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why are the lightwoods your fave? i must admit when robert finally got over his homophobia i was so happy!!! i like the blackthorns so much uwu. they're so filled w love

i love the lightwoods as a Whole bc they are all SO MESSY FJJDJ ok you have this ~Elite~ shadowhunter family and they’re all so Uppity and Arrogant but like…. theyre so bad at being awful!!!! like gideon fell in love with a servant (human) girl and gabriel married his Nemesis’s sister like… congrats boys,, u played urself…. maryse and robert were both in the circle ok for the Cause or whatever then they fled right when the fighting started (unbelievable…) and their KIDS (not max ofc :’() both fell in love with downworlders so Great u did the opposite of what we wanted children…. (this is the reason why i love the Family,, this is their Brand…. but i think my second fav is the blackthorns!! :’) )

why do people hate female idols so much? like your excuse is that you don’t like cute styles. which is fine but i go to your blog and you stan seventeen so it’s like ???. you say you don’t like sexy styles but i go to your blog and your fav is grinding his dick on the stage so it’s like ??? like why do y'all hate girls so much????????????? i love my cute girlies™ like apink, lovelyz, and oh my girl. i love my hoe anthem girlies™ like aoa and stellar. i love my fierce girlies like 2ne1 and 4minute. i love my grown woman™ favs like brown eyed girls, boa, and lee hyori. i love the versatility that female idols have. look at snsd they went from oh and then flipped it for the repackage with run devil run. honestly they deserve so much more respect. they get so much shit thrown at them for basic stuff like not smiling enough.


okay!! important story time!! today i saw a little girl (she was probably around 6 y-o) riding a bike with her mom, what’s so cool is she was wearing a ghostbusters (the new female edition) cap, i got so freaking happy i told her i absolutely loved her cap, that it was awesome and i loved her for wearing it, she got so excited, she got off her bycicle and gave me, probably the longest and biggest hug i have ever received, later she continued to talk about the new movie, how much she loved it and how all the new female characters inspired her so much. 

i’m just telling you all about this, because no matter how many times you hear this, i’ll never get tired of saying it: THIS !! IS!! WHY!! FEMALE!! LEAD!! CHARACTERS!! ARE!! SO!! IMPORTANT!! they give an ENTIRE generation of little girls the opportunity to see strong, independent, intelligent and (honestly i could go on forever) successfull women on screen, who can show them them there’s nothing they can’t do!!! that there’s nothing that’s holding them back to achieve their dreams!! not their age!! not their skin color!! not their size!! not ANY of the society’s dirty rules established, ok!!!!! I DON’T CARE HOW MANY TIMES HAVE TO SAY THIS, I’LL REPEAT IT AS MANY TIMES AS IT IS NECESSARY!! BECAUSE MOVIES LIKE THIS MATTER!! AND ARE SO IMPORTANT NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY.

  • White Fangirls:I love when the male lead ends up with the girl next door or his childhood bff
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls:um ... the girl next door thing is so cliched.
  • White Fangirls:I love when the male lead pines over the girl and she's oblivious
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls:She's so CRUEL. Why doesn't she see he's in love with her? She's a bitch.
  • White Fangirls:I love when they go from partners to lovers. It's my favorite trope.
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls:Why can't they just stay friends. Not every relationship is romantic. Ugh!
  • White Fangirls:I love when the female lead is more than just a love interest. I love when she has her own storyline and can kick ass.
  • *Girl is Black*
  • White Fangirls:Why do they focus on her so much? [Other white character] is so much more interesting.
  • White Fangirls:I don't understand why there aren't more strong female leads.
  • Me:*looks at all the strong Black female leads on TV*
  • Me:What about -
  • White Fangirls:There's just no strong, three-dimensional women on TV to root for. Sigh.

Seeing the video of Bambam walking freely in LA with 2 girls by his side is FREAKEN AWESOME! and even the fans who were there were SO CHILL though excited to see him! I LOVE IT! This is how all idols should be treated.

