This means War

The Force Ghosts Get Kicked Out

Anakin’s Force Ghost: …ten times. 
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: Nine. 
Anakin: Ten!
Obi-Wan: Anakin, I am not about to argue with you about this again. [under his breath] Nine times. 
Anakin: I can’t…I cannot believe you are not counting that business on – 
Old Man Luke: [bolting out of his chair] OH MY GOD YOU TWO. [hysterical] That’s it. That’s it! Get out. You…you have to move out. 
Obi-Wan: [agape] But…after everything I’ve done for you – 
Anakin: Luke, I am your FATHER you can’t just throw me out! 
Rey: OK, now, let’s all just calm down, I’m sure we can figure out a solution to – 
Luke: No. NO. We’re done here. I have been listening to these two bitch about every last thing for YEARS. If I have to hear that STUPID STORY about Cato Neimoidia ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME – 
Obi-Wan: [solemnly packing his bags] Very well, then. I presume I can take the electric tea kettle…
Anakin: [ripping it out of his hands] Hold on, no one’s going anywhere. Luke, you don’t really mean this. What would you do without us to guide you? Without all the good we do for you?
Luke: Ha! The entire time since Ben turned to the Darkside you’ve mostly been watching soap opera reruns, yelling at each other about stuff that happened a hundred years ago that NO ONE CARES ABOUT, or pretending that no one can hear you guys in the guest room! [Rey’s eyes widen, Obi-Wan looks scandalized] What possible good is this doing me?
Anakin: [solemnly]…very well. I can see we’re not wanted here. Obi-Wan, my pants please. 
[Anakin puts on pants]
Rey: But…but where will you two go? 
Obi-Wan: Well, Master Yoda still spends time in his swamp sometimes. I suppose we could – 
Anakin: Oh no, we’re not hanging out with that guy full-time. Also the color of the swamp clashes with my eyes. 
Obi-Wan: [murmurs] Oh Lord. OK, well, then who? Leia? I mean, I suppose she’s all that we have left…
[Anakin shoots Luke a look of pure terror] 
Luke: [smirking] Yes! Oh, I am sure you and Leia will have a great time together, Dad. She gets the Soap Opera Channel, you know! [shooing them towards the door] All right, go on then, see you guys later!
Obi-Wan: [looking over his shoulder at Luke] I don’t like this idea.

Top Ten Rom Coms

My top ten Romantic Comedies in no particular order :)

1. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

2. Two Weeks Notice

3. The Proposal

4. Love Actually

5. The Ugly Truth

6. Friends with Benefits

7. This Means War

8. Crazy, Stupid Love

9. What Happens in Vegas

10. Notting Hill

This Means War

Pairing : None? ft. Teamiplier

Request : U think we can have a Mark, Tyler, Ethan, and reader tickle war?💙💙

Warnings : fluffiness on all parts, very slight swearing

You watched Ethan saunter up to Tyler who stood with his arms crossed. The younger boy juts his hips out as Tyler watches, trying to keep his composure.
“I need a trim,” Ethan says innocently. Tyler lost it. His neck scrunched up, his eyebrows nearly disappearing into his hair line while Mark came around from the other side. He’s about to say something, but a spray of water from Tyler makes them all burst out laughing. 

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Imagine talking to Chris about details of your upcoming wedding. You spent the day meeting with florists and caterers, and finally found a bakery that would make him an apple pie to go alongside the wedding cake. In the middle of all your rambling, you notice he isn’t even listening - he’s just staring at your lips as you talk. He can’t help but laugh that you caught him. He swears this is all very important to him, but he loves the way you speak when you’re passionate about something.