This is what Charlie does. She gets through to people. That's what makes her special

Girl Meets Writers Master Post  Q&A  for Season 2,  8/28/15

Warning: May contain spoilers.

I tried to sift out some of the repeat questions and answers, also some of the questions didn’t show so I wasn’t able to put them on, I also took out some of the meaningless ones, #6 I feel actually has some meaning. There are 152 on this one, enjoy! 

1. when is josh coming back   Josh will be back for our New Year’s Eve show in Dec

2. Will Angela be back? I feel like she needs more on the show.  Yes Angela will be back. She plays a very important role on the show.

3. will Rucas shippers be satisfied with the season finale?   We are hopeful everyone will be satisfied with the season finale.

4. In first date, Maya says “you think I would hurt you?” And Riley says “what’re you going to wear?” What did that mean?   It means that Riley knows Maya would never hurt her

5. Can Sarah or Darby be revealed as Jeremy Sullivan’s daughter-the BMW extra played by Dusty Gould?   Yours are some of our favorite tweets.

6. We need to talk.   We’re here to listen.

7. Will joshaya ever have a romantic scene together?   We thought the scene in the college dorm was incredibly romantic

8. are any other characters gonna change?   They are all in a process of change.

9. will josh ever date maya or tell her how he feels?   He will tell her how he feels

10.  when GMW gets renewed for Season 3, and Season 2’s theme is growth, what will be the theme next season?   Feelings

11. When will LUCAS kiss RILEY? Because that’s how his moment is suppose to go. So he still hasn’t gotten it yet.   His moment will be his moment

12. Does the cast choose where their chairs are positioned and who they sit next to?   Yeah they think they do

13. Could you be so kind and give us a new Joshaya quote?   Haven’t written it yet

14. Will Shawn be in Forgiveness?   He is all over forgiveness. That’s an intentional mislead

15. can we see corpanga’s bedroom?   Look at the size of that apartment. They can’t possibly afford another bedroom

16. will Maya and Lucas ever become a couple    Watch what happens

17.  lucaya hug soon? yes or no?   Something interesting on the way

18.  Farkle’s love life is about to take an interesting turn.

19. if you get renewd for a 3rd season when do you think you’d start filming?    Middle January

20. will there be joshaya moments!    Yes 

21. when is series 2 going to be shown in the UK?    Thats up to Disney

22. How big and how beautiful is the next rucas moment?   Very big. Happens in October.

23. i feel like we need more cory and topanga moments. can you guarantee we will see more of them!?    We guarantee it

24. More POC on gmw? Specifically a main POC character?    Yes. Yes.

25. will Riley be emotionally hurt this season so she can finally understand the world and how there are bad people   We will be putting the characters through some upheaval, practically and emotionally

26. when is lucas going to admit his love for maya   You will have an interesting October

27. When will Riley realize her brother feelings to Lucas !!!!!????   Interesting question.

28. Will there be any development at all in Maya and Farkle’s relationship?  Yes. Maya will teach Farkle how to live 

29. will Missy ever return to the show?   We had a great time with Olivia. Maybe someday

30. is Charlie coming back? x1   Yes. October

31. will Lucas and Maya kiss?   Please see the interesting October answer

32. is there a chance there will be more lucaya this season?  Yes.

33. will there ever be an episode “girl meets feminism” or “girl meets racism” !!!??   All topics will be explored.

34. Will there possibly be another Matthews in the future?   We are discussing that.

35. Belgium 1831 anytime soon???   Very important.

36. soooo what’s gonna be new with josh??   Find out at New Years

37. when is Jack coming back   Wasn’t he great? We loved having him on the set

38. will Rowan ever sing???    Every week on the theme song. Besides that, she is concentrating on her acting

39. will there be another character in the show that causes relationship tension?There is going to be plenty of tension with the characters we have   

40. Lauren? Yes or no? Morgan? Yes or no?   Lauren not yet. Morgan definitely

41. could you possibly tell what episode will be filmed on September 1   Girl Meets Money

42. will we ever see Angela get advice from her dad like chet   That’s an absolutely lovely thought. Unfortunately, the actor who played her father has passed. We miss Julius terribly.

43. will Mr Feeny be returning anytime soon?    We hope so. 

44. is there any easter eggs that the cast hides on set?   None we have found

45. is rucas going to have a happy ending?   Yes. 

46. okay this isn’t a question but PLEASE don’t make this show into a love triangle. i’m begging you.    Stay with us. Everyone will learn from everything that is about to take place. What you believe is happening may not be 

47. Will Farkle ever be the old Farkle again? How else will he grow this season    Farkle is still Farkle. Clothes do not make the man.