I find it amazing and here’s why…

Never in South Korea or Thailand have I seen him or any of the members with girls in public. (Usually when we see other idols do so, speculations/scandals circulate). It’s even rare to see got7 out with their own female label mates. I’m not sure if they are put under a rule in South Korea or not or maybe because fans react differently in different parts of the world so they personally adjust, but THIS is how it should be. No ruckus. No bashing. No disrespect. If they’re walking with girls, they’re walking with girls whether friends, family, or girlfriend.


Hello, blossoms! It’s ya girl Elle, back at it with some college info! Basically, I just attended a college camp for my first choice university, which entailed living in dorms, eating in the dining hall, attending classes, you know, the whole college experience. I didn’t really know much about what these things entailed going in, which made me a bit nervous, so in order to kill that possible fear in you lovelies I’ve created this relatively short masterpost!

Part 1: Dorm Life

Okay so I know you might be thinking, what’s so important about dorm life? Honestly, there’s so much that’s important. What should you know?

- Yes, you will get homesick. This college I went to was 2 hours away from my house but my first night there I was like omg no I can’t do this. Homesickness is a perfectly valid emotion to feel. Just remember why you’re there and stick with it and you’ll be okay, I promise.

- You don’t have to be friends with your roommate. Every teen flick about college is always like “omg, my roommate and I are besties, we do our nails together blah blah blah”. It wasn’t like that for me. Don’t go into it expecting that your roommate will be your best friend. Be civil to them and don’t take any attitude, but don’t feel ashamed of yourself if you’re not vibing with them. 

Showers are super important!! And no, I’m not just talking about personal hygiene. The layout of your dorm may change depending on what college you go to and which dorm you end up in, so remain informed on that. I showered in a floor style situation (where the bathroom is available to everyone on your floor) and tbh, I wasn’t feeling that. It’s nice for meeting lots of people, but I like having all my bathroom supplies in one spot instead of going back and forth all the time.

- Use the commons/main area of your dorm. At the end of the day you might want to go back to the dorm and crash, but I guarantee that there’s always something going on in the common room, making it a magnificent way to meet people and get involved. If you’re not feeling it, try to stick it out for 30 minutes or so and then go relax. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something cool that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Part 2: Classes

- Look the part and sit up front. I know, that’s the advice everyone gives, but being in class when you’re at the front of the room makes you feel so much more engaged. I went to three seminars and sat in various places in each lecture hall to test this and it really held true for me.                                                                    Note: If you are uncomfortable or self conscious sitting up front then that’s perfectly okay!! Please do whatever makes you feel comfortable. An alternative way to remain engaged in class is sitting in the T Zone (up front or any aisles in the room) or participating in discussion. Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to learn!!

- Get there early. Personally, I like getting to class early just so I can get my supplies set up on my desk ~just right~, but you can also use this time to chat with your classmates or professor if you choose.

- Schedule your classes wisely. Man, don’t take classes back to back. Lectures are usually anywhere from two to three hours, and labs are even longer. Give yourself a break, even if it’s just a short one!! Process your info. Have a snack. Then continue with learning :]

- Don’t overload yourself. If you feel yourself getting burned out, try to set aside a period of time to take care of yourself. Even just a small amount of time will usually help and you will feel more motivated than before.

Part Three: Miscellaneous Information

- Take advantage of the dining hall. Bring tupperware, there’s honestly no shame in saving yourself a snack for later. That being said…

- Do not overuse the dining hall. Now, this is left to your own standards, but overuse to me is just getting excited about all the cool food (like soft serve omg) and eating more than you should.

- Explore the campus!! Honestly college campuses are super cool, but if you want to be even cooler, find all the nooks and crannies. Find the best study spots, and the shop with the best coffee or snacks. Be the person everyone goes to when they want to find some area on campus.

- Find your passions. There are so many clubs and cool activities that you can participate in!! Even if you feel a little iffy about a club, at least try to attend one meeting so you don’t miss out. College is for trying new things!

I hope this was a helpful overview! Feel free to add on your own advice in the reblogs/tags. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!!

