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“I’m just tagging my new little pet bunny~." The vandal would whisper playfully as she attached the collar. (In can go off of the UNF thread if you want, for reasons of why Vi is doing this)

Riven’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help but to blush. “You? Tag me?” She chuckled nervously. “Well… This is  interesting.” She pointed at the collar. “Are you trying to tell me something?”

((That sounds like a good idea!))

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All of them ♡♡♡

melon - my first impression of you
They post so much eruri and i dont even ship it but shes popular soooo

peach - what i like most about your blog
It’s very well laid out and appealing to the eye unlike some peoples *major side eye*

vanilla - what i like most about you
You’re open and blunt about anything which is great cos i dont need no sugar coated fake ass attitudes i get enough of that on tumblr

lilac - why / how i started following you
Everyone was just reblogging stuff from you left right and centre lol

orange - my opinion of you now and our status
Your my ultimate tumblr didi that gives me life advice and can bitch to about anything anytime. I’m glad that i can be openly salty about anything to you without getting an automatic agreement which usually just seems a bit conformative and fake. You argue your points really well and it’s much more interesting that way to talk to you. It’s great to be able to talk to somebody that’s real than someone putting on a front.

coconut - a blog that reminds me of yours
gangsta-levi your fiancee 

plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog
Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj

sweet pea - would i go out with you
no lol that would be awks

strawberry - i secretly think…
that you need to calm the fuck down :)

MUTUTALS hmu with some fruit!

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I hope you don't mind answering my question. Do you think that the monarch will last? I mean this because I'm curious to know what you think. Where in this point in the century where a monarchy is not really necessary. Don't get me wrong, I'm a royal follower myself and I'm interested in what they do and it's history, but yet again, I want to know what you think. Please answer my question.

Well, the monarchy has been basically a ceremonial institution for quite a long time; meaning they haven’t been technically necessary for longer than just recent times.

I’m an American, so I can’t necessarily comment on how the British feel about their monarchy, but I do get the impression that for many of them, the monarchy and the royal family are something they’re proud of, something that has been a mainstay in their country for so long it’s almost a comfort sometimes to have them there. (Again, I’m just speaking from observation.)

Plus, the Monarchy brings in a lot of money for the government from tourism and official merchandise and big events like Royal Wedding and royal babies being born :) So technically speaking, when something big happens with them, it’s pretty great for business for the country :)

I think they’ll be around for quite a long time.


a drunken story.

well I’m a depressed drunk soo nothing interesting happens, I just get all types of meh/tired and pass out or just become one with the sofa and watch movies or shit

sadly I don’t drink to get drunk drunk I just get to the ‘tipsy’ point.

a story about me WHILE I was drinking though-

myself, Kyo, Eden and Aj were hanging out. (This is my memory sooo if I miss spots Kyo and Eden can fill in gaps) Kyo is a very….happy drunk? I think lol and Eden is just well Eden when drunk so I was playing assassins creed revelation on the xbox, drinking and such, chilling out. Kyo and Eden however are on the floor- getting more and more wasted. Like they hit “giggle at everything” point and decided- BURGERS were needed…so AJ (reluctantly I think) decided- ok let’s get McDonalds (if for any REAL reason- to make sure I ate something that night) so yeah we go to the car and are on our way.

We get to mcdonalds and we’re in the drive thru and Eden I think is texting or on the phone with one of her friends while- still in that laughing at everything stage and Kyo is just joining the conversation while all this happens in the backseat. Aj and I are in the front just rolling out eyes and I’m nursing what I know is gonna be a headache later (booze, fast food, over tired- the best combo right) well anyway- we get the food and are on the way back and Eden and Kyo are just LAUGHING the whole way back saying how they had burgers. Now upon getting back, they set up shop on my floor, Eden laying in Kyo’s lap nomming fries and Kyo finishing her other burger and stealing Eden’s fries. Then pretty much succumbing to “drunk + well fed + comfy” and hitting the cuddle drunk/tired drunk phase”

not a GREAT story…but drinking doesn’t happen as often as it probably seems with my friends and I XD

honestly I apologize to kyostiel and queen-of-acheron if I left parts out/forgot and shit. but it’s been a while XD

“Well, as an exorcist of the Order I seem to be managing. Maybe we can have some quality bonding time as we take care of our kids,” Shepry pointed out. 


  “As long as you’re willing to help me,” The disheveled finder stated, carefully lifting the young child into her lap. “I only know the basics of raising a kid…”

  Her own child looked up at Calera with innocent light brown eyes, and the finder couldn’t help smiling back. Until the child continued by reaching up with his hand and yanking on her hair, causing a yelp of pain from Calera.

