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Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
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Victor Nikiforov agreeing to partner with Penned Pals for a season, had to be the best decision of his and Katsuki Yuuri’s lives. It brought them together after all.


leaper182  asked:

Looking over the episode listing and when they aired, I think it's fascinating that Great Expectations was supposed to air before Next Chapter. Like, we've seen Sonny nearly die, and then to see him reminded of his childhood like this is one thing. But can you imagine what kind of impact it would've had if it had been the way the eps were intended to air? Sonny's reminded of his childhood, and then he nearly dies?

Ahahahahaha “the way the eps were intended to air”? Now that’s just wild.

Let’s be realistic, as viewers. We can’t expect a season to air as written! That’s crazy talk! Character development? lmao. Continuity from one episode to the next? How? When the “next” episode probably aired 5 weeks before the other one? Literally, in this case?