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I just want you to know that your voltron shitposts are a gift to our species

honestly?? where’s my nobel prize

  • shiro: “I need an adult” pidge: “…you… are an adult?” shiro: “yes but I need a better one”
  • hunk’s hairstyle is definitely inspired by young han solo
  • *paladin sneezes* allura and coran, horrified: “what the fuck was that”
  • pidge is too short for her head to be a good armrest for anyone, but does that stop lance from trying?? no
  • allura is the living embodiment of bringing a gun to a knife fight
  • sometimes lance will go to the training deck while keith is training for the express purpose of making lightsaber noises whenever keith swings his sword to piss him off
  • coran is scandalized by hunk and pidge’s lab etiquette
    • pidge’s approach to science is “safety goggles are for squares” and hunk’s is “eyeballing it is a valid method of measurement right”
    • i mean pidge is 14 and hunk is an engineering student what was he expecting
    • he gets hunk a god damn ruler for his birthday
  • lance: “- so the most important thing is that we get in and out without being seen at all. any ideas?” keith: “okay, so what I’m thinking is that i’ll bust into the main chamber and go for zarkon-” lance: “alright, I’m gonna explain again, and you’re gonna tell me where I lost you”

Of finding, and losing. And finding again.


“You make me a believer”

I listened to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons while doodling and well I ended up drawing this, because the lyrics kinda reminded me of Keith and his relationship with Shiro (even if you don’t ship them, they’re still closer than the rest and Shiro is a big part of Keith’s life). And it really hurts me that Keith loses Shiro time and again, only to get him back more broken than before.

I’m really excited to see if Keith will find him in the next season, too. If there’s something left of the old Shiro to be found anyway. I guess my all-time worst case scenario would be the Paladins finding Shiro, but he got brainwashed and is now the enemy, fighting the team for a few seasons, while Keith stubbornly believes that there’s still something of his good old Shiro left in there. All he has to do is get him back and he’ll remember. He’ll remember that he’s one of the good guys and most important: he’ll remember that he belongs to Keith. Not the Galra. So a heartbreaking chase across the universe starts in order to get a hold of their black Paladin.

This would be the worst they can do to me. Seriously. I don’t want to see how that’d affect Keith - and the rest of the team. I’d simply die.

But I like to believe that their fates (again, even if you don’t ship them) are somehow woven together and they’d find eachother no matter what. I still believe in a happy end!! :3

Cute Bus Stop Guy

Sterek, Teen, 2K words, Meet Cute AU

Stiles groaned and took a very long swig from his travel coffee mug as he hitched his messenger bag up higher on his shoulder. It was barely eight in the morning, and consequently, he could barely keep his eyes open. He was a grad student for fuck’s sake, and it was understood that in order to make up for the shitty stipend and the whole working-around-the-clock thing, he got to sleep in until 10. At least. After all, if he was up until 3 working, it was only fair. But noooo, his advisor—fuck you, Finstock—had insisted on an early meeting today.

He passed the bus stop and realized that at least he was lucky in that he lived close enough to campus that he could walk instead of dealing with public transportation at rush hour. Small condolences, really, though.

He yawned and accidentally bumped into someone walking past him. Stiles tried to apologize, but the word got stuck in his throat when he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the person he’d nearly knocked over. He was about Stiles’ height but bigger, all broad shoulders and muscles capped off by really great hair and an unfairly attractive face. “Uh.”

The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

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Renamed Musicals
  • The Last Five Years: We were happy for ten minutes
  • Bring It On: just like the movies but better because Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Dogfight: All My Friends Are Dead by: Eddie Birdlace
  • American Psycho: Benjamin Walker's abs ft. Jennifer Damiano
  • Spring Awakening: horny German teenagers make me cry thirty times
  • Gypsy: Broadway dance moms
  • In the Heights: remember Lin Manuel Miranda before Hamilton?
  • Jersey Boys: we're all shitty people but at least we're shitty people who can sing
  • How to Succeed in Business: life is good if you can lie
  • Matilda: Carrie Jr.
  • Daddy Long Legs: haha she said "daddy"
  • Children of Eden: the bible ft. belting
  • Tick, Tick...Boom: Remember Jonathan Larson before Rent?
  • Urinetown: urine jokes and Hunter Foster
  • A Chorus Line: we're all suffering so we cover up our emotions with dancing
  • Newsies: hot gay teenage boys stomp a lot
  • The Book of Mormon: we're all suffering so we cover up our emotions with religion
  • Footloose: let hiM BE A DANCER!!!1!!
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: crazy women take lots of Valium
  • Next to Normal: crazy woman takes a lots of Valium
  • Avenue Q: ruining your childhood one song at a time
  • Bullets Over Broadway: Zach Braff can sing?
  • If/Then: Elphaba marries Roger
  • Parade: JRB can't write anything happy
  • Honeymoon in Vegas: JRB finally writes something happy
  • Ragtime: everyone's a little bit racist but it's okay because it's 1910
  • The Full Monty: suicide and strippers
  • Jekyll and Hyde: Frank Wildhorn needs to chill
  • Wonderland: Frank Wildhorn really needs to chill
  • Bonnie and Clyde: Frank Wildhorn finally finds his chill
  • Catch Me if You Can: Aaron Tveit ignores his feelings with jazz numbers
  • Merrily We Roll Along: we were all happy for like ten minutes
  • Cats: what?
  • Spelling Bee: guy from Modern Family ft. erection song
  • [title of show]: what musical theatre majors go through after college
  • Calvin Berger: Cyrano with horny teenagers
  • Legally Blonde: Laura Bell Bundy can belt my face off
  • Little Women: Jo isn't straight but alright whatever
  • Assassins: kill a president and all your problems will be solved
  • Clinton the Musical: the best thing to come out of Broadway in 50 years
  • Carrie: Matilda with murder
  • Rent: we're all dead inside but it's alright
  • Jasper in Deadland: we're all dead inside but it's not alright
  • Falsettos: family is important ft. the guy from into the woods
  • Company: love is stupid and so are all of you
  • Evening Primrose: literally wh a t the fuck
  • The Frogs: literALLY WH A T THE FUCK
  • School of Rock: these kids have more talent in their left pinkies than you ever will
  • The Addams Family: she's being pulled in a new direction
  • Aladdin: seriously SO much better than the movie
  • Bare: horny American teenagers make me cry thirty times
  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: everyone hates Andrew Jackson boo hoo
  • The Bridges of Madison County: Kelli O'Hara needs to stop being perfect immediately
  • Finding Neverland: somebody wrote fanfiction about J.M. Barrie
  • Fun Home: you're gonna cry a lot
  • Heathers: literally fuckin chill
  • Hamilton: literally fuckin chill (reprise)
  • Love's Labour's Lost: horny college students are horny college students
  • Meet John Doe: Heidi Blickenstaff can belt my face off
  • Pippin: sad gay circus boy
  • Shrek: everyone makes fun of this musical but it's seriously amazing????
  • Something Rotten: 16th century fanfiction
  • Tuck Everlasting: become best friends with your kidnappers
  • Waitress: Deep Dish Blueberry Pie
  • Sweeney Todd: Deep Shit Blueberry Pie
  • West Side Story: MARIA!
  • Zombie Prom: lol why

every year seemingly on the dot there’s an article about this, and to your average New Yorker who reads the news this is probably your only ‘negative’ article about the Hamptons.  And like, yeah, this shit is annoying, people will fly really fucking low in secluded areas and if you live on the flight path you might get like 40 helicopters a day, but honestly?

This is no where near the biggest issue the Hamptons faces.  Not even close.  But it’s an issue that gets hits because it lets us laugh at an issue that’s mostly millionaires vs billionaires because in the popular imagination those are the only people who live in the Hamptons.  More on that in a second but here are some of the issues that your average person faces and sees.

50 people died in the Hamptons from opiod abuse last year.  That might not seem like a lot but in towns where the year-round population numbers in the hundreds its huge, and it grew by 70% last year.  I had this conversation with a friend a year back about this, about how if you stay in the Hamptons there’s this point you get to where everyone you know knows someone who died either because of drugs or because of alcohol.  

Homelessness is a pervasive issue in the east end too, and it’s an issue that’s gotten infinitely worse with the arrival of AirBNB.  Montauk in particular is awful about this; rent goes from around 800 a month for a room to more than a thousand a week (or a day) during the summer, and, and this is just a fun anecdote, but there’s an abandoned army base in Montauk that was the inspiration for the army base in Stranger Things, and it’s basically a shanty town during the summer for people who are just working as waiters and taxi drivers but who can’t afford close to a room there.  In general cost of living is high as hell, you might be able to snag a 15$ an hour job if you’re lucky but if you’re not then lunch still goes for twelve at least and nearly all the retail space in any village is dedicated to shit that you could never possibly afford.

The rampant increase in housing prices has also priced out historic black communities in the Hamptons which gets to another issue which is the brutal and pervasive segregation the region faces.  It’s even getting to the point where a NYC style private-public schooling system is de facto in place which drains funding from Latino, African American, and Native American majority districts as the rich white kids go to a pseudo-private school.  The Latino and black communities exist basically outside of the dominant white communities and neighboring Hampton Bays (which is or is not in the Hamptons depending on who you ask) has the largest KKK chapter in the United States.  

