This never happened before

When I was 19 I was trapped inside a sensory deprivation tank for 48 hours.

I was encased in total blackness with nothing but my own thoughts to accompany me for two entire days. From August 22 to August 24th I was trapped in hell, and I will never forget what happened in that tank.

About a year before these events, I met a kid I’ll call “X.” X was my best friend. Throughout my entire teenage life I found it very hard to make friends. So when I met him in my first semester of college I was thrilled to have someone to hang out with. We shared the same mildy offensive (sometimes unintentionally overboard) sense of humour, liked the same video games, and just had the same general interests. Now X also was like me. He never scored in the friend lottery either, so I could imagine he was equally thrilled to have my company.

As our friendship began to evolve, I eventually was invited to X’s pad. To my amazement he was apparently an heir to a very wealthy fortune. I knew he was somewhat well off when I saw that he drove a Nissan GTR, but I never realized that he was that level of rich. He had an at least eight thousand square foot apartment. It was the entire floor of the building. His rooms were populated with some of the most up to date tech and clothes you could think of. It was around this time, I thought I hit the best friend jack pot.

As college went on I did begin to notice that there was a little something off about X. There was this one time around the end of second semester where he was acting a little funny. I was staying the night at his place, and he asked me if I believe in demons. I told him that I wasn’t really sure if I do, but I could tell he wasn’t to concerned about what I thought. He then explained to me that he sometimes sees them when he sleeps. He said it horrifies him. I basically tried to talk him out of his beliefs and try to steer him back to reality. I said it’s just a bad dream, and knowing how insane we’ve been studying for the last couple months it’s no wonder he’s seeing crazy shit.

For the last couple weeks of school we didn’t really talk much because of the intense exams and such. He did invite me over in mid August to hang out though, and that’s when I noticed his newest buy. There was a huge black tank in the middle of his living room. Puddles of water coated the floor around it. I didn’t know what the hell to think. I jokingly asked him if he began tanning. He explained to me that it was a sensory deprivation tank. To those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s basically a big sound absorbing, pitch black tank filled with salt water that you lay down in. It closes like a casket, and you float in the water staring at total darkness. It deprives you of all you senses.

He never really talked about it again. He just kind of brushed it off and attempted to change the subject. We then began to do our normal routine, which is playing Mortal Kombat and drink beers. That night though, I drank more than usual. I actually don’t even remember much. I only remembered what happened when I woke up.

That night I had a dream I was trapped In an iceberg. I couldnt breath. Then I woke up in panic. I was floating in water. My body must have somehow flipped over while sleeping and I was unintentially drowning myself. I was trapped in total darkness. Quickly realizing that I must have done something really stupid last night, I called for X to let me out. There was no response. After what seemed like half an hour of yelling and pounding on the hatch, I realized that he’s probably passed out on the couch still. My body was in total panic mode. I could hear my heart beat begin to echo within the tank. I tried to calm my nerves and just relax.

After what felt like at least an hour, my fingers had become wrinkled like raisins, and my skin began to feel sore. Around that time I heard footsteps creaking on the floorboards.

“Hey X. Let me the hell out of here. I think we partied too hard last night.” I jokingly yelled out.

“I’m sorry. This is the only way I can prove to you I’m not crazy. Im gonna show you the demons” He said.

It was at that point I knew I was royaly fucked.

I began pounding that shit out of the hatch in hopes of somehow breaking it. Floating in the salt water really hurt my momentum, so I ended up just wasting precious energy.

“Youll see them soon.” He said from what sounded was from across the room.

I eventually lost my energy and just stared into the black abyss. I began to see shapes form in my peripheral vision. I thought I could hear voices coming from under the water. I was shaking with anxiety, but I knew if I give into my fears I would go insane. I was in a state where I didn’t know if this was a dream or I was awake. Maybe I was still drunk? I tried slapping myself to wake up, but I soon realized that this is my dark reality.

