Hey, everyone! My name is Chelsea and I kind of wanted to do something a bit special for this fandom.

Libby (zaynsfreepalestinetweet) brought up an idea.

“I wish there was a way we could all watch This Is Us at the same time.” and I thought well… why not. 

This fandom has done some incredible things (raising thousand of dollars for charity, helping the boys break records, Project No Control) and we’ve all had our ups (the boys winning their first award, the premiere of their first movie, 1D Day) and downs (ship wars, fandom infighting, Zayn leaving). So I wanted to do something that could maybe bring us a bit closer together. 

I propose we have a This Is Us movie night. Where we relive some of the best moments that the boys had.

On the same day July 24th, and on the same time 9pm (EST) we all just sit down liveblog and cry and rewatch This Is Us. (If you want to figure out timezones click here)

I started a hashtag #WatchTIU just in case you want to use it if you’re livetweeting and liveblogging or you want to post information.

You can livestream it.

You can start a group video chat and cry with your friends.

You can chill at home with a huge tub of ice cream and your tears.

All you have to do is press play.

(P.S. Any questions, comments, concerns can be directed to my ask and I’ll try to get back with you as soon as I can)


Today 2 years ago | April 6, 2013
@justordinarry: I stood up to give him a real hug and the first thing he said to me was: “Holy shit you’re tall!” <…> we talked about him getting his braces off because he had just gotten them off and he said that he had only gotten the top ones off. He also said that his retainer hadn’t come in yet and he was paranoid that his teeth were going to go back to the way they were for before <…> He also said that he was learning how to play the drums on the side and that he and Josh had actually had a jam session at his house the night before. <…> he showed me his segway and he showed my some “tricks” which was where he basically just drove around in a circle haha. <…> we started talking about Ed Sheeran and I was like he is my favorite ginger ever and then Niall fist bumped me and was like “he’s a legend, I love him.” And then we hugged again and we said goodbye and I said I love you and he yelled I love you too while he rode away on his segway. | the whole story here