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mels another blind reveal for ch*am - wut is going on crazydaysandnights<.>net/2017/02/blind-items-revealed-2-707<.>html

At this point are these even blinds?

We’re now at a whopping ten blinds and reveals since Nov. 29. Thaaaat’s kind of insane for a couple only really well known in the U.K.  What’s so interesting to me here, is that the majority of these blinds are coming from Enty, and he’s REVEALING them too. Enty’s primary audience is from the US, and again, this is a couple who’s celebrity stems from the U.K. So I have to ask, who’s been so invested in giving Enty these blinds (because someone is most definitely feeding them to Enty)? 


thank you all for your kind words. I’m glad my words have meant so much to you all. I’m happy to help and it means the world to me that it’s been so well received.

I do find it interesting though, I’ve gotten far fewer mean messages than I expected. like @semisomniac​ said, there’s an expected inevitable backlash of hate that one should get when challenging someone with millions of adoring fans, but…I can count how many nasty messages I got on one hand, two only if you count the replies, but it’s still under 10.

and that’s staggering when you think about it, but it’s a good thing. it means we’re all agreeing. we all recognize that that was bullshit and are refusing to be quiet about it.

and that’s what’s most important.

Why I Don't Have A Pregnancy Kink

So I’ve had a few people ask me why I dislike the thought of being pregnant in an AU and/or being opposed to the kink in general. I would like to first point out that if you’re into it that’s great. I’ve no issue whatsoever regarding your interest in this particular idea.

But why I hate it, hilariously enough, is because I’ve been pregnant. Twice. I have had the experience of miscarriage before as well.

Pregnancy is something very near and dear to my heart because it was something that was quite difficult for me both times around. I won’t get into too much background stuff but my first pregnancy was scary. I was very sick and just starting a new job. Repeat pregnancy tests had come back as negative, and I worked more to take my mind off of my constant spotting and side effects. I had my first child six weeks premature and in less than fifteen minutes. I barely made it to the hospital.

The second time around I found myself on bed rest for nearly half of my pregnancy due to my first one. My husband was often out of town for work during this time and I had a very active toddler running around me as I kept trying to entertain him from the couch or kitchen. Sickness was common almost all the way through. My dad said that others would judge me for not going out and walking or doing something with my kid during this time. I lost nearly all of my amniotic fluid before I went into labor and I was induced three weeks shy of the full 40 as a safety precaution. I was in push labor for 8 hours because my daughter wasn’t ready and I finally gave out which caused a scar to appear on where her eyebrows are today.

When I needed to deliver the placenta (cause that happens) it wouldn’t loosen causing me to bleed out. I hemorrhaged, losing about half of my blood, finally saved by my OBGYN who was the only barrier between me and surgery. I spent the next two days attempting to hold my daughter while passing out from anemia.

I will add here that I’m being tested for endometriosis, I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. I’m pretty well infertile by this point. And both my pregnancies were far from the joy that many have experienced during their own process.

I am thankful for my two beautiful children. They are witty and active and sharp as a tack. They are an exquisite blend of both my husband and myself and I couldn’t be more proud and thankful that they will grow up in a great environment with a comfortable life.

But due to these circumstances, along with miscarriages, I have developed some type of trigger to pregnancy AU or certain fics that describe it. It’s brought me some major anxiety and I choose not to read it because of historical events.

As a final note, I appreciate if you read this. And I understand if you don’t want to. I ask that you simply leave this be and/or tag it if you reblog. I’m not writing this because of discussion or anger or annoyance. Simply a statement or fact as a general answer behind the curiosity.

Mental Illness in the Horror Genre

Something that pissed me off the other day.

Talking to a guy who knows my parents but doesn’t know me very well, and he tells me that his friend (indeed, a very nice and talented actor) recently put out a horror movie. And I’m interested until I hear the words “So it’s about this guy with OCD…” and at that point my mom and I give each other a sidelong glance.

I say, “I don’t know, because I have OCD and it’s a pretty serious thing for me.”

To which he follows up, “Oh, you don’t have it like this guy! You’re totally functional!”

Okay, dude. Yes, I am standing before you in a fancy club, dressed nice, and looking relatively balanced. But you do not know me. You do not know OCD.

You do not know that I have been non-functional, and that in order to maintain my current balance of sanity, I take daily medication and see a weekly therapist, and I still have downward spirals and panic attacks.

