This is not anti-Nicole Kidman but more of a spotlight on the ones in control of the Emmys. The ones who softly played off others, allowed Nicole to speak on to her liking with no orchestra to play her off, but then cut a historic moment and equally important speech with blaring music and a mic cut. Luckily, however, Sterling was able to finish his speech backstage [x].

When your friend recommends a TV series or book that they know will break your heart.

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Sei que parece que você tem todo o tempo do mundo, mas você não tem. Então pare de bancar a durona. Capture os momentos da sua vida. Capture-os enquanto você é jovem e rápida. Porque mais cedo do que imagina, estará velha e devagar. E não terá mais nada para capturar.
—  This Is Us.

Imagine finishing a show and moving on with your life. Can’t relate.