All the love, 

elle (@etudesthetics)

(P.S.: I also wrote a pre-college masterpost, so check that out!! Also, thank you to @intellectus, @pyrogirl88, and @mvths for proofreading, and @sillysweetfairyfloss for designing that wonderful graphic!! ❤️💛💚💙💜)

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How would you rate the rooms of this chapter? and honestly i did wonder about what it would take for Tsuyu to cry... although I really didn't want it to happen

About the girls’ rooms, based on my initial prediction I think I got around half of it (kinda) right! So I’m very happy about it!

I love their rooms!! So so much. Did you see the clock on Kirishima’s room?


Shouji surprised me the most to be honest. I honestly thought he’d be like a regular kid but why did his room have to be so bare?

Sero has the best interior design for me! But Todoroki worked hard to remodel his so I guess he deserves a commendation. In the end I guess nobody can win against Satou’s cake.

A few more commentaries:

Sero really cracked me up in this one, “Insert angry rant here, YUM!” Hahaha

The two resident perverts got owned

Todoroki waited for the competition to end and ate cake before going to sleep.

About Tsuyu… it really did break my heart seeing her cry. I realize she’s the most empathetic classmate they have so I understand her reaction. Seems like she was really worried about all of them and I am so glad they apologized for what they did.

Look at this Momo patting Tsuyu and Kirishima crying too ;__;

thoughts on ski lodge part 2

okay i just finished ski lodge and i need to discuss with this someone or ANYONE.

are they seriously going with the whole ‘maya-liked-lucas-to-protect-Riley" … what the fuck?? there are so many plot holes now im so confused. why must the writers insist on constantly invalidating maya hart’s feelings??

another thing: the r*cas scene. i was literally gagging the whole time. they’re brother and sister and they have zero chemistry to the point where i was cringing and uncomfortable the whole time. this is really the ship the writers want to be endgame? yikes. why do rucas shippers not love themselves.

also can we talk about josh and maya? i hate myself so much i literally swore i was a die-hard lucaya bitch but they got me feeling some typa way. i still want maya to be happy (reference intended) and i want her to be with lucas so bad, but they were cute. but that’s probably because sabrina carpenter is a great actress and will have chemistry with anyone.

overall, the episode was a mess. the writing was absolute shit and the solution to the triangle was disappointing. the writers could have made the plot SO GOOD with Riley realizing that she was not mature for a relationship and didn’t want change (hence forcing all of the other characters to lose their growth) and maya hart could FOR ONCE get what she deserved. but no- the writers took all of their character developments made and threw them down the drain, as well as their good ships and a lot of their following.

the moral of the story is that im only watching this show now for zay babineaux because everyone else just fills me with anger or disappointment.

Because @these-are-the-first-steps and @poor-queequeg ARE FUCKING INSANE IN THE BEST WAY, so…spitefic? 

When Rey falls asleep, she dreams.

She is lying on her bed, and kneeling above her is a large man, peering down at her. He has dark hair and yellow eyes, and part of Rey feels like she should be panicked – but she’s not. Something about it feels so familiar, so at ease, that she doesn’t so much as blink.

“Don’t be afraid,” the man murmurs. He brushes his lips against her forehead and settles down next to her. He’s naked, but somehow Rey isn’t surprised. His hair is dark and wavy, his eyes expressive, his mouth soft.

“What are you?” she asks, and Rey meant to as who are you, but something got lost in translation.

He gave a small, wistful smile at that. “I’m afraid I’m not sure, little bird.” A hand comes up to caress her cheek. Rey leans into the touch – he’s warm, so warm. “It appears I’m a man, in the land of dreams.” His eyes are expressive, look gold.

Just like her dragon.

His mouth is soft on hers when he kisses her. Rey finds herself giving into his touch, craving it. He hovers over her, shoulders wide, chest deep – this is a powerful man, but his touch is impossibly gentle. She wants to use him as a blanket, to wrap herself in his arms and never let go.

When she wakes up, she has no recollection of the dream; next to her, Kylo is rousing, preparing for the day.

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Why do you even like yoona? Her face is so simple. There are far more beautiful idols than her like taeyeon and suzy.

Oh this question.

That’s because I like her way past the point of her physical appearance. 