OCD can add to a story, for sure. The Aviator is a great example–albeit, it was on the voyeuristic side, kind of “check out what a weirdo this guy really is”, but his condition was portrayed in a realistic and *sympathetic* manner, because it focused so hard on his anxiety and entrapment.

I don’t need a horror movie about my disorder for a couple reasons.
1. I already live the horror movie that is OCD.
2. Just like people with psychosis, schizophrenia/schizotypal disorders, dissociative identity disorders, and any other number of mental disorder that makes us act in unusual and yes, sometimes frightening ways, I don’t need it to be the hinge for your horror flick, a handy device that makes more people like you scared and misunderstanding of people like me.
3. And for people with the above disorders who may not be diagnosed, they don’t need to be told that they are dangerous monsters and cause them to avoid treatment out of fear. (This goes double for people who experience paranoia or delusions as part of their symptoms.)

This post ended up way longer than I meant, but really, truly, hear me out creators:



I live quite an anonymous life. I’m an actor first not a celebrity. I love people like Helen Mirren who can walk in the streets, take the tube and live their life. It’s an important thing for me. I think many celebrities live in a bubble where they don’t engage with everyday life and for me it’s a very dangerous bubble that I don’t want to be in. I make a point not selling myself as a celebrity. I’m also well-grounded thanks to my friends and family. I have friends who aren’t in this industry and they’re not interested by what I do. So I can just be myself.

My Hubby gets aroused when I act Slutty

I guess I am lucky because my hubby gets sexually aroused when I act Slutty..

I don’t do it very often, 2 or 3 times a month with various old friends I keep in contact with.

I don’t tell Hubby until a month or so later when we have both been drinking and are in bed and in between me sucking Hubby’s Cock

I’ve been doing this off and on for the past 5 years. Never more than 3 times a month.

A few years ago while I was at a friend’s place he asked me if I’d like a few of his friends as well. I was shocked at first. Then interested. I said, “you mean like a gangbang” He said “exactly”

I blushed and said, “Well… ok… just once…”

OMG… we did everything or I should say they had me doing everything.

At one point, I was giving one of them a blowjob while the second guy was fucking me and I had the third guys dick in my hand jerking him off.

For some reason, all 3 guys got me to finish them off by sucking their cocks and having them cum on my face, 3 loads of cum, one right after the other.

Even as I drove home, my clit was still tingling and twitching!

I couldn’t wait to tell my husband

OK science side of Tumblr, help me out?

I am looking for a book on climate change. How it works, the effects we can already see, the proof we have it’s happening. Pictures are good. One meant for a interested high school student or someone of that level of education. One that doesn’t do any people or political view point bashing, so that a person who might have grown up on the other side but is willing to investigate won’t be put off. One that is oriented specifically toward science and not politics, because if all goes well this is going to wind up in a church library and I’m pretty big on the separation of church and state.

@jstor, is this your kind of thing or can you point me at someone?

“I’ve always been a part of you.”

So, the fact that we know this isn’t Rose makes this even sadder.

Because this is something Steven thinks. He wants to believe that Rose still lives inside him. He wants her to.

Jesus Christ.

This shot is so…. haunting.

He’s alone. Not even the room is there for him.

Interesting that Rose is surprised about this.

But yeah….. this was all just hopeful thinking.

Oh dear god no.

Oh fuck me this is the storm isn’t it.

“You locked Bismuth away because she wanted to shatter gems and never told Garnet or Pearl about it!”

Well…. I was expecting someone to utter these words at some point, I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

I think I left my thoughts exceptionally clear about Bismuth and what she deserved (hint: something better than this)

Seriously, just…. fucking unbubble her already. 

I guess this is indirect confirmation that Rose shattering PD happened AFTER the whole Bismuth situation.

It was still pretty obvious but this is good to hear.

Also yeah, she did do that. I still believe it must have been necessary, otherwise Rose wouldn’t have considered that option, but you know what? She was free afterwards.

Guess who wasn’t.

It’s very interesting to me how Black People are so protective of the Black Man’s image, but when a Black Male bashes black women, they come with “not all Black Men” when Black Women point out the anti-black woman slander BY WAAAAY TOO Many Black Men that permeates Youtube and social media.

Many Black Men say “Well, I’m not like that” yet there are no petitions to get the likes of Uncle Tommy and “brothas” like him off of Youtube and when there are petitions there’s not that many signatures. There is also little to no outrage. We know if that Black Women were on Youtube calling Black Men apes, gorillas, and other dehumanizing names in front of the entire world then her ass would be dragged up and down and all around youtube and social media. There would most definitely be a petition with thousands and thousands of signatures to get her (or they) off of Youtube (and social media)…forever. 