48. what exactly did Maya mean “hope is for suckers”?    Maya has not had the easiest of lives. It is hard for her to hope. She believes only suckers hope. Now, she is a sucker

49. whats the lesson  in rah rah   Never give up. Never surrender.

50. when will Shawn & Mr. Turner get to reunite in Girl Meets World?   In a very special moment.

51. Will Maya and Katy ever forgive her dad?   You are about to see. Girl Meets Forgiveness

52. what is your favorite episode   Always the next one we do.

53. How did you choose Riley’s name?To me, reminds me of Cory’s name, which I think is nice connection   Right. We tried to embody the spirit of Chloe and Plankton and every other name we mentioned


55. will Rilaya at least question a relationship? kiss? crush??   Riley and Maya are the absolute best of friends

56. what happened to maya’s locket?   She has it and values it. 

57. What’s up with auggie and ava?   They’ve been happily married for 60 years and currently reside in Boca Raton.

58. will josh ever admit his feelings   Yes. 

59. Will we get to see an episode where Riley uses the camera Shawn gave to her?   Yes. 

60. the next big rucas moment better be one where they realise how wrong they are for each other.    Texas.

61. have you ever gotten script ideas from Twitter?   Nope.

62. lucas was rileys first date&first kiss, I feel like they will always have something more than brother and sister?   Keep watching

63. what do you want the viewers to take from the show?   We want you to recognize real moments and perhaps learn from them. We also want you to be entertained by our wonderful cast

64. Farkle and Riley. What’s there deal? Time to DTR.   Farkle will make an interesting decision soon. 

65. will there be another female friend that puts Maya and Riley’s friendship to the test? please answer!   Not female.

66. Does Lucas Like Maya?   You’ll see

67. would Riley become angry/jealous if Lucas and maya started to date?   Riley wants Maya to be happy

68. Can Lucas please do the “hu-huur” to Maya?   No but Cletis can

69. Are all the lucaya moments this season leading up to something and will we see this season how they really feel?   Yes. 

70. will you give us a hint on what happens in the next lucaya moment?   It’s pretty big.

71. Will we ever meet Emma Weathersbee?   Yes. Commonism

72. ever thought about exploring who shawn’s real mom is again?  No it confused us the first time

73. can you quote an upcoming rucas moment?  Won’t have to. You’ll be quoting it back to us

74. will Lucas learn to deal with his anger problems   That is an ongoing concern.


76. would Lucas ever hurt maya?   No

77. Why didn’t Angela talk to Topanga about having children- since she has two.   Angela will teach a very important lesson

78. PLZ RESPOND will Lucas be there or involved in Maya’s kiss?   Texas

79. Will we ever learn about how Riley and Maya met??????   Girl Meets the Bay Window

80. Can joshaya not happen??  I have too much lucaya in my heart it it will break.   Watch carefully

81. Is hope for suckers? (Katy & Shawn)?!!!!!   Hope is for true believers

82. Who is the biggest prankster on set?  Sabrina. What’s up?

83. will be seeing more of Zay??  Absolutely

84. Did you plan lucaya to be a thing or did we make it a thing?   We are planned well in advance

85. who has more chemistry? Lucaya or Rucas?   You’ll have to decide

86. will you cover more mature topics ?   As they get more mature

87. I need more Shawn and Corey scenes !!!  Comin up

88. will there be an episode that talks about sexuality   We are taking a look at feelings and what they can do

89. Hi, is Lucas going too ever ask out Maya!?   Please join us in Texas

90. Will Rucas happen anytime soon?!?   It happens every episode

91. will there any beautiful lucaya moment soon ?   Texas. Campfire

92. Will there be an episode where Lucas and Riley are paired up in a project again and they decide to go to the library?   That would be great

93. EVERYONE, RUCAS AND LUCAYA, HATE VANESSA   Actually, they kind of like her in Texas

94. Will Lucas and Maya get together in season 2???   Texas

95. will we ever meet Kermit’s family?  First, we need to meet Kermit. Girl Meets Forgiveness

96. YO will we see maya’s room again???  Yes. Girl meets Money

97. Lucas and Maya need more moments together, it seems like they are only around each other if it’s with the whole group   Texas

98. will there be any more lucaya moments?   Texas

99. just gimme a future lucaya quote and ill leave u alone   “What did you do that for?”