This isn’t even getting into the issues with public transit, the issues with environmental degradation, suicide rates, etc.  These issues, of drug addiction, pervasive poverty, racism, hopelessness, they’re, like, none of it will probably sound new to you.  They’re issues in nearly every rural community in the United States.  But, even though the Hamptons are a mere 100 miles away from NYC and gets more media attention than your average town in New Mexico or Indiana or Montana, these issues are hardly ever talked about in the context of the Hamptons.  Two years ago if you were looking for a mass media depiction of poverty in the Hamptons you had like two or three articles to go on, tops.  

What gets me about the pervasiveness of these “oh these stupid rich people and their rich people problems” articles seem to me to be like the horrifying end phase of the hyper-gentrification of the Hamptons.  A town becomes a target for rich summergoers, it becomes known as a resort town, and gradually the poor people (who live everywhere, who work everywhere) fade from view and disappear from the public image.  They become the subaltern of their own home, known only under the signifier of ‘local’, as hillbillies with hick accents. Their history is forgotten as their past becomes similarly owned by the people who own their house, who own their labor (seriously before the Eastville Historical society was formed in the 1980s the history of the Hamptons working class which was a beautiful combination of Irish and East European immigrants, Native Americans, and freed slaves was nearly entirely forgotten).  The changes the region needs are radical but they are not even thinkable because the only constituency we can imagine are the millionaires who’s problems amount to a guy driving over their house in a helicopter once or twice a day.

That’s why, beyond the fact that I lived there for nearly 16 years, the Hamptons are important to me. Because it’s the end of the line for where our economic model goes.  Because it goes along the line where gentrification crosses into colonization.

Replaceable Part 1!!

Lance needed to talk to somebody. It was all getting too much. The loneliness, the homesickness, the insecurities. He was often finding himself wandering the halls at night after waking up from a nightmare (they were all about his family thinking Lance had abandoned them, leaving without so much as a goodbye and his place in the team). He always kept it to himself. He would put on a mask everyday and pretend everything was fine. He would put his teammates’ feelings and problems before his own. Oh, you’re feeling sad? Here’s a corny joke/pick-up line for you! You did something incredible? Let me tell you how cool and talented you are. And he was fine with that. It made him happy to know that he was helping his team, even if they didn’t realize it. But he had finally took all he could. The bottle where he tucked away all his insecurities and feelings was about to explode, and if it did, the clean up would be messy. He just needed to talk…but to who? He didn’t want to tell Shiro or Keith or the other paladins; he didn’t want them to view him as weak. And especially not Allura. What if he told her and she started to doubt his position as the Blue Paladin? He did that enough himself. So that left one person.
Lance found Coran messing with their Altean map. Lance smiled softly. Yeah, I can talk to Coran. He won’t judge me or tell anyone. I can trust him. He thought. “Hey, Coran.” “Lance, my boy! What brings you here?” “I uh, was just wondering if I could talk to you for a bit, if you don’t mind.” “Of course not! I’m just recalibrating and updating this map. It is 10,000 years old after all! Go ahead! I’m all ears!” Lance chuckled softly and shook his head. Yeah, Coran was his best (and only) choice. Lance walked over to a window, glancing at the foreign stars passing them, which only made him more homesick. Lance sighed. Where should he start? “Well..I guess I’m not feeling like myself lately. It’s my own fault really. I kept all of this bottled up, thinking I couldn’t talk to anyone, but…it’s a relief I can get it out now.” He took a deep breath. “I don’t think I belong here. I feel like I’m not needed, that I’m just here because you have to have somebody pilot Blue. What do I even contribute to the team? I’m not a computer whiz like Pidge, an amazing engineer like Hunk, nowhere near as talented of a pilot or fighter like Keith, or a strong leader like Shiro. All of them have a thing. It makes them special, an important part of the team. And you and Allura know all about the castle, so you pretty much protect us and give us a home. But what do I do? What if I don’t have a thing. Sure Shiro called me ‘sharpshooter,’ but is that really a talent? With a couple of training sessions, anybody could do that. I don’t provide anything to give to the team, to make us stronger. I-I’m not special. I don’t feel special. I’m just the fifth wheel. Seventh if you count you and Allura. And that’s the worst wheel to be. I hate to ask this, but I have to I important Coran? To the team? To anyone? Am I just here because you had to have an extra pilot to form Voltron? Do you guys even like me, or do you just tolerate me because you have to? Am I just the quirky idiot just here for laughs, who can never take anything seriously?” Lance glanced to the floor, eyes glued to his feet. “Am I…replaceable?” Lance was answered with silence. He turned to face to Altean, whose brows were furrows in concentration at a certain planet. “….Coran?” Coran jumped and turned around quickly. “Oh, I’m sorry my boy! I guess I got a little too distracted with the map. What were you saying? I’m afraid I missed it.” Lance inhaled sharply, and forced a shaky grin. “It’s okay, Coran. It was nothing important anyways.” With that, Lance turned on his heels and headed straight to his room, not bothering to wipe away the hot tears that ran down his flushed cheeks.

SKAM S04E08 Clip 2 - Sorry

NOORA: Yeah, but I’m wondering if someone like planned it or..

NOORA: Yes, I can see that.

VILDE: Of course! With World Web Wide*. What if that happened to one of you? Oh my God, it’d destroy you. Especially you! It’d ruin your whole reputation.

NOORA: Think about just taking a picture..

EVA: It doesn’t mean that! It just means you forgot to take off the tag.

SANA: You guys?

EVA: Everyone! Ingrid answered. Uhm.. (In Oslo accent): We were sure Vilde made saranors2. Again, sorry. We seriously feel so bad. If we have ruined anything between her and Magnus, we’re soooo sorry, but it was Isak who started everything. You should me mad at him, it’s so important that we stand together as a bus.

NOORA: I just thinks it’s so weird that Isak would make a hate account on Sara. Like.. Why?

EVA: He’s probably pissed at her for some reason. I don’t know what’s going on in Isak’s head, but I actually thought he’d changed. Apparently now. I’m really disappointed.

VILDE: What are you writing?

EVA: You can stand together, we’re out. We won’t be on a bus with people who hate.

CHRIS: We’re without a bus again, then.

EVA: She’s saying..

CHRIS: I know about a cheap van we can buy.

VEA: “Hello! We have to talk before you drop out of the bus.” What is there to talk about? If you make a hate account, I don’t want to be friends with you. There’s nothing to talk about! Don’t you agree? People are totally crazy!

VILDE: I think it has something to do with that Trump being the president.

CHRIS: Hey! We thought we’d all chip in for this for Eva’s birthday. Isn’t it cool? It’s six litres! You’re in, right?

SANA: You know that saranors2 account? It was me.


SANA: Do you think Eva will forgive me?

CHRIS: Do you need to tell?

SANA: Of course I have to tell. She can’t go around hating on Isak.

CHRIS: But that’s.. Hate disappears. It’s gone tomorrow.

[*World Wide Web]


Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has added Steve, Tony, Thor, Nat, Wanda, T’Challa, Clint, Sam and Bucky.

Y/N: Guys, I have a serious problem.

Y/N: Guys, seriously, this isn’t the right time to ignore me.






Y/N: UP.


Tony: Y/N this better be important, or else you will remember not to wake me up ever again at 2 in the fricking morning.

Steve: Someone got up on the wrong foot. So what’s so urgent?

Tony: Still in my bed, but will gladly get up to kick your ass.

Wanda: Oh just kiss already.

Clint: I so ship it.

Clint: What do you think their ship name is?

Bucky: STONY.

Bucky: I mean I guess it could be that, but I don’t know, I guess it could, I mean maybe it’s not.

Sam: Don’t play innocence now, I know you read a lot of #Stony smut.

Bucky: Do not.

Y/N: Buck honey, even I know you do.

Thor: What’s smut?

Nat: Porn. But written.

T’Challa: Yeah, remember that time when I walked into your room and you-

Bucky: OKEY


T’Challa: Oh did I now?

Tony: No T’Challa continue, I think you were just getting to the good parts and I would hate to miss them.

T’Challa: So as I was saying, I walked in and—

T’Challa has been disconnected.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: Oh snap.

Y/N: Oh geez guys. But anyway the story’s not that interesting.

Steve: I was just getting into it.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I have far more important question to ask. Why did you wake us up? I assume it wasn’t for T’Challa to tell his story about Mr. Barns masturbating, was it?

Nat: Haa I told you Stark.

Tony: Whatever. He was always weird.

Steve: Tony you owe us some money. C’mon.

Sam: I always knew there was something wrong about him.

Sam: He never smelt good.

Wanda: I am pretty sure that was you when you hadn’t showered in four days?!


Y/N: GEEZ, how?

Clint: Y/N?

Y/N: Huh, yeah?

Nat: We would all like to know why did you woke us up.

Y/N: Oh yeah

Y/N: oh boi. I almost forgot.

Y/N: I mean I never will but you guys helped me to get my mind out of it for at least little bit.

Steve: Y/N, what happened?

Wanda: You’re scaring us.

Sam: And we all know Mrs. Controlling you mind isn’t easy to be scared.

Y/N: I can’t go with you on a mission this time, because, because…

Y/N: Two of my family members passed away. And while trying to save them, my, my little baby almost lost his left arm.

Steve: Oh my goodness Y/N, that is awful.