If Black People REALLY cared about the Black Man’s image, then they would see how all of this Black Woman bashing IS NOT A GOOD LOOK for the GLOBAL Black Male Collective. Black People would have had launched heavy, massive campaigns when these males first appeared a decade ago on Youtube (and Social Media) to stopped the anti-black woman bashing right then and there. The fucking Bat Signal would’ve went out that this behavior is  TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE and UNACCEPTABLE and makes the ENTIRE Black Race and Black Male Collective look very bad. If Black People would’ve taken these steps from jump this shit would’ve been shut all the way down and  not be waaay out of control as it is now.

Since Black People’s definition of patriarchy is Black Men abusing Black Women, this fuckery is allowed to flourish. If Black People knew what the fuck a real patriarchy entails then Black People would understand that a group of men trashing and demeaning the image of their women in front of the entire world WILL NOT win Black Men a seat at the World Table of Patriarchs because real patriarchs as Khadija says, “Provide, Protect, Produce, and Problem-Solve”  not trash their women NO MATTER how many issues (and how severe the issues) are between them and their women. 

As much as Black People stay “protecting” Black Man’s image, while these men are allowed to degrade and demean the Black Woman’s image in front of the entire world, there is NO WAY IN HELL that Black Men’s image is being looked upon favorably. Because while the Black Man is allowed to be portrayed in his original image (and while non-blacks will laugh, join in, and agree with the anti-bw vitriol), any person that is aware (which is pretty much everybody by now) of the vicious anti-black woman vitriol on Youtube and social media BY Black Men, Black Men WILL NOT BE SEEN  AS REAL MEN AND NON-DESERVING OF THE TITLE OF PATRIARCH or a seat at the global Patriarchal table. 

So No Black People DO NOT care about the Black Man’s image because if they did they would not allow the anti-black woman platforms to continue to flourish while educating Black Men and boys what it is to truly be a patriarch and win a seat at the table of patriarchs.-Fighting Misogynoir

This was several years ago but.
Some background for you guys. We were playing a version of Dungeons & Dragons 5e and one of the DM’s NPCs was a flamboyant elf who was also in charge of the town with all the goods in it. And he was clearly hitting on my character. Who is also an elf . So:
Me: so what it will take to get these Provisions to us at a reasonable price.
The flamboyant elf: well if you have a couple of minutes and when I get a little something something between us I’m sure we can lower the price to a reasonable rate.
Me : sure I have nothing better to do for the next day or so.
At this point everyone else at the table starts laughing so hard that we couldn’t get the game going for almost 20 minutes after. I got the pricing down 20% I say was worth it and I had a interesting experience with an elf.


Complete Living 143 Pokedex Pokemon Go (+2 Winter Exclusives) - Part 2

Though it may not mean much to everyone, I am happy to finally announce the completion of my Living Pokedex in Pokemon Go! I actually completed this back in December, but I wanted to take part in the Christmas events and hatch all of my eggs! It was a long (painful) journey to get to this point, but it fulfills a childhood dream of catching them all! Buddy Pokemon really helped me get the last few! Here are some interesting facts as well:

  • Ended up at Level 29 never reaching that 30 benchmark!
  • Last 5 Pokemon to get were: Weezing, Kabutops, Charizard, Dragonite, and the elusive Lickitung
  • Perfect IV Pokemon: Seaking,Tauros, Exeggutor, Tauros, Eevee, Seadra, and Alakazam
  • Captured 3,818 Pokemon, Evolved 513 Pokemon, Visited 6,352 Pokestops, Walked 821.6 km, Hatched 292 Eggs, Battled 550 times
  • 3 most caught types: 1,404 Normal Type, 1,085 Poison Types, 988 Water types

For the full journey click here and view it all in one place! (x)

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me!

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Is welcome to nhk an anime? Is it a good anime?

Is not only an anime, is one of the best animes created ever imo. 

We’re talking about an anime that touches on issues such as depression, desolation, relationships, love, disappointment, dependency, anxiety and even existentialism. It’s a black comedy, so sometimes it gets very depressing from time to time, and even if you don’t trust me, it’s also a drama.