The quiet and calmness was menacing. I could hear rumbles underwater, the thumps of my heart beat, and what I thought where whispers. This was around when I began seeing the face. It starting forming like a eye floater, you couldn’t quite focus on it, but it was there. From what I could make out of it, it was half orange and half white skin. It had huge completely white eyes, and a great big smile. It wouldn’t get out of my vision. I tried rapidly blinking but it was there whether or not my eyelids were open or closed. At this point I had lost total track of time. Night and day were a thing of the past. I tried counting to keep track of time, but I lost the will to around the third hour.

The face began to make sounds. Like a hissing sound almost. Over and over. Each hiss getting louder. It began getting more and more aggressive. Screaming at me, looking right into my soul. I felt like something was under me. Lurking in the water. It was just a bad dream. I hoped to God it was just a bad dream. I was so hungry.

Then there was a sound. It was distinct. It was coming from beyond the tank. I heard the creak of a door, and steps on the floorboards. Then a scream. A woman’s scream. I couldnt make out the words, but I knew something was very, very bad. I began rapidly banging on the hatch of the tank in hope that she would hear me. Her crying stopped and I heard her walking towards me. A rush of cool relief expanded all over my body at that moment. Right then and there, I knew I wasn’t going to die. Something heavy was pushed off the hatch and that’s when the light shined in.

Everything was so bright and hard to make out. She pulled me from the water. I couldnt see anything, but I could make out that she was covered in red. She layed my cold, shrivelled up body out on the floor, and told me an ambulance will be here soon. I just remember laying there as my vision slowing adjusted. I could see more and more red. And a faint blur of orange and white. There was a figure also on the floor beside me.

It was X. He slit his throat, and blood pooled all over the living room floor. Knife still in his dead grips. As my vision finally adjusted, I could finally see to my horror what was on the wall.

It was the face. DID YOU SEE IT? DID YOU SEE IT? THE DEMON? DO YOU SEE IT NOW? DID YOU SEE IT? Writing was all over the wall.

After a week of hospitalization I learned the Woman who rescued me was in fact X’s aunt. She told me that his parents died and all their money was donated to him. She said she was really greatful for me trying to be his friend. Apparently he was really messed up by his parents deaths and refused to take his medication to cope with his traumatic loss.

I still see that face. I see it all the time. When I blink. When I sleep. I just want it to go away.

Crazy or not. X was right. I saw the demon, and its face is orange and white.


You opened your eyes and immediately groaned. Your head was pounding, the lights streaming in from the windows were too bright and everything else was too loud. You remembered everything that had happened last night: the bar, the beers, the kisses and the sex.

If somebody told you they never remember what happened the night before, they’re lying! No matter how much you’ve had, you always remember something.

Only, you didn’t remember the name that belonged to the handsome stranger with green eyes that had rocked your world in one night. Thinking about the places he touched you and how he made you feel when he did, brought a goofy grin on your lips.

Slowly, you turned around and found the bed empty. There goes the grin.

“That bastard,” you mumbled, he left you! Seriously? While rolling your eyes, you sat up and blinked a couple of times to adjust to the light. That’s when you saw his flannel. What? What the hell was going on?

You grabbed the flannel and put it on to cover your chest and put on a pair of panties before going downstairs. The closer you got to the kitchen, the more noise you heard and the more you smelled something delicious.

When you rounded the corner, you found the stranger you had slept with in a pair of black boxers. Only, a pair of black boxers.

“Good morning,” he smiled at you when he felt your stare on him. For a second, you froze, mouth open and eyes wide.

“You’re still here,” you trailed off while walking over to where he stood in front of the stove, “and you’re making pancakes?” he smiled up at you as he put the finished pancake on a plate.

“you had a lot to drink yesterday, and pancakes always seem to do the trick for me,” he shrugged and slid the plate over to you. It did look very tasty…

“And because you were absolutely smashed,” he extended his hand for you to take, “I’m Dean Winchester,” you laughed a little, but shook his hand regardless,

“I’m Y/n, and thanks for the pancakes Dean.”.


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Yuri on Ice, have i watched it? Pfffft, nope, what were you thinking? I have no idea what you’re talking about. JK I’M OBSESSED :::::) send help. 

