This is the first time my dash has done something like this

Yep, I definitely think I have a ‘thing’ for turians.

Is it whatever they’ve done with their voices? Is it because they’re so tol? So bad-ass? I don’t know! But I’m all like, “hey, Garrus, baby. Oh hello there, Captain Gavorn, looking dashing today. Primarch Victus, I also enjoy bending the rules. Damn, Nyreen, I’d join your cause to help the people of Omega.”

I mean, I’ve got the BIGGEST crush on Aria T'Loak (and I’m not interested in asari) and I was /still/ getting chemistry vibes from Nyreen during the Omega DLC. You gotta be something special to divert my attentions from Aria for even a moment.

Garrus had my heart ever since first “meeting” Archangel in Mass Effect 2, so that’s no surprise. But every time I meet a turian…pitter-patter.

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