One of the strongest points of this anime, of course, are the characters. All are either (1) Very funny and charismatic. Or (2) Very interesting. OR (3) Both things at the same time. We talk about characters suffering from severe cases of anxiety and paranoia, how to deal with these issues may surprise us coming from a comedy with sexual references but done in a way that isn’t superficial, making much emphasis on them and deepening each time the anime can do it

Sound smart? Well, the truth is that is not. The first episodes are full of humor and sexual references, and at first glance the characters look like your typical Japanese stereotypes reused to exhaustion, but don’t make the tone of the anime fool you, I can assure you that every subject raised in this is done in a very mature way.

What I liked the most is how the scriptwriter managed to make all the issues end up important for me. In addition he knew how to delve into each of the characters, what they like, dislike, their way of seeing life and sometimes their questionable behavior in front of some occasions. 

It’s a great balance between history and characters. It’s because for these characters and their charisma that it’s worthwhile to follow these issues that could be uncomfortable to watch, although it’s true that many times they can be quite exaggerated, I love how realistic the characters and their actions are.

They show you the otakus as they are.

It doesn’t insult them or degrade them and in fact it’s quite positive with them, plus it shows you that even the worst being on earth is capable of doing something that everyone appreciates without cheap speeches, without stupid solutions or miracles.

Being the only bad thing about this anime, the animation. Because regardless if you have problems with it or not, it tends to lower the quality in a rather bad way in certain episodes, the movement looks awkward and the drawing loses all kinds of detail. And that’s basically the only bad thing about the anime, because in everything else it’s certainly perfect.

It’s an almost perfect anime but outside for the small detail of the animation. Graceful, depressing and even touching in the least expected moments.

Besides that it has the best anime ending ever, and if you don’t think so it’s because you’re simply being harmed by the work of a great conspiracy. ;^)

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Hey, you mentioned a book for babies (Art for Babies if i'm correct) which was Ash first book he was interested in when he was 3 weeks old, yesterday in Royal Festival Hall. I looked it up, but I found differencia ones on amazon and I'm not sure which is one you mentioned. Could you point me to the right direction, and I promise I'm going to buy it from a local independent bookshop. And thanks for the parenting advice (a.k.a. how to make your baby interested in books).

It was (I tried the others later, and they really didn’t work as well as the original).

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Hello! Once day I saw your post about meaning of flowers in noragami. It was interesting. What do you think about flowers on the new cover with Yato?

Hi there! For the new cover of volume 18, let me say this to those who aren’t well versed in recognizing flowers: they are daisies! Daisies usually symbolize faith, or faithfulness.

Another interesting point, is that these flowers are wilting. They are in obviously bad shape. This could mean one of a few things, depending on his you look at it.

It could signify that Yato’s faithfulness to Heaven (Or perhaps Father and/or Bishamon?) has been lost. He’s cutting those flowers, which may mean it’s of his own undoing.

A wilted flower also carries warnings, however: that dangerous times are ahead, and that you should not act overconfident. Knowing the events that transpire in volume 18, (Chapters 68-71) we can confirm that both of these meanings are correct.

I hope this gave you some insight!

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Describe the color red

Red is a color that’s on the extreme end of the visible light spectrum. In terms of light and radiation, the wavelength of red is long, and is 610 to 780 nanometers. Red is also considered a primary color - a color that cannot be created by combining other colors. It is often associated with heat.

I went to KnB Umeda event where they showed some parts of the Ikebukuro event as well. They also showed some conversations, and there’s one where Akashi and Kuroko had a short phone call. The setting for the event itself is Akashi sending a text to GOM (and invite Kagami, Takao, Himuro) to gather at Ikebukuro.

Akashi: Hello. Ah, Kuroko.
Kuroko: Akashi-kun. Have you already arrived at the meeting point?
Akashi: No. I finished my errand earlier than expected. I had some time, so I’m talking a walk (around the area) right now.
Kuroko: I see. By the way Akashi-kun, what is going on today?
Akashi: Fufu. You will see when you reach the place. Well then, until we meet in front of “Ikefukurou*”…

*note: Ikefukurou is the owl statue in Ikebukuro station. It’s a play of words from “Ikebukuro” (city name) and “Fukurou” (owl in Japanese).

Oswald generally has such a theatricality about him. His mannerisms and gestures are often over the top and dramatic, but not usually when he is in manipulation mode. He shines when lying and manipulating everything to his whim, and even though we as an audience know what he is doing, rarely do other characters. His acting, subtlety and ability to do that well is what got him to the point of power he is currently at.