Yes, there are a lot more prettier idols out there (or members, if you want to make the circle smaller) but I don’t love Yoona just because she’s pretty. It’s very easy to say someone’s pretty, but what I love about her can’t compare to how pretty the others are. I’ve liked her even before I started liking soshi, or kpop in general (SHINee was the first group I ever liked, if I’m being very honest) so you can do the math as to how long I’ve watched this pretty girl transcend to a beautiful woman. 

She’s so beautiful, not because she has pretty doe eyes that becomes crescent-like whenever she smiles or a pretty little mouth that opens embarrassingly wide whenever she laughs or even a pretty little body that is surprisingly as strong as that of a man. No, it’s not all because of that. 

But really, it’s because her sincerity to make other people happy is seeping through her skin, making her more beautiful each and every day.

And I’ve seen her do such kind things, and through the years, the aura she gives off to her fans, to her members, to her seniors, and her juniors has never changed. She has always been humble and modest. Yes she was shy before, but that’s because she’s in an unfamiliar environment and confidence can only grow with time and that’s what happened. 

I love her not because she’s Im Goddess or Yoongphrodite, but because she’s the Im Yoona all sones and yoonaddicts have come to love. The all too adorable, always bubbly, always caring about other people, always trying to destroy her image, always sincere, often sensitive yet never rude or snotty. She’s loved because it is so transparent how much she loves her fans and not because it’s her job, but because she is just truly, truly, grateful to them.

Whoever said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder totally knows what he’s saying because you might think that she’s simple or her face is nothing more than the ordinary but I have never saw her in the same light as you. And I guess, that’s what everyone would answer if you ask them why they love their bias. But then again, I think they’d be sappy and emotional like how I am right now.

I haven’t seen anyone truly talk about the new character songs cover, so I feel the need to put emphasis on why I love it so much, centering on Ioryuu: 

I had a crush on this girl for years, YEARS. I didn’t know it at the time, but whenever we had karaeoke nights I would always record her, even when it was a large group of friends I would always be focusing on her. I’d do that EVERY time we sang karaeoke and I didn’t even notice it. 

So yeah, Ryuu is totally in love even if he doesn’t know it XD and I can relate so very much. 

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Despite all the rest of the bs, it makes me so happy to see how supportive Louis was of a young girl of colour. That was the one pure thing today.

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, that was cute. But how sad for our community that we’re looking for any type of validation as members of this fandom. They publicly haven’t been very supportive of POC at all. Nice and polite is expected. It’s not a bonus. And not for nothing, that’s why so many bigots feel comfortable in this fandom.

I’ve said before that once we know they’re free from their old team, I expect them to do better. If tragedies in Europe move you to take to social media, then so should tragedies in the Middle East. If the LGBTQIA community’s suffering is noteworthy, then so is the black community’s. Find your nuts or shut up. And as much as I love 1D, I mean that shit. Take note. 


design edits for mahou tsukai precure! i love all the cute costumes in the magical girl genre, but over-the-top outfits have never been my style, so i like to play with designs a lot :3

so! simpler designs! easier to read in action, easier to draw both for overworked animators and young fans, and easier to cosplay!!

i tried to make recurring motifs a bit more obvious, like magicals fur trims being based on her civilian hair tie! kept the puffs pink and round in shape, along with other minor tweaks that arent too obvious without the originals so have fun flipping between the two!

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Don’t you just love that putting on 3 different outfits you know you won’t wear out the house until finally wearing the thing you actually would wear out the house routine that happens EVERY TIME I go out in public?
Because I sure do!!

Also, I own so many burgundy clothes…
Also, it is so hot…
Also, the thing I actually ended up wearing isn’t even that much less girly than the others so I have no idea why I am so much more comfortable in it…

yoooo.. i had to tell this little white boy off today for telling this beautiful little indo-caribbean girl that her skin is ugly and is the colour of poop and dirt.

i was so angry, guys. this shit is why dark skinned babies think they’re ugly. she was so upset.

Dating Taeyang Would Include

“could i please request a “dating would include” with taeyang and gd

Always up for more BIGBANG - you guys should know me by now! Hope you enjoy! <3

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