100. will you ever have the entire BMW gang together with Rachel, Eric, Jack, Shawn, Angela, Topanga and of Cory?   Possible

101. on a scale from one to ten how big is the biggest lucaya moment goign to be???   Your scale is not big enough

102. What upcoming episode do you think all the fans will love the most?  The rest of this season’s episodes are pretty extraordinary.

103. What is the limit to do seasons of Girls meets world?  We have not been told

104. or do we get a fun reference when Corey thought if he’d marry Topanga, Riley and Auggie would be Chewbacca & Plankton?   We’ve thought about that.

105. I feel like lucaya is not gonna happen😫 Cause of Rucas and Joshaya, should I give my hopes up?   You will see that the series is about far more

106. is zay going be a regular  Yes

107. Does Maya hurt Riley in any way?   Interesting.

108. Will we get to see an episode where Riley uses the camera Shawn gave to her?  Yes. 

109. OH COME ON THATS COMPLETE BS  Everything we’ve answered is true

110. WHEN IS THIS “TEXAS” EPISODE ??   October

111. k i was saying you know what happens and your not telling us  Sometimes you just have to watch the show

112. will the show follow the kids unfit then end of college just like boy meets world   We’d like to hope so

113. will Riley find out what Maya knew about her?  Yes.

114. will maya eventually change back to her old look?   Maya will continue to evolve.

115. can you give me hope for Joshaya being a thing please   Joshaya is a thing

116. what’s the name of the biggest rucas episode this season?  Girl Meets Texas I, II, III. Girl Meets New Years. Girl Meets Graduation.

117. You’re making Rucas shippers feel so bad right now  They shouldn’t

118. so Girl Meets Texas is a pretty important episode for both Rucus and Lucaya relationships then?? :)   Yes

119. who’s better for maya, lucas or josh?  You’ll decide for yourself

120. Which Morgan WI we see?  Lily or Lindsay?   Let’s keep it a surprise


122. so now that we know zay is gona be regular is he going to comment on lucaya interactions like in creativity???   Yes. He will comment on everything

123. what do you think about the fandom being practically split in 2?   It means we have been doing our jobs perfectly

124. will we see Lucas’ parents or any relatives in the Texas episode?   Yes. Don’t you want to see Pappy Joe?

125. WHAT IS RILEY’S MIDDLE NAME?????????!??   We don’t know yet

126. will we ever see the whole Matthews family together and will Josh ever become a regular?   We would love both

127. future rucas quote PLEASE?!27   “Poom.”

128. Riley and Lucas will go through something that we hope will be one of our most important lessons

129. will Riley or Maya have to choose between to love interests aka. Josh and Lucas?? please answer!   Keep watching

130. which actor/ actress is most similar to their character and which is the most different?    All of the actors have similarities and all of the actors are wonderful actors

131. is Texas the finale?   No. Girl Meets Graduation

132. At the end is Rucas a thing anymore or will they always have feelings for each other?  All or our characters will always have feelings for each other

133. The moment Lucas saw Riley walk down the steps in First Date, I fell for them. Will he ever give her that look again?   He will give her lots of looks

134. Perfection does not exist. When will Lucas break?   Very good. Keep watching


136. mayas feelings towards her father throughout gmforgiveness?  You will cry

137. As Maya changes does her art inspiration or style also change?  Yes

138. Will Texas be a two parter?  Three

139. PLEASE!!! What did Lucas text to Cory to get detention in Rules?! I have no cool left guys!!!   I am not allowed to tweet that. 

140. Will Josh find his “Topanga” like Cory told him in Boy Meets World?   Thanks for remembering. That’s my kid, ya know. We’ll see


142. I don’t care what happens because Rucas is my Pluto and I don’t care what anyone says because Rucas is endgame in my heart   Rucas is my Pluto has us all choked up

143. please answer this - what happened to Katy and shawns date?   You’ll see

144. is dewey ever coming back   Doy! Halloween. Graduation.

145. what did lucaya say in their silent convo in creativity?   You’ll see

146. were the similarities between the Corys face after Topanga kissed him in bmw and Riley’s face after Farkle kissed her intentional or coincidence?   Quite Intentional

147.   will all three parts of texas air in october?   Yes

148. what the biggest trouble Maya will get into?   Trouble’s coming

149. what happened to Lucas saying “I really like you Riley” what happened to those feelings?????     They’re still there

150. Will Corey ever get involved in Rileys love life ?   Yep

151. when will graduation air   Feb

152. will you focus on lucas and farkles friendship more this or next season?  Lucas, Farkle and Zay will be a strong part of the upcoming episodes