More about Ohno Fumi (Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet)

Just lurking around twitter on the tag for Tsubaki Choi Lonely Planet and an awesome tweeter posted a little bit more information about our new heroine.

So all we know is that Ohno Fumi is a high school second year student. Well, apparently her character is said to be the opposite of Suzume, in that she’s more womanly/girly who seems to smile and laugh a lot.


My Olicity Wedding Theory in 3 points

Because Thursday nights are usually not busy enough between watching the new episode, rewatching the new episode, reblogging amazing gifs and writing the review, Jen and I had a really interesting conversation last night… Well… it felt more like a therapy to me!

She made me talk. A lot. Nodding silently via texts. Encouraging me to go on and spit everything my brain hided about my Olicity wedding theory.

You know what? It felt actually pretty good! I tried not to get too involved in the Olicity wedding theories as this monster is time consuming and can take over your life quite easily. Ask Calli, Mer and Jen and I’m sure you will have the very same answer.

So now, time to share quickly what is my version of the Olicity Wedding for next week. Because yes, I believe we will have an Olicity wedding… I boarded the Olciity wedding train (choo choo!!!) even if I wouldn’t mind stopping by the Theroy Wedding station if the train can make a stop there!

1.       There will be no Nyssa/Oliver wedding

For me, this Nyssa/Oliver wedding is nothing else than a test to prove Al Sah-Him loyalty to Ra’s Al Ghul. The Demon knows that the humanity and the soul of Oliver Queen belong to Felicity Smoak. To prove Ras Al Ghul that Oliver Queen is dead, there’s no greater sacrifice than to demolish the bond that connects Felicity and Oliver – Love.

If Al Sah-Him is willing to marry Nyssa, it means that nothing of Oliver Queen is left in him. Sacrificing his love for Felicity would mean killing what is left of Oliver Queen.

2.       Nyssa is not Ra’s Al Ghul daughter

Then you would tell me, why Ra’s Al Ghul would stop the union of his daughter and his heir. BECAUSE NYSSA IS NOT RA’S AL GHUL’S DAUGHTER.

Marc brought it up last night. Why would he need to do that? Why would Marc said that Nyssa’s origins would be answered next week? We have no reason to doubt it… but if she’s not what she thinks she is… And this will be he shocking news Ra’s will reveal to Nyssa.

3.       Felicity Smoak is Damien Darhk’s daughter

I think everyone will agree that the probability of Felicity being Damien’s daughter is really really high. Damien Darhk is likely to be our big villain for next year. He used to be Ra’s friend as well and a potential candidate for the Head of the Demon.

What better revenge on Damien could Ra take but to marry his daughter to his own Heir? It would make sense, wouldn’t it? Ra’s would have a complete victory over Oliver Queen, Team Arrow and Damien Darhk. Which would explain why Marc doesn’t know if the marriage would make it to season 4. It would be up to Felicity and Oliver to make this decision.

So? Any thoughts? Am I completely losing my mind?

I manage to convince myself with this theory… I think I’ll stick to it until someone manages to prove me wrong!

But with Arrow… we never really know!


“So Derek-”

“No.” Derek responded not letting Isaac continue his sentence. “You don’t even know what I’m going to say.” Isaac said looking at your brother with wide eyes. 

“You and (y/n) are plotting something, the two of you keep whispering about something. I know my sister, whatever it is it can’t be good.” Derek said not looking up at Isaac. 

“We’re not plotting anything–well anything bad.” Isaac said fumbling with his hands. “Alright then, fine, ask me.” Derek turned his attention to Isaac. “Well, I know you’re really close to your sister.”

“That’s right.” Derek said nodding for him to continue. 

“And I know you always have her best interests in mind, and you want her to be happy and protected.” Isaac took a deep breath–he was still under Derek’s intimidating gaze. 

“Is there a point to all of this?” Derek asked suddenly worried about where Isaac was trying to lead the conversation. 

“Well, yeah, I think you should know that (y/n)-” He paused and under Derek’s harsh gaze cracked. “She’s dating Scott.” He said switching the topic off of him. Derek stood up quickly. “What?!” He screamed. “Since when?” He asked. 

Isaac shrugged. “I don’t know, I saw them sneaking off earlier.” He said as Derek stormed passed him and marched out the door. Isaac took a deep breath when he heard Derek’s car pull out.


“Scott?” You asked raising an eyebrow at your secret boyfriend. “I’m sorry! I caved, you’re brother can be very scary when he wants.” Isaac explained making you groan. 