Steve: I am truly sorry. Rest in peace.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I am truly sorry about your loss. Do you need anything?

Tony: Wow, I am sorry.

Clint: Really Y/N? Really?

Nat: Clint have some respect.

Wanda: Yeah she just went through a lot.

Sam: She lost two incredible people.

Steve: Y/N take as much time off as you need. No one is going to blame you for not going on a mission.

Tony: Yeah rest kid. Take some time off.

Clint: Oh c’mon guys. She didn’t lose anyone.

Sam: Clint, this isn’t time for your stupid little jokes.

Nat: I swear to God I’m gonna kick your ass.

Thor: Don’t worry of you suddenly feel some weird shaking, hear screaming or see unexpected lightning.

Wanda: you get him Thor.

Clint: HEY, HEY, HEEEEY. No need for violence, okay?

Clint: and besides she didn’t lose anyone.

Clint: At least not in real life.


Clint: Mine too so? I didn’t woke up the whole team and bragged about it.

Tony: What, wait, wait. What the heck is going on here right now?

Steve: Y/N have you been drinking again?

Y/N: No.

Nat: Then what the heck is Clint talking about.

Wanda: Waiiiit, I think I know it.

Sam: Did you just finish the season 3 of Game of Thrones? Because Robbs and Caitlyn’s deaths are kinda an old thing.

Clint: Nope not that.

Tony: Explain yourself Y/N, and don’t make me count.

Wanda: oh I definitely know what it is.

Wanda: and I am out of here before it gets ugly.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Traitor.

Steve: Will someone explain already?

Clint: Do you wanna tell them y/N?


Y/N: R.I.P Glenn and Abraham. You will be missed.


Tony: I woke up for this.

Tony: You’re gonna pay. But tomorrow, I am way to tired now.

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: oldie.




Sam has left the chat

Thor: Aren’t they from that one show with the dead raising?

Steve: It’s exactly that.

Thor: Oh Loki is watching it. Now I can ruin it for him.

Thor has left the chat.

Steve: So that’s all? That your family?

Y/N: It was stressful and tragically. My little babies

Steve: You know they are just characters, right?

Clint: Oh buddy.

Steve has been disconnected.

Y/N has left the chat.

Clint: Better run big guy.

Clint: Unless you wanna get Lucilled.

Clint has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat

Bucky: So T’Challa lied

Bucky: Wait WHAAAAAAT?

Bucky: Am I Dreaming?

Bucky: This is just a nightmare right? Yeah.


Bucky has left the chat.

Nat: I swear to God, they need help. ASAP.

Nat has left the chat.



Shitty i know. sorry.

I can’t believe no one is talking about that Galra planet

You know, Zarkon’s HOME PLANET???!!




Idk guys, it seems like some pretty important backstory that maybe hopefully will be explained more in season 3 or something. Im not smart enough to think about these things too seriously beyond half baked theories, so someone smarter should come up with something.

My Hero Academia as boyfriends (Class 1-A)

Yuga Aoyama

  • Legit all about him
  • wanna talk about your day? Just forget it
  • he would be overly protective of you though
  • any guy come near you?He is right there
  • Would seriously stare that guy down before sassing the hell out of him
  • “Im sorry, but this lady is already taken by this beauty, a.k.a me, 

Tenya Lida

  • oh Jesus Christ, the dates with this man
  • every. single. thing. would be planned out, even your bathroom breaks.
  • but he would be the most loving boyfriend ever
  • if you are ever in ant trouble or a guy is flirting with you, he would be right there, ready to either protect you or drag you away
  • “Im sorry sir, Y/N has other and much more important business to attend to”

Mashirao Ojiro

  • would actually be a very chill boyfriend
  • but would not fancy PDA
  • You go to kiss him in front of people, he would just pounce away
  • However, if anyone messes with his girl? uh uh, they would not be in school the next day
  • he would do absolutely anything to protect you
  • “Come on, lets go eat lunch together”

Denki Kaminari

  • You would definitely be the brains of this relationship
  • but you loved that adorable goof
  • he would always try to romantically surprise you, but would probably ruin the surprise by accidentally talking about it.
  • If he saw another guy talking to you, he would immediately panic and accidentally electrocute the poor guy
  • he did not mean too, he is just absolutely terrified of losing the first girl he has eve cared about
  • “Im sorry Y/N, but he was getting way too close to you”

Eijiro Kirishima

  • Now this guy, would show you off to EVERYONE
  • walking in the park? kisses you bluntly. Middle of class? Makes jokes about the other guys not having girlfriends
  • But he is still incredibly sweet
  • but..his jealously is a bit of problem
  • any guy that ever gets a little too close to yoy for his own comfort, would end up straight in the infirmary
  • “You know what, i am not even sorry. No one messes with my girl”

Fumikage Tokoyami

  • sometimes you forgot that this guy was your boyfriend when in class
  • he was just so cool and mysterious, you always wondered what a guy like him was doing with a girl like you
  • but he never let you think like that for to long
  • he was the type to pull you away from friends to find a quiet place alone for just the two of you
  • and when you were alone, he would be quite ‘affectionate’
  • he would sometimes get self-conscious because of his face, but you would always kiss his beak lightly to chase away his worries
  • “AH, im sorry Y/N , i love you”

Shoto Todoroki

  • Now this would be a very complicated relationship
  • he loves you, like absolutely adores you
  • but has a hard time opening up to you
  • thus leaving many secrets in your relationship which stresses you out so much
  • but he always seems to make it up with sweet gestures
  • especially after arguments you tend to make up quickly because, you know, you dont want the whole place burning down
  • “cuddles would be a massive thing
  • such a tsundere
  • “You know i love you”

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Katsuki Bakugo

  • and another complicated relationship
  • why you ask? because you both were stubborn as fuck
  • he was not gonna admit he liked you, neither were you
  • until the both of you had a screaming match and just ended up yelling at each other
  • now you guys have viscous make out sessions every time you fought
  • and yeah, it would be best if no other guy approached you cause …yeah lets just not
  • he loves you though really
  • “Just shut up and kiss me”

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Izuku Midoriya

  • this would be the cutest relationship ever
  • he would prep himself months before asking you out and would almost faint when you actually say yes
  • he would not be able to do PDA for a very long time
  • but when you were alone, i feel like he would kinda turn into a clingy puppy
  • you are low key jealous of his close relationship with Uraraka 
  • but he would always confirm his love for you whenever you felt like that
  • “Dont worry, i only love you”

Okay, so i am obsessed with this show at the moment so i thought it would be a good idea! Lemme know what you think!

Hurt Me

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: Babes can you do a jeff imagine where him and reader get into a huge fight before jess’ party and don’t even speak to each other in the party but reader goes for a beer run and gets into an accident. No deaths and all tho. Do something about him being jealous xxx
Word Count: 1,465
A/N: Ugh after a tough week, here we go. I have finals next week and then I’m done! Except I’m going to summer school and looking for a job😭 But again, I’ll still have some free time! And I’ll have some free time over the weekend because I don’t have school Monday! WOOOO I’m excited lol. Also, sorry this took so long! :( Oh and, I’m gonna start tagging people in their requests now.😌
Warnings: None?😂
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Italicized Bold = Monty
(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color

