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Some of the older spectators at the press conference wondered just how official some of the press representatives were.  Two young girls, who claimed to be reporters form the Dallas Time-Herald, sported front row seats, and scraps of paper. But they had forgotten to bring pencils. One of the youthful reporters were overheard telling her companion that she hoped she didn’t cry when she saw Paul. The other was content to write “Ringo” over and over again very rapidly throughout the interviews.
SJM's MAGIC POWERS- story time, bare with this long post :

So I’m a teacher, and a couple of my students were asking me for book recommendations, so I recommended ACOTAR/ACOMAF.
One of the girls is very, very quiet. She has been in my class all year, but it’s been really hard for me to crack her and get her to open up. She doesn’t really talk to anyone in class, and when I see her in the yard she is generally by herself.
But this all changed the day I recommended ACOTAR/ACOMAF to her. Every time she came into class she would run up to me to talk to me about where she was up to in the book, and she was so excited! Every chance I got I would chat to her about where she was up to.
Today, she finished A Court of Mist and Fury. She told me that when she found out Feyre and Rhys were mates that she jumped up and down and screamed. I have never seen her more alive or more happy! Today we talked about ACOMAF and our favourite moments and our theories for ages. And the best part is- another girl in class has started reading the books. And now the two girls have began a friendship (and asked me if I could start a fantasy book club at school!) This girl, I have seen transform from someone so quiet and closed off, keeping to herself, to someone excited to share her books and feels with others. I could have cried from happiness!

Moral of this long story- I have seen with my own eyes the higher power of SJM’s writing. She has the power to bring people together not only online and on Tumblr- but the power to bring people together in real life and create friendships.

Thank you, Queen Sarah.

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I've lived/worked in West Hollywood for years and have never once seen them out in the wild. And if they we were in the same place, I didn't notice. A friend of mine once saw Harry at a tucked away restaurant. Got herself a selfie. I told her not to post it to SM b/c fans would find it. That night one of the big 3 UAs had said he was out w/ Nadine. Had a good chuckle. He wasn't. My friend said he was w/ a group people, mostly older guys-- only 1 blonde woman, who had very short hair.

that’s really funny lol UAs crack me up

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I hardcore creeped on you. To learn, and see if you are actually rude... And NO, you're not rude at all. Anywho, I appreciate your blog a ton!! Definitely my favorite.

omg LOL at the hardcore creeping. That definitely cracked me up. But thank you so much! I really do appreciate it! I honestly do have some of the best groups of followers, ya’ll are awesome, and I really appreciate every one of you!

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Did you know there are $qers who still don't believe captain swan is true love because there was no kiss? They literally commented about it on comic con videos where cs was constantly referred to as true love.

The fact that they spend so much time worrying about a ship they hate is hilarious. Like I think they may spend as much time discussing Captain Swan as we do. That thought really does crack me up.