“He’s a teddy bear.” You said rolling your eyes. 

“With you maybe. To the rest of us he’s a full groan rabid grizzly.” He said sarcastically. 

“We’re gonna have to tell him eventually.” You said. “Yeah, eventually, let’s try again in a year.” He offered up making you roll your eyes. 

“Wimp.” You muttered under your breath.

Requested by Anon

“It amazed me that every day, 2.8 million people take the train, but even though they’re so physically close to each other, mentally and emotionally they’ve never been more separated out. So when I took the first picture in 2011, that’s the feeling I wanted to capture inTransit.”
“What’s the most interesting thing you’ve noticed?”
“Well if you look at trains, they’re basically metal containers taking people from point A to point B, point B usually being their jobs. Most people are pretty unhappy about their jobs, and yet they do it over and over again - every single morning.”
“Why do you think that’s the case?”
“I guess it’s about being comfortable. This is a harsh analogy, but if you look at our bird park, the birds fly back because they’ve been given a nice environment to live in. It’s the same for us, everywhere we go we have AC, we have every convenience possible, and that puts us in a comfort zone. And we forget that it’s possible to stretch our wings and explore what’s outside.”
“What would you suggest is the solution?”
“There’s no single solution. My only hope is that people are forced to think about this when they look at my pictures. It’s why I’m not very attached to the number of likes and comments that my pictures get - I don’t care if people like them. I care that they look my pictures and think - ‘Huh, that looks just like me in the morning.’ I care if people relate and embrace the fact that they’re not so different from each other, and that maybe it is possible to spread their wings and break out of the routine - just like I did, when I first started taking pictures for a living.”

It pains me to say this, but at this point I cannot stand Arrow anymore. I watched this season for Laurel, Thea and Ray, but none of these characters make me eager to watch the show anymore.

Laurel hasn’t got enough screen time, Ray will leave the show soon and Thea…well, as interesting as it was her story until now, I am afraid that they will ruin her character soon.

Even though I just finished the episode I cannot remember a single part I enjoyed. For one, Detective Lance and Felicity need to tone it down a little. They are too much. They both exaggerate and this makes me like them less and less.

I learned that after I’ve seen Felicity in Flash and then in Arrow, there is already too much of her in one week.

At this point I would  be happy with Laurel going on the ATOM spinoff, far away from Starling City. Let her join the vigilantes on that show, let her interact with whomever Caity Lotz will be. Make it part of the storry. That way I will not be sorry that I gave up one of my favorite characters. 

PS: Am I the only one that felt sorry for Ray when he realized Felicity’s feelings for Oliver? Poor guy.

I am rather disappointed. Ponies expressed interest in me doing a lecture on Equestrian history, and I went through all this preparation to make it as educational and accommodating as I could. I put together a lecture plan, had the projector set up to display slides with talking points, and Spike made nachos!

Well, that lecture was last evening. And I informed you of it well in advance. You know how many ponies actually showed up? One! Granted, she was very interested, and took detailed notes, asked questions and everything. But I dedicated a lot of time out of my busy schedule for that lecture, because I was led to believe there was a lot more interest than that.

I understand not everypony has the ability to travel to Ponyville, and I have readers that aren’t even in Equestria, but at least don’t tell me you are interested if you aren’t actually willing and able to make the trip.

This is exactly why I don’t do lectures. Sure, ponies might tell me they’re interested, but I’ve learnt that they’re usually just being polite, and thus wasting my time. Well, silly me, here I thought this time it would be different; that ponies who enjoy reading my newsletter would actually be interested in attending. I suppose that’s just yet another lesson to learn.


Spring Figure Cleaning Sale~!

Part One ~ Part Two

I’ve decided to narrow my figure collection down to some very narrow parameters so I’m not spending like every single cent on figures 24/7 lol. So all of these (plus more in following posts) are up for sale!

If interested please send me an email at I will ship internationally (I’m in the US) as well!

  • Figuarts Zero Battle Ver. Special Color Ver. Ace - $70
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  • Figuarts Zero Baby 5 - $30
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  • Figuarts Zero The New World Franky - $40
  • SCultures Figure Colosseum Doflamingo - $20

What a shock.  I didn’t see The Hobbit series at all in the theaters, but I saw plenty of it on Pinterest.  I read both the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in school and was familiar with the storyline (and even with the addition of Tauriel and a love interest with Kili it was no biggie to me–I mean, I could see it), but it was the MONUMENTAL photobombing of Lee Pace as the Elven King of Mirkwood Thranduil that made even me go back and try to remember when Tolkien ever wrote about such a powerful, well-dressed, extremely well-coiffed and completely powerful no-nonsense flamboyant and prolific elf.  I mean, I went to a bookstore and flipped through copies of the Hobbit like a mad person on a Lemba bender or something.  I mean, EVERY BOOKSTORE I entered.

