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blue being able to smooch anyone anytime tho what a gift to humanity just buy yourself a better lipstick girl i bet nino’s paying you enough for that

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(Revenant Nonny) What about an Overwatch AU, in which Erron was mentored by McCree, while Jin was an orphan adopted by the Shimada clan as a ‘replacement’ for both Genji and Hanzo. The two would cross paths and…you know what’ll happen next. :) (Bear in mind that I haven’t played Overwatch. :( )

YES. I want this to happen. That way I can have Erron/Jin and McHanzo for the price of one. T33T

I kind of know now how Eric felt.

I just got a rejection from one out of three universities that I applied to.
And I will probably get rejections from the other universities too.
I just feel like the most dumbest person in the world! I was sick for 2 years and struggled so much! And I thought it was better to fight through highschool no matter what instead of repeating a year or so. Now I have low points and probably won’t get a university place.
All my friends already got theirs.
And I just can’t tell my parents because I feel like an idiot… Everything is just frustrating right now…