The relationship between you and Jeff Atkins had been really rough lately. Fortunately you guys had started off really strong, but in these short months it seemed that he was developing trust issues. In your eyes, it wasn’t necessarily that he didn’t trust you, it was that he was skeptical of the guys around you. Especially with Montgomery De La Cruz and Bryce Walker constantly hitting on you, he was worried that he would lose you. Time and time again you tried to assure him that there wasn’t anyone else and there would never be anyone else, but it didn’t seem to convince Jeff at all. His actions were really starting to aggravate you, so you decided to talk to him about it. You left your last period early to wait for Jeff outside of his last class. Whenever you had reached your destination, the bell had rung and the people inside the room started to file out. Jeff, as usual, was the last out of the classroom. Your boyfriend’s tall, lean body made his way over to you, with a small smile plastered on his face. He intertwined his fingers with yours and placed a peck on your cheek. Giving him a weak grin, you pulled him towards the exit of the school. “We need to talk.” The expression on his face fell, as he assumed the worst. When you had reached your car, you turned leaning against the automobile to face him. You sighed before finally saying more, “Do you want to break up?” Jeff’s eyes widened from your question, as he shouted out an immediate response, “No! Of course not. Why would you think that?” It was evident that he was shocked and hurt, but you felt that it was something that needed to be asked, especially with his actions lately. Playing with the hem of your shirt, you stared at the ground underneath you. “You don’t trust me Jeff, it’s so obvious that you don’t.” “So that’s what all of this is about? Seriously?” His tone of voice had angered you. Sure you’ve had this conversation many times, but this time the conversation had become way more strenuous. “This is important Jeff! Our relationship is suffering from this.” Scuffing, he ran a hand through his hair, pacing back and forth a bit. “You do realize that you spend more time with other guys than you do with me right? How am I supposed to feel?” You shook your head, knowing that his complaint was directed towards the fact that you tutor Monty. “For all I know, you could be cheating on me with him.” “Do you really think Monty would do that to you? Do you really think I would do that to you?” The tears that had formed in your eyes skimmed down your smooth skin. His comment had deeply pained you, but it confirmed the fact that Jeff didn’t trust you. Stepping around to the left side, you opened the car door. You gave him no time to respond to your question before saying, “Maybe we should take a break. I’ll see you later Jeff.” Getting in, you inserted the key into the ignition, pulling off towards home. It was evident that Jeff has made you upset, but you brushed it off, encouraging yourself to be happy so you could have a good time at Jessica’s party tonight. As soon as you’d gotten home, you rushed up to your room. Plopping face first onto your bed, you closed your eyes for a much needed nap.
Upon waking up, you hopped out of bed and stretched your limbs. Quickly grabbing an outfit, you laid it out on your bed before going to get in the shower. You let the hot water run over your body for a while before getting out. It had been the most refreshing thing out of your whole day. You applied a little makeup then threw on a pair of jeans, with a (Y/F/C) top. The events from earlier flooded your head as you walked out of the door. You know there was a one hundred percent chance of seeing Jeff at the party, but no matter what you wanted to make sure you had a good time. The ride to Jessica’s was a pretty long one, you’d decided to take a different way to prolong the drive. Once you had gotten there, you strolled up to the door and walked in. You could tell that you had arrived later by the stench of alcohol and the apparent drunks that stumbled around. As you made a beeline to the backyard where the ping pong table was set up, you received a bunch of greetings from pretty much everyone. Being Jeff’s girlfriend definitely involved being around the majority of Liberty High, but you had grown used to knowing a lot of people. When you had gotten near the back area, there were a few individuals around playing beer pong, and you noticed Monty among the few. Giving him a small wave, you went off to sit in a nearby chair. You couldn’t get drunk because you were your own ride home, and you didn’t want to participate in the activities inside the house in fear of spotting Jeff. Being alone had really made you think more about earlier, which was exactly what you wanted to avoid. Seeing all these people around having fun made you want to do something reckless.  Rising from your seat in hopes of finding something daring to do, you started to make your way in but bumped into Monty. “Sorry,” you mumbled, as you tried to move around his figure. “Wait,” Monty slurred and he gained a firm grip on your arm. The alcohol on his breath was very prominent and made your nose wrinkle. “Can you make a bear run for us?” Holding up a can, he shook it, showing you it was empty. “We’re out.” Sighing you agreed, partly because you had nothing else to do. Making your way back to the front door, you spotted Jeff in a game of suck and blow. It shouldn’t have, but it did hurt you, and of course you had only blamed yourself for his actions. Shaking your head, you jogged the rest of the way to your car, not wanting to linger on the scene any longer. Starting it up, you pressed on the gas a little too hard. Oddly enough the speed gave you the rush of adrenaline you’ve been seeking all night. You had arrived at an intersection, which you were almost positive there had been a stop sign there once. However, you Ignored the fact and continued. It was too late when you had failed to notice the other car bolting towards your side. The other vehicle hit you and the impact from the collision turned everything black.
When you woke up, your vision was a bit blurry at first. Holding up an arm to shield your eyes from the harsh lights, you tried to sit up but couldn’t. Your whole body was in pain, and it was a struggle to move. Not to mention you couldn’t even remember what happened. You could make out a few bodies in the room, but couldn’t quite identify who everyone was. Feeling a squeeze on your right hand, you tried to turn your head. Growing frustrated, you tried to sit up again, but a hand on your chest stopped you. “It’s okay baby, stay down.” Easily identifying that voice as Jeff, you relaxed a bit. “W-what happened?“You got in a car accident, you’re gonna be okay. Look I know we weren’t on good terms but if you were drunk then-” He stopped mid sentence and looked at you. “I’m sorry, you know I love you right? And I trust you, I really do. I promise when you get out things will be different.” Your attempt to chuckle sent you into a coughing fit making everyone rush towards your bed, but you waved a handing notifying them that you were okay. “I love you too Jeff.” You took this moment of silence to catch a glimpse around the room. Most of your friends were here, and it made you smile that you had people that cared about you. “So when do I get out?” Intensively staring at your boyfriend, he hesitated to respond. “They said it could be a few months. The doctors are surprised you even made it out alive, your injuries are really bad. I thought I was going to lose you.” You groaned, “That’s too long.” Jeff and a few others laughed, wondering how the time frame was the only thing you were currently worried about. “It’s no worry princess, I’ll be here every step of the way.”



Q: “Are you tired or upset?”

GP: I’m always happy to be here, but as always you’ve guys have asked me about 10 questions and none have been about the game so…

Q: “Why do you think people jeer at you, because of politics or Madrid Criticism?”

GP:  “Why do you guys care so much? I don’t understand why you guys give this so much attention? Why don’t you talk a bit about football? Why?!

Q:”Because it’s news..:

GP: It’s news? It’s been a year an a half and you guys keep on asking me about this? Why is it still news, because you guys want it to be!

Q: “We want to know how you react”

GP: My reaction? You’ve asked me this for over a year now… every single time, and you think it’s important? YOU make it important”

Q: “The public jeers…”

GP: “No, no, you give this importance, the people weren’t jeering anymore after the Eurocup, but by you and everybody here in the media reporting on this, giving it importance, and making ridiculous polls questioning ‘Should Pique be jeered with the NT?’ you guys all make people jeer again… You seriously think this is about politics?? When have I ever positioned myself in favor of Catalan independence huh? No right? well then?

Q: “Again do you think this has to do with that or your criticism to Madrid?

GP: “I’ve responded 20 times, check your archive…”

pan-friedsexual  asked:

Do you have any advice for people trying to improve their art?

YASSSS, okay so:

- draw a lot from reference! Copy is GOOD, look at things you like and draw them out as identically as you can, absorb their goodness like an unholy sponge

- watch a lot of stuff, like my long dead grandma used to say: “you need to have a full stomach before cooking for others”, in other words, you gotta read and watch stuff, be it books, comics, mangas, movies, television series..etc. Inspiration and good ideas don’t come from nowhere amigo

- diversify your practice, touch everything! try different mediums (acrylics, digital, pastels, markers…), different styles (manga, cartoon, realistic, geometric…), different things (objects, animals, plants, environments)..etc!

- go check out videos and tutorials on the net, there’s so many of them on youtube, here’s my own art tutorial playlist if it helps!! not everyone can afford art classes so watching the way others work and learning from their experience is an amazing free alternative.

- don’t be afraid of constructive criticism! different views can help notice stuff you didn’t, but try to get the opinion of an art teacher or smt, someone with experience and not Jimmy from across the street who just happens to dislike purple and Shrek

- get unhealthfully obsessed with something, no really, its amazing how productive one can get when they’re FUCKING OBSESSED….so yeah, fanarts are the way to go and it makes others happy too so it’s two for one. 

- try to start a comic, this isn’t for everyone but it worked for me. Ever notice how much mangaka’s art progress over the course of the serialization? It’s the same principle coz drawing a story, panels by panels, let’s you practice a wide range of facial expressions, character design, backgrounds, props…etc. and it even helps u ameliorate your grammar lmao. And of course, your story’s gon be embarrassing and horrible and unoriginal, but just get down to it!!!!

I used to draw different comics too, the longest one was a huh……. *clears throat*, a retelling of that Daughter of Evil Vocaloid song but set in an Alice in Wonderland world………. and I spent 8 complete sketchbooks on it….

it was an orgy of all those bad anime cliches complete with cheesy one-liners directly imported from Hollywood movies

but hey, it helped me get to where I am today, so it’s worth it!

- get a cheap sketchbook, so you won’t end up with a gazillion loose leaf paper or cry when u waste the fancy bristol paper by drawing dicky mcdick on it. I personally use Strathmore or Canson, it’s cheap but not shitty quality either 

- keep practicing!! like seriously guys, your art will be fifty shades of awful and you will want to chuck it out the window but there’s no shortcut. Just draw every day until you fill a buttload of sketchbooks and you’ll eventually get somewhere, 

^^^^^ this is how many I’ve filled in the span of 5 years


here’s a link for nude ref coz drawing naked people always help, and here’s my art tutorial tag on my side-blog

and here’s a link to a weirdly inspiring comic I’ve seen, like???? I don’t know why but it cheers me up whenever i feel down about my art^^


Some um, dancest. sorry. I wrote it for that phan kink meme but it was TOO LONG to post there.


They didn’t know how it happened. One moment Dan was in the kitchen grabbing a glass of ribena while Phil was sat waiting for him with their show paused in the lounge, and the next thing Dan knew he was dropping, spilling his drink, and standing in shock as the glass shattered to pieces.

“Dan?” Phil had called worriedly, making his way into the kitchen and then stopping when he saw someone else standing in front of a wide-eyed Dan. “Who’s this?”

“It’s–me?” Dan said, although it sounded more like a question.

Standing in front of him, a younger, more smaller version of Dan stood still, the same expression of shock on his face. The younger-Dan’s hands were clenched tightly shut, lips open just slightly, cheeks worryingly white.

“What the hell do you mean, it’s you?” Phil asked confusedly, eyes squinted as he walked around the short lad to see a very young Dan looking as terrified as ever. Phil gasped, his hands coming up to cover his mouth, and for a few seconds no one said anything as Phil looked at Dan and then the younger-Dan repeatedly. “This can’t be real.” He said, hand going out to softly touch younger-Dan’s shoulder. “Holy–”

“Shit.” Dan finished, cheeks flushed at the way his younger-self was looking him up and down. Dan shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He had to do something. “Um, hi?”

