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My mom and I Discussing the Sherlock S4 Trailer

Me: What did you think?

Mom: ‘Oh shit’*nods*. I may have thrown in a few ‘damns’ too.

Me: Sherlock was on the verge of tears! What could bring him to such a state?!

Mom: Something happened to John, obviously.

Me: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *cue pointing and erratic hand waving*

Mom gets it!(And she doesn’t even ship it. She just watches the show with me. But she supports my shipping of it!)

Pokemon GO Tip #3 (Theory I NEED HELP!)

I did something awesome and I need some people to help prove my theory to see if it always works! Here are some pics of my 45 minutes, you can see the time at the top right!

Check out the Jogger Medal and how it says 10.00 km.

So I did this in 45 minutes, but I didn’t leave the house! I didn’t run anywhere or even walk!

The secret…

I held my tablet against the pedal and I proceeded to rotate it as fast as I could for several minutes. I then let my tablet rest a bit, checked through the Pokedex a little and went back to check it every few minutes as the time shows and the amount of km I traveled kept going up!

I need others to try the same method to see if this is a true tip so that everyone can use it.

If you tried it, can you please post your results? Because I went up .24 km by rotating a pedal for a few minutes.

My first point is that we are cyclical. At a local level in time people think things are fine, then things rapidly spiral out of control until they become unstoppable, and we wreak massive destruction on ourselves. For the people living in the midst of this it is hard to see happening and hard to understand. To historians later it all makes sense and we see clearly how one thing led to another. During the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme I was struck that it was a direct outcome of the assassination of an Austrian Arch Duke in Bosnia. I very much doubt anyone at the time thought the killing of a minor European royal would lead to the death of 17 million people.
My second point is that this is a cycle. It happens again and again, but as most people only have a 50–100 year historical perspective they don’t see that it’s happening again. As the events that led to the First World War unfolded, there were a few brilliant minds who started to warn that something big was wrong, that the web of treaties across Europe could lead to a war, but they were dismissed as hysterical, mad, or fools, as is always the way, and as people who worry about Putin, Brexit, and Trump are now.
Then after the War to end all Wars, we went and had another one. Again, for a historian it was quite predictable. Lead people to feel they have lost control of their country and destiny, people look for scapegoats, a charismatic leader captures the popular mood, and singles out that scapegoat. He talks in rhetoric that has no detail, and drums up anger and hatred. Soon the masses start to move as one, without any logic driving their actions, and the whole becomes unstoppable.


Mads and Benedict are looking fine! ;)

I Have nothing againts Star  beacuse i covered and i created the Kingdom of Mewni and i loved covering every minute of it before moving to TVA  but i start to fell the same way as @candyrandyjuniverse Disney XD is Treating Star Vs The Forces Of Evil like Teen Titans Go during this summer and it isnt putting more or the same attention to other Disney XD Cartoons

@disneyxd You Seem To Treat Star Vs More like Teen Titans Go Recently is not bad but please can you just stop some minutes of Star and make more promos for the other Disney XD shows