I’m really sorry for not being active. I have a massive artblock, something that had never happened to me before. Ok I have had artblocks, but not ones like this. I’m trying to fight back, but don’t be surprised, if I’m not being active :) 

Love you my dear followers, who still are there for me :3 ♥ 

anonymous asked:

sorry to rant to you but... I've actually seen posts in the YoI tag saying that all the stuff we've been getting this episode will eventually amount to nothing specifically because this is a ~sports anime~ and I'm just..?? smh at least be negative somewhere else pls...

Feel free to rant at me, not a problem! Sorry for the delay in replying. My inbox has been pretty busy and, uh, that’s never happened to me before. Haha.

I’m not sure which stuff you are referring to. The fanservice? I mean, yes it is in the sports anime genre, so I don’t think we’ll ever get that canon relationship some people seem to be gunning so hard for. I would be ecstatic is we did, of course. Stranger things have happened.

But do I think that the creators are just going to brush it off to make some sort of heteronormative ending and disregard everything that has been happening? Absolutely not.

I think we’ll get a heavily implied ending, something that will satisfy those of us that love the ship and understand the structure of Japanese culture and genres, but that some Western fans might think isn’t enough.

But yea. No need to be negative. I just still don’t get it. Why do people want to just be so bleh? Live guys, be happy! Why do people need to be such downers about something they claim to like? It doesn’t compute.


About 6 months ago, I was commissioned to do Bobby’s portrait. I shipped the original, but it was taken off his porch. That’s never happened before, and he didn’t pressure me to redo the portrait, but I wanted to give it a shot. I just did it recently and it’s funny seeing how my eye has changed, just in 6 months. The older portrait is more coarse. The newer is more refined and present. How will my portraits look in a year?

While working on it, I refused to reference the piece I had previously done (aside from working from the same pencil sketch foundation) and instead referenced the original photo reference to make sure I was working from observation, rather than copying another piece and matching the marks etc. 

Aikatsu Stars confession: I have not yet been able to full como 1, 2, Sing for You on 5-star difficulty.

As an Aikatsu veteran I can confirm that this has to be the hardest song in all of Aikatsu because I have NEVER had this happen to me before!! There were other songs I thought were hard like Lucky Train, but it still never took me more than two or three tries to full combo them. I just played this about 7 times in a row waiting for my bus home and I barely got close. The notes are so close together there is no room for error and everytime I get through one part I just mess up another. Kjfjdhsh.

I hope to record myself comboing it eventually, but might post a recording of me failing just to prove how hard it is. And the thing is I LOVE this song too. So I’m gonna do it. Eventually. *shakes fist* (…You don’t pariticularly get anything for full combos in Aikatsu, btw. It’s just about pride.)

Everything was running just fine as I was decorating, but as soon as I got back from dinner suddenly the game struggles after I place an object. I repeat this action, and everytime it struggles. I have no issues loading different categories or going to the nhood and back to the lot, it only happens after placing an object. I have closed the game and am going to reboot my pc, and just hope for the best. This has never happened to me before and I don’t understand how this could’ve happened in the short time I was away. Anyway, just wanted to share :(

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why do we need to bust to just your art? you exist too~ (personally im taken, but im sure many others will agree :3)

I mean as far as I know this is something that has never happened before
But like….
I mean……..
Whatever gets you off, I ain’t gonna stop ya. ;^)
(But hey if u agree or do so u gotta tell me it’s the rule)


Once Upon a Time 4x01 - ‘Do You Want to Build an Empire?’

An old flame of Regina’s mysteriously glides into in Storybrooke (played by Natalie Dormer, inspired by this (x).  Her name is Elsa and she wants Regina’s help in finding her missing sister, Anna.  And if she also happens to want to recapture the magic she once had with Regina…

BigHit is sketchy af

I’m so scared to fall asleep after what happened this morning.

What if I wake up and within those few hours:

  •  Yoongi releases his mixtape,
  •  Hoseok has his beautiful forehead showing, 
  • Taehyung is blonde once again,
  • JungKook’s grown another 10 inches, 
  • Jimin finally has his jams to himself,
  • Namjoon is back to having afro hair, and 
  • Jin is off somewhere having tea with Gordon Ramsey?