart ya know. Love love love.

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Artist/Band: Regina Spektor

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Describe Yourself: Bon Idee

How Do You Feel? Open

Describe where you currently live: Small Town Moon

If you could be anywhere, where would it be? Blood of Eden

Your Best Friend Is: Better

You and your best friend are: Bobbing for Apples

Favourite time of day: Lullaby

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Ne Me Quitte Pas

What is life to you? The Party

Your Relationship? Dulce et Decorum

Your Fear? A Cannon

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