The fact that as a vampire, Pace was less than interesting (in my opinion) but it was like he actually channeled J.R.R. Tolkien and Thranduil to the point, it is highly believable to think there actually was a powerful Elf King of the Woodland Realm who was hotter than his son–because up until the Hobbit Trilogy, it was all about Legolas, Legolas, Legolas.  And it was obvious Legolas came out of a book–he was also popping up on a pirate ship with Johnny Depp.  And he kept both characters going quite nicely.  And then entered the greatest Elven King ever read about, written about and now visualized with such glory even the New Zealand landscape and the glorious beauty of Rivendell paled in comparison.

Then when you are on your way to Lonely Mountain, you get intersected by spiders and the fastest elf archers in the history of anything you run into Legolas and you go back to LOTR and remember all the coolness of Legolas…then he takes you home to meet his father and all of a sudden it’s Legolas, who?  As far as Pinterest is concerned, Thranduil became not just the Elven King of Mirkwood, he became the ONLY Elf King that ever existed. He had the best hair, the best clothes, the most “elf-ish” gangsta ride and the face that was stern, cocky, powerful and humorous all at the same time AND he had a hidden scar that made Harry Potter’s scar look like a pencil drawing and something so fierce Freddy Krueger would freak out.

It was because of Pinterest that I just had to run out and buy (in one day) the entire Hobbit Trilogy (that I have watched 3 times back to back) just to watch Thranduil.  It is like Peter Jackson’s tribute to Tolkien in six films came to fruition with this one character that never had more swag in the entire legacy of the stories from its creation through all the films and fan fiction films into Cosplay and to the last installment by PJ.  It was like the Elves of all elves came alive and no other elf–ever in the history of Elves–will ever be as great, graceful, gorgeous and just plain “wow” as Lee Pace was as Thranduil.  He pretty much made ALL the films worth watching.  The only problem is that you can never get past the Battle of the Five Armies because you don’t want to lose sight of Thranduil–even to follow his equally good-looking son on a Fellowship.

Good casting call, Peter Jackson.  Great performance Lee Pace.  Whoever got Thranduil to the heights of impeccable swag, you outdid yourself.

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Well, to be fair it was Reese that told Harper that "some say it's a she" (or something really close to that). So, The Machine still haven't referred to herself as a she, but it seems to be the case? That's what the show is hinting at? I mean why drop that line and then have Harper say it too. We don't know if TM chose the pronoun but it seems like she doesn't object to it?

You’re right! I stand corrected. This is what axl99 also pointed out yesterday. It was in 4x18 Skip:

Reese: Thornhill? That’s the alias of an acquaintance of mine.
Harper: Uh-huh. So you do know him?
Reese: Well, actually, some say it’s a her. (beat, cut to Harper’s -non? intrigued?- reaction). Get outta here.

So if Harper started thinking of Thornhill as a ‘her’ it wasn’t because of the Machine, but Reese. I’d forgoten this little aside. Still, it tickles me endlessly that Reese would actually mention this. Root would be so pleased!

Still, just like you say, why have Harper pick this up? Why make a point of it? Look, here’s the line from Harper: “Listen, I got a little text from Thornhill. She said I could name my price if I save your ass.” The same could’ve easily been achieved like this: “Listen, i got a little text from Thornhill saying…”. No pronoun. Or idk, there’s many ways to get the point across without taking the time to build two separate sentences, especially in a moment where time was of the essence. She had to relay her message to Fusco as quickly as possible, after all, and keep moving. There was already talk of a mole among Dominic’s crew. So yeah, i’m 100% convinced the writers want us thinking of the Machine as a her and are very much on the she/her bandwagon. I wonder if they have something else planned in this sense… one can only hope.

This is also interesting if you consider Samaritan as the Machine’s counterpoint, the unavoidable parallels and contrasts. Is then Samaritan an ‘it’ to the Machine’s ‘her’? Or are we meant to see it as a ‘him’? So far, only it’s only been refered as an ‘it’, but even if it’s not explicitely stated, i think you could make a case in that direction. His chosen avatar was a young boy, for instance. His youth was part of the point, a conscious choice by Samaritan. Maybe his gender too. The way they’ve been built as characters can also be read as gender coded, with the Machine as caring/nurturing/emotional, and Samaritan as cold/uncaring/rational/pragmatic (and yes, this would be a tired old sexist trope that frankly i’m hoping won’t pan out in the end, but you know… it’s a possible interpretation, is what i’m saying).