Younger-Dan’s head shot up and he and Dan made direct eye contact. “Hi.” He spoke, the first word since he got here somehow.

“Wow, okay. Why don’t you guys go into the lounge, or something, and I’ll clean up this mess.” Phil said, walking back to grab a broom.

“Yeah, it’s just that way,” Dan pointed, “I need to talk to Phil for a sec.”

“Okay.” Younger-Dan said quietly, turning around and quickly walking out of the kitchen.

“Holy hell.” Dan breathed, slumping back into the counter. “What the actual fuck is happening?”

“It seems to me that there was some type of time warp, eh?” Phil nudged him with his elbow. Dan shot him a deadpan look.

“Now is not the time for jokes.” Dan said.

“What I mean is that maybe there’s some, I don’t know, unfinished business? He did look a little sad and red-eyed, and unless you have something to tell me about your past with weed, then, well, I think he needs you.” Phil explained, cleaning up the glass of spilled ribena. “Or, you need him, or you both need each other, who knows?”

“That, actually makes sense, Phil, wow, how’d you figure that one out?” Dan asked, his brows unfurowing.

“The X-Files.”

Dan sighed. “I highly doubt there was an episode about this.”

“So…” Phil started awkwardly. “How are you, Dan?” He asked, directing his question at the younger-Dan.

“I’m fine. Are we in a relationship?” Younger-Dan asked, the question seemingly catching him and Phil off guard.

Dan face-palmed. Of course he would ask that, he was basically obsessed with ‘AmazingPhil’.

“Uh, I feel like if I give you information that will, like, disrupt the laws of the universe, but, yeah we are.” Phil said happily, looking over to a blushing Dan.

“That’s, that’s amazing. How’d we manage to do that?” Younger-Dan asked to his older-self, genuine curiosity written over his face.

“I mean, c'mon, how could he not want this, or that?” Dan said, gesturing to himself and then to his younger self.

“Well, I’m not much of anything.” Younger-Dan said quietly.

Everyone was silent for a moment. Dan and Phil, who were sat on the couch together, looked at each other sadly. Younger-Dan sat alone on another chair.

Phil got up, after having a silent conversation with Dan, and said he’d be back shortly.

“I’m telling you… uh, Dan, you’re seriously so important. More important than anything, I wouldn’t be here without you, ever think about that? I’m here living with the guy of my, our dreams, in London and I was there, right where you are. It gets good, Dan, trust me.” Dan said, quietly gesturing for his younger-self to come and sit by him.

“But what about uni? What about what everyone thinks about me and Phil? They’re always asking questions and they judge so much! I’m–I’m scared, Dan.” Younger-Dan confessed. “I’m not confident and I’m not–I’m not you.”

“But you will be,” Dan said strongly, using his fingers to pull his younger-self’s chin up, the two Dans looking into each other’s eyes. “You’ll be here, it’s literally set in stone.”

“Is it, though? What if I’m here to see what I’m going to be missing out on? I’ll never look like you, I’ll never have Phil, I’ll never–mmph!” His younger-self was interrupted by Dan kissing him. He didn’t know why he did it, he didn’t know if it would help anything, but the small boy in his hands sunk into Dan, letting out a small breathy whine.

“You’re so much more, Dan. Fuck, I didnt know I was this pliant, it’s hot.” Dan mumbled against the younger’s lips. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to do this; at least once in their lives, everyone thinks about kissing themselves.

It’s weird, but in a good way. He’s still so soft, the younger’s body, though skinny, was still rounded and smooth. Of course now, Dan had way more curves and had grown so much taller than his (about) eighteen-year-old self. Dan groaned when the younger opened his mouth into the kiss, Dan swallowing his breath and licking into the boy’s mouth and caressing his tongue with his own.

Dan’s younger-self crawled into his lap and they kissed, and it was good, and then when Dan is maybe more turned on then he should be, Phil comes into the room, coughs, and then puts his hands on his hips when Dan starts sliding his hands up the younger’s shirt.

“Um, Dan?”

Dan opened his eyes, the both of them did, and they looked at Phil surprisedly. The younger-Dan’s fingers were deeply delved into Dan’s curls and Dan’s got a few of his fingers down the back of his younger’s pants and his other hand was up the back of his shirt. It’s all a sight to Phil, having had both of these versions. He laughed, a big, long, maybe a little crazy laugh, and the two Dan’s blush profusely, almost simultaneously.

“What?” They both said, seemingly not bothered by it at all.

“Nothing, nothing, really. I just sorta of, maybe, kinda, hoped this would happen. But it’s no big deal, you two carry on, I’ll be in my room.” Phil said, waving a dismissive hand. Then, “Use a condom,” Phil called down the hallway. “Or not!”

Dan groaned, dropping his head into the younger’s shoulder. “I told you, seriously, Phil is, well, he’s a wonderful guy.”

“And he, doesn’t mind if we…um?” Younger-Dan asked, his cheeks flushed. Dan laughed loudly, his hands pulling the other closer by his hips.

“I mean, it’s basically just doing it by myself, right? Phil wouldn’t care, but only if we add him in later for a little ménage à trois. If you want to, that is. Phil’s a big person on consent.”

“Really lucked out then, huh?” His younger self said, slowly coming closer to Dan.

Dan smirked. “We definitely did.” Dan said, and then he leaned into the younger’s ear. “Big cock, too.” He sat back and watched his younger-self close his eyes and shiver.

“I’m, a bit nervous, actually.” Younger-Dan said, opening his eyes a bit.

“Have you and Phil not–” The younger shook his head quickly.

“We’re still Skype calling, but I’m supposed to meet him soon. I was having a bit of a, I don’t know, body crisis?”

“What d'you mean?” Dan asked, his fingers tapping a out rhythm on the younger’s hips.

“I’m feeling insecure about seeing him. I literally can’t stop freaking out when Phil’s in the room here, I mean you two live together and I… I haven’t even met him yet. He’s really beautiful.” Younger-Dan said, starstruck.

“Ah, I’ve been there. It’s okay, Dan, really, you’re beautiful too. Phil thinks the same about you.”

The younger shook his head again. “No, I look nothing like you do. Phil will think I’m weird, I’m not beautiful.”

Dan looked into his own brown eyes. They were a bit dull, there was no gold flecks and there was small bags underneath them. “You’re insanely gorgeous.” He said to himself. He didn’t think he was being narcissistic, he was just building himself up. He remembered how insecure he was, he remembered the way no one told him he was pretty or attractive or meaningful until Phil. Maybe his life would’ve been better if he had loved himself before Phil came along and helped him learn to bring himself up and not down.

Dan would teach himself how to be confident, to see that he’s beautiful now, and he’ll be beautiful later and that, no matter what, Dan was beautiful all the time. Dan leaned in slowly to kiss himself, he was small and his hair was long and straight, he was short and skinny, and for some reason Dan realized what complete opposites they were.

“Let’s go to the bed.” He whispered against his younger-self’s lips, who nodded shyly, and got off of Dan’s lap; poorly hiding the fact that he was hard in his extra tight jeans.

Dan lead them to his room, walking past Phil’s, and he tried to ignore the smirk Phil had shot his way. Who cared if he wanted to fuck himself? It was for a good reason! Plus, Dan was a mega twink before he acquired confidence. He wanted to see what all the rave was about.

“And you’re sure Phil won’t be mad? I mean like it’s basically cheating and stuff and I’d rather stay with Phil for as long as I can–oh.” Dan had crowded his younger-self against his closed bedroom door with a smirk.

“Yeah, he’s extra okay with it, aren’t ya, Phil!” He called out. There was a loud bang heard and then Phil was grumbling.

“Oh my God, Phil’s a fucking nerd!” His younger-self said, giggling. Dan admired his young face looking so happy. Phil always seemed to do that.

After the Dans calmed down, Dan put his arms up right beside the younger’s head. He licked his lips and watched as the other’s eyes widened the tiniest bit, and then they blew wide as Dan dropped to his knees in front of him.

“That’s—fuck.” Dan was already unbuttoning the younger’s jeans, digging his fingers into the the top of the fabric and pulling them down slowly, taking his boxers with. “Dan.”

Dan shot his eyes up, looking into younger-Dan’s eyes. “Are you okay, we don’t have to do this, like I’m not about to force you or anything, that’d be traumatic.”

“No, it’s just, I’m–just not really attractive when I’m naked. I know you’re basically me, but it’s still uncomfortable.”

“Just wait until your dick’s in my mouth, you’ll be thinking something completely different.” Dan said, continuing to take the pants off. He tried not to feel offended that someone was calling his body unattractive, he had to remember it was himself just feeling insecure. Fuck, Dan’s gonna need a drink after this fiasco, his mind was fried.

Once his pants were off, Dan ran his hands up the younger’s thighs, stopping at his hips. When he dug his thumbs into the bones there, he watched the cock in front of his face twitch and smirked, he knew his body more than anyone, he could make this fantastic for his younger-self.

He watched the boy keep his hands by his sides, not knowing what to do, so Dan said: “Pull my hair when I suck you, you know I love that shit.” and he took a hand to wrap it around younger-Dan’s cock and licked the tip, smiling when he wrapped his hands in Dan’s hair immediately, letting out a soft moan. “That’s it, Dan.”

