This Time Tomorrow

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

Thanks for keeping me company at the stream :’)


What have we been up to at Comic-Con so far? A lot. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve learned, but for the full picture head to E! Online, as always.

Movie news:

TV news:

But the Marvel panel will start any minute now, so stay tuned for more updates!


i feel like this line has been used already but just let me feel original ok

thanks so much for the request anon!! here’s a messy comic, i hope that’s ok ;;; i love me some flirty koga and jealous inuyasha~ also i’m really glad you dig my art 👌🏽

summer wonfes 2016

summer wonfes is here! it feels like it was just winter the other day, so I kinda can’t believe how fast things have gone. :>

the event starts at 10am JST, although sometimes GSC updates a little earlier than that. as usual, i’ll be posting and reblogging news and updates here, under the #wf2016s tag. please feel free to ts or track the tag, as there are usually a lot of updates.

i hope your wishlists are ready! what are you most looking forward to? :>

(p.s.: i will need to go out in the afternoon –roughly four hours after the event starts, so updates are going to be slower after then. but i’ll make sure to update the early hours, which are generally the busiest!)

SDCC 2016 News: Saturday Edition

Only one more day left until SDCC is over! But don’t worry we have all the 411 on what went on today! 

* Once Upon a Time will be introducing an Aladdin storyline!

Legends of Tomorrow revealed that Jonah Hex is returning for season 2.

* Brie Larson is officially Captain Marvel

* Fantastic Beasts released another trailer which gives us a deeper look into the movie and some new creatures!

* The makers of Pokémon Go are thinking that some sort of game of thrones/risk type hybrid idea will be their next mobile game!

* The Kong: Skull Island trailer is HUGE!

* Warner Brothers gave us the Wonder Woman trailer we’ve been waiting for, and surprised us with Justice League

* We got a sneak peek into the new X-Men Universe with Fx’s Legion

* Blindspot star Joe Dinicol will be in a recurring role in Arrow Season 5 as villain Ragman.

* Doctor Strange showed us multi dimensions in the newest trailer!  

* Surprise! There is going to be a Blair Witch sequel! 


Well, I can’t art today, so we all just have to live with whatever that is :v Also It’s late here so goodnight/have a nice day! :D

boots added this week. 

– – – – – video

  • cabaret (02.14.2002) raúl esparza, molly ringwald.
  • cabaret (03.04.2015) alan cumming, sienna miller.
  • chitty chitty bang bang (08.12.2005) raúl esparza, erin dilly.
  • dracula: a chamber musical (??.??.1999) juan chioran, june crowley.
  • evil dead: the musical (02.17.2007) ryan ward, jennifer byrne.
  • evil dead: the musical (09.13.2014) david sajewich, julie baird.
  • into the woods (04.13.2002) laura benanti, stephen derossa.
  • marie antoinette (02.05.2009) sabrina weckerlin, thomas christ.
  • phantom of the opera (04.06.2006) gary mauer, elizabeth southard.
  • picnic (12.05.2012) sebastian stan, elizabeth marvel. 
  • the rocky horror show (07.11.2001) tom hewitt, luke perry. 
  • the rocky horror show (09.11.2001) terrence mann, jarrod emick.
  • the rocky horror show (12.13.2001) kevin cahoon, jarrod emick.

– – – – – audio

  • grease (06.21.2003) andy karl, laura kritzer.
  • leap of faith (04.03.2012) raúl esparza, jessica phillips. 
  • leap of faith (05.13.2012) raúl esparza, jessica phillips.
  • the rocky horror show (10.25.2000) raúl esparza, tom hewitt. 
  • the rocky horror show (02.20.2001) raúl esparza, tom hewitt.