That aside, when it comes to the text itself, tho, from an ‘in-show’ perspective, I think this leaves us exactly where we were before in terms of the Machine and pronoun choice. Only, now we have two characters using she/her (even if only one of them knows it’s not actually a person). Also, i find the fact that they are both women… i don’t know if it’s awesome or amusing or what. Maybe a bit of everything. After all, we’ve never seen either Harold nor Reese refer to her like that. Harold refuses to humanize her, and Reese takes his cues from him.

In that sense, that he’d make this little comment to Harper is even more surprising. It makes me wonder if it doesn’t come from a place of feeling… i wouldn’t say ‘closer’, but somehow more in regards to Root, in the wake of Shaw’s presume death. Not just a sense of camaraderie after they both went on a rampage looking for her, but just… feeling for her, and what she’s going through, as something he can relate to deeply.

Doctor Who Starters
  • "Funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine."
  • "Can’t? Can’t?! There’s no such word as “can’t!”
  • "Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!”
  • "Look at me! I’m a target!”
  • "I’m the Doctor."
  • "Am I… ginger?”
  • "I’m still not ginger!”
  • "Anywhere you want. Anytime you want. One condition:it has to be amazing.”
  • "Hello, I’m the Doctor. Basically:run.”
  • "Exterminate!"
  • "I’m a Time Lord."
  • "Would you care for some TEA?"
  • "You do not require tea!"
  • "Yes, well, the definition of the word 'humanity' is always a rather complex question, isn’t it?"
  • "A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting."
  • "I try to believe three impossible things before breakfast."
  • "This is my timey-wimey detector. Goes ‘ding’ when there’s stuff."
  • "Also, it can boil an egg at 30 paces.”
  • "Well, this is a welcoming committee. Any tea? No. Perhaps some cake. I love a bit of cake."
  • "I don't want to go."
  • "Just once, I'd like to meet an alien menace that wasn't immune to bullets."
  • "It's not fair! I could've been so much more!"
  • "I obey."
  • "You flinched! You flinched!! When I said 'time'! There!! You did it again there! Like an actor hearing 'MacBeth'! I-I-I mean the Scottish play!"
Girl’s Day Minah Reveals She Doesn’t Normally Wear Makeup

Girl′s Day′s Minah spoke honestly about her beauty and health regimen.
Minah, who is currently promoting solo, posed for a ′Fresh Love′ themed spread featuring Annick Goutal fragrances in the May issue of @star1.

In the corresponding interview, when asked about how she maintains her lean legs, Minah replied, “I don′t take particular care of them. I swell up easily, so occasionally I′ll press the accupuncture points next to the bone.”

Minah revealed her beauty regimen is low maintenance as well, saying “I don′t wear any makeup normally. I′m not good with makeup.”

When asked to choose who she thinks is the sexiest member in Girl′s Day, Minah said without a moment′s hesitation, “Without a doubt, So Jin unnie. So Jin unnie is not only sexy on the outside, but her thoughts are sexy too.”

The issue featuring Minah will be available on April 21.

ooc rambletheory about the Irken Empire

So Tib was saying how under Miyuki, the Irkens (quote) ‘seemed to have a pretty nice relationship with other species - the Vortians, at least. So far so that the Vortians were honored to have her. Even under Spork it didn’t seem like a military conquest type deal (although they did have Invader Training Under Spork so I guess that was phase one.)’

and I was thinking, well, Red and Purple are huge children interested in nothing but fucking around and using other Irkens as furniture.

and okay, well, the Empire is clearly a) huge and b) hugely problematic- NOW, anyway.  like it extends very far but it also seems to horrifically oppress a bajillion planets to the point of horrendous terraforming and mass slavery/genocide. and the Tallest only care about like 
being awesome
and rallies
and snacks and idk
puppets and bickering.

and there’s two of them right?

it just seems UNLIKELY to me that the Empire could have got so far with Tallests like Red and Purple. they seem so BORED. immature, spoiled children.

so here’s my idea

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Well then, I’m not gonna do my crazy intro, just cuz this is a mini story off of Sweet Cafe. Anyway, this 1 chapter story had me confused. All of the characters (idk about Ota and Baba) are office workers. Yes that includes Soryu. That third screenshot tore meh heart. Not to the point of where it left me crying cuz I know what’s going on here. But seriously though, I’m too adorbz to not be interested in by.
What should I read next?