“Fuck this is messing with my head so much, mmmh.” Younger-Dan threw his head back against the door, Dan put his cock in his mouth and sucked and licked all around him, not caring about teasing, he was sucking his own dick! He wasn’t about to tease himself, he wanted to make this Dan cum his brains out.

Dan slid his head onto the younger’s cock more and more, holding his hips back with firm hands. He then brought his lips all the way to the base, his nose rested in a very small patch of hair, and he swallowed.

“Fuck!” He shouted, the younger’s hand softly pushing Dan’s hair back profusely, the other wrapped tightly around the back of Dan’s neck. “Did Phil teach you this?” His younger self said hotly, breathlessly.

Dan shuddered, they way his younger-self said those words shot straight down to his (very) hard dick. He sucked some more on his cock and as he pulled off, tongued the slit and tasted precum as the the other moaned aloud.

“Phil’s taught me so, so much.” He breathed as he stood up, kissing the younger hard and rough, nipping at his lips when he pulled away. “Fuck, I–you look good like this.” He looked at his pink cheeks and his now red-kissed and bitten lips. He looked down at the bare, wet cock between them and felt his own cock pulse in it’s confines. He grabbed the younger’s hand and slowly walked backward to the bed, staring straight into his eyes. When the bed hit the back of his legs, he sat, pulling his younger-self into his lap. “How do you wanna do this?” He purred in the other’s ear.

“I don’t really know. Just wanna cum.” Younger-Dan said, all wide-eyed and open mouthed, skin flushed. Dan thought back to every single time he had said that to Phil and he blushed himself. “Sorry, too forward?”

“No, seriously ask for anything, I’m here to fulfill my own fantasies.”

“Um, is it bigger?” The younger asked shyly.

“Is what bigger?”

Younger-Dan leaned his head onto Dan’s shoulder in exasperation. “You’re literally an idiot.”

“Well I do– oh. You mean my dick.” Dan threw his head back and laughed. “I am an idiot.”


“Yeah, yeah, just a bit in length but a lot in girth.” Dan said, the topic not bothering him at all, but his younger-self seemed like he was about to explode.


There was a pause and then Dan laughed again.

“This doesn’t have to be awkward, if you wanna get fucked then just say so.” Dan told himself. From Phil’s room, a loud laugh echoed around the house. “Oh, fuck off, Phil, you were worst when you wanted to be fucked!”

“You actually topped him?”

“Yeah, we switch every now and again. He loves being eaten out.” Dan answered, and if Phil were still listening he knew he’d have a serious blush on his pale cheeks. “So, if you want my cock, just say so.”

“I want your cock.”

Dan blushed. “Yeah, ahem, okay.” He cleared his threat and then became serious, pulling the younger closer to him so he could whisper in his ear. “But you have to ride me.” He purred. He needed to be able to get his confidence up and if Dan remembers correctly, when he rode Phil for the first time, he had lost control and let loose, figuring out that he loved to ride Phil, very much.

Younger-Dan nodded hesitantly, playing with the end of Dan’s shirt. “Get undressed now, yeah?” He asked, and Dan nodded. The younger took off Dan’s shirt, the first show of confidence, and Dan smiled at him encouragingly.

“Get the lube from that drawer right there, okay?” Dan asked, gesturing to the right. The other got up, pulling his shirt down to try and cover his bare bottom. He grabbed the lube and shyly spread his legs to get back on Dan’s lap.

“God, I can’t believe I’m literally going to fuck myself.”

Dan laughed, taking the lube and putting it on three of his fingers. “I’ll make it good, but tell me if something feels wrong and we’ll change it or stop, okay, just say stop or punch me in the face.” The younger nodded and braced himself as Dan moved his hands behind the smaller boy, going to his arse. “You’ve fingered yourself plenty of times by now, you know how it goes.” He comforted after noting the way his younger-self had tensed up. “Just relax.”

He felt the younger sink into him and he rubbed at his entrance, hearing a soft mewl, and then pressed into him with one finger.

“That’s good, yeah, more.”

Dan added another finger and rubbed slowly against the younger’s walls. Dan knew he had cum many times just from fingering himself; he liked to think he was a pro. When he pressed into younger-Dan with his third finger, he went straight for his prostate, rubbing and pressing and watching the boy–himself–squirm above him. Dan pressed in harder and faster into that magic spot, feeling his thighs tense with the growing heat between them.

“You like that, don’t you? You looks so good, Dan. Taking my fingers so well. But you do this all the time don’t you? You think about Phil doing this to you, huh? He’s right in the other room, Dan, listening to you, to us. He wants us–you so bad. I could see it in his eyes. You’re so damn hot, right now. Take my fingers, yeah, just like that.” Dan said huskily into the boy’s ear. He felt him clenching around his fingers and Dan pressed into him faster, feeling his younger-self sink back onto his fingers greedily.

“I’m gonna cum! Stop!” Dan withdrew his fingers faster than the younger could finish his sentence. He collapsed into Dan his arms going around his neck and legs spreading wider over him. “Wanna ride you now, want Phil to watch.” He said, catching his breath.

Dan smirked. He knew this was a good idea to give the younger some confidence. Dan took the boy’s shirt off, leaving him looking naked and flushed on Dan’s lap, a wonderful sight to behold.

“You have to ask him, Dan.” He said to the already-wrecked boy in his lap. He felt him tense and then relax.

“He thinks I’m pretty, right?” The boy asked.


Younger-Dan stood up abruptly, walked to the door, opened it, and then walked to Phil’s door, all completely naked. He looked back at Dan and then put on a serious face. He knocked once, the door swung open, and then younger-Dan was leaning onto his toes to pull Phil into an enticing kiss.

Dan was blown away. He watched Phil grab onto this younger version of himself desperately, and instead of feeling jealous or wishing he was younger, well, Dan only felt his cock stand to attention. This would be fun, he thought.

Younger-Dan grabbed Phil’s hand and brought him into the room. His cheeks were pink and he was looking anywhere but at Dan. Phil was just smirking like his life depended on it, eyeing up the completely naked Dan and then the one that was on the bed, shirtless and hard.

“Well, what are the rules.” Phil asks, hand still being held by the younger-Dan. He couldn’t help but let a fond smile cover his face at the small boy and the nostalgia.

“For you, well, no touching.” Dan said, smirking as Phil’s face fell into a frown. “And for you, you’re not allowed to be shy. Look at me.” Dan got up walking over to the boy who wouldn’t meet his eyes. “You can kiss Phil all you want. You can touch him, but he can’t touch you. Go ahead, get him fired up.” Dan gestured to Phil.

The younger looked at Dan to see if he was telling the truth. When he found nothing, he looked to Phil who gulped. He stood in front of Phil, hesitantly putting a hand behind the other’s neck, and pulling him into a gentle kiss.

“God, this is torture.” Phil mumbled, his hands having trouble staying by his side.

“Can I make him touch me?” Younger-Dan asked the older.

“You can do what you want, he’d love it. We’re in charge of him, I’m in charge of you.” Dan explained, watching the blush erupt on both the younger-Dan and Phil’s face.

The younger took Phil’s hand and stepped closer to him. “Will you finger me?” He asked, looking into Phil’s bright blue eyes. Phil nodded, his hand squeezing younger-Dan’s ass (which Dan rolled his eyes at) and then entering a finger into the boy’s already stretched hole.

“Fuck.” Phil groaned, skipping two and pushing three fingers completely into younger-Dan. “Dan’s already got you nice and ready for his cock, huh? You’ll love it, feels so good everywhere. In your mouth, your hand, here.” He said, pushing into the boy’s hole over and over again.

Younger-Dan was losing it. His hands were firmly clasped around Phil’s biceps, eyes closed tight, legs wobbly from the wonderful sensations running through his veins. Dan was roughly palming at his bulge, watching Phil touch his virgin-self again. Dan knew Phil wanted to be his first but, what could Dan say? He wanted his younger-self riding his cock.

“I’m gonna cum.” Younger-Dan whispered into Phil’s ear, they were pressed too tightly together. Phil was watching Dan watch them while massaging his cock through his jeans. He wanted to make this younger-Dan cum, but he knew Dan wouldn’t like that. So, Phil pulled his fingers out, feeling the whine that the younger-Dan had released go straight to his cock.

“He’s ready for you, Dan.” Phil said, placing a lingering kiss onto the younger’s lips, and then stepping to Dan. “Permission to touch, sir?” He said, smirking.

Dan smiled and pulled Phil into a long kiss, pressing his body to Phil’s, so Phil could feel how worked up he was. “So hot watching you touch him like that, couldn’t take my eyes away from your fingers disappearing into that tight hole.” Dan teased. Phil groaned.

“Don’t remind me, almost let him cum.” He said. “You’ve always had that affect on me, I always let you cum, huh?”

Dan laughed. “I have my ways.” Dan looked to the boy leaning against the door, trying to catch his breath. “Ready?” The boy nodded eagerly, stepping to Dan and pulling him into a deep kiss. Phil watched on, thanking the heavens for whatever was even happeneing. This was wank material for life, he thought. Dan started to unbutton his pants while the younger kissed him. He pulled away real quick and looked at Phil. “Chair, sit, you’re cumming from your hand tonight.”

“Honestly, I think I’d be able to cum from a cactus touching my dick if I were watching you ride yourself.” Phil admitted, his voice genuine. Dan shook his head.