What is interesting though, at least to me, is the difference in Oswald’s interactions with Ed. He is often quiet, soft spoken even. His whole self has an air of vulnerability to it. His voice, his gestures, his glances… The times when Oswald has been over the top with Ed? I should clarify, I don’t mean dramatically per se, because we have seen the over the top dramatics between the two of them, certainly. And usually, those moments are chuckle worthy and endearing. (With the exception of Oswald murdering Isabella, that case of dramatics was neither of those things, but that point is for another post.)

No, I mean something more the lines of falseness. It’s interesting to me, because from the very start of them getting to know one another, their relationship has been built on honesty, in a way none of their other relationships had been. Oswald even lied to his mother about what was really going on, the relationship he held dearest to him, without hesitation. The reasons why he lied can be argued, to protect her, etc., and that is not my point. My point is he was able to lie to the person he loved more than anything with relative ease.

Which brings me back around to my initial thought. Oswald is a magnificent liar, and has got to where he is because of his ability to lie and manipulate so well. Isn’t it interesting though, that the only person, up until these recent events, he had not lied to or attempted to manipulate was Ed? Isn’t it interesting when he finally does, that when he lies and attempts to manipulate the situation in his favour, he is over the top and is so very, very unconvincing? If Oswald were that awful of a liar, he would never have gone anywhere. But Ed, the one person he is so able to be himself with, to be honest with, to be real with, is the one person he cannot lie to in the way he has done everyone else.

iso: equestrian blogs

It seems a lot of my favorite blogs are now inactive and so I’ve unfollowed about 100 people. I’d love to find some new blogs to follow! I’m mainly interested in equestrian blogs that also feature a sprinkling of lifestyle/nature/fashion. I love reading daily riding updates as well, so if you post those I’d definitely be interested in following! 

Mainly hunters, jumpers, & dressage, but I’m open to whatever disciplines. Please reblog so I can check out your blog! 

**Bonus points if you intend to shoot me the occasional message and interact some. 

Why We Fragile Humans Fascinate Spirits

Without a doubt, humans are rather fragile creatures. We’re bold, we’re dangerous even, but we’re also rather… well… weak.

I’m talking in physical strength, of course. Mentally we can be insanely powerful. But the main point of this blog is understanding why all these other spirits… these all-powerful Demon Lords, wise Centaurs, warrior Angels, and nearly immortal Elves… see us humans as worthy companions when we are so “little” compared to them. I see people ask this all the time. “Why would a god-level Djinn hold any interest in little ol’ me? I’m nothing special.”

I want to start out with a quote. A friend of mine once asked, “Why are humans so fragile?”

In response, an unearthly friend replied, “Fragility is what makes humans so great, and is what makes them risk-takers. Creatures like that daredevil aspect of humans. That’s why they want to be humans themselves, or eat them depending on what creatures we’re talking about.”

To fully understand how our companions see us, we need to step out of our shoes and into theirs. To us, humans are mundane. They’re boring. They’re ordinary. Well did you ever think that if you had been born an Elf, you’d find all other Elves boring, mundane, and ordinary? Probably, because you would be used to the idea and still seeking something new and different in your life. I have a couple Angel friends who say that they find human personalities rather mind-blowing. There are concepts, interpretations, and emotions that they don’t associate with on a daily basis like we do.

I could go into a bigger discussion about how all of us humans aren’t really just straight “human,” but I’m going to let that slide for another time.

The point is, our spirit companions love to interact with us, despite their statuses and titles, because they find us interesting. Some of them even fall in love with us. There are all sorts of interesting little quirks, scents, and emotions that come off of us all the time, and our spirits are intrigued by them for many different reasons. Maybe we taste delectible to vampires. Maybe our scent is divine to werewolves. Maybe our philosophical views on what lies beyond the Universe is deeply moving to scholarly Elves and wise Angels. And for ETs, maybe we’re the daredevils that they wish they can be someday.

So next time you find yourself asking “Why?” when a spirit wants to be with you, try asking them yourself, and see what they say. Just take a little while to listen. They might even show you in a way that you find very non-human, which is why we love them. We are fascinated by what lies beyond the Earthan realm, and they are fascinated by what lies within. Life on Earth is not easy at all, so it’s perfectly normal for a spirit to respect you for your humanity, rather than be bored out of their wits because we are mundane. To them, we are not. We are special, we are daring, and we are full of life and learning.