This is the first time my dash has done something like this


Currently taking a break from doing art for the book and decided to play around with some sketches I had lying around. I decided to fully flesh this doodle out because quite a few folks has asked me about whether or not I was gonna draw Daring Do in the past, so here she is! My headcanon version of A.K Yearling, aka Daring Do.

As much as I liked the episode that featured A.K as an actual pony, what really bothered me about the character was that she was LITERALLY a recolor of Rainbow Dash, and that’s about it. The design was originally fine with me the first time they introduced her because Dash was reading the book and, because of that, it made sense that she looked like Dashie ‘cause it felt like she was pretty much seeing the adventure through Daring’s eyes. But if they were gonna make her an actual, living pony, I think they could have done something a little more than just change her color palette. :/ So I made sure she didn’t look like a carbon copy of RD.

What I did was take a picture of J.K Rowling and loosely base A.K’s face off of hers (specifically her eyes and mouth; I just had to add those laugh lines). I also gave her some markings just ‘cause I can. As a seasoned adventurer and explorer, I made A.K taller, heavier, and more muscular than what RD is, and her wings are larger. I wanted her to look as wise and as experienced as she seemed in the show, someone that could really wow RD because she just seemed larger than life itself, and still haven’t lost her edge despite being nearly 50.

As a better comparison, I added the headcanon drawing I did of RD a while ago and put them side by side; you can see it HERE

And finally, some headcanon on her history:

Okay, so for the headcanon on this character. This is completely off the top of my head so bear with me here. :/

A.K Yearling’s full name is Atlas Kiera Yearling, and she is a mare that is initially an archaeologist and an author of textbooks. Originally the digs and sites she’s been to around the world were, of course, interesting, but none really had any of the huge adventuring and possible conspiracy elements that her adventure for the artifact the Sapphire Stone did. This was basically the very first adventure that really put her at odds against Ahuizotl, her efforts in retrieving the artifact both saving the world and putting a wrench in the creature’s plans.

It’s from here on out that more adventures similar to this one began to dominate her archaeology career, her skill-set becoming more and more sought out when it came to discovering and retrieving very rare or difficult-to-locate artifacts. It eventually got to a point where A.K began conducting her business in solitude, with only her contractor and perhaps the occasional aid knowing of her whereabouts. These journeys would more on one occasion lead her to an artifact Ahuizotl had plans of stealing himself, and eventually it became something of a strange routine in an attempt to best the other; one for the sake of discovering, the other for the use of artifacts in an attempt to further ill-willed motives. The two share a grudging respect for the other due to their prowess in the field, but that’s about it.

These adventures happened often enough that, during her downtime, Atlas began writing stories based on her life under the pen-name A.K Yearling. The stories, when finally published, were such a large hit that it eventually became a series with the main Heroine dubbed Daring Do, an alias she used during her first encounter with Ahuizotl so he wouldn’t know of her actual name.

Until then, if you have any questions feel free to ask. And thanks for droppin’ by! ^.^

There are people in the Dash Con tag now saying that Hotel Management has no Idea what’s going on. Others are saying that the check that The Con Organizers gave the Hotel bounced and are now trying to get everyone else to cover it. 

I knew something like this was going to happen.

I said it the moment I saw on the “About us” page that they expected attendance to be 3-7 thousand people.

I laughed out loud. ( The only sorts of Cons that get that sort of attendance are ESTABLISHED and WELL: KNOWN CONVENTIONS OR WELL KNOW CONVENTION PLANNERS. First time cons by first time runners are lucky to get 3 HUNDRED people. )

I have worked for cons and been attending since I was 16 (I am 32 now). Hotels do not and cannot just up and demand money like that from you. Unless a prior agreement in your contract was not met or there had been some sort of damage done. 

My other thought was that they had not paid some of the attending talent and needed others to bail them out. (Fact it costs 20k to have Doug Jones attend an event. The Dash Con tickets are $60 a pop. Do the math. Also you still need money left over for the other guests, the space, etc etc etc.) This is why I thought this convention was a bad idea from the start. They set their sights too high and are being burnt and instead of taking the blame themselves they are passing it on to the Hotel and begging for money.

I do not blame the attendee’s, the guests, or the Hotel. The blame goes to the shortsightedness of the planners. 



Chris Black’s (of Done to Death) eclectic (and art-filled) book collection:

Collecting books and magazines is something I really love to do. I buy them from eBay; Dashwood Books and Mast Books in New York; Arcana: Books on the Arts in Los Angeles; thrift stores in Santa Fe; and flea markets in Miami or anywhere, really. I like to be surrounded by them. As my wife and I prepare to move for the first time in five years, I’ve had to go through my home collection (I keep a lot at my studio as well), and organizing them has made the usually unbearable process of packing, well, almost fun. Thumbing through old issues of George, Fantastic Man, and Free & Easy and rediscovering work by some of my favorite artists and photographers like Wolfgang Tillmans, Ed Ruscha, David Hockney, Barry McGee, Donald Judd, Sam Falls, and Dash Snow has just made me want to go out and buy more.Luckily our new apartment has plenty of shelf space.