“See what I mean, he’s a a total nerd.” Younger-Dan whispered.
“Good with his fingers, though.”

“He is, I’ll give him that.” Dan said.

Phil sat in the chair, watching on with interested eyes. Dan finished taking off his jeans and boxers, pulling younger-Dan to the bed with him. He placed himself in the middle and the younger placed himself on Dan’s thighs, looking at his cock with rapt fascination.

“It is thicker.” The younger-Dan said. Dan nodded, touching himself slowly, giving Phil and his younger-self a small show as he teased himself.

“You good? Do you feel you’re stretched enough?” Dan asked his younger-self, who nodded, crawling up Dan’s body, and hovering over Dan’s cock, his hands firmly on Dan’s chest. “Ready when you are.” Dan said, settling his hands on the boy’s waist.

Younger-Dan reached a hand to grab at Dan’s cock, lining it up with his hole. He felt Dan’s tip touch his rim and he breathed out a long sigh, before sinking down slowly onto Dan’s cock.

All three people in the room moaned aloud, Dan being the loudest. He’d never fucked a virgin before, and here he was, fucking his virgin-self. When the younger sunk all the way down and was sitting in Dan’s lap with his cock completely inside him, Dan felt his breath leave his lungs. He threw his head back; the tightness was unimaginable. The feeling making his toes curl and his fingers dig into the skin on the younger’s hips, on his hips. He couldn’t forget that, he was fucking himself, his younger-self, and it was so, so good.

“Fuck, this is–this feels so strange.” Younger-Dan murmured, his own head thrown back as his fingers stretched to stay in contact with Dan’s chest. “Never had a cock before.” He babbled. “Love it so much.”

“Yeah? You like that?” Dan lifted the younger up and then let him fall back down on his cock. “Look so pretty taking cock, made to take cock, weren’t you?” Dan praised himself, building the younger’s confidence. Dan watched as he got more into it, saw when the boy let everything go, looking into Dan eyes as he grinded his arse down on Dan’s cock, making it pulse and leak precum into the younger-boy. “That’s it, Dan, take it. Take your pleasure, it’s yours.”

He bucked up into the boy when he came down and they both moaned loudly. Younger-Dan lifted his arse and brought it down repeatedly, harshly onto Dan’s cock. He felt the hot throb of his older-self inside him, felt the hot, intense gaze Phil had on his body, on Dan’s, he felt the insistent prod of Dan’s cock on his prostate and mewled and keened so loudly, riding his older-self’s cock good and strong.

“Make me cum.” Dan whispered to his younger-self. “C'mon, Dan, make me cum, want me to cum in you, show you how good you look, how good you are, fuck!” Dan brought the younger’s head down for a kiss, moaning when he bit Dan’s lip. “That’s it, faster.”

Dan thruster up into the younger when he came down, and he bounced on Dan’s cock, legs pushing him up and then giving up so they’d both connect with a hard pound. Phil watched with his cock out, teeth latched onto his lip. He was hot everywhere, cliamax just out of reach.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, I’m–I’m cumming, I’m cumming, harder, oh, harder.” Younger-Dan whined, his body moving quickly atop Dan’s, trying to make himself cum, and when he did he gasped, breathless, body still, but he stayed pressed flushed to Dan and grinded and squirmed until Dan was cumming into him, his cum hot and heavy against younger-Dan’s insides. “Oh, fuck.” He cried, his cock, untouched, pulsed against his stomach and his cum splattered on him and on Dan, Dan’s cum making him feel like he was so much more full than he was before. Beside them, Phil was reaching his own orgasm, his cum spilling over into his hands.

The room was hot, cloaked in the smell of sweat and good, satisfying sex. Dan laid still, hands by his head, younger-Dan still on his cock, which he didn’t mind. He breathed in, nice and slow, and then leaned up to kiss his younger-self softly on the lips.

“You did so good. You were so confident and it was hot.” He said, breath still labored. “Wish I could fuck myself all the time, damn.” He fell back onto the bed, the action making him move inside his younger-self and they both groaned at the sensitivity. “Alright, pull off slowly, don’t hurt yourself.” Dan directed, holding onto the other’s hips. Once he was off, he fell beside Dan in exhaustion.

“Is it always like that?” The younger asked.

“Maybe not so erotic, but yeah, basically. Just wait until 2012, lots of good angry-sex.” Dan said, eyes closing.

“Hey, don’t tell him that.” Phil said, all cleaned up. “I think the best sex we ever had was our first time.” He got in bed beside Dan hugging him from behind.

“Yeah, I suppose for like the meaning and stuff. But I’d say our best ever sex was when you came home after two weeks in Florida and we fucked for three hours.”

“Ah, good memories.”

“I can’t wait for this.” Younger-Dan smiled sleepily, his eyes closed, but his ears open and he listened to all the good times Dan and Phil had had. He couldn’t wait to get home and meet his Phil for the very first time. He felt ready this time. Confident.

One of my biggest struggles (and I’m sure yours too) is trying to study for Math.

The biggest reason for it is because unlike every other class, our notes are not set up in a way that allows us to use them as a studying tool later on. That’s why I’ve devised a list of helpful tips that will help you set up your math notes in a more study efficient way.

To start:

1.       M A T E R I A L S

This is pretty self explanatory. I simply wanted to start off with this because I think it will help people figure out what they should have ready to go. When I begin taking notes for my math course, I first bring out the following supplies: Pencil (never pen), eraser, ruler, calculator and, of course, something to write on, grid paper. I think using grid paper is key to having organized and study-material-worthy notes (lol) because more often than not you will have some sort of chart or graph to draw and we all know how great it turns out on lined paper.

2.       S T E P  B Y  S T E P

My favorite set up for my math notes is a step by step problem solving system. Every time your teacher brings out a practice problem to help explain how it works, next to the problem have a space to write down each step taken as well as a small reason as to why it was taken. Sometimes wen I look back at my notes I have a hard time figuring out what I did, why I did it, and when I even did it amongst the jumbled up mess of notes. Having that section worth of steps taken has always helped when going back to my notes.

3.       W H Y ?

The biggest problem any teacher can make is only telling their students how and not why. A student may know how to answer a specific problem but if they don’t know why they’re even taking those steps, then they didn’t actually learn anything. Knowing why you do what you do to answer a problem allows you to apply those steps to other questions and solve your way through problems set up in an unfamiliar way. That’s also why I suggest you incorporate the step by step method because it’s a designated space where you can write down the ‘why’ of every step you take.

4.       E X A M P L E S

One thing you should definitely include in your math notes is example problems. If you have notes on how to solve a problem but don’t actually have a problem on your notes solved, then does that really help? The more example problems the better! Seriously guys, a lot of times you’re given different set ups when asked to solve a question so having all those different set ups in your notes really does help. For example, let’s use the Pythagorean theorem (A+B=C). In one set up, you’re given a triangle with sides A, B, and C. In the first question you are given A and B but in the second you are given only A and C. Let’s say in another set up, you are given a word problem where you have to draw the triangle and label your sides. Having all these example problems allows you to go back to your notes and look at a variety of questions. In the end you will have a much greater understanding of the topic.

5.       V O C A B

I don’t find vocab to be as important as example problems, however you should definitely know your vocab. Teachers will refer back to everything using those vocab words so make sure you really understand them! I remember in sixth grade everyone was talking about coefficients and I was SO LOST. When someone finally told me what it meant I knew exactly what it was but because I didn’t know my vocab, I only made the unit harder to learn. Seriously guys, know your vocab.

What did you guys think? These are all tips I’ve learned after having taken so many math classes. I struggle every year with math (it’s the one class that I can never get an A in) so I just want you guys to know that there’s so many people who struggle! Even those in the studyblr community. Don’t ever feel discouraged because almost always someone else is also struggling along with you.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Back To School Series HERE! It includes other note-taking tips and other masterposts about getting ready for the school year!

-much love, studyessie

Lots of Announcements / Updates

Okay, I meant to make this post yesterday but this is literally the first time I’ve gotten to sit down a computer since the weekend. 

If you currently have an unshipped order with us, please read this. Also please read if you’re interested in what’s happening with the shop this week! 

-Mystery Boxes: 

So, as written in the post announcing the return of mystery boxes, the listings for each mystery box, and in the various posts I’ve made about it since, mystery boxes take two weeks to ship. This is because they are assembled to order AND each component of the box is labeled and very carefully wrapped. This takes quite some time. They were taken down from the shop last Sunday, meaning after this weekend everyone should have their email shipping notifications with their tracking numbers. If we are a day or two late (which we are working night and day to try to make sure we’re not) we deeply apologize, but it is because things are currently super hectic. We are working around the clock to make sure that we get everything done as fast as humanly possible! 

But if do end up being a date or two late with your box, you will get something added to your package to hopefully make up for the inconvenience/wait. :) 

-Other Shop Orders: 

Since we’ve been having all these sales directly on tumblr, there are just a small handful of shop orders that aren’t the older mystery boxes. They will be shipped out tomorrow! 


Since orders are more time sensitive, giveaways tend to get pushed to the side, but I will be shipping all of them out before the weekend! 

-Mineral Lots / Auctions:

All the mineral lots and auctions from this weekend will start getting shipped tomorrow, and we will gradually do them probably until early-mid next week. It’s always our goal to get orders out in less than a week (other than the mystery boxes), however when we do a huge sale like this, it can take a little longer. But of course, we work as fast as we can while still making sure things are accurate and safe when they embark on their journey to your doorstep! 


