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Even if you don't care for the holiday, you should explore new cultures. It'll make you grow as a person, expand your horizons. Go grab a beer and blow something up, the good ol' American way. For culture! :D

the “blow something up, the good ol’ American way“ part is so great I’m just so happy to be reading this right now

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SPEKULATIONS omfg, such a brilliant story! I'm totally hooked. Evermore is gorgeous, did you create her ? Can't wait till next part, keep up the great work!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’• xx

Ahh I just died with feels! You’re one of my favorite simblrs! I did make Evermore. She has a ton of CC which makes her so pretty made by wonderul CC creators. I wish i was that talented. ☺


★ skyeweek 2015 → day 4: favorite moment(s)
everyone thinks flowers are so delicate, but they really are quite resilient
it is the thorn that protects the rose. or in this case the d a i s y.

happy birthday, angel eyes.
Why Republicans are determined to ignore the threat of right-wing extremism -

We know at least one reason why attacks such as these tend to be ignored or treated as mental disorders rather than political acts of terrorism (“lone wolf” or otherwise), don’t we? It is because there has been a concerted effort by the conservative movement to bully anyone who tries to raise the alarm. And the press is still terrified of right wing criticism, so they go along with the idea that we are under imminent threat from Islamic terrorism while these homegrown extremists are just part of the great tradition of American gun violence, another unpleasant act of nature for which there is no solution.

If the purpose of terrorism is to frighten a civilian population in order to assume power, then this problem is even more acute. Islamic terrorists have no capacity to actually “take over” the American government (despite the shrill fearmongering throughout the nation over Sharia Law) while the influence of these right wing extremists cannot be under-estimated. After all, their mainstream allies managed to quash reports about their activities. And when one of their own like Cliven Bundy decide to defy the laws of this country because they refuse to accept that they are even part of it, the right wing media is right there with them.

Laurel doesn’t need a spin off.  Laurel doesn’t need to be put on “The Flash.” She just needs equal treatment and focus, and a more prominent role as the leading female character that she was designed to be.  

The fact that Marc is suggesting there will be more scenes of her in the fourth season…  that there will be more of her kicking ass…  that important relationships she’s had since the beginning of the show will resurface in a larger capacity… it’s more good news than we’ve received going into a new season, and it’s kind of everything I’ve been asking for in regards the upcoming fourth season of “Arrow.”  

In between the first and second season, we got news that Caity Lotz was cast as the beginning of the Black Canary storyline, and that threw us into a seeping lazarus pit of disappointment and confusion.  In between the second and third season, we basically got “fans of Laurel and Thea will be happy with the direction the show will take these characters.”  Laurel ended the season as Black Canary, and so that wasn’t an untrue statement. 

For this upcoming season, we’ve heard Katie Cassidy say that she’s stepping up in her role on Team Arrow, and that she’s excited about what little she does know of the fourth season for her character.  And now Marc has said that there will be more Laurel, there will be more “kickass” scenes for Laurel, “lots” of Laurel/Thea moments that display that sisterly bond the two have with one another, and lastly, that there will even be more scenes between Laurel and Oliver.  I understand being cautious, and I understand about not buying into these words until we can see this for ourselves, but I’d really appreciate if I could jump into the Laurel tag – the tag for my favourite character on television right now – and not have to see so much pessimism and cries for Laurel to get taken off the show or moved to a show where she’d have less of a purpose than she does on “Arrow”, and I’d also really appreciate it if all my pro-Laurel posts, and excitement for my favourite character next season, wasn’t drowned in negative responses, giving me note after note after note of crap about how Laurel should be on another show, or how all this really awesome, exciting news for the character that we don’t often get is just bullshit and basically that I should spend the entire hiatus completely miserable and thinking of the worst as opposed to being excited to see my favourite character back on TV, and optimistic that she’ll be given what the writers are promising, which if it is what has been teased so far, sounds like everything I’ve wanted when it comes to Laurel Lance.

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               i think my favorite thing about this fandom is how supportive everyone
               is of each other. everyone that i’ve met so far is just so kind and caring
               and warm and welcoming and i’ve seen so many masterlists of different
               characters and everyone is constantly showering their faves in praise
               and joking around with each other and whenever there is anon hate you
               can see a whole group swoop in to defend their friends with everything
               they’ve got AND IT’S JUST SO HEARTWARMING i love you guys so much.
               four for you, jurassic park fandom. you go, jurassic park fandom.

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I just feel really proud of Harry once I saw the construction of the Mamohato Children's Centre. This was the same guy who had to deal with being called a bastard child, the dumb one, the black sheep, and the playboy and party prince but just look at all of his achievements! He is honoring his mum in the way that she would have liked to be honoured: by going out and helping people regardless of who they are. He can be quite self-deprecating but I do hope that he knows he is forging his legacy.

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as a female I strangely hc Saniwa to be male , like barging into swordsmits room like "dude its me I'm coming in" wearing stupid shades or smth, and they fangirl over swords like "damn he's hot" "you want more of him?" //grins// "hoe don't do it" 10000 nakis appear. and when they head out to the modern timeline they say stuff that confuses the swords like wow who's sick?? why are they going to "shred some sick pipes brotha?" they're just as gay as their swordkids


Today. Today, I conquered mountains.

There’s something amazing about the way Chris officially “came out” as bisexual. 

I have absolutely nothing against coming out videos that get millions of views and go viral. Those help a lot of people, and they’re great because of that. But, I do think that making such an event out of revealing your sexuality has an unintentional adverse effect of continuing this “othering” of queer people in some cases. Making someone’s sexuality such a humongous deal works against the idea that our sexuality is just a small part of who we are. 

What’s great about how Chris came out is that he just made it one fact about him among 24 others. His sexuality, like all of our sexualities, is just a part of who he is.  There was no “I might lose followers for this.” or “I know some of you might be upset.” He just made bisexuality a normal part of his existence. It was really refreshing and inspiring in a different way to see someone be proud and own their sexuality without having to make it such a big announcement. Because ideally, we wouldn’t have to come out at all and revealing our sexualities shouldn’t have to be such a scary, big event.