This is my definition of Unicorn now

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

(Pause for me to swear a lot about how on different days, different keys on my laptop don’t work. They need to be more consistent!)

Moon in Capricorn, void of course 4:57 pm MDT

For most of the (US) work day: definitely a mixed bag. We have a groove going; we get derailed; lather rinse repeat. Crucial to keep the long term in mind as we navigate on through.

Eris retrograde, 1:32 pm MDT

“Oh joy” as my dad used to say. Not everything in life is to be hearts and flowers and unicorns. Some things take hard, back/heart-breaking WORK, if we’re to grow. Who’s that “uninvited guest” in your life right now? What are you trying so desperately to deny? Eris’ retrograde period is the time to invite that guest in. Next January 9/10 (approximately), when Eris turns direct (at 22:32:01 Aries):, you can integrate that guest into your life.

Full Moon, 27:40 Capricorn, 4:57 pm MDT

Now is when we pour our whole selves into our projects - except, as usual when the Full Moon is also the beginning of a Void Moon, I recommend waiting until the Moon enters the next sign. We can still keep the canny resourcefulness of Capricorn when….

Moon enters Aquarius, 9:10 pm MDT

Too late for most of us in the US to take advantage of; I’ll write more about it tomorrow!

Looking ahead to Wednesday: ushers in a quiet time, astrologically.