As the current situation stands, we have about 200 total orders that need to be shipped out. Any patience or understanding that you extend to us at this time is so seriously appreciated- I am not sure I can express it in words! 


Now, some other things. I am currently really behind on messages and, once again, emails. I was at a point where I was catching up daily, but I’ve fallen behind. There is such an accumulation of huge things happening right now that my regular daily routine got thrown out the window. I have to go to two different warehouses tomorrow (one for crystals, one for shipping supplies) which will involve a total of 5 or 6 hours of being in the car, and I will try to use that to catch up on communications! If I take too long to respond to you, please do not be afraid to give me a poke. 

As far as this week’s shop update goes, I have been working super intensely on jewelry! This Friday will be a jewelry shop update. I have dozens on top of dozens of pieces that are going to be listed. I will also be re-listing some of our best selling crystals that are currently sold out in the shop. Just a few, since we are trying to downsize our inventory for a move. 

Okay, if you read this whole long jumbled mess, THANK YOU! Seriously. It’s been kind of a struggle to not have a giant freak out about all the things that I have to catch up on, but I think writing it all out like this helps both me and you guys. So thank you for reading, understanding, and supporting the shop! 

I am also planning another big giveaway to go up soon, to thank you guys for sticking with me. :) (I’m just not sure if I want to start it before or after the move- we will see what works best!) 

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🌻 It’s my blog’s 1st ANNIVERSARY 🌻

Hello, everyone! I know that I said I’ll be on hiatus BUT! It’s the end of June in my time zone, so that means:

It’s my first blog anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been a year! I created this blog to have a small space to myself but now, it’s grown so much—thanks to this blog I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and created amazing relationships!

I am so happy I started this and to celebrate its birthday, I decided to make this quick follow forever ft. some cheesy notes (I can’t help it!!! Let me live, gosh.) I also am playing an ask game, so please feel free to send in your names! I will get to them as soon as I can~

Okay, so without further ado, here are the amazing people that fill my dash with amazing stuff every day!

mutuals // writers // 👑 my writer queens: must read! // 🌻 MY SOUL SISTAHS


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The Originals™

To the twenty-eight other lovely beings of this group, I can’t stress enough how important y’all are to me. You’ve been a continuous source of support and love and I am truthfully blessed to be part of this group. You guys are seriously the sweetest and I find it amazing that we all have someone who will listen to us, 24/7. This is the first time I will ever say this but—bless time zones, lol. Always know that I’m always just a KKT message away, ok? I love y’all and I don’t say this very lightly. :’)


[@agentafter / @kpopscenariostho]

Sam, I know you’ve gotten used to this nickname, lmao. But for this post, I’mma call you by your name, ahaha. Samanta, my sister, my precious little supportive bean! No one believes in me as surely as you do, I honestly cannot tell you how dear you are to me! Thank you for listening to me and letting me be immature at times and wow, you are simply the best. I have no words to describe how amazing you are—don’t be unfair and ask for proof because G I R L. I would have stopped writing tons of my ideas if it wasn’t for you. I love you very much and I can’t wait for you to finish your thesis. Demon!Hobi and I are waiting for you eagerly.



Roomie! My roommate from across the world, my sweet, sweet darling. You are such an amazing writer and your brain, good heavens. I love everything that is going on in your scheming mind and I really, really, realllllllly love that we get along so well. Thank you for being open with me and being 100% true and being so patient with me, sweets. I also love T&T, I know I tell you this all day, every day, but! I have to say it again, hehe. Please write more and thank you for involving me deeply in its creation. I am honored, needless to say. I do hope we really become roommates someday, though. #cats4ever



To my first ever friend on Tumblrverse, thank you darling. I wouldn’t have tried making friends and joining chats if it weren’t for you. I am glad to be your friend, both online and offline. Thank you for being patient with me, even in my grumpiest days. And for being an overall sweetheart, bb. See you soon, okay? :’) I believe I still owe you a fic, hehe.



Rara, we haven’t talked in so so so so long! I hope you enjoyed your trip to NY and I hope you’re doing swell. Thank you for being so understanding with me and for always knowing what is going on in my head. I miss the days we talk all the time but I hope you know that despite being busy, you’re definitely missed! We need to screech about Jimin soon, love. :’)



I’m still ever so grateful to the Secret Santa thing because I met you there and WOW. You are an amazing friend and our telepathy levels are super scary but it’s an amazing experience nonetheless! Thank you for always sharing your travel pictures with me AND sharing your thoughts with me. I think you are a strong, amazing person and you deserve all the love in the world. K. K. K. K. K. Never change, darling. You are a precious bean and we must meet on the shores one day!


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My little sisters. :’) My precious, precious beans! Hello, youngins. I love you all very much. I hope y’all know this, omg, for real, you are all such important kiddos to me, I will F I T E anyone who tries to do you wrong. I hope that you are all doing very well right now. Know that I am always a call or message away if you need any motivation (or anything, actually) and that I am always supporting you from the bottom of my heart! I always love hearing from you so never hesitate! Tell me random stuff any time of the day—you will never be a bother. *sends you all sunshine and butterflies*

*whispers congratulations on your recent graduation, Bella!*

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To Virgo:

Please don’t be offended or feel discouraged by the servant archetype because it’s a very important one. Society tends to look down upon servants to the point where a lot of them aren’t taken seriously. The servant archetype highlights all of your beautiful, positive qualities and your negative ones too, if you’d like me to be honest.

Servants are important. They’re the only ones willing to do the hard work. People say everybody can do a work of a servant because it doesn’t require a lot of “work” but then these same people will actively try not to do it because they’re too weak to do it. You guys are the reason why the world functions. You guys are the only ones strong enough to willingly put down your ego to keep the world going. Some people can’t do that, but you most certainly can, and that’s admirable.

The world would be a mess without you. You have an important role. You can be modest all you want, but you, just like the rest of the signs are extremely important, even if society doesn’t seem to think so.

Running Wild

Prompt: Something on how everyone loves Batmom’s hair. And the boys know that when going out they have to look perfect with her around. Honestly just work your magic, I’d be fine if you just put her having a hard time getting the boys ready for a gala

Words: 683

“They are your children, Bruce Wayne.” Bruce does his best to bite back a grin, as he finishes tying his tie. You pull your dress on and turn your back to your husband, “Can you help me zip this, please?”

He smiles at you in the mirror, before giving up on his tie. He guides the zipper up, his fingers leading it up with a warm trail against your skin. You do your best to fight down the shiver that wants to consume you.

Turning around you narrow your eyes at him, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to Mister Wayne.”

Bruce smirks at you before giving you his best innocent eyes. “I have no idea what you mean, Mrs. Wayne,” he practically purrs the words.

You roll your eyes before tying his tie for him, “I organized this fundraiser Bruce. I’ve spent months on it, making sure it’s perfect, and it’s for a good cause.”

Bruce sighs, “I know. This function is raising money for Gotham’s orphanage. It’s going to supply a lot of the refurbishing and improvements needed. I just don’t get why we couldn’t do something more than just another ball.”

You shake your head as you sit down on the bed and pull on your shoes, “For Gotham’s fiercest crime fighter you’re very naive Bruce Wayne.”

He raises an eyebrow in question and says, “Oh really?”

“Yes, really. Most of these people want to give the money and been seen doing so. They want to dress up in their pearls, and finest, and socialize with others of their class. They don’t care about what actually has to be done. Hell, most of them are in so deep with the crime families it’s amazing that they give at all. But, this is one sure fine way to get them to open their pocketbooks.”

Bruce sighs, “Sometimes I forget that you navigate this world more than I do. You’re always the one left behind to make excuses when the boys and I run out. You’re the one that plans most of these functions.”

You smile, “It’s for a good cause.”

Bruce bends over and whispers, “A very good cause,” before kissing you. Then his hand is tangled in your hair, and you’re reaching for his bowtie to untie, when shouts sound out in the hallway.

Bruce lets out a small growl before pulling back. You grin at him before standing off the bed, and walking towards the door. You open it to find the boys wrestling down the hallway. You let out one sharp whistle and they break apart. Your hands go to your hips and you say, “Seriously? You boys aren’t even dressed yet! And we have to leave in twenty minutes!” They just keep staring at you before you ask, “What in the world are you staring at?”

Jason just says, “Is your hair supposed to look like that?”

Your brows knit together in confusion before you reach up to feel your hair, all out of place. The memory of Bruce’s fingers tangling in your hair makes you groan. You take a deep breath and say, “I know this event won’t be fun for you guys, but it is very important to me. Can you please go get ready; brush your teeth, put on deodorant, comb your hair, and put your tuxes and shoes on.”

They stare at you for a moment before they agree to go. They trudge down the hallway, and you turn to Bruce, “Can you please make sure they’re actually getting ready, and not having some giant pillow fight?”

He just smirks and asks, “Are you sure you don’t need my help fixing your hair?”

You smile and begin pushing him out the door, “You’ve done enough thank you very much. I can manage these curls on my own thank you very much.”

He just smiles, before reaching forward and gently pulling on a loose curl. It straightens for just a minute before bouncing back up. He just winks at you and says, “Personally, I like it when you let them run wild.”